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Programmable Counter IC

Programmable Counter IC 

Buy Programmable Counter IC Items Including
  • CD40163B: CMOS Synchronous Programmable 4 Bit Counters High Voltage Types (20V Rating)
  • SN74LS93N: Counter/Divider 4 Bit Binary Counter (Logic)
  • M74HC590RM13TR: Counter/Register 8 Binary Counter Register with 3 State Output
  • 74HC4060N,652: 74HC4060 Logic 14 Stg RC Binary Counter
  • SN74LS193N: 74LS193 Synch 4 Bit Up/Down Counters (Dual Clock with Clear)
Category: Counter Shift Register
Tip Tinner

Tip Tinner 

Buy Tip Tinner Items Including
  • TPC-14: Deoxit® Tip Tinner Cleaner/Compound (Chemicals)
  • 0051303199: Weller Tip Tinner and Activator
  • TINNER: Chip Quik® Lead-Free Tip (Miscellaneous)
Category: Miscellaneous
DIN 160 Connector

DIN 160 Connector 

Buy DIN 160 Connector Items Including
  • 024070: DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 Crimp Snap-in Connector
  • 004778: DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 Connectors Type E 160 Male
Category: Discrete Wire Housing
Issi/Integrated Silicon Eeprom

Issi/Integrated Silicon Eeprom 

Buy Issi/Integrated Silicon Eeprom Items Including
  • IS93C46D-2GRLI: 64 X 16 Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom
  • IS24C04A-2GLI: 512 X 8 I2C/2 Wire Serial Eeprom
  • IS93C66A-2ZLI: 256 X 16 Microwire Bus Serial Eeprom
Category: Eeprom
Lascar Electronics Lithium Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Lascar Electronics Lithium Non-Rechargeable Batteries 

Buy Lascar Electronics Lithium Non-Rechargeable Batteries Items Including
  • BAT 3V6 2/3AA: 2/3 AA Lithium Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
  • BATT 3V6: 1/2 AA Lithium Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
Category: Lithium (Non-Rechargeable)
Serial (4 Wire, Spi & Qspi)

Serial (4 Wire, Spi & Qspi) 

Buy Serial (4 Wire, Spi & Qspi) Items Including
  • TLV5614ID: DAC Serial Input Loading 9 us Settling Time
  • AD7817ARZ: 4 Ch Analog to Digital Converter with on-Chip Temp Sensor
  • AD5300BRMZ: Serial Input Loading 4 us Settling Time 8 Bit DAC
  • AD7691BRMZ: 1 Ch 18 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
  • TLV1548IDB: 10 Bit Analog to Digital with DSP Interface
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Sunled Discrete LEDs

Sunled Discrete LEDs 

Buy Sunled Discrete LEDs Items Including
  • LUY34D-10.5: Yellow Diffused T1 LED
  • VX4SUGY91M: Standard Output Yello with Green LED (IrLED)
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Dale Resistors

Dale Resistors 

Buy Dale Resistors Items Including
  • MDP1603120RGD04: MDP 03 DIP Resistor Networks 120 Ohms
  • CPCF-5: 5 Watt 10K Ohm Metal Film Wirewound Resistor
  • CPCP-10-2: 10 Watt 30 Ohm Ceramic Wirewound Resistor Power: 10W
  • CMF5510K000FKEA: 250 Volt 1/2 Watt 10K Ohm 1% Metal Film Resistor
  • NH25020R00FJ01: Resistor Wirewound 20 Ohm 1% 250W ±20PPM/C Aluminum Housed AXL Flange Mount Skin Pack
Category: Fixed Single-through Hole
Fci Hoods

Fci Hoods 

Buy Fci Hoods Items Including
  • 8655MH0911LF: Metal Hood (D-Sub Connectors)
  • 86303638BLF: Plastic Hood (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Hoods
AD7894 Family ADC

AD7894 Family ADC 

Buy AD7894 Family ADC Items Including
  • AD7894ARZ-2: AD7894 1 Ch 14 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
  • AD7894ARZ-10: AD7894 1 Ch 14 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
  • AD7894BRZ-10: AD7894 1 Ch 14 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Microtinted Nondiffused

Microtinted Nondiffused 

Buy Microtinted Nondiffused Items Including
  • HLMP-C315: Lamp 5MM 20M GAP Yellow (Discrete LEDs )
  • HLMP-C115: Lamp 5MM 20MA AlGaAs LED 600MCD
  • HLMP-C323: Lamp 5MM 20M GAP Yellow (Discrete LEDs )
Category: Standard Output LEDs (SMD)
Electrical Connectors

Electrical Connectors 

Buy Electrical Connectors Items Including
  • 4270-8Y: 4270 Conductive Circular Connector
  • 4270-16R: Conductive Circular Connector Cover Fits Type 16R 0.97 Inch
  • 59355-052FSLF: Connector so Dimm Socket 200 Position 0.6MM Solder Right Angle SMD Tray
  • 65801-008LF: Connector Clincher RCP 8 Position 2.54MM IDT Straight Cable Mount Tray
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Adam Tech Contact Connectors

Adam Tech Contact Connectors 

Buy Adam Tech Contact Connectors Items Including
  • DMT-B-C-M-T-R: 43031 Contact Crmp PIN 3031T2 Lp 20-24AWG Tin Nickel PB
  • MTJ-882BX1: Black Side Entry 8 Position 8 Contact (8P8C) RJ45 Modular Ethernet Jack
  • MTJ-442BX1: Modular Jack 4 Position 4 Contacts Side Entry Center Latch
  • MTJ-662X1: Modular Jack 6 Position 6 Contacts Side Entry Center Latch Panel Stops
  • MTJ-10102BX1-FS: Modular Jack 10 Position 10 Contacts Side Entry Shielded Center Latch
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Cornell Dubilier Snap Mount Electrolytic

Cornell Dubilier Snap Mount Electrolytic 

Buy Cornell Dubilier Snap Mount Electrolytic Items Including
  • 381LX471M450A052: Snap-in Electrolytic (Capacitors)
  • 381LX331M450A042: Snap-in Electrolytic (Capacitors)
  • LP332M050E3P3: Aluminum Electrolyticcapacitor (Capacitors)
Category: Snap Mount Electrolytic
Analog Devices Programmable Gain Amplifiers

Analog Devices Programmable Gain Amplifiers 

Buy Analog Devices Programmable Gain Amplifiers Items Including
  • AD526CD: Instrumentation Amplifier 500 uV Offset-Max
  • AD628ARZ: SP Amplifier High Common-Mode Voltage
Category: Amplifiers
Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty 

Buy Heavy Duty Items Including
  • H2507-R: Enclosure ABS Heavy-Duty Instrument Cases (Plastic)
  • 33322: HS-322HD Standard Heavy Duty Servo Motor 0.19SEC/60° 3KG/Cm
  • H2505-R: Enclosure ABS Heavy-Duty Instrument Case (Plastic)
  • GT-106: Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron Stand
  • R6S: Heavy Duty 1.5V AA Battery
Category: Plastic
RF Coaxial Cable

RF Coaxial Cable 

Buy RF Coaxial Cable Items Including
  • UG-89C/U: RF BNC Coaxial Cable Clamp RF Connector
  • 226176-4: Connector RF Coaxial R.F PCB Termination
  • UG-260/U: BNC Coaxial Plug Connector for RG59/62 Cable
  • 2-323934-2: Connector RF T-Shield SN Green .115 .130
  • 31-71013: 75 Ohm BNC Crimp Plug Connector Type: BNC Coaxial
Category: RF Connectors
Logic Probe

Logic Probe 

Buy Logic Probe Items Including
  • EBLOG-300A: Educational Logic Probe Kit
  • CJKIT-20967: Logic Probe with Display Soldering Iron and Solder
  • KSOLS101: Logic Analyzer Probe Cable Kit (Assortments)
  • LP-3500: Probe Logic 17MHZ no Batteryreq Audible Tone (Tools)
Category: Test & Measurement
Major Brands Hi-Speed Op-Amps

Major Brands Hi-Speed Op-Amps 

Buy Major Brands Hi-Speed Op-Amps Items Including
  • LF347N: Linear Wide Bandwidth Quad J-Fet OP AMP DIP-14 (Hi-Speed OP-Amps)
  • LF411CN: Linear Low Offset Low Drift Jfet Input OP AMP DIP-8 (Hi-Speed OP-Amps)
  • LF412CP.: LF412 LF412CN Linear Low Offset Low Drift Jfet Input OP AMP DIP-8 (Analog/Linear)
  • CA3140E: Linear Bi-Mos OP AMP DIP-8 (Low Power OP-Amps)
Category: Hi-Speed Op-Amps
S1B Family Rectifier

S1B Family Rectifier 

Buy S1B Family Rectifier Items Including
  • S1B-13-F-T/R: Rectifier Standard Recovery ENT Latch 5VTOL I/O
  • S1B: 002 Plastic SMA Package Diodee
Category: Rectifiers Selection
ATMEGA48 Family Microcontroller

ATMEGA48 Family Microcontroller 

Buy ATMEGA48 Family Microcontroller Items Including
  • ATMEGA48-20AU: ATMEGA48 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller
  • ATMEGA48-20PU: MCU 4KB Flash 0.256KB Eeprom
Category: Microcontrollers
Cable Strain Relief Grommet

Cable Strain Relief Grommet 

Buy Cable Strain Relief Grommet Items Including
  • 0705SR-6R1: Strain Relief Bushing Round Shape
  • 0705SR-5R2: Strain Relief Bushing Round Shape
Category: Grommet & Bushings
Op Amp PCB

Op Amp PCB 

Buy Op Amp PCB Items Including
  • LMP7704MT/NOPB: OP Amp Straight SMT PCB Mount Plug Receptacle
  • 39-29-3066: Quad Op-Amp 7000 UV Offset-Max 4.5 MHZ Band Width PDSO14A-5566-06B
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Vices & Holders Tools

Vices & Holders Tools 

Buy Vices & Holders Tools Items Including
  • PVJR 201: Panavise Jr Mini Vise (Vices & Holders)
  • GV-300-R: Vise Vacuum Base Split Ball (Vices & Holders)
  • 381: Vacuum Base Panavise (Vices & Holders)
  • 308: Panavise Weighted Base Mount (Vices & Holders)
  • VTTV2: Table Vise with Standard Head Height: 12.0 Inch (Vices & Holders)
Category: Vices & Holders
National Semiconductor Jfets

National Semiconductor Jfets 

Buy National Semiconductor Jfets Items Including
  • 2N5461: Transistor Jfet P-Channel 40V TO-92
  • LF356N: Jfet Input Operational Amplifier
Category: Jfets
Power Supply Management Ckt

Power Supply Management Ckt 

Buy Power Supply Management Ckt Items Including
  • ADM706AN: 2 Channel Power Supply Management CKT PDIP8
  • ADM706AR: 2 Channel Power Supply Management CKT PDSO8
  • LTC2925IUFPBF: 1 Channel Power Supply Support CKT
  • LTC4414IMS8PBF: 1 Channel Power Supply Support CKT
  • TPS3305-33DGN: 2 Channel Power Supply Management CKT PDSO8
Category: Microprocessor Peripherals
Major Brands Programmable Logic

Major Brands Programmable Logic 

Buy Major Brands Programmable Logic Items Including
  • 74HC4316: FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array 2280 Luts 211 I/O 1.8/2.5/3.3V -3 Speed PB-
  • CD40163B: CMOS Synchronous Programmable 4 Bit Counters High Voltage Types (20V Rating)
  • 16V8-25: GAL 64 X 32 and Array (Programmable Logic)
  • 16V8-15: GAL 64 X 32 and Array (Programmable Logic)
  • 20V8-15: GAL 64 X 40 and Array (Programmable Logic)
Category: Pals & Gals
AD5162 Family Digital Potentiometer

AD5162 Family Digital Potentiometer 

Buy AD5162 Family Digital Potentiometer Items Including
  • AD5162BRM10: AD5162 Dual 100K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD5162BRMZ10: AD5162 Dual 256 Position SPI Digital Potentiometer
  • AD5162BRMZ2.5: AD5162 Dual 2.5K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Voltage Doubler IC

Voltage Doubler IC 

Buy Voltage Doubler IC Items Including
  • LTC1682IS8-5PBF: LTC1682IS8-5#PBF Doubler CH
  • LTC1682IMS8PBF: LTC1682IMS8#PBF Doubler CHA
Category: (LDO)(SMD) Voltage Regulators
Fuel Cell Car Kits

Fuel Cell Car Kits 

Buy Fuel Cell Car Kits Items Including
  • OWI-750: Salt Water Fuel Cell Car (Kits)
  • FCJJ-11: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Science Kit
Category: Kits

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