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Relay Photomos

Relay Photomos 

Buy Relay Photomos Items Including
  • AQV251A: Relay Photomos (Solid State)
  • AQZ207: Relay Photomos (Solid State)
  • AQV252: Relay Photomos (Solid State)
  • AQZ202: Relay Photomos (Solid State)
  • AQV212A: Relay Photomos (SMT) (Solid State)
Category: Solid State
Buck Converter IC

Buck Converter IC 

Buy Buck Converter IC Items Including
  • MMBT3906-7: GP BJT Low Input Voltage 6A Synch Buck Converter with Adj Output
  • SMBJ18A-13-F: C Bend Low Input Voltage 3A Synch Buck Converter with 3.3V Outpu
  • LTC3440EDD: Micropower Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • LM2696MXA/NOPB: LM2696 3A COT Buck Switching REG (Analog/Linear)
  • LM2852XMXA-1.2/NOPB: LM2852XMXA-1.2 2A 500K HZ Simple Sync Buck REG
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Cable Sizes

Cable Sizes 

Buy Cable Sizes Items Including
  • 206062-1: 206062 Connector CPC Clamp Size 11
  • 206138-8: Clamp CBL Shell Size 23
  • 745173-2: 5745173 Conn Dsub Cable Clamp KIT SZ 3
  • 745173-5: 5745173 Cable Clamp KIT SZ 3
  • 745174-4: 5745174 Cable Clamp KIT SZ 4 .425
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Green Red LED

Green Red LED 

Buy Green Red LED Items Including
  • LTL-30EFJ: Standard-Output LED -Green/Red
  • LTL-30EHJ-002: LTL-30EHJ Standard-Output LED -Green/Red
  • BRPG1204W-TR: Standard Output Bi-Color 1210 SMD LED Green/Red
  • BRPG1201W-TR: LED Bi-Color Green Red 4 Pin 560NM/660NM Surface Mount 2.5V@30MA
  • 5513508F: 551-3508 LED Bi-Color Green/Red 560NM/630NM 3 Pin Bulk
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Panel Mount Connectors

Panel Mount Connectors 

Buy Panel Mount Connectors Items Including
  • 1057343-1: 1057343 Panel Mount Connector Female
  • 31-221: Connector BNC Receptacle 0HZ to 4GHZ 50 Ohm Solder Cup Straight Panel Mount Silver
  • 1052552-1: Panel Mount Cable Terminated Female
  • 31-8358-1: RF SMB Connector Straight Panel Mount with Solder Tabs
  • 731375003: Panel Mount Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder Receptacle
Category: RF Connectors
AC Power Connectors

AC Power Connectors 

Buy AC Power Connectors Items Including
  • G1W106-R: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Screw Flanged
  • 1EGG1-2: Filtered Power Entry Module
  • 01GEEG3E (1ED1): Straight EMI Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 05DRDG3S(5ER7): DR EMI Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Logic Level Mosfets

Logic Level Mosfets 

Buy Logic Level Mosfets Items Including
  • FDC5614P: 60V P-Channel Logic Level Powertrench Mosfet
  • FDC655BN.: Single N-Channel Logic Level
  • NTD25P03LG: -25 AMP -30 Volt Logic Level P-Channel Dpak Power Mosfet
  • RFD14N05L: 14A 50V 0.100 Ohm Logic Level
  • NDS355N: N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor
Category: Mosfets
Universal Active Filter

Universal Active Filter 

Buy Universal Active Filter Items Including
  • LTC1562AIGPBF: Very Low Noise Low Distortion Active RC Quad Universal Time Filter
  • MF10CCN: Active Filter Dual Switched Capacitor Filter Universal Volt 4TH Order 30KHZ 20 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LTC1562IG: Very Low Noise Low Distortion Active RC Quad Universal Time Filter
  • LTC1060CNPBF: Dual Switched Capacitor Filter
  • LTC1067CSPBF: Rail-to-Rail Very Low Noise Universal Dual Switched Capacitor Filter Building Block
Category: Filters
Embedded Web Server

Embedded Web Server 

Buy Embedded Web Server Items Including
  • WIZ200WEB: Embedded Web Server Module with ATMEGA128 & W5300
  • WIZ200WEB-EVB: Embedded Web Server Evaluation Board
Category: Networking
Cpc Cable

Cpc Cable 

Buy Cpc Cable Items Including
  • 213904-1: CPC Cable Clamp KIT STD SZ 17
  • 206138-2: 206138 Cable Clamp Assembly Bulk Packed
  • 1-206062-4: 206062 Cable Clamp KIT #11 (Circular)
  • 206038-2: CPC Recepticle Assembly Size 17-28
  • 213889-2: 213889 CPC Recepticle Sealed Size 17-3
Category: Circular
Potter Brumfield Relays

Potter Brumfield Relays 

Buy Potter Brumfield Relays Items Including
  • K10P-11A15-120: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • T9AS1D12-5: Relay Power P&B Single Pull Single Throw
  • KRPA-11DG-12: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • K10P-11D15-12: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • PRD-7AG0-120: PRD General Purpose Power Relay
Category: General Purpose
Logic Selector

Logic Selector 

Buy Logic Selector Items Including
  • 74LS153: LS Dual 4 to 1 Selector/Multiplexer DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • 74153: 741513 Dual 4 to 1 Data Selector/Multiplexer DIP-16 (74 Series)
  • SN74LS257BN: Quadruple 2 Line to 1 Line Data Selectors/Multiplexer
  • 74LS157: LS Quad 2 to 1 Data Selector DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • 74157: Quad 2 to 1 Data Selector DIP-16 (74 Series)
Category: 74LS Series
Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits 

Buy Integrated Circuits Items Including
  • GB171: 50 Piece Integrated Circuits Grab Bag (UARTs)
  • TPS2384PAP: Quad Integrated Power Sourcing Equipment Power Manager
Category: UARTs
AC Axial Fan

AC Axial Fan 

Buy AC Axial Fan Items Including
  • UF80A11BWH-R: 120V AC Tubeaxial Fan Ball Bearing
  • UF15PC11BTH: 120V AC Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Ball
  • RAH1225B1-T: 68 CFM 230V AC Tube Axial Fan
  • AK1752HB-LF(AT): AC Tubeaxial Fan 6.75 Inch (170MM) Size:172 X 150 X 51 Mm
  • SF11580A-1083HBL: 120V AC Tubeaxial Fan Ball Bearing
Category: AC Tube Axial Fans
22uf Capacitor

22uf Capacitor 

Buy 22uf Capacitor Items Including
  • TAP226K016SCS-VP: TAP Capacitor Tantalum Radial 22uf 16VDC 10%
  • 12101C224KAT2A: Capacitor 1210 X7R .22uf 10% 100V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 0805ZG225ZAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0805 Y5V 2.2uf +80/-20% 10V Unmarked 7IN T/R
  • TAP226K035CCS: TAP Capacitor Radial 22uf 35V 10% .2LS Formed Bulk (Tantalum)
  • TPSB226M010R0700: TPS Capacitor Low ESR 22uf 10V 20% B Case 700 Mohm 7IN RL
Category: Tantalum
22uf Ceramic Capacitor

22uf Ceramic Capacitor 

Buy 22uf Ceramic Capacitor Items Including
  • GRM21BR60J226ME39L: Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • GRM31CR60J226KE19B: Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • GRM188R60J225ME01D: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Mlcc Surface Mount 0603 2.2uf 6.3 Volts X5R 20%
  • GRM21BR60J225KA01L: Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • GRM316R61E225KA12D: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Mlcc Surface Mount 1206 2.2uf 25 Volts X5R 10%
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
DIN 41612 Connectors

DIN 41612 Connectors 

Buy DIN 41612 Connectors Items Including
  • 5650461-4: Connector DIN 41612 RCP 96 Position 2.54MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole
  • 5536053-5: Connector DIN 41612 RCP 32 Position 2.54MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole Tray
  • 2-164045-4: Connector DIN 41612 Male 48 Position 5.08MM Solder Right Angle through Hole
  • 004778: DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 Connectors Type E 160 Male
  • 5650473-5: Connector DIN 41612 PIN 96 Position 2.54MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Banana to Banana Test Leads

Banana to Banana Test Leads 

Buy Banana to Banana Test Leads Items Including
  • GCA340-R: Double Banana-to-Alligator Clip (Test & Measurement)
  • GF19-R: Shrouded Banana-to-Test Leads (Test & Measurement)
  • 3957: BNC Male to Multi-Stacking Banana Plugs
  • 3782-36-02JVP: Minigrabber to Stackable Banana Test Leads
  • 3782-36-02: Minigrabber-to-Stackable Banana Test Lead Set
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
USB Cables

USB Cables 

Buy USB Cables Items Including
  • PK-507-803WH: 8 Pin to USB Cable for Apple Devices
  • PK-507-303WH: 30 Pin to USB Cable for Apple Devices
  • PWUSB002: 4 in-1 USB Cable (Type-a Micro-B (Apple/Mac)
  • 88728-3400: 4 Contacts Male USB Cable
  • M704-13: USB-a Male to USB-a Male 2.0 Cable (USB)
Category: USB
Buffer Op Amp

Buffer Op Amp 

Buy Buffer Op Amp Items Including
  • LMH6559MA/NOPB: LMH6559 OP Amp Single GP 10V 8 Pin SOIC N Rail
  • LH0002CN: OP Amp Interface General Purpose Buffer DIP-10 (Amplifiers)
  • LM13700N: OP Amp Dual Transconductance ±18 Volt 36 Volt 16 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LT1010CTPBF: OP Amp Buffer Amplifier PZFM5
  • AD8075ARU: OP Amp Triple Buffer Amplifier PDSO16
Category: Amplifiers
Power Choke Inductor

Power Choke Inductor 

Buy Power Choke Inductor Items Including
  • ELL-6RH6R2M: Inductor Power Choke Shielded Wirewound 6.2UH 20% 100KHZ 1.4A Embossed Carrier T/R
  • ELL-6SH561M: Inductor Power Choke Shielded Wirewound 560UH 20% 100KHZ 260MA Embossed Carrier T/R
  • ELL-6SH5R6M: Inductor Power Choke Shielded Wirewound 5.6UH 20% 100KHZ 1.8A Embossed Carrier T/R
  • ELL-6UH100M: Power Choke Shielded Wirewound 10UH 20% 100KHZ 1.8A 63MOHM DCR Embossed Carrier T/R
  • ETQ-P6F102HFA: Inductor Power Choke Molded Wirewound 10.2UH 25% 100KHZ 6.5A T/R
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
SMD Tape Connectors

SMD Tape Connectors 

Buy SMD Tape Connectors Items Including
  • 2007009-2: Connector Board to Board RCP 84 Position 1MM Solder Straight SMD Tape Mounted on Reel
  • 8452-21B1-RK-TR: Connector Plcc Socket SKT 52 Position 1.27MM Solder Straight SMD Tape and Reel
  • 436500214: 2 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Surface Mount
  • 430450420: 103168 4 Contact Male Power Connector Surface Mount
  • 908-22101T: Board Terminated Female Mmcx Connector Surface Mount Jack
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Push Button Contact Switch

Push Button Contact Switch 

Buy Push Button Contact Switch Items Including
  • 30-3: Switches Push Button SPST -no 1A Black Actuator Back Panel Mount
  • 39-1: Switches Push Button SPST -no 0.5A RED Actuator Back Panel Mount
  • M2B15AA5G13-FA: Switch Push Button Single Pole Double Throw MOM.282 Long PLUNGER.250 Double Flattedg
  • 39-261 RED: SPDT Pushbutton Switch PC Mount (Push Button)
  • AML21CBA2AC: Unsealed Oi-Pb Switch (Push Button)
Category: Push Button
Micro Socket

Micro Socket 

Buy Micro Socket Items Including
  • 821949-5: Assembly Housing Micro-Pitch 132 POS
  • BSH-090-01-F-D-A: SL Two Part Board Connector Socket
  • 794606-3: Micro MNL RPT CNT Strip 30AU
  • 83421-9041: Comm-D 9 Socket/D-Sub 9 Socket 72.0 (Cable Assembly)
  • CLP-125-02-L-D: SL 50 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
43A Transistor

43A Transistor 

Buy 43A Transistor Items Including
  • IRF7304PBF: Mosfet 4.3A 20V 0.09 Ohm 2 Channel
  • IRF3415: Transistor N Channel Power Mosfet 150V 43A TO-220AB
  • IRF7301: 4.3A 20V 0.05 Ohm 2 Channel
  • IRLML6401TRPBF: 4.3A 12V 0.05 Ohm P-Channel Si
  • FDC5612: 4300 mA 60V N-Channel Si (Mosfets)
Category: Mosfets
Threaded Spacers

Threaded Spacers 

Buy Threaded Spacers Items Including
  • 2104-632-AL-7: Standoffs Spacer 1/4 HEX ALUMINUM1
  • 2059-440-AL-7: 2059 Spacer 3/16 HEX ALUMINUM1
  • 2120-632-A-7: Standoffs Spacer 1/4 HEX ALUMINUM1
  • 2104-440-AL-7: Standoffs Spacer 1/4 HEX ALUMINUM1
  • 74HC238D,653: HC Spacer 1/4 HEX ALUMINUM1 Threaded 6-32 .750 Inch "L
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
Mini Blade Fuses

Mini Blade Fuses 

Buy Mini Blade Fuses Items Including
  • 0297003.WXNV: 297 Fuse Mini Blade 32VDC 3A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0297002.WXNV: 297 Fuse Mini Blade 32VDC 2A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0297004.WXNV: 297 Fuse Mini Blade 32VDC 4A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0297015.WXNV: 297 Fuse Mini Blade 32VDC 15A (Circuit Protection)
Category: Fuses
Nose Pliers Tool

Nose Pliers Tool 

Buy Nose Pliers Tool Items Including
  • PLIERS 5PC-R: 5 Piece Precision Stainless Steep Plier Tool Set
  • LN54GV: 5 Inch Thin Long Nose Pliers
  • AX104-R: Tool 5.3 Inch Half Round Long Nose Pliers
  • NN7776V: 6 Inch Long Needle Nose Pliers
  • L4V: 4 Inch Subminiature Needle Nose Pliers
Category: Pliers Hand Tools
Ribbon Cable Shielding

Ribbon Cable Shielding 

Buy Ribbon Cable Shielding Items Including
  • 10136-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 36 Position Plug Shielded
  • 10150-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 50 Position Plug Shielded
  • 10180-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 80 Position Plug Shielded
  • 10126-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 26 Position Plug Shielded
  • 10140-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 40 Position Plug Shielded
Category: SCSI
Quick Connect Terminals

Quick Connect Terminals 

Buy Quick Connect Terminals Items Including
  • 640919-1: 640919 0.187 Inch Quick Connect Terminal
  • FDV1-250-.4L: 0.25 Inch Female Quick Connect Terminal Color: Red
  • QDC187: Quick Connect Female Terminal
  • 1217056-1: Printer Circuit Board Male Quick Connect
  • V-10G3-1C24-K: Basic Lever Switch Terminal Type: .183 Inch Quick Connect
Category: Terminals

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