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Resistor 5 Ohm   to   Square Push Button Switches

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Resistor 5 Ohm

Resistor 5 Ohm 

Buy Resistor 5 Ohm Items Including
  • CF1/4W101JRC: 100 Ohm 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%)
  • CF1/4W472JRC: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%) Rohs
  • CF1/4W222JRC: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%) Rohs
  • CF1/4W105JRC: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%) Rohs
  • CF1/4W473JRC: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%) Rohs
Category: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film
Compass Module

Compass Module 

Buy Compass Module Items Including
  • COMPASS MODULE: Compass Module Homebrew Virtual Reality & Gaming Systems
  • 29133: Compass Module 3 Axis HMC5883L Measures Earth's Magnetic Fields
Category: Preassembled Modules
Fuse Holder Pin

Fuse Holder Pin 

Buy Fuse Holder Pin Items Including
  • 03453LF1HX020: 345 International Shock-Safe Fuse Holder Knob
  • 01530009Z: 153 Fuse Holder Vertical Mount (Circuit Protection)
  • 57000000001: 570 Fuse Holders 2 Pin Bulk (Circuit Protection)
  • 81600000005: 816 Fuse Holders 2 Pin Bulk (Circuit Protection)
  • 56000001009: 560 Fuse Holders 250 Volt 6.3A through Hole Solder PIN 4.3MM
Category: Holders & Clips Fuses


Buy PLL SOIC Items Including
  • CY2308SXC-1H: 2309 Series PLL Based Clock Driver 8 True Output 0 Inverted Output
  • CY23EP05SXI-1: 23EP Series PLL Based Clock Driver 4 True Output 0 Inverted Output
  • CDCVF2505D: 2505 Series PLL Based Clock Driver
  • 502MLF: PLL Clockmultiplier IC
  • 512MLF: PLL Clockmultiplier IC
Category: PLLs
Resistor 33 Ohm

Resistor 33 Ohm 

Buy Resistor 33 Ohm Items Including
  • CF1/4W330JRC: Resistor 1/4 Watt 5% Carbon Film 33 Ohm
  • CR0603-JW-330ELF: CR0603 Resistor 0.1W 5 % 200 Ppm 33 Ohm Surface Mount 0604
  • RK73B1ELTP330J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.063W 5 % 200 Ppm 33 Ohm
  • RK73B1HTTB330J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.05W 5 % 200 Ppm 33 Ohm
  • RK73B2ETTD330J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.5W 5 % 200 Ppm 33 Ohm
Category: Thick Film (SMD)
Momentary Switches

Momentary Switches 

Buy Momentary Switches Items Including
  • MSP105F: SPDT Push Button Momentary Switch
  • 112-R13-502MA-B/B: Switch Push Button Single Pole Single Throw off Momentary (on) 1 Amp 125 Volt
  • M2B15AA5G13-FA: Switch Push Button Single Pole Double Throw MOM.282 Long PLUNGER.250 Double Flattedg
  • LB15RKW01-5C24-JC: Switch LB Series Illuminated Pushbutton (Push Button)
  • KP0115ANAKG03CF-1SJB: Switch Push Button Single Pole Single Throw ( SPST ) off Momentary (on) Red/Green Illuminated
Category: Push Button
Circuit Strip

Circuit Strip 

Buy Circuit Strip Items Including
  • 38770-0112: 38770 Barrier Strip Terminal Block 2 Rows 1 Deck 12 Circuit
  • 09-62-3091: KK ® PC Board Connector Right Angle Gold (Au) Selective 9 Circuits
  • 09-48-3084: KK ® PC Board Connector Bottom Entry Gold (Au) Selective 8 Circuits
  • 38770-0108: 38770 Barrier Strip Terminal Block 2 Rows 1 Deck 8 Circuit
  • 63824-1: 63824 Faston Printed Circuit Board Tabs
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Plastic Film

Plastic Film 

Buy Plastic Film Items Including
  • ECQ-E2124KF: Ecqe MET Polyester Film CAP R (Capacitors)
  • B32321-B4156-K030: UL Capacitor Metallized Film Polypropylene 15 uf Stud Mount
  • ECQ-E1564KF: Ecqe MET Polyester Film CAP R (Capacitors)
  • ECH-U1C272GX5: Echu SMD Stack MET PPS Film (Capacitors)
  • ECH-U1H123GX5: Echu SMD Stack MET PPS Film (Capacitors)
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Clear LED

Clear LED 

Buy Clear LED Items Including
  • LHRF3333S/S46-PF-B01: T1 3/4 Red Water Clear LED 5000MCD Size: T1-3/4
  • MCD-10003URC: 10MM Super Red Water Clear LED
  • MCD-10003UEC: 10MM Super Orange Water Clear LED
  • MCD-10003UYC: 10MM Super Yellow Water Clear LED
  • MCD-10003BC: 10MM Super Blue Water Clear LED
Category: Medium Output LEDs
Programmable Timer IC

Programmable Timer IC 

Buy Programmable Timer IC Items Including
  • CD4541BE: Logic 14 Lead Pdip (Timers)
  • AD2S99APZ: Analog Programmable Oscillator (Timers (SMD) )
  • 8253-5: Programmable Interval Timer 2MHZ DIP-24 (Timing Solutions)
  • 82C54: Programmable Interval Timer 8MHZ DIP-24 (Timing Solutions)
  • 8254-2: Programmable Interval Timer 10MHZ DIP-24 (Timing Solutions)
Category: Timers
BNC Tools

BNC Tools 

Buy BNC Tools Items Including
  • DL-806A: Crimp Hex Tool 1.7MM RG-58-59 BNC-Tnc Up to 3/8 Inch Ferrule
  • CBB-069-R: 7 Inch BNC Female-to-Pigtail (Test & Measurement)
  • 3957: BNC Male to Multi-Stacking Banana Plugs
  • 3788: BNC Female to Minigrabber Test Clip Breakout
  • 2249-Y-24: 24 Inch BNC to BNC Cable Assembly
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Volume Control IC

Volume Control IC 

Buy Volume Control IC Items Including
  • PGA2320IDW: Volume Control Circuit 2 Channel ±15V PDSO16
  • PGA2311PA: 2 Channel Volume Control Circuit PDIP16
  • SSM2164S: 4 Channel Volume Control Circuit PDSO16
Category: Audio and Video
Transistor Switch IC

Transistor Switch IC 

Buy Transistor Switch IC Items Including
  • 1N4448.: Diode Small Signal Switching 100V 0.3A 2 Pin DO-35 Bulk
  • STTH806TTI: Diode Switching 600V 8A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB Tube (Transistors)
  • S1G: Diode Switching 400V 1A 2 Pin SMA T/R
  • S3A: Diode Switching 50V 3A 2 Pin DO-214AB T/R
  • ES1D-E3/61T: Diode Switching 200V 1A 2 Pin SMA T/R
Category: Switching
Precision Screwdriver Set

Precision Screwdriver Set 

Buy Precision Screwdriver Set Items Including
  • GSD-407-IN: 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • GSD-408: 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • VTSET1: 6 PC Precision Screwdriver SET (Flat/Ph) (Tools)
  • GSD-415-R: 11 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • GTK-177: 6 Piece Precision 50MM Torx Screwdriver Set (Tools)
Category: Screwdriver Hand Tools


Buy SMD LEDs Items Including
  • 5973401507F: Opto SMD LED 1208 Y 7 Inch Reel
  • 5977701202F: SMD LED Plcc R/G Sample Strip
  • 5973301502F: SMD LED 1208 G Sample Strip
  • BR1101W-TR: Standard Output 1206 SMD LED Red
  • BR1111C-TR: Standard Output 0603 SMD LED Red
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Automotive Fuse Types

Automotive Fuse Types 

Buy Automotive Fuse Types Items Including
  • GOLDSUN GFS5225: 1A Medium Time Delay Fuse Type : Ferrule (Circuit Protection)
  • APR-20A: APR 20 AMP Automotive Blade Fuse Rating: 20A (Circuit Protection)
  • BK/ATM-4: 4 AMP 32 Volt Fast Acting Automotive Blade Fuse
  • 0313004.HXP: 3AB Type Slow Blow Glass Fuses 313 Series 250V
  • 0312010.HXP: 3AG Type Fast Acting Glass Fuses 312 Series 250V
Category: Fuses
Standard Connectors

Standard Connectors 

Buy Standard Connectors Items Including
  • UG-260/U: BNC Coaxial Plug Connector for RG59/62 Cable
  • 206070-1: CPC Connector Standard Cable Clamp
  • 643813-9: Connector Assembly 22 AWG Standard
  • 4-640441-2: 643813 MTA-100 Connector Assembly 24 AWG
  • 1-103169-0: 103169 Standard Profile Header-Shrouded
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Op Amp Circuits

Op Amp Circuits 

Buy Op Amp Circuits Items Including
  • LM324AMX/NOPB: OP Amp Dual Processor Supervisory Circuit
  • AD812AN: OP Amp Specialty Interface Circuit PDSO10
  • ISBN 0945053290: Timer Op Amp & Optoelectronic Circuits & Projects by Forrest Mims III
  • LTC1541IS8PBF: Amplifiers Misc Micropower OP AMP
  • LTC1541CMS8: Gull Wing Micropower OP AMP
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Thermocouple Interface IC

Thermocouple Interface IC 

Buy Thermocouple Interface IC Items Including
  • LT1025CS8PBF: LT1025 LT1025CS8#PBF T.C Cold JUN
  • LT1025ACN8PBF: LT1025 LT1025ACN8#PBF T.C Cold JU
  • LT1025CN8: Specialty Analog Circuit PDIP8
Category: More Products
DIN 8 Connector

DIN 8 Connector 

Buy DIN 8 Connector Items Including
  • K319-R: Socket STD DIN Female 8PIN Panel Mount
  • DN-508E-6A-L: DJ Socket Mini DIN Female 6PIN RA PCB Mount
  • 1658998-1: Connector Assembly 8 Mini-DIN RTA
  • 5211511-1: 211511 8 Circ DIN Recepticle Grnd Clip
  • 5750338-1: 5750338 8 POS Mini-DIN VRT Shld Conn
Category: Circular
Fiber Optical Receiver

Fiber Optical Receiver 

Buy Fiber Optical Receiver Items Including
  • OPF2412T: Fiber Optic Receiver 5MBPS through Hole Mount
  • HFBR-2119T: Fiber Optic Receiver Data Link for 266 Megabaud
  • HFBR-2416MZ: Fiber Optic Receiver through Hole Mount
  • HFBR-2602: Fiber Optic Receiver (Discrete)
  • HFBR-2416: Low Cost Miniature Fiber Optic Component
Category: Discrete
Tone Decoder IC

Tone Decoder IC 

Buy Tone Decoder IC Items Including
  • RC2211N: Communication Misc FSK Demodulator/Tone Decoder 14 Pin Cdip (More Products)
  • LM567CN/NOPB: Dtmf Transceiver Tone Decoder P LL
  • LM567CN: Linear Tone Detector DIP-8 (Analog/Linear)
Category: More Products
Amp Crimp Connectors

Amp Crimp Connectors 

Buy Amp Crimp Connectors Items Including
  • 5051426-2: Cable Terminated Male SHV Connector
  • 1-225554-1: Cable Terminated Male TNC Connector
  • 1050611-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
  • 1060891-1: Cable Terminated Male MCX Connector
  • 225974-1: 225974 Plug RT Angle Dual Crimp BNC
Category: RF Connectors
Igbt Component

Igbt Component 

Buy Igbt Component Items Including
  • HCPL-3120: 2.5 AMP Output Current Igbt Gate Drive Optocoupler
  • HCPL-3120-300: 2.0 AMP Output Current Igbt Gate Drive Optocoupler
  • C2225C105K5RAC TU: High Voltage High Speed Power Mosfet and Igbt Driver SOIC-8 (Capacitors)
Category: Optocouplers
Thyristor Circuits

Thyristor Circuits 

Buy Thyristor Circuits Items Including
  • TISP61089BDR-S: Thyristor Telecom Surge Protection Circuit PDSO8
  • TISP4180H3LMFRS: Bidirectional Thyristor Overvoltage Protector -145V 32A
  • TISP4180M3LM-S: Bi-Directional Thyristor Overvoltage Protector (Circuit Protection)
  • TISP4015L1BJR-S: 15V 22A Silicon Surge Protector DO-214AA (Circuit Protection)
  • TISP4290M3AJR-S: 290V 24A Silicon Surge Protector DO-214AC (Circuit Protection)
Category: Transient Surge Absorbers
10A Schottky Diode

10A Schottky Diode 

Buy 10A Schottky Diode Items Including
  • 1N5817: Diode 1.0A Schottky Barrier Rectifier
  • 1N5819.: Diode 1N5819 1.0A Schottky Barrier Rectifier DO-204AL
  • 1N5818: Diode 1.0A Schottky Barrier Rectifier DO-204AL
  • SK16-13-F: F Schottky Rectifier S
  • B120-13-F: F Schottky Rectifier S
Category: Schottky Diodes
Optical Flag Switch

Optical Flag Switch 

Buy Optical Flag Switch Items Including
  • OPB690Z: Slotted Optical Flag Switch (Opto Components)
  • OPB696AZ: Photointerrupter Photologic Optical Flag Switch
  • TCST1103: Interrupt Std / no Flags 0.5MM Aperture -Plastic
Category: Optical Switches
Trimmer 100K

Trimmer 100K 

Buy Trimmer 100K Items Including
  • 3006P-1-104LF: Resistor Cermet Trimmer 100K Ohm 10% 0.75W (3/4W) 15 (Elec) Turn 2.36MM (20.57 X 4.83 X 6.35MM) Pin Thru-Hole Tube
  • 3386P-1-104TLF: Resistor Cermet Trimmer 100K Ohm 10% 1/2W 1 (Elec) /1 (Mech) Turn 8.38MM (9.53 X 9.53 X 10.41MM) Pin Thru-Hole Tube
  • 3296Z-1-104LF: 3296 Resistor Trimmer Cermet 25 Turn 0.5W 100000 Ohm
  • 3214J-1-104E: 3214 Resistor Trimmer Cermet 5 Turn 0.25W 100000 Ohm
  • 3296X-1-104LF: 3296 Resistor Trimmer Cermet 25 Turn 0.5W 100000 Ohm
Category: Trimmers
Cornell Dubilier

Cornell Dubilier 

Buy Cornell Dubilier Items Including
  • CD15ED300JO3: 30pf 500V Standard Dipped Silver Mica Capacitor
  • CD15FD151JO3: CDE Mica Capacitors 150pf 500VJ
  • CD15FD201JO3: 200pf 500V Standard Dipped Silver Mica Capacitor
  • 168103J100A-F: Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 100V 0.01 uf
  • 158X474: Cap Film Radial Lead .47uf, 20% (Capacitors)
Category: Dipped Silver Mica
Square Push Button Switches

Square Push Button Switches 

Buy Square Push Button Switches Items Including
  • AML21CBA2AC: Unsealed Oi-Pb Switch (Push Button)
  • AML21BBA2AC: Electronic Control Pushbutton Switch DP4T
  • R13-23A-R: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPST OFF-(ON)
  • AML21CBE2AC: Unsealed Oi-Pb Switch (Push Button)
  • AML21CBA3AC: Unsealed Oi-Pb Switch (Push Button)
Category: Push Button

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