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LCD Chip

LCD Chip 

Buy LCD Chip Items Including
  • NHD-C12865AR-FSW-GBW: 128X65 Pixel COG (Chip-on-Glass) Liquid Crystal Display
  • NHD-C12864LZ-FSW-FBW-3V3: 128X64 Pixel COG (Chip-on-Glass) Liquid Crystal Display
  • NHD-C0220AA-FSW-FTW (3V): 20 Character X 2 Line COG (Chip-on-Glass) Liquid Crystal Display
  • NHD-C160100DIZ-FSW-FBW: 160X100 Pixel COG (Chip-on-Glass) Liquid Crystal Display
  • 7107CPL: ADC A/D Converter 3 1/2 Digit LED/LCD Single Chip LCD 5V DIP-40 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Parallel
Nic Components Corp Tantalum SMD

Nic Components Corp Tantalum SMD 

Buy Nic Components Corp Tantalum SMD Items Including
  • NTC-T106K6.3TRAF: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 6.3V
  • NTC-T105K25TRAF: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 25V
  • NTC-T107K16TRDF: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 16V
  • NTC-T105K16TRAF: Capacitor Tantalum Solid 1uf 16V a Case 10% (3.2 X 1.6 X 1.6MM) SMD 3216-18 10 Ohm 125°C T/R
  • NTC-T106K10TRAF: Capacitor Tantalum Solid 10uf 10V a Case 10% (3.2 X 1.6 X 1.6MM) SMD 3216-18 3.2 Ohm 125°C T/R
Category: Tantalum (SMD)
Transconductance Amplifiers

Transconductance Amplifiers 

Buy Transconductance Amplifiers Items Including
  • LM13700M/NOPB: SP Amp Transconductance Amplifier Dual ±18V/36V 16 Pin SOIC N Rail
  • LM13700N: OP Amp Dual Transconductance ±18 Volt 36 Volt 16 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LM13700N/NOPB: OP Amp 3 Terminal Adjustable Regulator DIP16 (Amplifiers)
  • LM3080N: Linear OP AMP DIP-8 (Amplifiers)
Category: Amplifiers
Eng Electric Power Supplies & Wall Adapters

Eng Electric Power Supplies & Wall Adapters 

Buy Eng Electric Power Supplies & Wall Adapters Items Including
  • T48-9-1000D4: AC-to-DC Unregulated Linear Wall Adapter (Uk AC Plug)
  • 57-12-2000D: AC to DC Switching Wall Adapter
Category: Wall Mount
Key Switch

Key Switch 

Buy Key Switch Items Including
  • MX1A-C1NN.: SPST Electromechanical Switch Key Switch N.O
  • 7914J-1-000E: Resistor 4MM SMD Sealed KEY Switch (More Products)
  • 7914G-1-000E: SPST Electromechanical Switch Key Switch N.O Single Pole
  • PVA2EEH21.7N: Short Stroke Key Switches Compact Design
  • B3F-1050: B3F Series Miniature Tactile Key Switch
Category: More Products
Weller Wtcpt

Weller Wtcpt 

Buy Weller Wtcpt Items Including
  • WTCPT: Weller 60W Controlled Output Soldering Station
  • TC201T: Weller 24W Replacement Soldering Iron
Category: Soldering/de-Soldering Station
LT1513 Family Battery Management

LT1513 Family Battery Management 

Buy LT1513 Family Battery Management Items Including
  • LT1513-2CRPBF: Irvfix Volt FIX Current
  • LT1513-2IRPBF: FIX Volt FIX Current 3A Bat.Charger
Category: Battery Management
Avago Technologies Dot-Matrix

Avago Technologies Dot-Matrix 

Buy Avago Technologies Dot-Matrix Items Including
  • HCMS-2912: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display High Efficiency RED
  • HCMS-2963: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display Green 4.57 Mm
  • HCMS-3966: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display RED 4.57 Mm (7 Segment)
  • HDLO-2416: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display High Efficiency RED
  • HDLS-2416: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display RED 5 Mm (7 Segment)
Category: 7 Segment
MCP42010 Family Digital Potentiometer

MCP42010 Family Digital Potentiometer 

Buy MCP42010 Family Digital Potentiometer Items Including
  • MCP42010-I/P: Linear 10K Dual Digital Potentiometer with SPI Interface
  • MCP42010-I/SL: Dual 10K Digital Potentiometer
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor Dsp

Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor Dsp 

Buy Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor Dsp Items Including
  • TMS320LF2406APZS: 40 MHZ Other Digital Signal Processor (Dsp)
  • TMS320F2812GHHA: Flash-Based Digital Signal Processor (Ti Series)
  • TMS320C6713BGDP225: Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor
  • TMS320LF2406APZA: Digital Signal Processor (Ti Series)
  • TMS320VC5416PGE160: Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor (Ti Series)
Category: TI Series
Earthlcd Serial

Earthlcd Serial 

Buy Earthlcd Serial Items Including
  • EZLCD-301-DK: LCD Development Kit Amazing Module and (Serial)
  • EZLCD-304: 4.3 Inch Smart Touch LCD Display 4.3 Inch Color TFT LCD (Serial)
Category: LCD Module
Pololu Servo Controller

Pololu Servo Controller 

Buy Pololu Servo Controller Items Including
  • 1350: 6 Channel USB Servo Controller (Preassembled)
  • 755.: High-Power Motor Driver Size: 1.3 Inch X 0.8 Inch
  • 1213: Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier (Preassembled)
Category: Preassembled
Hdmi Products

Hdmi Products 

Buy Hdmi Products Items Including
  • FIT0326: 7 Inch 1280X800 IPS Panel Hdmi/Vga/Av Display
  • 15-HE101: Hdmi Extender over Single Cat.X
  • 15-SH101: 3G/HD/SD-SDI to Hdmi Converter
  • AD9398KSTZ-100: Interface Misc Specialty Consumer Circuit PQFP100
  • AD9398KSTZ-150: Interface Misc Specialty Consumer Circuit PQFP100
Category: TFT Displays
DPDT Rocker Switch

DPDT Rocker Switch 

Buy DPDT Rocker Switch Items Including
  • ET21J1ABE2: DPDT Rocker Switch 0.4V Power Rating: 0.4 VA
  • 7205J2V3GE2: DPDT Rocker Switch 0.4V 20V Rating: 0.4V @ 20V
  • 7208J60ZQE2: DPDT Rocker Switch 0.4V 20V Rating: 0.4V @ 20V
  • 7203J1CBE2: DPDT Rocker Switch 0.4V 20V Rating: 0.4V @ 20V
  • U213J61ZQE11: DPDT Rocker Switch 5A 120V (.354 Inch (9.00MM) Series)
Category: Rocker
Sot 23 Fet

Sot 23 Fet 

Buy Sot 23 Fet Items Including
  • 2N7002.: Mosfet Transistor FET N-Channel 2N7002 60V 0.5A SOT-23
  • T491B106K006AT: Single FET Bus Switch 2.5V/3.3V Low-Voltage Switch with 5V Tolerant Level Shifter
  • PMBFJ177,215: P-Channel Silicon Field-Effect Transistor (Jfets (SMD) )
  • PMBFJ174,215: P-Channel Silicon Field-Effect Transistor (Jfets (SMD) )
  • PMBFJ176,215: P-Channel Silicon Field-Effect Transistor (Jfets (SMD) )
Category: Jfets (SMD)
Epson Electronics Real Time Clocks

Epson Electronics Real Time Clocks 

Buy Epson Electronics Real Time Clocks Items Including
  • RTC72421B: Module 18PIN DIP Real Time "Rohs Compliant"
  • RTC-72421B:ROHS: Real Time Clock Rohs
  • RTC-72423B:ROHS: Rohs (Real Time Clocks (SMD) )
Category: Real Time Clocks
Twist-on Terminals

Twist-on Terminals 

Buy Twist-on Terminals Items Including
  • 0808SW-72B(BLUE): Connector Wire-Nut 16AWG Blue PVC (Twist-On)
  • 801P3-R: Splice Connctr IDC 3WIRE Tap/Splice RED 22-18AWG
Category: Twist-On
Nxp Semiconductors Decoder & Demux

Nxp Semiconductors Decoder & Demux 

Buy Nxp Semiconductors Decoder & Demux Items Including
  • 74HC139D,652: Dual 2 to-4 Line Decoder/Demultiplexer (Logic)
  • 74HCT138N,652: 74HCT138 3 to-8 Decoder Demultiplexer (Logic)
Category: Decoder and Demux
Fridge Alarms

Fridge Alarms 

Buy Fridge Alarms Items Including
  • KIT-FA: Forrest M Mims Iii: Fridge Alarm Kit (Security)
  • KIT-FA2: Forrest M Mims Iii: Fridge Alarm Kit (Security)
  • CJKIT-20393: Fridge Alarm with Delay Soldering Iron (Security)
Category: Security
Panel Mount Outlet

Panel Mount Outlet 

Buy Panel Mount Outlet Items Including
  • 208979-2: Converter Outlet Assembly (Black)
  • 208697-2: 208697 Converter Outlet Assembly (Black)
  • NEMA-5-2: Male AC Power Outlet Nema Receptacle Snap-in Panel Mount
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Hook Up Wire Assortments

Hook Up Wire Assortments 

Buy Hook Up Wire Assortments Items Including
  • K/MOW: 24 AWG Stranded Mounting Wire Kit -10 Colors 10 Different Colors
  • UL1007-10CS: 10 Color Stranded Wire Kit Assortment
Category: Hook Up Wire
Right Angle Mini USB

Right Angle Mini USB 

Buy Right Angle Mini USB Items Including
  • 54819-0572.: Connector Audio and Video Conn Mini-USB B Receptacle, (Audio/Video)
  • 54819-0572: 5 Contact Female Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector (USB)
  • MUSB-B5-S-RA-SMT: Musb USB Mini-B 5 Pin Connector
Category: USB
Fairchild Semiconductor IrLED

Fairchild Semiconductor IrLED 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor IrLED Items Including
  • QED234: T13-4 AlGaAs-GaAs LED (IrLED)
  • QEE122.: LED LED.Sidelooker I/R (IrLED)
  • QEE113: Sidelooker Plastic Package Light Emitting Diode
Category: IrLED
4V Voltage Regulator

4V Voltage Regulator 

Buy 4V Voltage Regulator Items Including
  • LT3012EDEPBF: Low Dropout Regulator 1.24 Volt to 60 Volt 0.25A 12 Pin DFN EP
  • LT1020CN: 4V-30V Adjustable Positive Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Syringe Plunger

Syringe Plunger 

Buy Syringe Plunger Items Including
  • SMD291SNL10: Solder Paste Rework SN96.53AG .5CU 10CC with Syringe (Chemicals)
  • SMD4300TF10: Solder Tack Flux Rework no Clean 10CC / 35GRAM Syringe
  • SMD4300AX10: Solder Paste Solder SN6337PB 10CC/35GRAM with Syringe H2O Wash
  • SMD291: This is a no-Clean Formula Solder Paste Flux (Miscellaneous)
  • SMD291AX10: This is a no-Clean Formula Solder Paste Made Specifically for Leaded and Lead-Free Rework and Design
Category: Miscellaneous
Serial (I2C)

Serial (I2C) 

Buy Serial (I2C) Items Including
  • DS1307N+: DS1307 Real-Time Clock (64X8 Serial I²c)
  • AT24C04B-PU: 24C04A Eeprom Serial-I2C 4K-Bit 2 X 256 X 8 5 Volt 8 Pin Pdip 512 X 8 (Memory)
  • PCF8582C-2T/03,118: Eeprom Serial-I2C 2K-bit 256 X 8 3.3V/5V 8 Pin so T/R
  • M24C08-WMN6P: M24C08 1K X 8 I2C/2 Wire Serial Eeprom PDSO8 (Memory)
  • M24C02-WMN6TP: M24C02 256 X 8 I2C/2 Wire Serial Eeprom PDSO8 (Memory)
Category: Eeprom
LED Square

LED Square 

Buy LED Square Items Including
  • HLMP-2755: Single Color LED Yellow 8.89 Mm (Light Bar)
  • HLMP2755: Single Color LED Yellow 8.89 Mm (IrLED)
  • MVL-904MW: Square Piranha White LED
  • MVL-904TUYC: LED Piranha Yellow 7.62MM Square 4000MCD 70MA 3.2VF 615NM 70 View Angle
  • MVL-914MTGC: True Green Piranha LED
Category: High Output LEDs
Terminal Jumpers

Terminal Jumpers 

Buy Terminal Jumpers Items Including
  • 380020358: 38002 Terminal Block Jumper 2 Pos, (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 140J-1: 140 2 Position Metal Terminal Block Jumper
  • 38002-1459: Connector Other Jterm Hole NI (.100 Inch (2.54MM) Series)
  • 38002-1461: Connector Other Jterm Slot NI (.100 Inch (2.54MM) Series)
Category: Shunts & Shorting Blocks
WiFi Modules

WiFi Modules 

Buy WiFi Modules Items Including
  • WIZFI220: Ultra Low Power "Serial-to- WiFi " Module with External Power Amplifier
  • IMP001-US-R-ENG: -Imp Card ( WiFi Module) (Wireless)
  • APRIL: Breakout Board for Imp Card WiFi Module
  • WIZFI210: Ultra Low Power Serial to WiFi Module
  • ASD2121-R: Tinyshield WiFi TI CC3000 WiFi Module: (Shields)
Category: Networking
Gold Wire to Board Connectors

Gold Wire to Board Connectors 

Buy Gold Wire to Board Connectors Items Including
  • 26-61-5080: 41792 8 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • 08-58-0187: 42404 Phosphor Bronze Gold Finish Wire Terminal (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 43031-0012: 43045 Phosphor Bronze Tin Gold Finish Wire Terminal
  • 39-00-0219: 5566 Phosphor Bronze Gold over Nickel Finish Wire Terminal
  • 43030-0005: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Brass Gold Finish Wire Terminal
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles

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