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12V Transistor

12V Transistor 

Buy 12V Transistor Items Including
  • 2N5179: Transistor NPN Low Noise UHF 12V TO-72FOR More About Transistors Click Here
  • IRLML6401TRPBF: 4.3A 12V 0.05 Ohm P-Channel Si
  • SI2315BDS-T1-E3: 3000 mA 12V P-Channel Si (Mosfets)
  • FDG6332C: 900W Output Switch Mode DC Power Supply
Category: Mosfets
Plcc Adapter

Plcc Adapter 

Buy Plcc Adapter Items Including
  • PA32PL32D: Adapter Plcc 32 Pin Fits all Ee Tools Programmers
  • 3860501: Plcc SMD Adaptor Dimensions: 1.8 Inch X 1.9 Inch
  • W65C51N6TPLG-14: W65C51N Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (Acia) PLCC-28
Category: Adapters
Ica Family Socket Connectors

Ica Family Socket Connectors 

Buy Ica Family Socket Connectors Items Including
  • ICA-324-SST: ICA DIP24 IC Socket (Rectangular Connectors)
  • ICA-328-STT: ICA DIP28 IC Socket (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Sockets
USB Transceiver

USB Transceiver 

Buy USB Transceiver Items Including
  • USB1T11AMTC: USB Series 1 Bit Transceiver
  • SL811HST-AXC: Interface Misc SMD 5X7.5 HCMOS 5V 100PPM -10+708.0000MHZ Bulk
Category: Transceivers
Microsemi ICs & Semiconductors

Microsemi ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Microsemi ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 1N4150UR-1: Rectifier Mini-Melf-SMD-Silicon Switching Diode
  • BYW80-50: High-Efficiency Rectifier Very Low Forward Voltage
  • 1N5233B: 6V 500MW 5% Zener DO3 5 (Diodes & Rectifiers)
Category: Switching Diodes
Ccfl Driver

Ccfl Driver 

Buy Ccfl Driver Items Including
  • LT1768CGNPBF: High Power Ccfl Controller for Wide Dimming Range And
  • LT1768IGN: High Power Fluorescent Light Controller with Multimode Dimming
Category: Analog/Linear
Saw Resonator

Saw Resonator 

Buy Saw Resonator Items Including
  • B39431R800H210: 1 Port SAW Resonator 433.92 MHz (Passive Filter)
  • B39440-X6855-M100: Ceramic Resonators B39440 X6855 M100 (Saw Filter)
  • B41822-A6108-M: Ceramic Resonators B41822 A6108 M (Saw Filter)
Category: SAW Filter
Velleman Interconnects

Velleman Interconnects 

Buy Velleman Interconnects Items Including
  • LSC2: Loudspeaker Connection Terminal -Square (Audio/Video)
  • CA066: Panel Mount RCA Jacks 2 Pairs (4 Total Jacks) RCA (RCA/Phono)
  • 40PZIF: Pin Zero Insertion Force Socket Number of Contacts: 40
  • 28PZIF: Pin Zero Insertion Force Socket Number of Contacts: 28
  • CD018: 2.5MM X 5.5MM Female DC Plug to Screw Terminal (5 Pack)
Category: Sockets
Sr Family Terminal Blocks Connectors

Sr Family Terminal Blocks Connectors 

Buy Sr Family Terminal Blocks Connectors Items Including
  • 41296.2: SR DIN Rail-Mounted Terminal Block
  • 38720-6606: Connector Barrier Strip 6 Position 9.53MM Solder Straight through Hole 25 Amp Contact
  • 38259-0031: 38259 Connector Barrier Strip 4 Position 11.11MM Panel Mount
  • 387203202: Connector Barrier Strip 2 Position 9.53MM Solder Straight Panel Mount 25 Amp Contact
  • 387203206: Connector Barrier Strip 6 Position 9.53MM Solder Straight Panel Mount 25 Amp Contact
Category: Terminal Blocks
Ceralock Family Resonators

Ceralock Family Resonators 

Buy Ceralock Family Resonators Items Including
  • CSTLS3M58G53-B0: Ceralock Frequency Controls:Resonators
  • CSTLS8M00G53-B0: Ceralock Frequency Controls:Resonators
Category: Ceramic Resonators (SMD)
Texas Instruments 74LVC Series

Texas Instruments 74LVC Series 

Buy Texas Instruments 74LVC Series Items Including
  • SN74LVC08APWR: Quad 2 Input Positive-and Gate (74LVC Series)
  • SN74LVC04APW: GP51-11082-96 96/12/04 (74LVC Series (SMD) )
  • SN74LVC00APW: GP51-11076-96 96/12/04 (74LVC Series (SMD) )
  • SN74LVC2T45DCTT: Logic SN74LVC2T45DCT (74LVC Series (SMD) )
  • SN74LVC1G08DBVT: 2 Input and Gate PDSO5 (74LVC Series (SMD) )
Category: 74LVC Series (SMD)
Texas Instruments 74F Series

Texas Instruments 74F Series 

Buy Texas Instruments 74F Series Items Including
  • SN74F32N: DIP-14 Quad 2 Input or Gate (74F Series)
  • SN74F08N: Quad 2 Input and G ATE (74F Series)
  • SN74F245DW: SOIC-20 Octal Bus Transceiver with 3 State Outputs
  • SN74F138D: SOIC-16 3 to 8 Decoder/Demultiplexer (Ttl Logic)
  • SN74F257N: DIP-16 2 to 1 Data Selector/ Multiple
Category: 74F Series
Koa Speer Metal Film

Koa Speer Metal Film 

Buy Koa Speer Metal Film Items Including
  • MF1/4DCT52R1004F: Resistor Metal Film 0.25W 1 % 100 Ppm 1000000 Ohm
  • MF1/4DCT52R10R0F: Resistor Metal Film 0.25W 1 % 100 Ppm 10 Ohm
  • MF1/4DCT52R2001F: Resistor Metal Film 0.25W 1 % 100 Ppm 2000 Ohm
  • RK73Z2BTTED: Jumper Metal Film 0 Ohm Surface Mount 1206 (Resistors)
  • RK73Z2ELTD: Jumper Metal Film 0 Ohm Surface Mount 1210 (Resistors)
Category: Metal Film
Alternative Energy Hydrogen

Alternative Energy Hydrogen 

Buy Alternative Energy Hydrogen Items Including
  • FCH-010: Hydrofill Desktop Hydrogen Refueling Station
  • FCHP-02: Minipak Hand-Held Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Supply
  • FCJJ-16: Solar Hydrogen Education Kit
  • FCJJ-11: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Science Kit
Category: H2 Generator
Hlmp-S201 Family LED

Hlmp-S201 Family LED 

Buy Hlmp-S201 Family LED Items Including
  • HLMP-S201: LED Uni-Color Red 635NM 2 Pin
  • HLMP-S201-D0000: Single Color LED High Efficiency RED 5 Mm
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom

Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom 

Buy Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom Items Including
  • IS93C66A-2ZLI: 256 X 16 Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom
  • AT93C86A-10SU-2.7: 1K X 16 Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom PDSO8
  • IS93C46D-2GRLI: 64 X 16 Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom
  • M93S66-WMN6P: M93S66 256 X 16 Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom PDSO8 (Memory)
  • M93C56-WMN6TP: M93C56W 128 X 16 Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom PDSO8 (Memory)
Category: Eeprom
Inverting Step Up Switching Regulator

Inverting Step Up Switching Regulator 

Buy Inverting Step Up Switching Regulator Items Including
  • LM2576T-5.0: LM2576-5.0 Linear Easy Switcher 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator TO-220/5
  • LT1370CRPBF: 10A Switching Regulator
  • LM2578AM: Con Volt DC-DC Single Output Non-in Volt in Volt Step Up/Step Down 8 Pin SOIC N Rail
  • LT1082CN8PBF: LT1082 2.6A Switching Regulator
  • LT1171CQPBF: 5.5A Switching Regulator
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Male Electronic Test Equipment Connectors

Male Electronic Test Equipment Connectors 

Buy Male Electronic Test Equipment Connectors Items Including
  • 5165-0: Connector Banana Plug-Binding Post Adapter
  • 5145: Interconnection Device (Test & Measurement)
  • 5699-0: 5699 Interconnection Device
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Picstart Plus Programmer

Picstart Plus Programmer 

Buy Picstart Plus Programmer Items Including
  • UK003010: -Picstart Plus Flash (Development Tools)
  • LPS43: Programmer Picstart Plus 16C/17CFOR More 12 Volt Power Supplies
Category: Development Tools
Turret Terminals

Turret Terminals 

Buy Turret Terminals Items Including
  • 6092: Fully Insulated Banana Jack
  • 6091: Fully Insulated Banana Jack
  • N3793-5202RB: 604 10/HEADER/SL/RA/HT/.112/30AVG/ROH Rohs 3K
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Vga Cables

Vga Cables 

Buy Vga Cables Items Including
  • HDDB15-M-M-2.5: Male to Male VGA Cable Length: 2.5 Ft
  • HDDB15-M-M: HDDB15 Male to Male Video Graphics Array (Vga) Monitor Cable
  • M691-51-R: Video HDDB15 Male to HDDB15 Female Computer Cable
  • 10H1-15110: HDDB15 Male to HDDB15 Male Computer Cable
  • 10H1-15106: HDDB15 Male to HDDB15 Male Computer Cable
Category: Cable Assembly
Microchip Differential ADC Driver

Microchip Differential ADC Driver 

Buy Microchip Differential ADC Driver Items Including
  • TC7106CPL: 1 Ch Dual-Slope ADC Access PDIP40
  • TC7107ACPL: 1 Ch Dual-Slope ADC Access PDIP40
  • TC7107RCPL: 1 Ch Dual-Slope ADC Access PDIP40
Category: D/a Converters
Mda 2 Fuse

Mda 2 Fuse 

Buy Mda 2 Fuse Items Including
  • BK-MDA-15-R: MDA Electric Fuse-Time Delay 15A 250VAC 750A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • BK-MDA-6-R: Fuses Electric Fuse-Time Delay 6A 250VAC 200A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • MDA-5-R: Fuses Electric Fuse-Time Delay 5A 250VAC 200A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • BK/MDA-8-R: Fuses Electric Fuse-Time Delay 8A 250VAC 200A (IR) Inline/Holder
Category: Fuses
Circuit Board Standoffs

Circuit Board Standoffs 

Buy Circuit Board Standoffs Items Including
  • 00106551: 106551 Mounting Hardware Kit (Spacers & Standoffs)
  • 22-250: Single-Sided Bare Copper Clad Circuit Board 3X5 Inch
  • 14-024: Premier Positive Acting Single-Sided Circuit Board 2X4 Inch
  • 22-264: Single-Sided Bare Copper Clad Circuit Board 8X10 Inch
  • DATAK 14-234: Double-Sided Pre-Sensitized Circuit Board 3X4 Inch
Category: Blank Circuit Boards
Logic & CMOS 74LVC Series

Logic & CMOS 74LVC Series 

Buy Logic & CMOS 74LVC Series Items Including
  • SN74LVC2T45DCTT: Logic SN74LVC2T45DCT (74LVC Series (SMD) )
  • 74LVCU04APW,112: Logic HEX Inverter (74LVC Series (SMD) )
  • SN74LVC08APWR: Quad 2 Input Positive-and Gate (74LVC Series)
  • SN74LVC02APWR: Nor Gate 4 Element 2 in CMOS 14 Pin Tssop T/R
  • SN74LVC04APW: GP51-11082-96 96/12/04 (74LVC Series (SMD) )
Category: 74LVC Series (SMD)
RG58/U Family Cables

RG58/U Family Cables 

Buy RG58/U Family Cables Items Including
  • RG58U1.5-R: Cable Assembly RG58/U 1.5 Foot BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
  • BBR-01-R: Cable Assembly RG58/U 1 Foot Right Angle .Bnctobnc
  • GSE 231015: Cable ASM RG58/U 15 Foot BNC to BNC 50 Ohm M-M
  • M686-21.: Cable Assembly RG58/U 12 Foot BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
  • CBB-224-24: Cable Coax BNC RG58C/U 2 Foot (RG58/U)
Category: RG58/U
Edge Mount Card Edge Connectors

Edge Mount Card Edge Connectors 

Buy Edge Mount Card Edge Connectors Items Including
  • MEC1-120-02-F-D-EM2: MEC1 40 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • MEC1-150-02-S-D-A: MEC1 100 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • 3415-0001: 3000 .100 Inch Connector Card Edge without Mounting Flange
  • 3462-0001: Connector Card Edge Socket 26 Position 2.54MM IDT Right Angle Flange Mount
  • 50-12A-20.: .156INCH (3.96MM) Density Solder Eyelet Edge Connector
Category: Card Edge
SCR Module

SCR Module 

Buy SCR Module Items Including
  • B512FSE-2T: Thyristor Silicon Controlled Rectifier Module 600 Volt 250 Amp 6 Pin
  • M5010013F: Unspecified SCR (Digital I/O Modules)
Category: Thyristor
Printed Circuit Pins

Printed Circuit Pins 

Buy Printed Circuit Pins Items Including
  • 60599-3: Printed Circuit Board Terminal
  • 56-712-005: 15 Shell Size PIN Contact Printed Circuit Board Right Angle Mount Filtered Connector
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Isocom Components Opto & Illumination

Isocom Components Opto & Illumination 

Buy Isocom Components Opto & Illumination Items Including
  • ISTS150: Photointerrupter Opto-Electronic Interrupter
  • H21A1.: Opto-Electronic Interrupter Switch with Transistor Sensors
Category: Optical Switches

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