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Motion Sensor Module   to   220uf Ceramic Capacitor

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Motion Sensor Module

Motion Sensor Module 

Buy Motion Sensor Module Items Including
  • 28028: Sensor Sampler Kit Motion Detection (Kits-Modules)
  • 27911: Gyroscope Module 3 Axis L3G4200D (Motion)
Category: Kits-Modules
Bantam Plug

Bantam Plug 

Buy Bantam Plug Items Including
  • 6331-96: Dual Bantam Plug to Dual Bantam Plug Patch Cord
  • 6320-96: Two Bantam Plugs to RJ45 / RJ48 (Assortments)
Category: Cable Assembly
Conductive Pen

Conductive Pen 

Buy Conductive Pen Items Including
  • ELECTRIC PAINT PEN: Electric Paint 10ML Conductive Pen (Miscellaneous)
  • CW8200: Circuitworks® Flux Dispensing Pen (Miscellaneous)
Category: Miscellaneous
LCD Controller Board

LCD Controller Board 

Buy LCD Controller Board Items Including
  • NHD-3.5-320240MF-20: TFT Controller Evaluation Board (Interface Module)
  • NHD-4.3-480272MF-20: TFT Controller Evaluation Board (Interface Module)
Category: Interface Module
Through Hole Mount Board to Board Connectors

Through Hole Mount Board to Board Connectors 

Buy Through Hole Mount Board to Board Connectors Items Including
  • 70555-0075: 75003 6 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • 10-84-4060: 42002 6 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 10-84-4040: 42002 4 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 10-84-4032: 42002 3 Contact Female Power Connector Solder
  • 10-84-4030: 42002 3 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles

PCB Mount SMA 

Buy PCB Mount SMA Items Including
  • 901-144-8RFX-VP-R: Connector SMA Female PCB Mount 19-46G-R
  • 19-49G-R: Connector SMA Rangle PCB Mount
Category: RF Connectors
AD7994 Family ADC

AD7994 Family ADC 

Buy AD7994 Family ADC Items Including
  • AD7994BRUZ-0: AD7994 4 Ch 12 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
  • AD7994BRU-1: AD7994 4 Ch 12 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Soldering Iron Tweezers

Soldering Iron Tweezers 

Buy Soldering Iron Tweezers Items Including
  • TWZ236: 35W SMD Tweezer Iron (Soldering Equipment)
  • 46-060115: 0.59 Inch SMD Tweezer Iron Replacement Tips
  • 46-060102: 0.078 Inch SMD Tweezer Iron Replacement Tips
Category: Irons
Recessed Rocker Switch

Recessed Rocker Switch 

Buy Recessed Rocker Switch Items Including
  • 3-435668-5: SPST Standard Rocker-Flush DIP Switch
  • 76RSB02ST: 76 Slide DIP SWITCH-2SWITCHES SPST Latched 0.15A 30VDC (Switches)
  • 4-435626-2: SPST Standard Rocker-Flush DIP Switch
  • 76RSB03ST: Switch DIP Dipswitch SPST Sideactuated (Upison) 12POSI
  • 76RSB04ST: Switch DIP Dipswitch SPST Sideactuated (Upisoff) 3POSI
Category: DIP
Bar Graph LED Display

Bar Graph LED Display 

Buy Bar Graph LED Display Items Including
  • LBG1000G3B: 10 LED Bar Graph Array
  • LTA-1000G: LED Rectangular Bar Graph Array Illuminated Bar Width: 0.20 Inch
  • LTA-1000HR: LED Rectangular Bar Graph Array Illuminated Bar Width: 0.20 Inch
  • LM3914V/NOPB: LM3914 Bar-Graph Display Driver (Interface)
Category: Bar Array
Mini DIN 8 Pin

Mini DIN 8 Pin 

Buy Mini DIN 8 Pin Items Including
  • MRD8S: Socket Mini DIN Female 8 PIN Right Angle PCB MNT
  • MDIN40BLK-8M-8M-EMI: Mini-DIN 40 Inch Printer/Keyboard Cable for Mac®
Category: DIN Connectors
Voice Record Playback

Voice Record Playback 

Buy Voice Record Playback Items Including
  • ISD4004-08MSYI: Single-Chip Multiple-Messages Voice Record/Playback Device -8 Minute Duration
  • ISD1110P: Single-Chip Voice Record/Playback Device
  • MK195: Voice Recording/Playback Module Assembly Required
  • ISD5116PY: Multimedia Misc Rectifier CF1/4 5.6K 5% TR
Category: Miscellaneous
Clamp on Thermometer

Clamp on Thermometer 

Buy Clamp on Thermometer Items Including
  • EX830: 1000A Clamp Meter with IR Thermometer
  • EX613: 400A Dual Input Clamp Meter (Multimeters)
Category: Multimeters
Keystone Electronics Accessories

Keystone Electronics Accessories 

Buy Keystone Electronics Accessories Items Including
  • 103: 20MM Coin Cell Holders Designed to Maximize PC Board Capacity
  • 140: Battery Holder Aluminum 2 AA Solder Lugs .561 Inch Od X 1.988L
  • 2475: Battery Holder for 3 AA Batteries
Category: Holders & Clips
Simulated Roller Lever Switch

Simulated Roller Lever Switch 

Buy Simulated Roller Lever Switch Items Including
  • V7-1C27E9-263: V Basic Snap Action Switches Single Pole no 15 Amp @ 277VAC Simulated Roller Lever
  • 1HS6: Limit Switch-Ot MS25011-4 (Snap)
  • 311SM4-T: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • 311SX4-T: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • JS-7: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
Category: Snap
Parallax Keypad

Parallax Keypad 

Buy Parallax Keypad Items Including
  • 27899: 4X4 Matrix Membrane Keypad Ultra-Thin Design (Switches)
  • BS2SX-IC: Basic Stamp 2SX Module that Control and Monitor Timers Keypads and Motors
  • BS2P24-IC: Basic Stamp 2P 24 Pin Module that Control and Monitor Timers Keypads Motors and Sensors
Category: Basic Stamp Proto Boards
Needle Nose

Needle Nose 

Buy Needle Nose Items Including
  • NNC2480: Tool 5.25 Inch Oval Needle Nose Cutter Serrated Jaws
  • NN7776V: 6 Inch Long Needle Nose Pliers
  • L4V: 4 Inch Subminiature Needle Nose Pliers
  • SN2481: 5.25 Inch Flat Needle Nose Pliers 5.25 Inch Standard
Category: Pliers Hand Tools
12V Power Cable

12V Power Cable 

Buy 12V Power Cable Items Including
  • 760K: 12V 5A 2.54MM Diameter DC Power Plug or Jack
  • CS1022A: CS Female DC Power Plug Maximum Rating: 5A 12V DC
  • CS1014A-R: 2.1MM Male Power Jack Maximum Rating: 5A 12V DC
  • CS1015A-R: 2.5MM Male Power Jack Maximum Rating: 5A 12V DC
Category: Power Connector
RFID Transmitter

RFID Transmitter 

Buy RFID Transmitter Items Including
  • MK179: RFID Proximity Card Reader Kit Store Up to 25 Tags
  • HAA86C/TAG: RFID Tag Access Card Made from ABS Plastic (Radio/Transmitter)
Category: Radio/Transmitter
Color Organs

Color Organs 

Buy Color Organs Items Including
  • KIT-CS5: Circuit Skills: Customizable LED Color Organ Kit
  • KIT-COLORORGAN: Circuit Skills: Easy LED Color Organ Kit (Audio)
Category: Lighting
250V Mosfet N Channel

250V Mosfet N Channel 

Buy 250V Mosfet N Channel Items Including
  • FDP51N25: 51A 250V 0.06 Ohm N-Channel Si
  • IRF644: Transistor N Channel Power Mosfet 250V 14A TO-220AB
Category: Mosfets
Analog Devices Buffers

Analog Devices Buffers 

Buy Analog Devices Buffers Items Including
  • AD8184ARZ: SOIC Wideband 4:1 Buffered MUL
  • 83026BGI-01LF: Dual 1 to 8 Low Voltage Clock Buffer/Translator
  • 85408BG: 8 LVDS out Buffer IC
  • 85411AM: 2 LVDS out Buffer IC
  • 85411AMLF: Low Skew High Performance Fanout Buffer
Category: Buffers
Microchip Resistors

Microchip Resistors 

Buy Microchip Resistors Items Including
  • MCP41010-I/P: Digital Potentiometer 256 Position 10K Ohm Single 8 Pin Plastic DIP Tube
  • MCP42010-I/P: Linear 10K Dual Digital Potentiometer with SPI Interface
  • MCP42010-I/SL: Dual 10K Digital Potentiometer
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Heat Shrink Y Boot

Heat Shrink Y Boot 

Buy Heat Shrink Y Boot Items Including
  • HDBB-405-1-250: Cable Accessories Heat Shrink Breakout Boot (Assortments)
  • 54123-1: AMP CPC Accessories Heat Shrink Boot 13
Category: Assortments
Jency Motor

Jency Motor 

Buy Jency Motor Items Including
  • ST130-12240-38: Power Misc 3 Volt DC Motor -3588 RPM Nominal Voltage: 3VDC
  • ST130-22770-38: 3 Volt DC Motor -13200 RPM Nominal Voltage: 3VDC
Category: DC Direct Drive
Breadboard Kit

Breadboard Kit 

Buy Breadboard Kit Items Including
  • PROTO KIT: Breadboard with 70 Piece Jumper Wire Kit
  • DFR0140: Breadboard Voltage Regulator -5V/3.3V (Power Supplies)
  • CJKIT-21127: 5V/9V Breadboard Power Supply with Switch Selectable Output
  • CJKIT-21222: "Sakit" the Simple Amplifier Kit Breadboard (Audio)
  • CJKIT-21328: Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V or 5V Output
Category: Power Supplies
5V LED Driver

5V LED Driver 

Buy 5V LED Driver Items Including
  • MC14489BP: MC14489B Linear 5V LED Display/Lamp Driver DIP-20
  • LT3465ES6TRMPBF: LED Driver 6 Segment 3.3V/5V/9V/12V/15V 6 Pin TSOT-23 T/R
  • PCA9550D,112: LED Driver 2 Segment 2.5V/3.3V/5V 8 Pin so Tube
  • ICM7228AIPI: Interface 5V 8 Digit LED Decoder Driver DIP-28
Category: Display Drivers
Epson Electronics Timing Solutions

Epson Electronics Timing Solutions 

Buy Epson Electronics Timing Solutions Items Including
  • RTC72421B: Module 18PIN DIP Real Time "Rohs Compliant"
  • RTC-72421B:ROHS: Real Time Clock Rohs
  • RTC-72423B:ROHS: Rohs (Real Time Clocks (SMD) )
Category: Real Time Clocks
Amphenol Canada D-Subminiature

Amphenol Canada D-Subminiature 

Buy Amphenol Canada D-Subminiature Items Including
  • EDC37S: ED Connector D-Sub Receptacle 37 POS Gold Flash
  • EDD50P: ED Connector D-Sub Plug 50POS Gold Flash Soldercup
  • EDD50S: ED Connector D-Sub Receptacle 50 POS Gold Flash
Category: D-Subminiature
220uf Ceramic Capacitor

220uf Ceramic Capacitor 

Buy 220uf Ceramic Capacitor Items Including
  • C1206C226Z9VAC TU: Micro Processor Unit Powerquicc 66MHZ 357PBGA 22.0uf 6.3V (Capacitors)
  • C1210C226K8PAC TU: Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer Multiplexer Dual 4CH 16 SOIC 22.0uf 10.0V
  • UVR1V221MPD: Capacitor Aluminum 220uf 35V 20% (10 X 12.5MM) Radial 5MM 385MA 2000H 85C Bulk
  • EEE-HA1H221P: Capacitor Aluminum 220uf 50V 20% (10 X 10.2MM) SMD 150MA 2000H 105C T/R
  • EEU-FC1H221S: Capacitor Aluminum 220uf 50V 20% (12.5 X 15MM) Radial 5MM 1150MA 5000H 105C Bulk
Category: Ceramic (SMD)

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