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Soldering Tool

Soldering Tool 

Buy Soldering Tool Items Including
  • ST-123: Starter Soldering & Tool KIT 30W Iron Stand Cutter for Beginners
  • 3RD HAND: Third Hand Soldering Tool with Magnifying Lens
  • 100SL: Black Anodized Steel Soldering Stand
  • KESTER 83-4000-0000: 0.031 Inch Solder Pocket Pack
  • KESTER 83-7145-0415: Silver Electronic Solder
Category: Tool Soldering
Ribbon Connectors

Ribbon Connectors 

Buy Ribbon Connectors Items Including
  • 10136-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 36 Position Plug Shielded
  • 10150-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 50 Position Plug Shielded
  • 10180-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 80 Position Plug Shielded
  • 10226-55G3PC: .050 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connectors 26 Position Right Angel
  • 10126-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 26 Position Plug Shielded
Category: SCSI
BNC Male

BNC Male 

Buy BNC Male Items Including
  • SB-321-R: Connector RF Adapter SMA Female to BNC Male
  • 200-130: Adapter BNC Male to F Female
  • 3957: BNC Male to Multi-Stacking Banana Plugs
  • 10X1-01110: Cable Assembly RG58/U 10 Foot BNC Male to BNC Male
  • 2249-C-120: 10 Foot BNC Male-to-BNC Male Cable
Category: RF Connectors
SMD Fuses

SMD Fuses 

Buy SMD Fuses Items Including
  • MF-MSMF030-2: Reset Fuse 15V 40A 0.3A Ihold 1A Itrip SMD -40+85 T/R Hazmat
  • 0202.750HXG: 202 Fuse 0.75A 250 Volt Slow Blow Acting 2 Pin SMD Bulk
  • MF-USMF020-2: Reset Fuse 6V 40A 0.20A Ihold 0.75A Itrip SMD -40+85 T/R
  • MF-USMF010-2: Reset Fuse 30V 10A 0.10A Ihold 0.30A Itrip SMD -40+85 T/R
  • SMD125F-2: Reset 15V 40A Imax 1.25A Ihld
Category: Fuses
Miniature Relay

Miniature Relay 

Buy Miniature Relay Items Including
  • DS2E-S-DC12V: DS 1500V Surge Withstanding Miniature Relay
  • DS2E-S-DC5V: DS Small PC Mount Relay Contact Form: DPDT (Miniature)
  • DS2E-ML2-DC12V: DS Small PC Mount Relay Contact Form: DPDT (Miniature)
  • AL-D9W-K: A Small PC Mount Relay Contact Form: DPDT (Miniature)
  • DS2Y-S-DC48V: Power/Signal Relay DPDT Momentary 0.006A (Coil)
Category: Miniature
IC Switch Circuit

IC Switch Circuit 

Buy IC Switch Circuit Items Including
  • ADG713BRU: Specialty Analog Circuit DMA6 (Analog/Linear)
  • LT3724EFEPBF: High Voltage Current Mode Switching Regulator Controller
  • TPS2206IDB: Dual-Slot PC Card Power-Interface Switch
  • IP1060N: Switch Mode Power Supply Control Circuit IC Package:16 Pdip (Analog/Linear)
  • AVS1ACP08: AVS10/12CONTROLLE R (Power Management Circuit)
Category: Power Management Circuit
RF Power Amplifier Module

RF Power Amplifier Module 

Buy RF Power Amplifier Module Items Including
  • AMMC-5618-W10: 6000 MHz -20000 MHz RF /Microwave Wide Band Low Power Amplifier
  • VM100: 200 Watt Power Amplifier with 100 Watt RMS (Audio)
  • WIZFI220: Ultra Low Power "Serial-to- WiFi " Module with External Power Amplifier
  • ATS030A0X3SRZ: DC-to-DC Power Converter Module High Efficiency
  • 2-6609129-3: Power Entry Module 5EFM1S=F8107
Category: Amplifiers
Wire Clips

Wire Clips 

Buy Wire Clips Items Including
  • TC-BL-36: Test Clip to Banana Plug Cable Length: 3 Feet
  • GT-0019: 3.5MM Plug to Hook Clips Probe (Cable Assembly)
  • KSS NC-1N: 100 Nail in Gray Round Cable Clips
  • 43045-1626: Dual Row Vertical 3.00 MM Wire-to-Board Header with Solderable Retention Clip
  • GAL01: 10 Pack Alligator Clip Test Leads 24 AWG Wire
Category: Cable Assembly
Bi Color LED Panel Mount

Bi Color LED Panel Mount 

Buy Bi Color LED Panel Mount Items Including
  • 553-0212F: T-1 Dual Color LED Array Red/Green 3 Mm
  • 2415-3-12-216-1: 125V Red LED Panel Mount Indicator
  • 249-7872-3335-504: LED Panel Mount Indicator Color: Red (IrLED)
  • 533-0601: LED Panel Mount Socket Snap in Mount with Solder Terminals
  • LTP2558AA: 2.3 Inch 5X8 Bi-Color LED Dot Matrix Display -Red Orange/Green
Category: IrLED
Nylon Clips

Nylon Clips 

Buy Nylon Clips Items Including
  • UC-1: Cable Clamp 1/4 Inch 'Diameter Cable White Nylon
  • UC-0.5: Cable Clamp 3/16 Inch 'Dia Cable White Nylon
  • 0520FC-1: TIE Mount Cable 2.8MM Clip Nylon ADH
  • 87179-1: 87179 Locking Clip Keying Plug
  • HHB-R: HHB Fuse Holder Inline .25 Inch 32 Volt 30A Nylon
Category: Clips & Clamps
Quad Fet

Quad Fet 

Buy Quad Fet Items Including
  • LF347N: Linear Wide Bandwidth Quad J-Fet OP AMP DIP-14 (Hi-Speed OP-Amps)
  • LF444CN/NOPB: OP Amp Quad General Purpose ±18 Volt 14 Pin Mdip Rail
  • AD824AR-14: Quad Op-Amp 4000 uV Offset-Max 2 MHz Band Width
  • LT1058ISW: Quad Op-Amp 4000 uV Offset-Max
  • LF444ACN/NOPB: OP Amp Dual N & P-Channel Enhancement Mode FET
Category: Amplifiers
Ethernet Switch IC

Ethernet Switch IC 

Buy Ethernet Switch IC Items Including
  • 84330CYI: PCI Express Switch IC
  • LTC4267CDHCPBF: Power over Ethernet Ieee 802.3AF PD Interface
  • LM5070MTC-50/NOPB: Integrated Power over Ethernet PD Interface and PWM Controller
Category: Ethernet Networking
Infrared LED

Infrared LED 

Buy Infrared LED Items Including
  • SE2470-002: 1 Element Infrared LED 880 Nm (Sensors)
  • TSAL6100: 1 Element Infrared LED (IrLED)
  • LTE-2872U: 5MM Infrared LED Wavelength: 940NM
  • SE3455-003: SE3455 3.77 Mm 1 Element Infrared LED 935 Nm
  • OP131: 3.91 Mm 1 Element Infrared LED 935 Nm (IrLED)
Category: IrLED
Screw Washer

Screw Washer 

Buy Screw Washer Items Including
  • 28655: Phillips Pan Head Screw Length 1/2 Inch (Hardware)
  • 33606: Washer Split Lock 4 .210 OD Zinc Plated Steel Rohs (100 Pieces)
  • 1128804: 1/2 Inch Phillips Pan Head Screw 6-32 Thread Size
  • 960-8-3: Flat Washer #83/8 (Od) -100 (Hardware)
  • 28858: Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw Size: 8-32
Category: Nuts & Washers Screws
Mounting Angle

Mounting Angle 

Buy Mounting Angle Items Including
  • MHS014: Mounting Bracket for Power Supplies RSP-1000 Series (Hardware)
  • 53261-0371: 3 Contact Male Straight Two Part Board Connector Surface Mount
  • 53261-0671: 6 Contact Male Straight Two Part Board Connector Surface Mount
  • RASH712: Right-Angle Miniature Power Jack
  • 551-1307F: Opto 3MM CBI Right Angle (Panel Mount Indicators)
Category: Two Part Board Connector
Can Bus Interface IC

Can Bus Interface IC 

Buy Can Bus Interface IC Items Including
  • SN74LS273DWR: Flip Flop D-Type Bus Interface Pos-Edge 1 Element 20 Pin SOIC T/R
  • 74LVC273BQ,115: Flip Flop D-Type Bus Interface Pos-Edge 1 Element 20 Pin Dhvqfn EP T/R
  • 74VHC175MX: Flip Flop D-Type Bus Interface Pos-Edge 1 Element 16 Pin SOIC N T/R
  • 74ABT273AD,118: Flip Flop D-Type Bus Interface Pos-Edge 1 Element 20 Pin so T/R
  • 74ABT273ADB,118: Flip Flop D-Type Bus Interface Pos-Edge 1 Element 20 Pin Ssop T/R
Category: Philips Semi
AC Power Plugs

AC Power Plugs 

Buy AC Power Plugs Items Including
  • PL1035-R: Mono Male Power Plug
  • AP-340-R: Stereo Male DC Power Plug
  • TS-1000-248B: TS-1000 1000W True Sine Wave DC-AC Power Inverter Plug: USA
  • 27-1136B: DC Power Plug 2.5X5.5MM (Locking) Gender: Female
  • 27-1136A: DC Power Plug 2.1X5.5MM (Locking) Gender: Female
Category: AC/DC Power
Alkaline Battery

Alkaline Battery 

Buy Alkaline Battery Items Including
  • ALK 9V 522: Energizer® Alkaline Battery
  • ALK AA (EN91): Energizer® AA Alkaline Battery 4 Pack
  • LR14AM2: Single Use Lexcell C-Cell Alkaline Battery at 1.5 Volts
  • LR03AM4: 1.5 Volt AAA Alkaline Batteries Non-Rechargeable
  • LR6AM3: Single Use Lexcell AA Alkaline Battery at 1.5 Volts
Category: Alkaline (Non-Rechargeable)
Hsg Connector

Hsg Connector 

Buy Hsg Connector Items Including
  • 35507-0800: 8 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector Crimp Receptacle
  • 480004-5: 6 Contact Male Combination Line Connector
  • 35507-1200: 12 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector Crimp Receptacle
  • JS-1108-02-R: JS Connector .1 Inch 1RW 2PIN HSG Use with 100765
  • JS-1108-04-R: JS Connector .1 Inch 1RW 4PIN HSG Use with 100765
Category: Two Part Board Connector
Crimp Ferrules

Crimp Ferrules 

Buy Crimp Ferrules Items Including
  • 745508-2: Shielding Hardware Ferrule Split Ring HD
  • 745508-6: Shielding Hardware Ferrule Split Ring HD
  • DL-806A: Crimp Hex Tool 1.7MM RG-58-59 BNC-Tnc Up to 3/8 Inch Ferrule
  • 745508-8: Shielding Hardware Ferrule Split Ring HD
Category: Hoods
BNC Test Leads

BNC Test Leads 

Buy BNC Test Leads Items Including
  • 3957: BNC Male to Multi-Stacking Banana Plugs
  • CBB-069-R: 7 Inch BNC Female-to-Pigtail (Test & Measurement)
  • CBB-070-R: 9 Inch BNC Male-to-Pigtail (Test & Measurement)
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
USB Mini B Receptacle

USB Mini B Receptacle 

Buy USB Mini B Receptacle Items Including
  • 500075-1517.: Connector Audio and Video Conn Mini-USB B Receptacle, (Audio/Video)
  • 54819-0572.: Connector Audio and Video Conn Mini-USB B Receptacle, (Audio/Video)
  • 54819-0572: 5 Contact Female Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector (USB)
Category: Audio/Video
Timekeeper Ram

Timekeeper Ram 

Buy Timekeeper Ram Items Including
  • 74189: 64 Bit RAM 3 State DIP-16 (74 Series)
  • MC68HC705C8ACFNE: HC05 Core + 8K RAM + EPR
  • MC146818: Linear Real Time Clock Plus RAM DIP-24
  • 8155-2: Microprocessor Smos RAM 2K-BIT 5V 3 I/O 5MHZ DIP-40
  • BS62LV4006PIP-55: Very Low Power Static RAM Pkg: PDIP-32 (SRAM)
Category: 74 Series
Audio Decoder IC

Audio Decoder IC 

Buy Audio Decoder IC Items Including
  • AD1859JRS: Cable Digital to Analog Converter SET Top Decoder
  • STA013$: Gull Wing 32 Channel Cross Point Switch PBGA356 (Communication)
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Molex Extractor

Molex Extractor 

Buy Molex Extractor Items Including
  • 11-03-0006: Connector Accessories HT2038 Extractor Tool for .093
  • 11-03-0043: Connector Accessories HT60923A Extractor Tool for Micro FIT
  • 11-03-0044: Connector Accessories Extractor for Mini-Fit JR (Tools)
  • 11-03-0002: Connector Accessories HT2285 Extractor Tool for .062
  • W-HT-1884: Connector Extraction Tool
Category: Insert/Extract Hand Tools
820pf Capacitor

820pf Capacitor 

Buy 820pf Capacitor Items Including
  • 12065A821JAT2A: Capacitor 1206 NP0820pf 5% 50V Unmarked 7IN T/R (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • C0805C821J5GAC TU: C0805 Capacitor 0805 NP0820pf 5% 50V Unmarked 7IN TR (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • GRM188R71H821KA01D: Capacitor Ceramic Surface Mount 0603820pf
  • 06035A821JAT2A: Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer 50V C0G 0.00082 uf Surface Mount
  • 08051A821JAT2A: Capacitor 0805 NP0820pf 5% 100V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Tdk Power Supply

Tdk Power Supply 

Buy Tdk Power Supply Items Including
  • CXA-L0612A-VJL: DC~AC Inverter (Power Supplies Fluorescent)
  • CXA-P10A-P: DC~AC Inverter (Power Supplies Fluorescent)
  • CXA-M10M-L: Fluorescent Light Controller DMA5 (Lamps)
  • CXA-M10A-L: Fluorescent Light Controller DMA5 (Lamps)
Category: Power Supplies Fluorescent
Nylon Plugs

Nylon Plugs 

Buy Nylon Plugs Items Including
  • 87179-1: 87179 Locking Clip Keying Plug
  • 640254-1: 640254 Keying Plug .045 SQ PST Conn
  • 86286-1: 86286 Connector Keying Plug
  • 87116-2: Connector Accessories Keying Plug Nylon 6-6 Natural Box
  • 1-640415-1: 640415 Umnl Keying Plug V2 Natural
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Shorting Jumpers

Shorting Jumpers 

Buy Shorting Jumpers Items Including
  • 7600A-R: Socket Short Blks BLK Close
  • 141J: Connectors Jumpers Busbar Connector Type:Jumper
  • 140J-1: 140 2 Position Metal Terminal Block Jumper
  • 2012JH-R: 2012JH Socket Short Blks W TAB BLK
  • 380020358: 38002 Terminal Block Jumper 2 Pos, (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Shunts & Shorting Blocks
Momentary Contact Switch

Momentary Contact Switch 

Buy Momentary Contact Switch Items Including
  • 30-37: Switch Channelpush Button Normally Open (no) Single Pole Double Throw ( SPST ) Round Button 1A 220VAC Momentary Contact Solder Lug Panel Mount
  • M2B15AA5G13-FA: Switch Push Button Single Pole Double Throw MOM.282 Long PLUNGER.250 Double Flattedg
  • LB15RKW01-5C24-JC: Switch LB Series Illuminated Pushbutton (Push Button)
  • GB15AV-RO: Switches:Push Button
  • R18-29A-ROHS: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPST OFF-(ON)
Category: Push Button

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