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Binary Up Counter   to   24V Power Supply

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Binary Up Counter

Binary Up Counter 

Buy Binary Up Counter Items Including
  • CD4520: Dual Binary UP Counter DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • 74HC4040D,652: 74HC4040 12 Stage Binary Ripple Counter
  • MC74HC4040ANG: 12 Stage Binary Ripple Counter (Logic)
  • CD4516: Binary Up/Down Counter DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • 74HC191D,652: HC Logic Sync Binary Up/Down Counter (74HC Series (SMD) )
Category: Counter Shift Register
30V Power Supply

30V Power Supply 

Buy 30V Power Supply Items Including
  • 382270: 335W Quad Output DC Power Supply
  • HY3003D-3: 195W Triple Output Benchtop Power Supply
  • HY3010E: 300W Single Output Benchtop Power Supply (Test & Measurement)
  • PS3003U: LAB Power Supply 0-30V / 0-3A Dual LCD Display
  • GP-4303D: 90W Single Output AC/DC Benchtop Power Supply
Category: Benchtop Power Supplies
Differential Amplifier IC

Differential Amplifier IC 

Buy Differential Amplifier IC Items Including
  • AD8350AR15: Low Distortion 1.0 GHZ Differential Amplifier
  • LT1993CUD-2: SP Amplifier 800MHZ Low Distortion
  • INA117P: SP Amp Differential Amplifier Single ±18V 8 Pin Pdip Tube
  • THS4502IDGN: Wideband Low-Distortion Fully Differential Amplifier
  • AD640JNZ: Logarithmic Amplifier IC (Analog/Linear)
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Banana Plug Panel

Banana Plug Panel 

Buy Banana Plug Panel Items Including
  • 6387-ST-T-0: 4MM Black Banana Jack Panel Mount
  • 6387-ST-T-2: 4MM Red Banana Jack Panel Mount
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
5A PNP Transistor

5A PNP Transistor 

Buy 5A PNP Transistor Items Including
  • TIP127TU: 5A 100V PNP Si Power Transistor
  • MJD127T4: PNP Darlington Silicon Power Transistor (Bipolar)
  • TIP127G: BIP T0220 PNP 8A 100V (Darlington)
  • TIP125G: BIP T0220 PNP 8A 60V < AZ (Darlington)
Category: Darlington
USB B Male Connector

USB B Male Connector 

Buy USB B Male Connector Items Including
  • 10U2-02215-BK: USB-a Male to USB-B Male 2.0 Cable (Assortments)
  • 10U2-02203-BK: USB-a Male to USB-B Male 2.0 Cable (Assortments)
  • 10U2-02206: USB-a Male to USB-B Male 2.0 Cable-Beige 6 Feet
  • 10U2-02210-BK: USB-a Male to USB-B Male 2.0 Cable-Black 10 Feet
  • 10U2-02206-C-R: USB-a Male to USB-B Male 2.0 Cable-Clear 6 Feet
Category: USB
Mini DIN 6 Pin

Mini DIN 6 Pin 

Buy Mini DIN 6 Pin Items Including
  • 10M2-01210: 10 Foot Long PS/2 6 Pin Mini DIN Mini-DIN Cable
  • KSB6B: 6 Foot PS/2 6 Pin Mini DIN Male-to-Male Cable
  • 10M2-01206: 6 Foot Long PS/2 6 Pin Mini DIN Mini-DIN Cable
  • 10M2-01106: 6 Foot Long PS/2 6 Pin Mini DIN Male-to-Male Cable
  • 84376-1: Mini-DIN Mount Female Socket (Circular)
Category: Cable Assembly
Free Hanging Connector

Free Hanging Connector 

Buy Free Hanging Connector Items Including
  • 206705-2: Circular Plastic Connector Standard SEX
  • LHT-04-TS: Wire to Board Header Lead Free (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 89485-8000: Connector Audio and Video Assembly Up_right USB Conn (Lead Free)
  • G1B235-R: Connector BNC Bulkhead
  • CH398-04: Connector Disk Drive Male Use PIN P/N 42730
Category: Commericial Plastic
Quick Connects

Quick Connects 

Buy Quick Connects Items Including
  • QC6630-R: QC 54VA Quick-Connect Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • QC-5126: QC 31.5VA Quick-Connect Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • ACT-2457: ACT 57.6VA Quick-Connect Power Transformer
  • 06DWCG5: Power Line Filter 50HZ/60HZ 6A 250VAC Quick Connect Flange Mount
  • 10DRCG5: Power Line Filter 2 Stage 50HZ/60HZ 10A 250VAC Quick Connect Flange Mount
Category: Power Transformers
Spring Clips

Spring Clips 

Buy Spring Clips Items Including
  • 6405/POM: Insulation Piercing Clips -2 Pack
  • GFM-501E: Fuse Holder PC Fuse Clip 5MM DIA Fuse Side Leads
  • 01070002H: 0107 ACS Fuse Clip 9/16 DIA (Circuit Protection)
  • 1A1907-03: 1A1907 Tron Fuse Clip (Circuit Protection)
  • 1A1907-06-R: 1A1907 Fuse Clip .25 Inch Tinned Plating Straight Leads Bk/ R
Category: Holders & Clips Fuses
Panel Mount Trimmers

Panel Mount Trimmers 

Buy Panel Mount Trimmers Items Including
  • 51AAD-B24-A15L: Resistor Cermet POT 10K Ohm 10% 1W 1 (Elec) /1 (Mech) Turn 6.35MM (27.94 X 12.5 X 13.25MM) Pin Panel Mount/through Hole
  • 89B: Panel Mount Adapter for 3/4 Inch Rectangular Potentiometers
  • 3590S-2-502L: 3590 Potentiometer 5K Ohm 2 Watt 5% Tolerance Panl Mount
  • RV4NAYSD105A: Potentiometer 53C31MEG 1MEG Ohm 2 Watt 10%
  • RV4NAYSD203A: Potentiometer 53C320K 20K Ohm 2 Watt 10%
Category: Potentiometers
Dual Lock

Dual Lock 

Buy Dual Lock Items Including
  • ADF4216BRUZ: Phase Lock Loop Frequency Synthesizer Dual 20 Pin Tssop 5GHZ IC
  • 5V9955BFGI: Programmable Phase Lock Loop Clock Driver Dual 96 Pin Cabga Tray
  • 5V9955BFI: Programmable Phase Lock Loop Clock Driver Dual 96 Pin Fbga Tray
  • 9161A-01CW16LF: Video/Graphics Clock Generator
  • 932S208DFLF: PLL IC, (Analog/Linear)
Category: PLLs
Honeywell Air Flow Sensor

Honeywell Air Flow Sensor 

Buy Honeywell Air Flow Sensor Items Including
  • AWM2100VH: Microstructure Sensor (Air Flow)
  • AWM2100V: Flow Sensor Specialty Analog Circuit
  • D6FP0010A1: Flow Sensor Mass Air ±5% 3 Pin (Omron)
  • AWM92100V: Air Flow Sensors
  • AWM3300V: Microstructure Sensor (Air Flow)
Category: Air Flow
Otp Memory

Otp Memory 

Buy Otp Memory Items Including
  • M27W101-80K6TR: Eprom OTP 1M-Bit 128K X 8 80NS 32 Pin Plcc T/R (Prom/OTP)
  • AT27C256R-45PU: AT27C256R 256K (32K X 8) OTP Eprom (Memory)
  • AT27C512R-70PU: AT27C512R 512K (64K X 8) OTP Eprom (Memory)
  • AT27C010-70PU: AT27C010 1 Megabit (128K X 8) OTP Eprom
  • N7E50-7516PG-20: 16 Bit Microcontrollers OTP ASC SSC 2 KB (Memory Card)
Category: Eprom
Amphenol Circular Connectors

Amphenol Circular Connectors 

Buy Amphenol Circular Connectors Items Including
  • 97-45-1622S-4(920): Silver Circular Socket Series: 97
  • 97-45-1622P-4(920): Circular Metal Connector without Back Shell Angle: Straight
  • 97-3102A-22(0850): Circular Metal Connector without Back Shell Angle: Straight
  • 97-422-14P: Size 22 Insert Connector for 19 #16 Pins Length: 6 Ft
Category: Circular
ICs Semiconductor

ICs Semiconductor 

Buy ICs Semiconductor Items Including
  • MAX7219CNG: Serially Interfaced 8 Digit LED Display Driver IC
  • GB120: Grab Bags PGA Simm SIP and Semiconductor Sockets
  • GB120LB: Grab Bags PGA Simm SIP and Semiconductor Sockets
  • TDA8007BHL/C3,118: Double Multiprotocol IC Card Interface 48 Pin Lqfp T/R
  • LM311M/NOPB: 8 Pin SOIC Comparator IC (Analog/Linear)
Category: Assortments
Temperature Transducers

Temperature Transducers 

Buy Temperature Transducers Items Including
  • AD590LH/883B: Temperature Transducer IC (Sensors)
  • TMP17FS: Low Cost Current Output Temperature Transducer
  • AD590KH/883B: AD590 Temperature Transducer IC (Analog/Linear)
  • AD590JF/883B: Temp Sensor Temperature Transducer IC
Category: Temperature
Line Encoder

Line Encoder 

Buy Line Encoder Items Including
  • SN74LS148N: 8-3 Line Encoder (74LS Series)
  • SN74HC148N: Encoder 8 to-3 Priority CMOS 16 Pin Plastic DIP Tube DER
  • CD74HC147E: High Speed CMOS Logic 10 to 4 Line Priority Encoder
  • SN74HC148D: 8 to-3 Line Priority Encoder (Logic)
  • 74LS148: LS 8 to 3 Priority Encoder DIP-16 (74LS Series)
Category: Encoder
Single Ended Bus Transceiver

Single Ended Bus Transceiver 

Buy Single Ended Bus Transceiver Items Including
  • SN75160BDW: Octal General-Purpose Interface Bus Transceiver
  • SN75ALS160DW: Octal GP Bus Transceiver/Linear Interfa
  • LTC2845IUHF: 5 Line Transceiver PQCC38
  • LTC2846IGPBF: Multiprotocol Transceiver 3TR 3 Transceiver 3 Receiver 36 Pin Ssop
  • LTC2847CUHF: Triple Line Transceiver PQCC38
Category: Transceivers
Grayhill Rotary Switch

Grayhill Rotary Switch 

Buy Grayhill Rotary Switch Items Including
  • 94HBB10WT: Standard BCD Rotary Switch (DIP)
  • 94HAB16T: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
  • 94HBB16T: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
  • 94HAB08T: 94H DIP Switch 8 Position 0.03 Amp @30 Volt Flush Screwdriver
  • 94HAB16RAT: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
Category: DIP
SMD Clip

SMD Clip 

Buy SMD Clip Items Including
  • 72906-0: Mini SMD Grabber Test Clips
  • 6235: 48 Inch SMD Test Probes
  • 72902: Micro SMD Grabber Test Clip and Holding Rod Kit
  • 70AAJ-4-F0G: Modular Contact SMD FE (Holders & Clips)
  • 0154002.DR: Fuse Accessories Smf Omni-Blok VFA Fuse/Hldr 2A
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
PCB Screws

PCB Screws 

Buy PCB Screws Items Including
  • DG23B1LA: Switch Snap Single Pole Double Throw 50MA
  • DG23B2LA: Switch Snap Single Pole Double Throw 50MA
  • DG23B1AA: Switch Snap Single Pole Double Throw 50MA
  • DG23B3RA: Switch Snap Single Pole Double Throw 50MA
Category: Snap
Dual AC/DC Power Supply

Dual AC/DC Power Supply 

Buy Dual AC/DC Power Supply Items Including
  • HAA15-0.8-AG: AC/DC Power Supply Dual-Output 15V/-15V 0.8A/0.8A Case AA
  • RD-125-2412: RD-125 125W Dual Output Switching Power Supply
  • RS-35-3.3: 35 Watt Enclosed Switching AC-to-DC Power Supply RS-35 & RD-35 Series: Single & Dual Output
  • NED-75B: 75W Dual Output Switching Power Supply
  • RD-125-2448: RD-125 125W Dual Output Switching Power Supply
Category: Enclosed-Multiple Output
10A Connector

10A Connector 

Buy 10A Connector Items Including
  • 3505-31: 3505 Eject Latc/Long/Snap-in/ (Clk GPP SMA 1.0A 200V Rohs 5K
  • 3505-34: 3505 Retainer Clip for SMT CF Card GPP SMA 1.0A 50V Rohs 5K
  • 3505-8014: Short Retainer Clip (2514 Loprof GPP SMA 1.0A 100V Rohs 5K
  • 3505-8040: Short Retainer Clip (2540 Loprof GPP DO-41 1.0A 50V Rohs 5K
  • 71600-010LF: 2500 10 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector IDC Receptacle
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Banana Binding Post

Banana Binding Post 

Buy Banana Binding Post Items Including
  • GBRR2-R: Dual Banana Binding Post Screw Mount
  • 3760-5: 3760 Banana Connector Binding Post
  • STD BIND POST D/BNC-R: Male BNC-to-Double Banana Binding Posts
  • GB1BN2: Female BNC-to-Double Banana Binding Posts
  • 3760-4: Standard Tin-Plated Binding Post
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Hand Crimpers

Hand Crimpers 

Buy Hand Crimpers Items Including
  • W-HT-1921: Hand Crimp Tool & Wire Cutter/Wire Stripper/Bolt Cutter
  • HT-225D-R: Tool Hand Crimp Tool HT-225D Multi-Series Contacts
  • 63811-1000: Crimpers Application Tooling Hand Crimp Tool for Mini-Fit Jr
  • GRK-42N: Wire Crimper/Stripper/Cutter (Stripper Hand Tools)
  • 354940-1: 354940 Pro-Crimper III Frame with O Dies
Category: Crimper Hand Tools
Pwm Controller

Pwm Controller 

Buy Pwm Controller Items Including
  • UC2843AD8: UC2843A Current Mode PWM Controller
  • LT1950EGNPBF: 0.18A Switching Controller
  • LTC1698ISPBF: Isolated Secondary Synchronous Rectifier Switching Controller
  • LTC3722EGN-1PBF: Synchronous Dual Mode Phase Modulated Full Bridge Switching Controller
  • UCC28C45D: 1A Switching Controller (Pwm)
Category: PWM
Spi Devices

Spi Devices 

Buy Spi Devices Items Including
  • AD5162BRMZ100-RL7: Digital Potentiometer Dual 8 Bit SPI Digipot
  • AD5262BRU200: Digital Potentiometer Dual 8 Bit SPI DIG POT
  • AD5161BRMZ100: Digital Potentiometer 8 Bit SPI/I2C Digipot
  • AD5161BRMZ50: 256 Position SPI/I2C Selectable Digital Potentiometer
  • AD5162BRMZ10: AD5162 Dual 256 Position SPI Digital Potentiometer
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Numeric Display

Numeric Display 

Buy Numeric Display Items Including
  • HDSP-A103: 7 SEG Numeric Display RED 7.6 Mm (7 Segment)
  • HDSP-H101: 7 SEG Numeric Display RED 14.2 Mm (7 Segment)
  • 5082-7610: 7 SEG Numeric Display High Efficiency RED
  • HDSP-3903: 7 SEG Numeric Display High Efficiency RED
  • HDSP-7503: 7 SEG Numeric Display High Efficiency RED
Category: 7 Segment
24V Power Supply

24V Power Supply 

Buy 24V Power Supply Items Including
  • LPS65: Power Supply 24V Output 60W 3 X 5 (Open Frame)
  • MAP55-1024: AC/DC Power Supply Single-Output 24V/28V 2.5A/2.2A 55W 11 Pin
  • EA1050B240: 3 Wire AC Input Regulated AC-to-DC Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • EA1050B-240-1: 3 Wire AC Input Regulated AC-to-DC Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • USP-350-24: Power Supply U Bracket Type with PFC 350 Watt 24V 14.6A
Category: Open Frame

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