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Nylon Spacers Standoffs   to   Smart Card Reader

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Nylon Spacers Standoffs

Nylon Spacers Standoffs 

Buy Nylon Spacers Standoffs Items Including
  • CS1016: CS PCB Standoff Mounting Hardware Snap "On"
  • PCTS3C: PCB &Fan Mounting Hardware Size (In.) : 0.7 X 0.5
  • PCST4C: PCB &Fan Mounting Hardware Size (In.) : 0.8 X 0.5
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
LT3021 Family Linear Regulator

LT3021 Family Linear Regulator 

Buy LT3021 Family Linear Regulator Items Including
  • LT3021EDH-1.5PBF: LT3021 500 Milli AMP Low Voltage
  • LT3021EDH-1.2PBF: LT3021 500 Milli AMP Low Voltage
  • LT3021ES8-1.2PBF: LT3021 500 Milli AMP Low Voltage
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Velleman Serial

Velleman Serial 

Buy Velleman Serial Items Including
  • K8045: 8 Input Programmable Messageboard with LCD & Serial Interface
  • PC1602WRS-KWA-E: LCD 16X2 STN Grey Positive Transflective White Backlight (Serial)
Category: Optoelectronic
Panasonic Corp Suppression

Panasonic Corp Suppression 

Buy Panasonic Corp Suppression Items Including
  • ELK-E222FA: EMI Filter Digital Noise Suppression 2A 50VDC J-Bend SMD Embossed Carrier T/R
  • EXC-ELSA39V: 80 Ohm EMI Bead Core (Suppression)
Category: AC Power Line Filters
Tyco Power Systems Passive Components

Tyco Power Systems Passive Components 

Buy Tyco Power Systems Passive Components Items Including
  • FLTR100V10Z: 10 AMP Filter Module
  • FLTR75V05Z: 5 AMP Filter Module
Category: Filter Misc
DFRobot Microcontrollers

DFRobot Microcontrollers 

Buy DFRobot Microcontrollers Items Including
  • DFR0282: Beetle Arduino-Compatible Microcontroller 20MM X 22MM Compact Size
  • ROB0022: 4WD Mobile Platform with Romeo Microcontroller (Robots)
  • DFR0159: Dfrduino Pro Mini V1.2 (16M5V328) (Microcontrollers)
  • DFR0141: Rainbow LED Ring V3 (Arduino Compatible) (Microcontrollers)
  • DFR0225: Romeo V2 all-in-One Controller (Microcontrollers)
Category: Microcontrollers
Sanyo Fans

Sanyo Fans 

Buy Sanyo Fans Items Including
  • 109R1212M102: 12 Volt DC Brushless Fan
  • 109P0412H302: DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Ball
  • 109P0412H601: Fan 12VDC 8 CFM 40X40XX20 110MA
  • 9GV0812P4K03: DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Ball
  • 109R1212H1DO1: 12 Volt DC 120MM Brushless Tubeaxial Fan
Category: DC Brushless Fans
Wire Wound Pot

Wire Wound Pot 

Buy Wire Wound Pot Items Including
  • 3590S-1-103L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 1 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
  • 7286R1K-L.25: POT 7/8 DIA 10 Turn 1K 2W 5%, (Potentiometers)
  • 7286R2K-L.25: POT 7/8 DIA 10 Turn 2K 2W 5%, (Potentiometers)
  • 7286R5K-L.25: POT 7/8 DIA 10 Turn 5K 2W 5%, (Potentiometers)
  • 7381R2K-L.25: POT 7/8 DIA 3 Turn 2K 1.5W 5%, (Potentiometers)
Category: BI Tech/Beckman Trimmers
Mini USB to Mini USB Cable

Mini USB to Mini USB Cable 

Buy Mini USB to Mini USB Cable Items Including
  • CB-0000E1-S1: 5 Pin USB a to Mini-B Cable Length: 2M (Assortments)
  • 801373: Dual USB to Miniature USB 2.0 Cable Length: 2 Feet
  • 10U2-15106: USB-a Male to USB-Mini 5 Pin 2.0 Cable (Assortments)
Category: Cable Assembly
TIP125 Family Darlington BJT

TIP125 Family Darlington BJT 

Buy TIP125 Family Darlington BJT Items Including
  • TIP125: 3 LD Plastic with Exposed Heatsnkfor More About Transistors
  • TIP125.: Transistor TIP125 PNP Power Darlingtonfor More About Transistors Click Here
Category: Darlington
Proximity Switches

Proximity Switches 

Buy Proximity Switches Items Including
  • MPS45WGW: Magnetic Proximity Reed Switch
  • K8092: Optical Proximity Switch Small and Compact Unit (Optoelectronic)
  • S18-05N-1: Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch
  • TS12-02N-1: Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch
  • TS12-02P-1: Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch
Category: Proximity
Direction Sensor

Direction Sensor 

Buy Direction Sensor Items Including
  • FLX-01-M: 2 Directional Bi-Flex Sensor (Flex)
  • 28036: 4 Direction Tilt Sensor (Accelerometer)
  • FLX-01L: 2 Directional Bi-Flex Sensor -1Kω to 20KΩ (Flex)
  • FLX-01H: 2 Directional Bi-Flex Sensor -50Kω to 200KΩ (Flex)
Category: Flex
LT1634 Family Voltage Reference

LT1634 Family Voltage Reference 

Buy LT1634 Family Voltage Reference Items Including
  • LT1634ACS8-2.5PBF: LT1634 ªP Prec Shunt Volt REF 2.5V
  • LT1634ACS8-5PBF: LT1634 ªP Prec Shunt Volt REF 5V
  • LT1634BIS8-1.25PBF: LT1634 ªP Prec Shunt Volt REF 1.25V
Category: References (SMD)
Surface Mount Compact Flash Card

Surface Mount Compact Flash Card 

Buy Surface Mount Compact Flash Card Items Including
  • 53856-5070: 53856 50 Contact Male Right Angle Pcmcia Connector Surface Mount
  • 5788667-1: 50 Right Angle Surface Mount Header Compact Flash
  • N7E50-M516RA-50: Connector Memory Card CFI Hexfet Power Mosfet in a to CFI
Category: Memory Card
Modular Jack Adapter

Modular Jack Adapter 

Buy Modular Jack Adapter Items Including
  • MJV0808KX06: 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack 8 Positions (RJ11)
  • 555052-1: Modular Jacks 8 Contacts Panel Mount
  • MCJ-88: 8P8C in-Line Couplers (Adapters)
Category: Adapters
Floppy Connector Female

Floppy Connector Female 

Buy Floppy Connector Female Items Including
  • USP-225-15: USP-225 Power Supply U Bracket Type with PFC 225 Watt 15V 15A
  • USP-225-12: Power Supply U Bracket Type with PFC 225 Watt 12V 18.7A
  • USP-225-24: USP-225 225.6W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply
  • LCT43-E: for More 12 Volt Power Supplies (AC-to-DC Switching)
  • USP-225-3.3: USP-225 132W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply
Category: Open Frame
Tdk EMI Suppression

Tdk EMI Suppression 

Buy Tdk EMI Suppression Items Including
  • ZCAT2035-0930A: Cable Clamp Filter (EMI Suppression)
  • ZCAT3035-1330: Clamp Filter for Cable (EMI Suppression)
  • ZCAT1325-0530A: Cable Clamp Filter (EMI Suppression)
Category: EMI Suppression
12V 8A Power Supply

12V 8A Power Supply 

Buy 12V 8A Power Supply Items Including
  • FLPS: 12V Ccfl Power Supply (Lamps)
  • FLPS1: 12V Ccfl Power Supply (Lamps)
  • PTH12000WAH: Power Supply Module 1 Output 6.0A 12V
  • PTV12010WAH: Power Supply Module 1 Output DC-DC Regulated
  • PTV05010WAH: 1 Output DC-DC Regulated Power Supply Module
Category: DC to DC Controller
Pin Photodiode Chip

Pin Photodiode Chip 

Buy Pin Photodiode Chip Items Including
  • BPW34: Silicon Photodiode with Daylight Filter
  • OP999: T1-3/4 PIN Silicon Photodiode (Discrete LEDs )
  • OP950: PIN Sili CON PHO Todiode Photodiode
  • BPV22NF: 16BIT Buffer/Line Driver with Damp RES
Category: Phototransistor Infrared LEDs
Electromechanical Counters & Timers

Electromechanical Counters & Timers 

Buy Electromechanical Counters & Timers Items Including
  • I-30: Adjustable Timer from 1 Second to 3 Minutes Voltage . 12V. D.C
  • 600XU-A-1-CU: 17.5MM DIN Rail Timer Analog (Industrial Automation)
  • TIMER8U: Programmable Digital Timer -Weekly (Industrial Automation)
  • RC102C: Rate Indicator 6 Digit Counter RPM 4 Digit 1 /8 DIN PNP Sensor
  • XC410: Counter LED NPN/PNP 6DIGIT 36MM X 72MM 90-270V AC/DC
Category: Counters & Timers
Battery Back-Up

Battery Back-Up 

Buy Battery Back-Up Items Including
  • M4Z32-BR00SH1: M4Z32 Battery Back-Up Li-Ion 3 Volt 4 Pin Snaphat Tube
  • TPS3613-01DGS: Adjustable Battery Back UP Supervisior
  • TPS3600D33PW: Battery Back UP Supervisior (Interface)
  • 2045: Self-Charge 12 Volt Auto Battery Jumper + Back-Up Power
  • LTC4064EMSEPBF: Monolithic Linear Charger for Back-Up Li-Ion Batteries
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Fairchild Semiconductor Fans & Cooling

Fairchild Semiconductor Fans & Cooling 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Fans & Cooling Items Including
  • FGA25N120ANTDTU.: Transistor Igbt Chip N Channel 1.2K Volt 50 Amp 3 Pin 3+ Tab TO-3PN Rail SED Heat Sink
  • ISL9R460PF2.: Rectifier 002 Plastic Mold
Category: Passive Heat Sinks
Alpha B50K Potentiometer

Alpha B50K Potentiometer 

Buy Alpha B50K Potentiometer Items Including
  • RV24AF-10-15R1-B54: Potentiometer 50K RV24AF-10-15R1 B50K
  • RV16AF-10-20R1-B54: Potentiometer 50K RV16A-10-20R1 B50K Linear
Category: Potentiometers
Jdv Products Tools

Jdv Products Tools 

Buy Jdv Products Tools Items Including
  • HSR30: Strip-Wrap-Unwrap Tool (Regular)
  • HSM30: Strip-Wrap-Unwrap Tool (Modified)
Category: Stripper Hand Tools
DS1307 Family Real Time Clock

DS1307 Family Real Time Clock 

Buy DS1307 Family Real Time Clock Items Including
  • DS1307N+: DS1307 Real-Time Clock (64X8 Serial I²c)
  • DS1307+: DS1307 2 Timer Real Time Clock PDIP8
  • 264: DS1307 Real Time Clock Breakout Board Kit
Category: Real Time Clocks
Nic Components Corp Inductors

Nic Components Corp Inductors 

Buy Nic Components Corp Inductors Items Including
  • NCB1206B320TR050F: NCB 1 Functions 0.5A Ferrite Chip
  • NCB0805A601TR050F: NCB 1 Functions 0.5A Ferrite Chip
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Lascar Electronics LED Displays

Lascar Electronics LED Displays 

Buy Lascar Electronics LED Displays Items Including
  • DPM 959B: Meter Volt Digital Panel Mount LED
  • DPM 340: Meter Volt Digital Panel Mount LED
Category: Meter Panel Mount
Surface Mount Logic Output Photocouplers

Surface Mount Logic Output Photocouplers 

Buy Surface Mount Logic Output Photocouplers Items Including
  • HCPL2631S.: 10 Mbit/S Hi-Speed Surface Mount Lead Bend
  • HCPL2630S.: 10 Mbit/S Hi-Speed Surface
Category: Optoisolators
Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Solid State

Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Solid State 

Buy Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Solid State Items Including
  • ESR5102401000Z: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
  • ESR5102402500Z: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
Category: Solid State
Smart Card Reader

Smart Card Reader 

Buy Smart Card Reader Items Including
  • 32320: Smart Card Reader Low-Cost Solution for Reading and Writing Data to Standard Smart Cards
  • 32390: Serial RFID Reader and 4 Tag Sampler Kit (RFID/Smart Card)
  • 32395: USB RFID Reader and 4 Tag Sampler Kit (RFID/Smart Card)
  • HAA2866/TAG: RFID Access Card for HAA2866 and HAA2890 (Sensors)
  • HAA2866/TAG2: Optional Access Badge for HAA2866 and HAA2890 -Keyfob (Sensors)
Category: RFID/Smart Card

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