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BNC Male   to   BNC Female Cable

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BNC Male to BNC Female Cable

BNC Male to BNC Female Cable 

Buy BNC Male to BNC Female Cable Items Including
  • 200-130: Adapter BNC Male to F Female
  • 10X1-01110: Cable Assembly RG58/U 10 Foot BNC Male to BNC Male
  • 2249-C-120: 10 Foot BNC Male-to-BNC Male Cable
  • BR312-R: BR Conn RF BNC-RCA Adapter BNC Male to RCA Female
  • M697-86-R: Serial DB25 Male to DB25 Female Computer Cable
Category: RF Connectors
Level Sensor

Level Sensor 

Buy Level Sensor Items Including
  • GMF-83I-1A1B: Liquid Level Sensor 30VDC@.2A Empty Typ
  • 29131: Etape Liquid Level Sensor Solid-State Sensor
  • no Moving Parts
  • C-7235: Sensor Liquid Level Empty Type 180VDC@0.5A 0.5M PVC Cable
  • BA6146: Fluorescent Display Tube Level Meter Driver Package: 16 DIP (Temperature Sensors)
Category: Liquid Level
100uf 25V Electrolytic Capacitor

100uf 25V Electrolytic Capacitor 

Buy 100uf 25V Electrolytic Capacitor Items Including
  • TVX1E101MAD: Capacitor Aluminum 100uf 25V 20% (6.3 X 16MM) Axial 170MA 2000H 85C
  • EEE-1EA101XP: Capacitor Aluminum 100uf 25V 20% (6.3 X 7.7MM) SMD 143MA 2000H 85C T/R
  • RB100/25-R: Capacitor Radial 100uf 25V 20% 105C 6.3X11X2.5MM
Category: Radial Electrolytic
Counter Clocks

Counter Clocks 

Buy Counter Clocks Items Including
  • SN74LS193N: 74LS193 Synch 4 Bit Up/Down Counters (Dual Clock with Clear)
  • 74S163: 4 Bit Binary Counter 16 DIP Clock Frequency: 70MHZ (74S Series)
Category: Counter Shift Register
Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Terminals

Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Terminals 

Buy Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Terminals Items Including
  • ECT URZ: Connectr Splice Y Type 3WIRE 19-26AWG Wire (Red)
  • ECT UYZ: Connector Splice 2 Wire 22-26AWG Wire
Category: Terminals
SMD Prototype Board

SMD Prototype Board 

Buy SMD Prototype Board Items Including
  • B505: Surface Mount Proto Board SOIC
  • 33205: 5 Pin SMD Breadboard Adapter (Prototyping Systems)
Category: Prototype Adapters
Ferrite Products Inductors

Ferrite Products Inductors 

Buy Ferrite Products Inductors Items Including
  • BLM18BD601SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Filter
  • B66287PX187: B66287P Epcos --Ferrite Core ELP N87 Ferrite Core, ELP, N87
  • CZB2BFLTE301P: Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead (Inductors)
  • BLM18BA050SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Filter
  • BLM18BB100SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Filter
Category: Ferrite Products
Aluminum Boxes Enclosures

Aluminum Boxes Enclosures 

Buy Aluminum Boxes Enclosures Items Including
  • BOX3-1455N: Silver Aluminum Extruded Box Enclosure
  • BOX3-1455N-BK: Black Aluminum Extruded Box Enclosure
  • THN4: Case Rectangular Hinged Flip-Top Tin Enclosure
Category: Metal
ERJ8R Family Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount

ERJ8R Family Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount 

Buy ERJ8R Family Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount Items Including
  • ERJ-8RQFR68V: ERJ8R Thick Film Chip R Low Ohmic, (Resistors)
  • ERJ-8RQF1R0V: ERJ8R Thick Film Chip R Low Ohmic, (Resistors)
Category: Surface Mount Fixed Single
Parts of Electric Circuit

Parts of Electric Circuit 

Buy Parts of Electric Circuit Items Including
  • CJKIT-21185: Echo/Tremolo Circuit for any Electrical Pickup out of a Musical Instrument
  • EEC-HW0D506: HW Electric Double Layer Gold CAP (Capacitors)
  • 35-2110-BU: 10 AMP Circuit Breaker (Resettable Fuses)
  • 35-2105-BU: 5A Pushbutton Circuit Breaker (Resettable Fuses)
  • 35-2115-BU: Circuit Breaker 15A 250VAC 2 Pin Bulk
Category: Resettable Fuses
Hdmi Interface IC

Hdmi Interface IC 

Buy Hdmi Interface IC Items Including
  • AD9398KSTZ-100: Interface Misc Specialty Consumer Circuit PQFP100
  • AD9398KSTZ-150: Interface Misc Specialty Consumer Circuit PQFP100
Category: More Products
Epson Electronics ICs & Semiconductors

Epson Electronics ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Epson Electronics ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • RTC-72421B:ROHS: Real Time Clock Rohs
  • RTC-72423B:ROHS: Rohs (Real Time Clocks (SMD) )
  • RTC72421B: Module 18PIN DIP Real Time "Rohs Compliant"
Category: Real Time Clocks
Surface Mount Switch Rotary

Surface Mount Switch Rotary 

Buy Surface Mount Switch Rotary Items Including
  • TDA04H0SB1: 4PST DIP Switch / Rotary DIP
  • 7814J-1-051E: 7814 Rotary SWITCHINGITCH-2POSITIONS SPDT Latched 0.1A 16VDC
  • 94HAB08WT: Rotary Coded SWITCH-8POSITIONS Octal Latched (Switches)
  • 94HAC16WT: Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Complement Latched
Category: Rotary
Ligitek Electronics 7 Segment

Ligitek Electronics 7 Segment 

Buy Ligitek Electronics 7 Segment Items Including
  • LSD3H66F-20/A-PF-08: Single Digit 7 Segment Numeric LED Displays
  • LDD5111-11: 2 Digit 7 Segment LED Display
  • LDD5114-20: 2 Digit 7 Segment LED Display
  • LSD3221-11-LHDP/RHDP: Single Digit 7 Segment LED Display
  • LSD8151-10: Single Digit 7 Segment LED Display
Category: 7 Segment
Dale/Vishay Passive Components

Dale/Vishay Passive Components 

Buy Dale/Vishay Passive Components Items Including
  • MDP1603120RGD04: MDP 03 DIP Resistor Networks 120 Ohms
  • CPCF-5: 5 Watt 10K Ohm Metal Film Wirewound Resistor
  • CPCP-10-2: 10 Watt 30 Ohm Ceramic Wirewound Resistor Power: 10W
  • CMF5510K000FKEA: 250 Volt 1/2 Watt 10K Ohm 1% Metal Film Resistor
  • NH25020R00FJ01: Resistor Wirewound 20 Ohm 1% 250W ±20PPM/C Aluminum Housed AXL Flange Mount Skin Pack
Category: Fixed Single-through Hole
AT27C010 Family Eprom

AT27C010 Family Eprom 

Buy AT27C010 Family Eprom Items Including
  • AT27C010-70PU: AT27C010 1 Megabit (128K X 8) OTP Eprom
  • AT27C010-70JU: One Time Programmable Eprom 1M (128K X 8)
Category: Eprom
Evergreen NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Evergreen NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 

Buy Evergreen NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Items Including
  • NHB60H3A2H: NiMH Rechargeable Battery Voltage: 3.6V (Nicad (Rechargeable) )
  • COMP-16-3NMH: 3.6V 80MAH Rechargeable NiMH Battery 3 Pin PC Mount Package
Category: Nicad (Rechargeable)
RF Receiver Circuit

RF Receiver Circuit 

Buy RF Receiver Circuit Items Including
  • CC1100RTK: Telecom Cellular RF and Baseband Circuit QCC20
  • 1052902-1: 1052902 Conn RF SMA AMP 2052-5674-02
  • UG-89C/U: RF BNC Coaxial Cable Clamp RF Connector
  • 31-5187: RF SMB Connector Straight Crimp Type
  • ADF7012BRUZ: RF Transceiver Specialty Telecom Circuit PDSO24
Category: RF Connectors
Jst Cables

Jst Cables 

Buy Jst Cables Items Including
  • 1799: 3 Pin Female JST Cable Length: 12 Inches (Miscellaneous)
  • 117: 3 Pin Female JST Cable (Miscellaneous)
Category: Miscellaneous
AD5290 Family Digital Potentiometer

AD5290 Family Digital Potentiometer 

Buy AD5290 Family Digital Potentiometer Items Including
  • AD5290YRMZ100: AD5290 +/-15V 8 Bit Digital Potentiometer
  • AD5290YRMZ10: AD5290 100K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
Category: Digital Potentiometers
AC LED Driver

AC LED Driver 

Buy AC LED Driver Items Including
  • LD-PI3536AF: 10W AC-to-DC Constant Current LED Driver (Illumination)
  • PCA9552PW,112: 16 Bit I2C-BUS LED Driver with Programmable Blink Rates
  • TLC5923DAP: 16 Channel LED Driver with DOT Correction
  • LDH-45A-350: DC-DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 350 Milliamps 30.1 Watts
  • LDH-45A-500: DC to DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 500 Milliamps 43 Watts
Category: Constant Current LED Drivers
Microchip Microprocessors

Microchip Microprocessors 

Buy Microchip Microprocessors Items Including
  • TC1232CPA: Microprocessor Monitor PDIP-8
  • TC7109CPL: 12 Bit Microprocessor-Compatible Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • DM300019: DSTICDEM80-10PINST (Ti Series)
  • DM300018: Dspicdem 2 Demo BO ARD (Ti Series)
  • UK003010: -Picstart Plus Flash (Development Tools)
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Gc Electronics Reed

Gc Electronics Reed 

Buy Gc Electronics Reed Items Including
  • 35-756-BU: Magnetic Proximity Reed Switch
  • 35-755: Magnetic Reed SPDT Switch Rating: 0.2A @ 30V AC/DC
Category: Reed
Xytronic Industries Power Tools

Xytronic Industries Power Tools 

Buy Xytronic Industries Power Tools Items Including
  • HANDI-VAC: Vacuum Pen Holding Tool 4 Tips and Cups
  • 1207: Aluminum Vacuum Pen Tool with 3 Tips
  • LF-6000: 80W High Power Lead-Free Desolder Station
  • LT-80: 80 Watt High-Power Stain Glass Soldering Station
Category: Power Tools
Elenco Electronics

Elenco Electronics 

Buy Elenco Electronics Items Including
  • MX-909: 500 in-1 Electronic Project Lab Kit
  • FO-30K: KIT Fiber Optics Tx&Rx Boards (Educational)
  • AK-100: Learn to Solder Kit with Soldering Iron
  • SP-1A: Learn to Solder Practice Kit (Educational)
  • M-2666K: 3½ Digit Deluxe Full Function Digital Multimeter Kit
Category: Educational
Tdk AC Power Cords

Tdk AC Power Cords 

Buy Tdk AC Power Cords Items Including
  • ZCAT2035-0930A: Cable Clamp Filter (EMI Suppression)
  • ZCAT3035-1330: Clamp Filter for Cable (EMI Suppression)
  • ZCAT1325-0530A: Cable Clamp Filter (EMI Suppression)
Category: EMI Suppression
Dagu Hi-Tech Electronic Sensors

Dagu Hi-Tech Electronic Sensors 

Buy Dagu Hi-Tech Electronic Sensors Items Including
  • TK001: LCD Training Kit with Sensor
  • RS002A: Sensor IR Compound EYE 200MM
Category: Kits
Chipquik Chemicals

Chipquik Chemicals 

Buy Chipquik Chemicals Items Including
  • SMD291SNL10: Solder Paste Rework SN96.53AG .5CU 10CC with Syringe (Chemicals)
  • TINNER: Chip Quik® Lead-Free Tip (Miscellaneous)
  • SMD1: Surface Mount Removal KIT also Works on Lead-Free Solder Joints
  • SMD291: This is a no-Clean Formula Solder Paste Flux (Miscellaneous)
  • SMD291AX10: This is a no-Clean Formula Solder Paste Made Specifically for Leaded and Lead-Free Rework and Design
Category: Miscellaneous
DF04M Family Bridge Rectifier

DF04M Family Bridge Rectifier 

Buy DF04M Family Bridge Rectifier Items Including
  • DF04M: Diode Bridge Rectifier 1A 400V DIP-4
  • DF04M-E3/45: DF04M 1A 400V GPP DIP Bridge Rect. 7IN TR
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Econ Connector

Econ Connector 

Buy Econ Connector Items Including
  • 382811-2: 382811 Shunt Econ PHBR15 AU Bluee
  • 382811-9: 382811 Economy Shunt Assembly
Category: Shunts & Shorting Blocks

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