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Dual Gate Mosfet

Dual Gate Mosfet 

Buy Dual Gate Mosfet Items Including
  • IRF7341PBF: 4.7A 55V 0.05 Ohm 2 Channel
  • TPS2814D: 2A 2 Channel Nand Gate Based Mosfet Driver
  • TC4469COE: 1.2A 4 Channel and Gate Based Mosfet Driver
  • SN75372D: 0.5A 2 Channel Nand Gate Based Mosfet Driver
  • TC4467CPD: 1.2A 4 Channel Nand Gate Based Mosfet Driver
Category: Mosfet and Power Drivers
Trimmer 1K

Trimmer 1K 

Buy Trimmer 1K Items Including
  • 3386H-1-102LF: Resistor Cermet Trimmer 1K Ohm 10% 1/2W 1 (Elec) /1 (Mech) Turn 3.15MM (9.53 X 4.83 X 9.53MM) Pin Thru-Hole Tube
  • 3306P-1-102: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Cermet 1 Turn 0.2W 1000 Ohm
  • PV36Y102C01B00: PV36 Resistor Trimmer Cermet 25 Turn 0.5W
  • 3296Y-1-102LF: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Cermet 25 Turn 0.5W 1000 Ohm
  • 3290H-1-102: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Wire Wound 25 Turn 1W 1000 Ohm
Category: Trimmers
Precision Screwdrivers

Precision Screwdrivers 

Buy Precision Screwdrivers Items Including
  • GSD-415-R: 11 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • GSD-407-IN: 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • GSD-408: 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • VTSET1: 6 PC Precision Screwdriver SET (Flat/Ph) (Tools)
  • GTK-177: 6 Piece Precision 50MM Torx Screwdriver Set (Tools)
Category: Screwdriver Hand Tools
Avx Resistors

Avx Resistors 

Buy Avx Resistors Items Including
  • TPSV337K010R0100: Resistor Voltage Dependent 14V 0.3 J Surface Mount (Capacitors)
  • VC15MA0340KBA: Resistor Voltage Dependent 200V 45 J through Hole Mount
  • VC060305A150RP: Resistor Voltage Dependent 5.6V 0.1 J Surface Mount (Varistors)
  • VC080518A400RP: Varistor Resistor Voltage Dependent 18V 0.1 J Surface Mount
  • 06031C152KAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0603 X7R 1500pf 10% 100V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Varistors
Microprocessor Pdip

Microprocessor Pdip 

Buy Microprocessor Pdip Items Including
  • 6802: Microprocessor 5V 8 Bit 1MHZ DIP-40
  • 6809E: Microprocessor 7V 8 Bit 1MHZ DIP-40
  • 6800: Microprocessor 5V 8 Bit DIP-40
  • 8080A: Microprocessor 8 Bit 32 I/O 1MHZ PDIP-40
  • 8255AC-5: Microprocessor Peripheral Interface 4MHZ DIP-40
Category: Microprocessors
Dual BNC

Dual BNC 

Buy Dual BNC Items Including
  • 225395-2: BNC Plug Dual CP RG5962 ( RF Connectors)
  • 225395-8: BNC Plug Dual Crimp RG179 187
  • 225395-6: BNC Plug Dual CP RG142 ( RF Connectors)
  • 225396-7: Cable Terminated Female BNC Connector
  • 225974-1: 225974 Plug RT Angle Dual Crimp BNC
Category: BNC
Op Amp Power Supply

Op Amp Power Supply 

Buy Op Amp Power Supply Items Including
  • LT1363CS8PBF: High Speed Single OP AMP Dual-Supply
  • LT1468CN8PBF: Precision Single OP AMP Dual-Supply
  • LT1122CCN8PBF: Precision/Fet Single OP AMP Dual-Supply
  • LT1112CN8PBF: Linear Precision Dual Op Amp Single-Supply
  • LT1677IS8PBF: Precision Single OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply Rail-To-
Category: Low Power Op-Amps
Vacuum Base

Vacuum Base 

Buy Vacuum Base Items Including
  • GV-300-R: Vise Vacuum Base Split Ball (Vices & Holders)
  • 381: Vacuum Base Panavise (Vices & Holders)
  • 209: Vacuum Base Pv Jr Portable Precision Vise
Category: Vices & Holders
Rectifier Diodes

Rectifier Diodes 

Buy Rectifier Diodes Items Including
  • 1N5408-R: 1000V 3A Rectifier Diode High Current Capability: 3.0A
  • 1N1188: Diode 40A 400V Silicon Stud Rectifier Diode
  • MBR730: Through-Hole 7.5A 30V Silicon Rectifier Diode TO-220AC
  • B2100-13-F: C Bend 2A 100V Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • B350A-13-F: C Bend 3A 50V Silicon Rectifier Diode
Category: Rectifiers Selection
Diode Parts

Diode Parts 

Buy Diode Parts Items Including
  • MMBZ10VAL-7-F: Gull Wing Protection TVS Dual Common Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • MMBZ5V6AL-7-F: MMBZ5V6AL Protection TVS Dual Common Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • KBL02-E4/51.: KBL02 4A 200V Inline Brideg Rect
  • 1.5KE36CA-E3/51: TVS 1.5KW 36V 5% Bidirectional
Category: TVS
32V Fuse

32V Fuse 

Buy 32V Fuse Items Including
  • 0299030.ZXNV: 299 Fuse Maxi Blade 32VDC 30A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0313015.H: 313 Fuse 15A 32 Volt Slow Blow Acting 2 Pin Bulk
  • 0315012.HXP: 315 Fuse 32V SB PT 3AG Pb-Free 12A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0312015.H: 312 Fuse 32V FA 3AG 15A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0313010.H: 313 Fuse 32V SB 3AG 10A (Circuit Protection)
Category: Fuses
Ceramic Capacitor 1uf SMD

Ceramic Capacitor 1uf SMD 

Buy Ceramic Capacitor 1uf SMD Items Including
  • GRM32RR71H105KA01L: Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • C1206C104K2RAC TU: C1206 Passive Capacitor .1uf 200V X7R 10% SMD 1206 TR (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • GRM31CR71H105KA61L: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Mlcc Surface Mount 1206 1uf 50 Volts X7R 10%
  • 08053G105ZAT2AT/R: Capacitor 0805 Y5V 1uf +80/-20% 25V Unmarked 7IN, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • C0805C105M8RAC TU: Capacitor 0805 X7R 1uf 20% 10V Unmarked 7IN RL Leadfree (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Linear Optical Encoder

Linear Optical Encoder 

Buy Linear Optical Encoder Items Including
  • HEDS-9200-300: Single 2 Channels Linear Optical Position Encoder 300LPI EN, 2CH, 300 LPI
  • HEDS-9720-P50: Single 2 Channels Linear Optical Position Encoder
  • HEDS-9720-L52: Single 2 Channels Linear Optical Position Encoder
Category: Discrete
Tiny Switches

Tiny Switches 

Buy Tiny Switches Items Including
  • T101MH9ABE: Tiny Toggle Switch SPDT Rt.Angle
  • ET03MD1ABE: Switch Toggle Tiny R/A SLD
  • ET01SD1CBE: Switch Toggle Tiny SPDT PC MNT
  • T101MH9AVBE: Tiny Toggle Switch SPDT Vertical
  • TP21SH9ABE: Toggle Switch Pole Throw Configuration: Dpst
Category: Toggle
Pwm Voltage Regulator

Pwm Voltage Regulator 

Buy Pwm Voltage Regulator Items Including
  • UC3524AN: Advanced Regulating Pulse Width Modulator (Pwm)
  • TPS54612PWP: Synchronous Buck PWM Switcher with Fet
  • LT1307BCS8PBF: Single Cell Micropower 600KHZ PWM DC/DC Converter
  • LT1317BCS8PBF: Micropower 600KHZ PWM DC/DC Converter
  • LT1307CS8PBF: Single Cell Micropower 600KHZ PWM DC/DC Converter
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Wire Wound Potentiometer

Wire Wound Potentiometer 

Buy Wire Wound Potentiometer Items Including
  • 3540S-1-502-VP: Potentiometer 10 Turn Wire Wound 2 Watt 5K Ohm
  • CR100K-L.50: 3 Watt Round Potentiometer 1 & 13/16 Inch 500K Ohm 3% Wire Wound
  • 3590S-1-103L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 1 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
  • 3590S-1-104L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 1 Turn 2W 100000 Ohm
  • 3590S-2-103L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 10 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
Category: Potentiometers
Switch Array

Switch Array 

Buy Switch Array Items Including
  • 74HC4316: FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array 2280 Luts 211 I/O 1.8/2.5/3.3V -3 Speed PB-
  • 3341-31: Screw Array Switching 350MW 350V SOD-123 250MW 200V 3K
Category: 74HC Series (SMD)
Edge Connectors

Edge Connectors 

Buy Edge Connectors Items Including
  • 50-36A-30: Card Edge Connector 0.156 Inch Density
  • 50-12A-20.: .156INCH (3.96MM) Density Solder Eyelet Edge Connector
  • 877159305: 164 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Connector Solder
  • 50-30SN-3.: Cardcon .156 in (3.96 Mm) Density DIP Solder Tails with Unique Board Retention Feature Commercial Edge Connector
  • 877051021: 240 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Connector Solder
Category: Card Edge
IC Power Supply

IC Power Supply 

Buy IC Power Supply Items Including
  • LPQ252-CF: SRAM Asynchronous Dual Port 32K X 36 12NS 3.3VOLT PQFP208 (DR208) for More 12 Volt Power Supplies
  • PTH08T210WAD: 1 Output DC-DC Regulated Power Supply Module
  • PTH12000WAH: Power Supply Module 1 Output 6.0A 12V
  • PTV08T250WAD: 1 Output DC-DC Regulated Power Supply Module
  • PTV12010WAH: Power Supply Module 1 Output DC-DC Regulated
Category: DC to DC Controller
Power Op Amp

Power Op Amp 

Buy Power Op Amp Items Including
  • MC33174P: Low Power Op-Amp Package: SO-14 Plastic DIP
  • MCP6002-I/MS: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
  • OPA2244UA: OP AMP Dual Singl E Supply
  • LT1490AHS8PBF: Precision Dual OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply Rail-To-
  • LT1493CSPBF: Precision Quad OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply
Category: Low Power Op-Amps
Potentiometer 500 Ohm

Potentiometer 500 Ohm 

Buy Potentiometer 500 Ohm Items Including
  • 3299W-1-501-VP/68WR: Potentiometer 500 Ohm 3299W-501 25 Turn
  • 3266X-1-501VP: 3266 Resistor Trimmer Cermet 12 Turn 0.25W 500 Ohm
  • 3296Y-1-501LF: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Cermet 25 Turn 0.5W 500 Ohm
  • 3299W-1-501LF: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Cermet 25 Turn 0.5W 500 Ohm
  • 3313J-1-501E: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Cermet 1 Turn 0.125W 500 Ohm
Category: Trimmers
14MM Capacitors

14MM Capacitors 

Buy 14MM Capacitors Items Including
  • TAP476M020HSB: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 20V 47 uf through Hole Mount
  • TAP226K035HSB: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 35V 4.7 uf through Hole Mount
  • TAP226K035CCS: TAP Capacitor Radial 22uf 35V 10% .2LS Formed Bulk (Tantalum)
  • ECQ-E6104KF: 0.1µF 630VDC Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors
  • B32592-C1225-K 8: Capacitor 2.2 uf 100 Volt-63VAC Plye 10% 18 X 9 X 14MM Radial 15MM Bulk
Category: Tantalum


Buy BNC to RCA Items Including
  • 11X1-02106: 6 Foot RG-59 BNC-to-RCA Cable RG-59 Cable
  • BJ-7072-R: Conn RF BNC-RCA Adapter BNC Female to RCA Female
  • BR312-R: BR Conn RF BNC-RCA Adapter BNC Male to RCA Female
  • BJ-7055-R: Connector RF BNC Male to RCA Male
  • RB312: RB Coonnector RF BNC-RCA Adapter
Category: RF Connectors
Atmega Mlf

Atmega Mlf 

Buy Atmega Mlf Items Including
  • ATMEGA168V-10MU: Microcontroller 10 MHZ MLF Fully Green
  • ATMEGA168-20MU: 8 Bit Flash 20 MHz Risc Microcontroller
  • ATMEGA48V-10MU: 8 Bit Flash 10 MHz Risc Microcontroller
  • ATMEGA32L-8MU: 8 Bit Flash 8 MHz Risc Microcontroller
Category: Microcontrollers
Or Invert Gate

Or Invert Gate 

Buy Or Invert Gate Items Including
  • CD4086B: CMOS Expandable 4 Wide 2 Input and-or-Invert Gate (4000 Series)
  • 74S64: 4-2-3-2 Input and-or-Invert Gates Package: DIP-14 (74S Series)
  • SN74S51NE4: Dual and-or-Invert Gate (74 Series)
  • CD4086BE: 4000 Series 8 Input and-or-Invert Gate PDIP14
  • CD4085BEE4: 4000 Series Dual 4 Input and-or-Invert Gate
Category: 4000 Series
Gold Connector Pins

Gold Connector Pins 

Buy Gold Connector Pins Items Including
  • 7000-2X13SG: 7000 Header Straight Male Double Row Gold 26 Pin
  • 5227161-3: Right Angle Jack with Mounting Pins
  • 227161-6: Right Angle Jack with Mounting Pins
  • 770071-1: 3 Contact Male and Female (Pin & Socket)
  • 227161-9: Right Angle Jack with Mounting Pins
Category: RF Connectors
DIN 5 Female

DIN 5 Female 

Buy DIN 5 Female Items Including
  • B-1001-R: Right Angle DIN Female Socket Set Back: 0.5 Inch
  • GDJ05-R: Socket STD DIN Female 5PIN Panel Mount
  • 57HB5F: 5 Pin Audio DIN Socket Female 5 Pin DIN Socket
  • 57PC5F: 5 Contact Board Mount DIN Connector Receptacle
  • 57PC5FS: 5 Contact Board Mount DIN Connector Receptacle
Category: Circular
Frequency Synthesizer

Frequency Synthesizer 

Buy Frequency Synthesizer Items Including
  • ADF4110BRU: PLL Frequency Synthesizer 550 MHz PDSO16
  • ADF4112BCP: PLL Frequency Synthesizer 3000 MHz CQCC20
  • ADF4112BRUZ: PLL Frequency Synthesizer 3000 MHz PDSO16
  • ADF4117BRU: PLL Frequency Synthesizer 1200 MHz PDSO16
  • ADF4154BRU: PLL Frequency Synthesizer 4000 MHz PDSO16
Category: PLLs
SMA Mount

SMA Mount 

Buy SMA Mount Items Including
  • 1052534-1: Panel Mount Female SMA Connector Solder
  • 1053226-1: Panel Mount Cable Terminated Female ( SMA )
  • SMA-7813-R: Connector SMA BLK HD Rear Mnt Gold Plated
  • CH-7818-N-R: Connector SMA Jack to Jack Straight Panel Mount
  • 901-144-8RFX-VP-R: Connector SMA Female PCB Mount 19-46G-R
Category: RF Connectors
PCB Accessories

PCB Accessories 

Buy PCB Accessories Items Including
  • 31-5652: Hex Nut for BNC Bulkhead PCB Receptacle Plating: Nickel
  • 31-5653: Lock Washer for BNC Bulkhead PCB Receptacle Plating: Nickel
  • 73847-0004: Metal Frame Assy-PCB THK.093 738470004IN (Rectangular Connectors)
  • P8200BED/SP: PCB for 3D Printer Bedplate Sits on Top of the Heated Bedplate
  • 05200101Z: Fuse Accessories Omni-Blok 5X20MM PCB MT (Circuit Protection)
Category: Rectangular Connectors

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