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12V 8A Power Supply   to   Gold D Subminiature Connectors

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12V 8A Power Supply

12V 8A Power Supply 

Buy 12V 8A Power Supply Items Including
  • FLPS: 12V Ccfl Power Supply (Lamps)
  • FLPS1: 12V Ccfl Power Supply (Lamps)
  • IPC-250: 250W Industrial 1U ATX 12V/P4 PC Power Supply
  • PTH12000WAH: Power Supply Module 1 Output 6.0A 12V
  • PTV12010WAH: Power Supply Module 1 Output DC-DC Regulated
Category: Power Supplies Fluorescent
Pin Photodiode Chip

Pin Photodiode Chip 

Buy Pin Photodiode Chip Items Including
  • BPW34: Silicon Photodiode with Daylight Filter
  • OP999: T1-3/4 PIN Silicon Photodiode (Discrete LEDs )
  • OP950: PIN Sili CON PHO Todiode Photodiode
  • BPV22NF: 16BIT Buffer/Line Driver with Damp RES
Category: Phototransistor Infrared LEDs
Electromechanical Counters & Timers

Electromechanical Counters & Timers 

Buy Electromechanical Counters & Timers Items Including
  • XC410: Counter LED NPN/PNP 6DIGIT 36MM X 72MM 90-270VOLT AC/DC
  • XC1200: Multifunction Counter (Industrial Automation)
  • I-30: Adjustable Timer from 1 Second to 3 Minutes Voltage . 12V. D.C
  • 600XU-A-1-CU: 17.5MM DIN Rail Timer Analog (Industrial Automation)
  • TIMER8U: Programmable Digital Timer -Weekly (Industrial Automation)
Category: Counters & Timers
Battery Back-Up

Battery Back-Up 

Buy Battery Back-Up Items Including
  • M4Z32-BR00SH1: M4Z32 Battery Back-Up Li-Ion 3 Volt 4 Pin Snaphat Tube
  • TPS3613-01DGS: Adjustable Battery Back UP Supervisior
  • TPS3600D33PW: Battery Back UP Supervisior (Interface)
  • 2045: Self-Charge 12 Volt Auto Battery Jumper + Back-Up Power
  • TY-12-18: Lead Acid Battery Use with UPS Back-Up Systems, Security/Fire Alarms, Wheel Chairs and Scooters
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Fairchild Semiconductor Fans & Cooling

Fairchild Semiconductor Fans & Cooling 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Fans & Cooling Items Including
  • FGA25N120ANTDTU.: Transistor Igbt Chip N Channel 1.2K Volt 50 Amp 3 Pin 3+ Tab TO-3PN Rail SED Heat Sink
  • ISL9R460PF2.: Rectifier 002 Plastic Mold
Category: Passive Heat Sinks
Alpha B50K Potentiometer

Alpha B50K Potentiometer 

Buy Alpha B50K Potentiometer Items Including
  • RV24AF-10-15R1-B54: Potentiometer 50K RV24AF-10-15R1 B50K
  • RV16AF-10-20R1-B54: Potentiometer 50K RV16A-10-20R1 B50K Linear
Category: Potentiometers
Jdv Products Tools

Jdv Products Tools 

Buy Jdv Products Tools Items Including
  • HSR30: Strip-Wrap-Unwrap Tool (Regular)
  • HSM30: Strip-Wrap-Unwrap Tool (Modified)
Category: Stripper Hand Tools
Switchable Power Supply

Switchable Power Supply 

Buy Switchable Power Supply Items Including
  • RS-150-24: RS-150 150W 24V 6.5A Enclosed Switchable AC-to-DC Power Supply
  • FSP200-50PL-B: Power Supply Switching Enclosed Flexatx 150W 3.3VDC@10A 5VDC@14A 12VDC@4.2A Ul
Category: Enclosed-Single Output
DS1307 Family Real Time Clock

DS1307 Family Real Time Clock 

Buy DS1307 Family Real Time Clock Items Including
  • DS1307N+: DS1307 Real-Time Clock (64X8 Serial I²c)
  • DS1307+: DS1307 2 Timer Real Time Clock PDIP8
  • 264: DS1307 Real Time Clock Breakout Board Kit
Category: Real Time Clocks
Nic Components Corp Inductors

Nic Components Corp Inductors 

Buy Nic Components Corp Inductors Items Including
  • NCB1206B320TR050F: NCB 1 Functions 0.5A Ferrite Chip
  • NCB0805A601TR050F: NCB 1 Functions 0.5A Ferrite Chip
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Lascar Electronics LED Displays

Lascar Electronics LED Displays 

Buy Lascar Electronics LED Displays Items Including
  • DPM 959B: Digital Volt Meter Panel Mount LED 3.5 200MV Fsr Volt/Amp 0.75 Inch Digit Height
  • DPM 340: Digital Volt Meter Panel Mount LED 3.5 200MVDC 0.43 Inch Digit Height Snap-In
Category: Meter Panel Mount
Surface Mount Logic Output Photocouplers

Surface Mount Logic Output Photocouplers 

Buy Surface Mount Logic Output Photocouplers Items Including
  • HCPL2631S.: 10 Mbit/S Hi-Speed Surface Mount Lead Bend
  • HCPL2630S.: 10 Mbit/S Hi-Speed Surface
Category: Optoisolators
Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Solid State

Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Solid State 

Buy Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Solid State Items Including
  • ESR5102401000Z: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
  • ESR5102402500Z: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
Category: Solid State
Smart Card Reader

Smart Card Reader 

Buy Smart Card Reader Items Including
  • 32320: Smart Card Reader Low-Cost Solution for Reading and Writing Data to Standard Smart Cards
  • 32390: Serial RFID Reader and 4 Tag Sampler Kit (RFID/Smart Card)
  • 32395: USB RFID Reader and 4 Tag Sampler Kit (RFID/Smart Card)
  • HAA2866/TAG: RFID Access Card for HAA2866 and HAA2890 (Sensors)
  • HAA2866/TAG2: Optional Access Badge for HAA2866 and HAA2890 -Keyfob (Sensors)
Category: RFID/Smart Card
ADG528A Family Analog Switch Multiplexer

ADG528A Family Analog Switch Multiplexer 

Buy ADG528A Family Analog Switch Multiplexer Items Including
  • ADG528AKNZ: ADG528A Analog CMOS Multiplexer IC (Analog/Linear)
  • ADG528AKN: ADG528A 8 Channel Single Ended Multiplexer PDIP18
  • ADG528AKPZ: ADG528A 8 Channel SGL Ended Multiplexer PQCC20
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Uvp Programmers

Uvp Programmers 

Buy Uvp Programmers Items Including
  • 34-0003-01: Eprom Eraser Replacement Lamp (Eprom/Flash)
  • DE4: Eprom Erasing System Erases 1 Chip in 15 Minutes or 8 Chips in 21 Minutes
Category: Eprom/Flash
Phihong Plug Clips

Phihong Plug Clips 

Buy Phihong Plug Clips Items Including
  • RPA: USA Wall Adapter Clip Compatible Clip for USA Outlet Use
  • RPE: European Wall Adapter Clip Compatible Clip for European Outlet Use
  • RPK: United Kingdom Wall Adapter Clip (AC-to-DC Switching)
  • RPKIT-R: Universal Wall Adapter Clips (AC-to-DC Switching)
  • RPS: Australian Wall Adapter Clip (AC-to-DC Switching)
Category: Wall Transformers
No Clean Solder Paste

No Clean Solder Paste 

Buy No Clean Solder Paste Items Including
  • SMD291SNL10: Lead-Free no Clean Solder Paste 5CC Syringe (Miscellaneous)
  • SMD291AX10: SMD Removal Kit -no Clean Solder Paste (Miscellaneous)
  • SMD291: This is a no-Clean Formula Solder Paste Flux (Miscellaneous)
Category: Miscellaneous
RG174/U Family Cables

RG174/U Family Cables 

Buy RG174/U Family Cables Items Including
  • G7402-R: Cable Assembly RG174/U 3 Foot BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
  • G7403-R: Cable Assembly RG174/U 6 Foot BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
  • RG174/U-100VP: RG174/U RG-174/U Coaxial Cable 100 Ft (Assortments)
  • RG174/U-1000VP: RG174/U RG-174/U Coaxial Cable 26 AWG 1000 Ft
  • 5187-K-36: 36 Inch BNC-to-Minigrabber Cable (Assortments)
Category: RG174/U
Fiber Optic Emitter

Fiber Optic Emitter 

Buy Fiber Optic Emitter Items Including
  • OPB100-E: Optical Emitter and Sensor Pair (Opto Components)
  • OPF372A: Fiber Optic LED Emitter 830-870NM Panel Mount
  • OPF370A: Fiber Optic LED Emitter 830-870NM (IrLED)
Category: Fiber Optic
Amphenol Connex BNC

Amphenol Connex BNC 

Buy Amphenol Connex BNC Items Including
  • 112431: BNC Connector B/H Jack Isolated
  • 112437: BNC Connector Adapter Jack to Jack Bulkhead 50 Ohm
  • 112424: BNC Connector Jack Crimp Solder
  • 202103: BNC Connector Adapter Termination Plug 50 Ohm
  • 95625: BNC Coaxial Connector Orientation: Right Angle
Category: RF Connectors
Mini Transistor

Mini Transistor 

Buy Mini Transistor Items Including
  • LTV-356T: Optocoupler 1 Channel Transistor Output (Optoisolators)
  • HMHA281: Half-Pitch Mini-Flat Package Optocoupler
  • HMHA2801: Half-Pitch Mini-Flat Package Optocoupler
  • BAS45AL,115: Diode Switching 125V 0.25A 2 Pin Mini-Melf T/Rfor More About Transistors
  • DO061A: Transistor Output Solid State Relay 4000V Isolation-Max
Category: Optoisolators
Turret Terminal Board

Turret Terminal Board 

Buy Turret Terminal Board Items Including
  • 6092: Fully Insulated Banana Jack
  • 6091: Fully Insulated Banana Jack
  • N3793-5202RB: 604 10/HEADER/SL/RA/HT/.112/30AVG/ROH Rohs 3K
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Third Hand Soldering

Third Hand Soldering 

Buy Third Hand Soldering Items Including
  • 3RD HAND: Third Hand Soldering Tool with Magnifying Lens
  • G1C131-R: Third Hand with Soldering Holder C6659
  • GCB-695.: Third Hand with Soldering Iron and Sponge Holders
  • VTHH3: LED Helping Hand with Magnifier (Tool Soldering)
Category: Tool Soldering
Strain Relief Grommets

Strain Relief Grommets 

Buy Strain Relief Grommets Items Including
  • 0705SR-6R1: Strain Relief Bushing Round Shape
  • 0705SR-5R2: Strain Relief Bushing Round Shape
Category: Grommet & Bushings
Open Frame-Push

Open Frame-Push 

Buy Open Frame-Push Items Including
  • SMO-0420S12STD: 12VDC Open Frame Push Solenoid (Actuators)
  • SMO-0837S12STD-R: 12VDC Open Frame Dual-Shaft Push Solenoid
Category: Solenoids
Breadboard Jumpers

Breadboard Jumpers 

Buy Breadboard Jumpers Items Including
  • WJW004: Breadboard Jumper Wire-One Pin Male to Male 15CM 10PCS
  • WJW005: Breadboard Jumper Wire-One Pin Male to Female 15CM 10PCS
  • WJW006: Breadboard Jumper Wire-One Pin Female to Female 15CM 10PCS
  • FS150-20: Breadboard Pin to Breadboard Pin (Jumper Wires)
  • PROTO KIT: Breadboard with 70 Piece Jumper Wire Kit
Category: Jumper Wires
Nylon 6/6 Discrete Wire Housing Connectors

Nylon 6/6 Discrete Wire Housing Connectors 

Buy Nylon 6/6 Discrete Wire Housing Connectors Items Including
  • 640250-6: Housing 6 Position .156 Inch Nylon
  • 26-03-4061: 6442 156 KK Term Housing O/Ramp Nylon 6CKT (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Discrete Wire Housing
Flux Soldering

Flux Soldering 

Buy Flux Soldering Items Including
  • RSF-R80-2: Deoxit® Rosin Flux Soldering Paste (Miscellaneous)
  • 10-4202: Liquid Solder-Flux (2 Fl Oz Bottle) (Miscellaneous)
  • 10-4216: Liquid Solder Flux (16 Fl Oz Bottle) (Miscellaneous)
  • SMD291: This is a no-Clean Formula Solder Paste Flux (Miscellaneous)
Category: Miscellaneous
Gold D Subminiature Connectors

Gold D Subminiature Connectors 

Buy Gold D Subminiature Connectors Items Including
  • 5-747912-2: 747912 25 Plug Solder CUP Gold Flash
  • EDC37S: ED Connector D-Sub Receptacle 37 POS Gold Flash
  • EDD50P: ED Connector D-Sub Plug 50POS Gold Flash Soldercup
  • EDD50S: ED Connector D-Sub Receptacle 50 POS Gold Flash
  • 66504-3: 66504 Contact Socket 20-24AWG Gold Crimp
Category: D-Subminiature

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