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Adhesive Cable Clips   to   Male Female Adapter

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Adhesive Cable Clips

Adhesive Cable Clips 

Buy Adhesive Cable Clips Items Including
  • 0520FC-1: TIE Mount Cable 2.8MM Clip Nylon ADH
  • EZ-CABLE CLIP-1/4: EZ Cable Clip -100 Pack Al Nickel Plate
  • 0519ATC-22: Cable Tie/Cable Mount (Management Products)
  • HC-103: Cable TIE Mount Nylon 2 WAY Screw 1.1 Inch Square
  • GT-0019: 3.5MM Plug to Hook Clips Probe (Cable Assembly)
Category: Cable Ties
Programmable Array Logic

Programmable Array Logic 

Buy Programmable Array Logic Items Including
  • TIBPAL22V10ACNT: High-Performance Impact Programmable Array Logic Circuit
  • TICPAL22V10Z-25CNT: OT Programmable Logic Device 25 Ns PDIP24
  • EP1SGX10CF672C5N: Ball Stratix FPGA 10570 Logic Elements
  • EP1C12Q240C6N: Gull Wing Cyclone FPGA 12060 Logic Elements
  • 16V8-25: GAL 64 X 32 and Array (Programmable Logic)
Category: Pals & Gals
10uf Tantalum Capacitor

10uf Tantalum Capacitor 

Buy 10uf Tantalum Capacitor Items Including
  • TM10/25/20: TM Tantalum Capacitor 10µF 20%
  • TAP106K016SCS: TAP 10uf Resin-Dipped Solid Tantalum Capacitor
  • TM10: TM Capacitor Tantalum 10uf 35V 10%
  • TAP106K025SCS-VP: TAP Capacitor Tantalum Radial 10uf 25VDC 10%
  • TAP106K010SCS-VP: TAP Capacitor Tantalum Radial 10uf 10VDC 10%
Category: Tantalum
EMI Tape

EMI Tape 

Buy EMI Tape Items Including
  • 1245-1/2: 1245 Tape Embossed Copper Foil 3M (Anti-Static)
  • BLM18BD121SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Filter
  • BLM18BB221SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Filter
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
24V Switching Power Supply

24V Switching Power Supply 

Buy 24V Switching Power Supply Items Including
  • LRS-350-24: LRS-350 24V 350W Single Output Switching Power Supply
  • NPF-120-24: Npf-120 120W 5A 24V Single Output AC/DC Switching Power Supply
  • NPF-120D-24: 120W 5A 24V Single Output AC/DC Switching Power Supply (LED)
  • LPS65: Power Supply 24V Output 60W 3 X 5 (Open Frame)
  • MAP55-1024: AC/DC Power Supply Single-Output 24V/28V 2.5A/2.2A 55W 11 Pin
Category: LED
Connector Extraction Tool

Connector Extraction Tool 

Buy Connector Extraction Tool Items Including
  • W-HT-2285: Connector Extraction Tool
  • W-HT-2054: Connector Extraction Tool
  • W-HT-2038: Connector Extraction Tool
  • W-HT-2023: Connector Extraction Tool
  • W-HT-1884: Connector Extraction Tool
Category: Insert/Extract Hand Tools
Up Converter Mixer

Up Converter Mixer 

Buy Up Converter Mixer Items Including
  • LT5512EUFPBF: 1KHZ-3GHZ High Signal Level Active Mixer
  • LT5522EUFPBF: 600MHZ to 2700MHZ Downconverting Mixer
  • SA612AD/01: Up Down Converter Volt Mixer 500 MHz 8 Pin so /Oscillator
  • LT5521EUFPBF: Very High Linearity Upconvert Mixer
  • AD831AP: RF /Microwave Double Balanced Mixer
Category: Up-Down Converter and Mixer
Female Header

Female Header 

Buy Female Header Items Including
  • 7400-1X10SG-R: Vertical Female Header Rows: 1
  • B06-1X12BG-R: 0.100 Inch (2.54MM) Female Header Receptacle
  • 7200-2X20WW: Vertical Female Header Contacts: 40
  • F301-SGP-D024-01: 1X10 Female Header 2MM Pitch
  • RS1-04-G: Vertical Female Header Rows: 1 (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Aluminum Spacers Standoffs

Aluminum Spacers Standoffs 

Buy Aluminum Spacers Standoffs Items Including
  • GB140: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • 2102-632-A-7: Capacitor 0603 NP015pf .25pf 50V
  • 2102-440-AL-7: Spacer 1/4 HEX ALUMINUM2 (Hardware)
  • 4501-440-AL-7: 4501 Spacer 3/16 HEX AL THD4-40
  • 4534-632-AL-7: Standoffs Spacer 1/4 HEX ALUMINUM1
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor 

Buy Freescale Semiconductor Items Including
  • MC705C9ACPE: 8 Bit MCU 705C8A-EPP
  • MC908JK3ECDWE: MCU 128RAM 4K Flash A/D
  • MC56F8323VFBE: Differential Bus Transceivers
  • MC908JL8CPE: MCU 8K Flash 8 Bit ADC
  • MC908KX8CDWE: 8BIT MCU with 8K Flash
Category: Freescale/Motorola Series
PCB Headers

PCB Headers 

Buy PCB Headers Items Including
  • F301-SGP-D024-01: 1X10 Female Header 2MM Pitch
  • 7000-1X36SG: Header ST Male 1RW 36PIN .1 Inch Ctr .025 Inch Pst
  • 7110-10SG-R: 7110 Header LP Shroud 10PIN Strght
  • 7000-2X5SG-R: Header ST Male 2RW 10PIN .1 Inch Ctr .025 Inch Pst
  • 7000-2X40SG-R: 7000 Header ST Male 2RW 80 PIN .1 Inch Ctr
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles

5V 1A LDO 

Buy 5V 1A LDO Items Including
  • LP38690DT-5.0/NOPB: LDO Regulator Position 5V 1A 3 Pin (2+Tab) TO-252 Rail
  • MC7805BDTRKG: LDO Regulator Position 5V 1A 3 Pin (2+Tab) Dpak T/R
  • MC7805BD2TG: LDO Regulator Position 5V 1A 3 Pin (2+Tab) D2PAK Rail
  • LM2940T-5.0/NOPB: Linear Regulator +5V/1A TO-220 LDO Reg
  • LM2940CSX-5.0/NOPB: Surface Mount 1A Low Dropout Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators
Inverter ICs

Inverter ICs 

Buy Inverter ICs Items Including
  • ADM660ARZ: Analog Charge Pumped Inverter IC (Analog/Linear)
  • SN74HC14N: DIP-14 HEX Inverter Schmitt Trigger
  • CD4069UBE: Inverter 6 Element CMOS 14 Pin Plastic DIP Tube
  • 74HCT04N,652: Inverter 6 Element CMOS 14 Pin Plastic DIP Bulk
  • 74HCT14D-T: HEX Inverter Schmitt Trigger (Logic)
Category: Inverter Schmitt Trigger
Amp Connector Tool

Amp Connector Tool 

Buy Amp Connector Tool Items Including
  • 305183: Extract Tool Type 2 20-16
  • 91067-2: 91067 Tool Insert/Extraction
  • 91067-1: Tool Connector Insertion/Extraction
  • 91285-1: Insertion and Extraction Tool
  • 465644-1: Tool Extraction for Mate-N-Lok Connectors
Category: Insert/Extract Hand Tools
IC Power Switch

IC Power Switch 

Buy IC Power Switch Items Including
  • VNP5N07-E: Power Switch E Omnifet 70V .200 Ohm M (Analog/Linear)
  • AVS08CB: Power Switch 500V 5A Triac TO-220 (Analog/Linear)
  • VNQ05XSP1613TR: Power Switch Quad Channel High Side Solid State Relay
  • VN540SP-E: Power Switch 2.8A Buf or INV Based Peripheral Driver PDSO10
  • L9822N: Power Switch Buf or INV Based Prphl Drvr PDSO20 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Power Switch
Peripheral Interface Controller

Peripheral Interface Controller 

Buy Peripheral Interface Controller Items Including
  • L6203: 5A Full Bridge Based Peripheral Driver PZFM11 (Interface)
  • L293B: 2A 2 Channel Half Bridge Based Peripheral Driver PDIP16
  • VN920-B5: 45A Buf or INV Based Peripheral Driver PS (Motor / Motion Control)
Category: Motor / Motion Control
Rectangular Spring

Rectangular Spring 

Buy Rectangular Spring Items Including
  • 42973-2: Connector Accessories Retaining Spring Stainless Steel
  • 201142-2: 201142 Retention Spring Pltd
  • 201921-1: Series M Locking Spring
  • 745255-3: 745255 Spring Latch Bulk PKG
  • CD025: 2.1MM DC Power Jack to Spring Terminal Max. Voltage: 25V
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Otp Eprom

Otp Eprom 

Buy Otp Eprom Items Including
  • AT27C256R-45PU: AT27C256R 256K (32K X 8) OTP Eprom (Memory)
  • AT27C512R-70PU: AT27C512R 512K (64K X 8) OTP Eprom (Memory)
  • AT27C010-70PU: AT27C010 1 Megabit (128K X 8) OTP Eprom
  • AT27C1024-70JU: OTP Eprom 1 M (64K X 16) 5V -70NS (Memory)
  • 27C256-25: 27C256 Eprom 32K X 8 250NS 5V DIP-28 (Memory)
Category: Eprom
Terminal Strips

Terminal Strips 

Buy Terminal Strips Items Including
  • 38723-6502: .375 Inch Barrier Terminal Strip 2 Positions
  • BKT-139-05-L-V-A: 1MM Terminal Strip (Headers and PCB Receptacles)
  • TSM-107-01-L-DV-P: .100 Terminal Strip Assembly 475VAC 7 Amp through Hole Unshrouded Header 17.78MM 14 Contacts
  • SDTP002: 1 Terminal Strip Breadboard (Prototyping Systems)
  • SDTP003: 1 Terminal Strip 2 Dist Strips Breadboard (Prototyping Systems)
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Fifo Memory IC

Fifo Memory IC 

Buy Fifo Memory IC Items Including
  • 7202LA35TP: CMOS Asynchronous Fifo
  • 7200L25SO: Fifo Asynchronous Un-Idirectional 256 X 9 25NS 5VOLT Low Power SOIC28 (SO28-3)
  • 7201LA15SO: Fifo Asynchronous Uni-Directional 512 X 9 15NS 5VOLT Low Power SOIC28 (PE28)
  • 7201LA35J: Fifo Asynchronous Uni-Directional 512 X 9 35NS 5VOLT Low Power PLCC32 (J32-1)
  • 7201LA50P: Fifo Asynchronous Uni-Directional 512 X 9 50NS 5VOLT Low Power PDIP28 (P28-1)
Category: SRAM (SMD)
10A Bridge Rectifier

10A Bridge Rectifier 

Buy 10A Bridge Rectifier Items Including
  • GBJ1002-F: 10A 200V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • GBJ1006: High-Performace Eeprogrammable Logic Device 15NS C-Temp PDIP-20
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Digital Potentiometer I2C

Digital Potentiometer I2C 

Buy Digital Potentiometer I2C Items Including
  • AD5258BRMZ10: Analog 6 Bit I2C Eemem Digital Potentiometer
  • AD5161BRMZ50: 256 Position SPI/I2C Selectable Digital Potentiometer
  • AD5252BRUZ10: AD5252 Analog -Bit I2C Eemem Digital Potentiometer
  • AD5253BRUZ50: Quad 64 Position I2C Nonvolatile Memory Digital Potentiometer
  • AD5282BRUZ200: Digital Potentiometer Dual 8 Bit I2C DIG POT
Category: Digital Potentiometers
SPST Switches

SPST Switches 

Buy SPST Switches Items Including
  • ADG201HSJN: ADG201HS LC2MOS High Speed Quad SPST Switching
  • ADG201HSJP: ADG201HS LC2MOS High Speed Quad SPST Switching
  • ADG431ABR: LC2MOS Precision Quad SPST Switching
  • ADG431BRZ: HI Perf.Quad SPST Switch (Analog/Linear)
  • ADG221KRZ: Latched Quad SPST Switch (Analog/Linear)
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Blower Electronics

Blower Electronics 

Buy Blower Electronics Items Including
  • BFB1224HE: DC Blower Ball 24 Volt 0.34A 8.16 Watt 2300 RPM 27.19 CFM 51.5DB Flange Mount
  • BFB0405HHA-A: DC Blower Ball Bearing 5 Volt 0.16A 0.8 Watt 8500RPM 3CFM 34.5DB Flange Mount
  • BFB1012HH: DC Blower Ball Bearing 12 Volt 1.25A 15 Watt 4000RPM 34.28CFM 57DB Flange Mount
  • RBH9733B: 12 Volt DC 21.8 CFM 97X94X33 Mm Blower
Category: DC
Pin Standard

Pin Standard 

Buy Pin Standard Items Including
  • SOCK-RA-5: 5 Pin Standard DIN Right Angle PC Mount Female Socket
  • 78F02: Dpst Standard Slide-Raised DIP Switch 8 Pin, 2 Position
  • 76MRSB08: 8 Position 16 Pin Standard Flush Rocker DIP Switch
  • 206-8R: Standard Rocker-Raised DIP Switch
  • 76SB08ST: SPST Standard Rocker-Raised DIP Switch 16 Pin, 8 Position
Category: DIP
Plunger Switch SPDT

Plunger Switch SPDT 

Buy Plunger Switch SPDT Items Including
  • A101-WH: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPDT on-(On)
  • 39-261 RED: SPDT Pushbutton Switch PC Mount (Push Button)
  • 39-251 RED: Switch PB SPDT RED Button 0.25A 115V
  • A101-RD: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPDT on-(On)
  • 800-SP8-B7-M7-Q-E: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPDT (Push Button)
Category: Push Button
Molex Quick Disconnect

Molex Quick Disconnect 

Buy Molex Quick Disconnect Items Including
  • 19003-0001: Connector Terminals Fully Insulated Insulkrimp Female Quick Disconnect
  • 19005-0005: Fully Insulated Female Coupler Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16 AWG
  • 19003-0040: .250 Inch Connector Fully Insulated Insulkrimp Female Quick Disconnect
  • 19007-0021: .250 Inch Fully Pre-Insulated Quick Disconnect Flag Terminal 14-16 AWG
  • 19005-0001: 19005 Fully Insulated Female Coupler Quick Disconnect Terminal
Category: Terminals
Accelerometer Sensors

Accelerometer Sensors 

Buy Accelerometer Sensors Items Including
  • 28036: 4 Direction Tilt Sensor (Accelerometer)
  • CB-042: 3 Axis Accelerometer Module 3 Selectable Full Scales (Sensors)
  • 29140: Introduction to Sensors Kit Distance Detection
  • 28017: Memsic 2125 Dual-Axis Accelerometer (Preassembled Modules)
  • DFR0143: Triple Axis Accelerometer -MMA7361 Voltage:3.3-8V (Components)
Category: Accelerometer
Gang Connector

Gang Connector 

Buy Gang Connector Items Including
  • 102203-9: 12 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • 1-534206-0: 20 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector
  • 102203-1: Two Part Board Connector 4 Contact Male
  • 102203-3: 6 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • 102203-7: 10 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Male Female Adapter

Male Female Adapter 

Buy Male Female Adapter Items Including
  • 3285: BNC Cable Terminated Female-Male-Female
  • E237334-001: Dvi-a Male to VGA Female Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 901-125-11SF: SMA Cable Terminated Male-Female RF Right Angled Adapter
  • 31-208-RFX: BNC Female-Male-Female RF TEE Adapter Jack-Plug-Jack
  • 88741-8700: 88741 24-15 Contact Cable Mount Male-Female Rectangular Adapter
Category: RF Connectors

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