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Bidirectional TVS

Bidirectional TVS 

Buy Bidirectional TVS Items Including
  • 1.5KE47CA-T: 1500W Bidirectional Silicon TVS Diode DO-201
  • SMCJ12CA-E3/57T: 1500W Bidirectional Silicon (TVS (SMD) )
  • 1.5KE30CA-T: 1500W Bidirectional Silicon TVS Diode DO-201
  • P6KE200A: Diode TVS 600W 200V Bidirectional
  • P6KE150CA: Diode TVS 600W 150V Bidirectional
Category: TVS
Stranded Wire

Stranded Wire 

Buy Stranded Wire Items Including
  • UL1007-10CS: 10 Color Stranded Wire Kit Assortment
  • TMP-1001: 10P10C Modular Plug for Stranded Wire 10 Positions
  • J-200-R: Reinforced Jumper Wires Length: 200MM (7.87 Inch )
  • K/MOW: 24 AWG Stranded Mounting Wire Kit -10 Colors 10 Different Colors
  • 818-0.: 22 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
Category: Hook Up Wire
Micro Speaker

Micro Speaker 

Buy Micro Speaker Items Including
  • 35CS08B-M75NA: Micro Square Speaker (Audio Components)
  • SP452W: Single Pole Speaker Ferrite 2.25 Inch Round 45 Ohm 2 Watts 150-9000HZ Mylar 86DB
  • SP801W: Micro Round Speaker Input Power: 0.1W Nominal / 0.2W Maximum
  • TDA7294V: Audio Amp Speaker 1 Channel Mono 100W Class-Ab 15 Pin (15+Tab) Multiwatt V Tube
  • TDA2002V: Audio Amp Single Speaker 1 Channel Mono 10 Watt Class-B 5 Pin (5+Tab) TO-220
Category: Speakers
Power Supply Enclosure

Power Supply Enclosure 

Buy Power Supply Enclosure Items Including
  • LPX60: Power Supply Accessory-Enclosure KIT for TH
  • RCP-1UT: 19 Inch Rack for RCP-1000 Series Power Supplies
  • RCP-1UI: 19 Inch Rack for RCP-1000 Series Power Supplies
  • LPX110-C: Power Supply Accessory-Cover KIT for the LP
  • LPX40: Power Supply Accessory-Enclosure KIT for TH
Category: Accessories
Fuse Connector

Fuse Connector 

Buy Fuse Connector Items Including
  • 0717-1-R: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle with Fuse Chamber
  • NANOSMDC110F-2: 12 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 06AE2: Power Entry Module EMI Filtered M 3 Position 250VAC 6A Switch/Fuse/Voltage Selector Straight 1 Port
  • 06AN2: Power Entry Module Filtered M 3 Position 250VAC 6A Switch/Fuse Straight 1 Port
Category: AC Power Receptacles
Audio Jack PCB

Audio Jack PCB 

Buy Audio Jack PCB Items Including
  • AJ842G3: Jack RCA PCB MT R/Angle 3 Jack Red/White/Yellw
  • JR-1803: Mono Phone Audio Jack 1/4 " (Audio/Video)
  • JR-1804: Mono Phone Audio Jack 1/4 Inch (Audio/Video)
  • ASJ-5-3: PC Mount Vertical Stereo Audio Jack 3 Contact 3 Contact Forms
  • ASJ-1-3: PC Mount Flat Stereo Audio Jack 3 Contact 3 Contact Forms
Category: 1/4 Inch Phone
Driver Amp

Driver Amp 

Buy Driver Amp Items Including
  • AD8328ARQZ: SP Amp Line Driver Amp Single 5.25 Volt 20 Pin Qsop
  • AD8131AR-REEL7: SP Amp Differential Line Driver Amp Single ±5.5 Volt 11 Volt 8 Pin SOIC N Tape and Reel
  • AD8131AR: Low Cost High Speed Differential Driver
  • AD8131ARMZ: SP Amplifier 400MHZ Differential Driver
  • ADA4922-1ARDZ: High Voltage Differential 18 Bit ADC Driver
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Transistor Fet E Mosfet

Transistor Fet E Mosfet 

Buy Transistor Fet E Mosfet Items Including
  • HAT2168H-EL-E: Silicon N Channel Power MOS FET Power Switching
  • 2N7002.: Mosfet Transistor FET N-Channel 2N7002 60V 0.5A SOT-23
  • FDC6321C.: Dual N & P Channel Digital FET
  • PD54008-E: RF Power N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Ldmost Plastic Family Lateral Mosfet
  • NTHS5404T1G: Transistor Mosfet Negative Channel 20 Volt 5.2A 8 Pin Chip FET T/R
Category: Mosfets
Through Hole LED

Through Hole LED 

Buy Through Hole LED Items Including
  • HLMP-3950-K00B2: T-1 3/4 Single Color LED Green 5 Mm
  • HLMP-4101: T-1 3/4 Single Color LED Deep RED 5 Mm
  • 571-0122F: Opto LED Green Dual Bi-Level 3MM T-1 through Hole
  • LTL-4251: LED Standard Yellow Diffused T 1 0.119 Inch 8.7MCD 585NM (IrLED)
  • 553-0133F: Opto LED Yellow Dual 2 HI 3MM T-1 through Hole (IrLED)
Category: Standard Output LEDs (SMD)
Female Stereo Jack

Female Stereo Jack 

Buy Female Stereo Jack Items Including
  • 35RAPC7J: 3.5 MM Audio Connector Jack (Audio/Video)
  • 35RAPC2AV: 35RAPC 3.5MM Single Mono and Stereo Jack Mono Jack
  • 35RAPC7JS: Female to Female Dual Stereo Jack (Audio/Video)
  • 255-265: STEREO-3.5MM Male Plug to 3.5MM Female Jack-6 Foot Cable
  • 255-268: STEREO-3.5MM Male Plug to 3.5MM Female JACK-12 Foot Cable
Category: Audio/Video
Battery Charge Controller IC

Battery Charge Controller IC 

Buy Battery Charge Controller IC Items Including
  • LT1510CGNPBF: 2A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1513CRPBF: 5.4A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1511CSWPBF: 4A Battery Charge Controller
  • UC3906N: Lead Acid Battery Charger 40V DIP-16
  • UC2906DW: Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Charger
Category: Battery Management
Pcm Codec IC

Pcm Codec IC 

Buy Pcm Codec IC Items Including
  • TP3054N/NOPB: Audio Codec 1ADC / 2DAC 16 Pin Pdip Tube
  • TP3070V-G/NOPB: A/Mu-Law Programmable Codec PQCC28
  • LE58QL063HVC: Quad Low Voltage Subscriber Line Audio Processing Circuit
  • LE792288DGC: Octal Intelligent Subscriber Line Audio-Processing Circuit
  • LE58QL031DJC: Quad Low Voltage Subscriber Line Audio Processing Circuit
Category: Communication Audio
Sheathed Banana Plugs

Sheathed Banana Plugs 

Buy Sheathed Banana Plugs Items Including
  • 6387-ST-T-0: 4MM Black Banana Jack Panel Mount
  • 6387-ST-T-2: 4MM Red Banana Jack Panel Mount
  • 6358: Straight DMM Sheathed Male-to-Male Banana Plug Test Leads with Retractable Plugs
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Midget Fuse

Midget Fuse 

Buy Midget Fuse Items Including
  • KLKD030.T: KLK Fast-Acting AC/DC Midget Fuse (Circuit Protection)
  • BAN-20: BAN Buss Midget Fuse (Circuit Protection)
  • L60030M-1SQ: Midget Fuse Block with Screw T (Circuit Protection)
  • 0FLM020.T: FLM Time Delay Midget Fuse for SUP (Circuit Protection)
  • 0FLM030.T: FLM Time Delay Midget Fuse for SUP (Circuit Protection)
Category: Fuses
Tnc Plug

Tnc Plug 

Buy Tnc Plug Items Including
  • 225555-6: Connector RF TNC Plug Dual with P TR
  • 1-225554-1: Cable Terminated Male TNC Connector
  • 225554-6: Connector RF TNC RT ANG Plug Dual with P
  • 31-2381: Cable Terminated Male TNC Connector Crimp Plug
  • 31-4452: Cable Terminated Male TNC Connector Crimp Plug
Category: RF Connectors
Tubular Solenoid Push

Tubular Solenoid Push 

Buy Tubular Solenoid Push Items Including
  • SMT-1632S12A-R: 12VDC Tubular Push Solenoid (Actuators)
  • SMT-1325S12A-R: 12VDC Tubular Push Solenoid (Actuators)
Category: Solenoids
SMA Jack

SMA Jack 

Buy SMA Jack Items Including
  • SMA-7817-R: Connector SMA Jack to Jack Strght Gold Plated
  • S-P225-RNGT: Conn RF SMA Jack Receptacle
  • CH-7818-N-R: Connector SMA Jack to Jack Straight Panel Mount
  • 1054874-1: Connector RF SMA Jack-Jack Adapter
  • 1055070-1: Connector RF SMA Jack-Jack Adapter
Category: RF Connectors
1uf Film Capacitor

1uf Film Capacitor 

Buy 1uf Film Capacitor Items Including
  • ECQ-E4105KF: 1µF 400VDC Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors
  • B32522Q8104K: Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 630V 0.1 uf
  • ECQ-V1H104JL: Ecqv Capacitor Film Leaded Stacked 50V .1uf 5%
  • B32529-C1104-K289: B32529 Capacitor 0 1uf 10% 100 (Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film)
  • ECQ-E1105KF: Capacitor Film 1uf 100V PET 10% (12 X 6.7 X 14MM) Radial 10MM 105°C Bulk
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Hdmi Connectors

Hdmi Connectors 

Buy Hdmi Connectors Items Including
  • 500254-1927: 19 Contact Male Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector
  • 30HM-15328-MO: 30HM Adapter Hdmi Female/Dvi Male Black
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Display Module

Display Module 

Buy Display Module Items Including
  • NHD-12232KZ-NSW-BBW-P: 122 X 32 Pixel Liquid Crystal Display Module
  • LTS-315AHR: Displays Module 1 Digit 8 LED Hi-Eff Red CC 14 Pin DIP (7 Segment)
  • LTS-312AY: Displays Module 1 Digit 8 LED Yellow CA 14 Pin DIP (7 Segment)
  • HDSP-H111: Displays Module 1 Digit 8 LED Red CA 10 Pin DIP
  • HDSP-F303-DE000: Displays Module 1 Digit 8 LED Yellow CC 10 Pin DIP Tube
Category: 7 Segment
5V 3A Power Supply

5V 3A Power Supply 

Buy 5V 3A Power Supply Items Including
  • ADS-15548: ADS-155 155W Single Output with 5V 3A DC-DC Converter
  • ADS-15512: ADS-155 155W Single Output with 5V 3A DC-DC Converter
  • HY3003D-3: 195W Triple Output Benchtop Power Supply
  • PS-1603: Benchtop Power Supplies Output Voltage: 0-60V
  • ADS-5524: ADS-55 155W Single Output with 5V 3A DC-DC Converter
Category: Enclosed-Multiple Output
Pin Strip

Pin Strip 

Buy Pin Strip Items Including
  • 794606-3: Micro MNL RPT CNT Strip 30AU
  • 61320-1: Contact Socket Crimp Straight Cable Mount Strip
  • 745254-7: 745254 Barrier Strip Terminal Block
  • 170360-1: Connector Power Univ M-N-L PIN 22-18 AWG
  • 171636-1: Connector Power Mini U-M-N-L PIN Contact
Category: Pin & Socket
Bus Switch IC

Bus Switch IC 

Buy Bus Switch IC Items Including
  • 74CBTLV3861QG: Logic Low-Voltage 10 Bit Bus Switch
  • QS3125QG: Bus Switch 4 Element 1 in 16 Pin Qsop Tube
  • SN74CB3T3125PW: Bus Switch 4 Element 1 in 14 Pin Tssop Tube
  • QS3245QG: Bus Switch 1 Element 8 in 20 Pin Qsop Tube
  • QS3384QG: Bus Switch 2 Element 5 in 24 Pin Qsop Tube IC
Category: Bus Switch
Molex Plug

Molex Plug 

Buy Molex Plug Items Including
  • 19034-0009: 19034 Snap Plug Terminal 14-16 Amp Male 22.61MM Tin Box
  • 03-09-2022: 1545 0.093 Inch (2.36MM) Power Connector Housing Plug
  • 03-09-2042: 1490 0.093 Inch (2.36MM) Power Connector Housing Plug
  • 43020-1400: Connector Discrete Wire Housing Microfit 3.0 Plug DR Pnlmnt 14CKT
  • 19-09-2036: 3191 3 Contact Female and/or Male Power Connector Plug
Category: Discrete Wire Housing
SMD PNP Transistor

SMD PNP Transistor 

Buy SMD PNP Transistor Items Including
  • PBSS5540Z,115: 40V Low Vcesat PNP Transistor (Bipolar (SMD) )
  • MMBTA55-7-F: Gull Wing 500 mA 60V PNP Si Small Signal Transistor (Bipolar (SMD) )
  • MJD32CG: 3A 100V PNP Si Power Transistor (Bipolar (SMD) )
  • MMDT2907A-7: Gull Wing 600 mA 60V 2 Channel PNP Si Small Signal Transistor
  • MMDT2227-7-F: Gull Wing Transistor Small Signal Complimentary NPN/PNP 40VCEO
Category: Bipolar (SMD)
Bridge Diode SMD

Bridge Diode SMD 

Buy Bridge Diode SMD Items Including
  • DF08S: 1.5A 800V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • HD04-T: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 400V 0.8A 4 Pin Mini-DIP SMD T/R
  • SMAJ15CA-13-F: C Bend Winbond Host Interface Sd/Mmc Memory Card Bridge
  • DF02S.: DF02S 004 Plastic DIP PKG Diodee
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Filter Band

Filter Band 

Buy Filter Band Items Including
  • B39438X6864N201: X 6864 D 43.75 MHZ SAW Band Pass Filter Video 39.5
  • B39440X6941N201: X 6941 D 1 Functions 44 MHz SAW Filter Bandpass 44.0
Category: SAW Filter
Connector Switch

Connector Switch 

Buy Connector Switch Items Including
  • U11J60ZQE2: SPDT Rocker Switch 20V Power Rating: 0.4 VA
  • U41MPD9AV2GE: 4PDT Toggle Switch 5A 120VAC ( RF Connectors)
  • TST11DGRA1D: SPDT Toggle Switch 0.4A 20V ( RF Connectors)
  • A105SYZB: SPDT Mini Toggle Switch
  • A203SYZQ: DPDT Toggle Switch 5A 125V
Category: RF Connectors
Spade Terminal Connectors

Spade Terminal Connectors 

Buy Spade Terminal Connectors Items Including
  • 19099-0009: 19099 Insulkrimp Snap Spade Terminal
  • 19115-0024: 19115 Avikrimp Snap Spade Terminal
  • 19115-0009: 19115 Avikrimp Snap Spade Terminal
  • SVS1-3.7-R: SVS1 Terminal Spade RED 22-16AWG #6 Stud
  • 19072-0010: 19072 Ring Tongue Terminal Vibrakrimp 22-18 AWG
Category: Terminals
Mounting Rails

Mounting Rails 

Buy Mounting Rails Items Including
  • 2094.0-R: DIN-Rail Power Supply Mounting Rail
  • LMP7704MT/NOPB: OP Amp Straight SMT PCB Mount Plug Receptacle
  • DRP-02: Power Supply Mounting Bracket Accessory (Hardware)
  • DRL-03A: Power Supply "L" Mounting Bracket (Hardware)
  • DRL-02: Power Supply "L" Mounting Bracket (Hardware)
Category: Mounting Brackets

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