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GRM03 Family Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor   to   Analog Output USB

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GRM03 Family Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor

GRM03 Family Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor 

Buy GRM03 Family Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor Items Including
  • GRM0335C1E150JD01D: GRM03 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • GRM033R71C102KD01D: GRM03 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
74AHCT Series

74AHCT Series 

Buy 74AHCT Series Items Including
  • 74AHCT1G125GW,125: Ahct Bus Buffer/Line Driver
  • 3 State (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AHCT04D: SOIC-14 HEX Inverter (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • 74AHCT1G02GV,125: Logic Single 2 Input nor Gate (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AHCT1G04DCKR: Single Inverter (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
Category: 74AHCT Series (SMD)
Lascar Electronics Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Lascar Electronics Non-Rechargeable Batteries 

Buy Lascar Electronics Non-Rechargeable Batteries Items Including
  • BAT 3V6 2/3AA: 2/3 AA Lithium Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
  • BATT 3V6: 1/2 AA Lithium Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
Category: Lithium (Non-Rechargeable)
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kits for Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kits for Cars 

Buy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kits for Cars Items Including
  • FCJJ-11: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Science Kit
  • FCHP-02: Minipak Handheld Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Supply
  • OWI-750: Salt Water Fuel Cell Car (Kits)
  • FCJJ-26: Hydro-Wind (Wind to Hydrogen) Education Kit
  • FCJJ-16: Solar Hydrogen Education Kit
Category: Kits
Lvdt Signal Conditioner IC

Lvdt Signal Conditioner IC 

Buy Lvdt Signal Conditioner IC Items Including
  • AD598JR: Amplifiers Misc Signal Conditioner PDSO20 IC, IC
  • AD698SQ: Amplifiers Misc Signal Conditioner CDIP24
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
AD5282 Family Digital Potentiometer

AD5282 Family Digital Potentiometer 

Buy AD5282 Family Digital Potentiometer Items Including
  • AD5282BRU200: AD5282 Dual 200K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD5282BRUZ20: AD5282 Dual 200K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD5282BRUZ50: AD5282 Dual 50K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Tenergy NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Tenergy NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 

Buy Tenergy NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Items Including
  • 10405: Premium NiMH AAA 1000MAH Rechargeable Battery
  • 10005: 8.4V NiMH Rechargeable Battery
  • 10320: Battery NiMH AA 1.2V 2500MAH Rechargeable
Category: NiMH (Rechargeable)
Momentary Tactile Switch

Momentary Tactile Switch 

Buy Momentary Tactile Switch Items Including
  • 01-805-R: Tactile Switch SPST OFF-(ON)
  • B3F-1000: Tactile Switch Bounce Time: 10 Msec
  • 95C06F3GWRT: Keypad Switch Single Pole Single Throw Momentary-Tactile 0.05A
  • TL1105-A: Single Pole Single Throw Pushbutton Tactile Switch off Momentary (On)
  • KRS-3550-WH: Tactile Switch Round Button off Momentary (on) PC Pins 0.05 Amp 12 Volt 1.27N through Hole
Category: Tactile
Full Wave Bridge Rectifier IC

Full Wave Bridge Rectifier IC 

Buy Full Wave Bridge Rectifier IC Items Including
  • MDA990-6: Diode Bridge 600V PRV Full Wave Bridge
  • MDA990-3: Diode Bridge 200V PRV Full Wave Bridge
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Wire Wrap

Wire Wrap 

Buy Wire Wrap Items Including
  • 6100-28DW-R: Socket IC 28PIN Machine Tooled Wire Wrap
  • T/W 6100-24W-R: Sckt IC 24PIN Machine Tooled Wire Wrap
  • 24S-T2WW: Socket IC 24PIN Wire Wrap Tin
  • 16S-T2WW-R: Socket IC 16 Pin Wire Wrap Tin .3 Inch Widthe .438 Inch Lead
  • WR30BLK-C: 30 AWG Solid Silver Plated Copper Wire Kynar™ Insulated
Category: DIP Wire-Wrap
CD Photocells

CD Photocells 

Buy CD Photocells Items Including
  • CDS002-9004: Cadmium Sulfur (Cds) Photocell (Opto Components)
  • NSL4140845: Cadmium Sulfide (Cds) Photocell Rating: 80 Vp, 50MW
  • CDS002-9001: Cadmium Sulfur (Cds) Photocell (Opto Components)
  • CDS004-5001: Cadmium Sulfur (Cds) Photocell (Opto Components)
  • CDS002-9203: Cadmium Sulfur (Cds) Photocell (Opto Components)
Category: CD Photocells
Small Screws

Small Screws 

Buy Small Screws Items Including
  • 6-32X3/16PPN: Small Phillips Head Screws (Hardware)
  • MAP80-1012: Small Signal Diode Signal SOT-363 200MW 85V Dual Seri AC/DC
Category: Nuts & Washers Screws
Dagu Hi-Tech Electronic Accessories

Dagu Hi-Tech Electronic Accessories 

Buy Dagu Hi-Tech Electronic Accessories Items Including
  • RS011-0/2: Dagu Rover 5 Tracked Chassis
  • DG007: Dagu Magician Acrylic Chassis
  • RS035: Dagu T'rex Metal Tank Chassis
  • DG008: 4WD Robot Chassis with 4 Motors
Category: Robots
Adam Tech D-Subminiature

Adam Tech D-Subminiature 

Buy Adam Tech D-Subminiature Items Including
  • DE09-SL-25: DSL Connector D-Sub .318 Inch Rt 9P-F Short Metal Housing
  • DB25-PF-M2: D-Subminiature with IDC Flat Cable Termination
Category: D-Subminiature
Electromechanical Relay 4PDT

Electromechanical Relay 4PDT 

Buy Electromechanical Relay 4PDT Items Including
  • LB4H-12DS-R: LB General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • LB4H-110AS-R: LB General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • LB4H-24DS-R: LB General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • MY4-DC12: General Purpose Relay Contact Form: 4PDT
  • PYF14A-A-R: Blade and Octal Relay Socket Contact Form: 4PDT
Category: General Purpose
Arduino Headers

Arduino Headers 

Buy Arduino Headers Items Including
  • A000040: Pass-through Headers for Shields (Rectangular Connectors)
  • A000057: Leonardo (with Headers) Microcontroller: ATMEGA32U4
  • A000087: Mini without Headers Microcontroller: ATMEGA328
  • RS1-06-G-.561-A11596: 1X6 Position Pass-through Style Header for Arduino Shields
  • RS1-08-G-.561-A11596: 1X8 Position Pass-through Style Header for Arduino Shields
Category: Headers
PLL Clock Buffer

PLL Clock Buffer 

Buy PLL Clock Buffer Items Including
  • CY7B9950AXC: Zero Delay PLL Clock Buffer Single 32 Pin Tqfp (Analog/Linear)
  • CY7B9950AXI: 2.5/3.3 Volt 200 Mhz High-Speed Multi-Phase PLL Clock Buffer
  • CY2309SXC-1: Zero Delay Phase Lock Loop Clock Buffer Single 10 MHz to 133 MHz 16 Pin SOIC
  • 2308-4DCGI: Phase Lock Loop Zero Delay Clock Buffer with Standard Drive IND Temp 3.3 Volt Green SOIC16
  • 91305AMLF: PLL PC Buffer SOIC8 IC
Category: PLLs
Wrist Strap Tester

Wrist Strap Tester 

Buy Wrist Strap Tester Items Including
  • 6086: ESD Wrist Strap Tester (Test & Measurement)
  • S2114J: Tester ESD Wrist Strap LED Indicators Includes 9 Volt Battery
Category: Testers
Soldering Equipment Solder Pots

Soldering Equipment Solder Pots 

Buy Soldering Equipment Solder Pots Items Including
  • RD-7339B: 150 Watt Miniature Solder Pot
  • KC100H-R: 600W Solder Pot 3.9 Inch X1.6 Inch
  • GSR-850B: 2000W Solder Pot 12 Inch X8 Inch X3 Inch Tub
  • GSR-810A-KC60B: Solder POT 300WATT 110VAC@2.7A 2PRONG Plug
Category: Solder Pots
Diodes, Damper ICs & Semiconductors

Diodes, Damper ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Diodes, Damper ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
Category: Damper Diodes
Security Products Transmitters/Receivers

Security Products Transmitters/Receivers 

Buy Security Products Transmitters/Receivers Items Including
  • 15-2400VRS: 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio/Video Receiver
  • 15-2400VTS: 2.4GHZ Video and Audio Transmitter with Alarm
  • 15-UV101: Active VGA Extender Kit
  • 15-2400RSK: 2.4GHZ Two Way RS485 Data and Digital I/O Transceiver Kit
Category: Transmitters/Receivers
Reader Serial

Reader Serial 

Buy Reader Serial Items Including
  • 28140: Serial EM4100 RFID Card Reader Module (without Tags) (Sensors)
  • 32390: Serial RFID Reader and 4 Tag Sampler Kit (RFID/Smart Card)
Category: Preassembled Modules
Computer Ribbon Cable

Computer Ribbon Cable 

Buy Computer Ribbon Cable Items Including
  • 862: Gpio Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi
  • GCAR11-R: 4 Foot DB25 Male-to-Female Flat Ribbon Cable
  • FC-9PM/9SM-6FT-R: 6 Foot DB9 Male-to-Female Flat Ribbon Cable
  • 2101-218: Cable Socket 50 Pin Header Socket Ribbon Cable SCSI-I
  • 2102-218: Cable Socket Ribbon 40 Conductor Tacts (IDE/SATA)
Category: Flat Ribbon
Op-07 Family Op-Amps

Op-07 Family Op-Amps 

Buy Op-07 Family Op-Amps Items Including
  • OP747AR: Quad Op-Amp 300 uV Offset-Max 0.7 MHz Band Width
  • LM258AP: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 4000 uV Offset-Max
  • OP07: OP-07 OP Amp Single General Purpose ±18 Volt 8 Pin Pdip (Amplifiers)
  • LM358DR: Dual Op-Amp 9000 uV Offset-Max (Analog/Linear)
  • LPT42: Quad Op-Amp 13000 UV Offset-Max 4 MHZ Band Width PDSO14
Category: Amplifiers
Third Hand

Third Hand 

Buy Third Hand Items Including
  • 3RD HAND: Third Hand Soldering Tool with Magnifying Lens
  • G1C131-R: Third Hand with Soldering Holder C6659
  • GCB-695.: Third Hand with Soldering Iron and Sponge Holders
  • VTHH3: LED Helping Hand with Magnifier (Tool Soldering)
Category: Tool Soldering
National Semiconductor Power Amplifiers

National Semiconductor Power Amplifiers 

Buy National Semiconductor Power Amplifiers Items Including
  • LM386N-3: Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM1875T: 20W Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM3886TF: High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute
  • LM1877N-9: 14 Pin Mdip Dual Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM3886T: High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute
Category: Audio and Video
St Micro Power Amplifiers

St Micro Power Amplifiers 

Buy St Micro Power Amplifiers Items Including
  • TDA2040V: 20W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier (Analog/Linear)
  • L2726: OP Amp Low Drop Dual Power Operational Amplifier (Analog/Linear)
  • TS321ILT: OP Amp Low Power Single Operational Amplifier (Analog/Linear)
  • TS27L2IN: IC.Op AMP Dual Precision 10UA 8 PIN DIP (Amplifiers)
  • LM2904N: Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier (Analog/Linear)
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Isa Controller Card

Isa Controller Card 

Buy Isa Controller Card Items Including
  • CI-2020: ISA Fast SCSI-Ii Controller (SCSI)
  • VM201: Ethernet Relay Card Ieee 802.3 Compatible Ethernet Controller
  • 32313: SD Card Adapter Kit Contains all Components Necessary for Interfacing with a Microcontroller
  • LP-P11011-S6: Card PCI 32 /64 Bit 3.3V/5V, (Parallel)
  • PCI1520PDV: PCI to PC Card Controller (Interface)
Category: SCSI
Bud Industries Plastic Enclosures

Bud Industries Plastic Enclosures 

Buy Bud Industries Plastic Enclosures Items Including
  • BG-32618: Board-Ganizer® Multi-Development Board Enclosure Kit
  • PS-11591: Pi Sandwich Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Microcomputer
  • PP-11593: Pi Plate Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Microcomputer
Category: Plastic Enclosures
Analog Output USB

Analog Output USB 

Buy Analog Output USB Items Including
  • I-7021P: Analog Output Data Acquisition Module (Test & Measurement)
  • TMP17FS: Low Cost Current Output Temperature Transducer
  • AD22103KRZ: 3.3V Supply Voltage Output Temperatureerature Sensor with Signal Conditioning
  • DG409DJ-E3: 1 Output Two Term Voltage Reference
  • I-7022: 2 Channel 12 Bit Analog Output Data Acquisition Module
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)

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