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Optical Cable   to   AC Axial Fan

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Optical Cable

Optical Cable 

Buy Optical Cable Items Including
  • CUSTOM 207: 10 Foot Fiber Optic Cable
  • 5492458-1: Connector Fiber Optics KIT MM CER 125UM
  • HFBR-4511Z: Connector POF Simplex PL Crimp Straight Cable Mount
  • HFBR-RUD500Z: BLK Plast Cable Dplx 500 Mtrs Rohs (Discrete)
  • 501336-1: Cable Fiber Optic Dual 1000 UM Plastic
Category: Fiber Optic
Agc 1 Fuse

Agc 1 Fuse 

Buy Agc 1 Fuse Items Including
  • AGC-1/4: Fuses Electric Fuse-Fast 0.25A 250VAC 35A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • AGC-1/4-R-VP: Fuse AGC Fast Acting .25A 250V .25 Inch X1.25 Inch
  • AGC-1-R-VP: Fuse AGC Fast Acting 1A 250V .25 Inch X1.25 Inch
  • BK-AGC-1-R: Fuses Electric Fuse-Fast 1A 250VAC 35A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • BK/AGC-1-1/4: AGC Fast-Acting Glass Tube Fuses (Circuit Protection)
Category: Fuses
Current Reference IC

Current Reference IC 

Buy Current Reference IC Items Including
  • REF200AU: Dual Current Refer Ence (Analog/Linear)
  • ADR445BRZ: Ultralow Noise LDO Xfet Voltage Reference with Current Sink and Source
  • ADR433BR: Ultralow Noise Xfet Voltage Reference with Current Sink and Source Capability
  • ADR435ARM: Ultralow Noise Xfet Voltage Reference with Current Sink and Source Capability
  • ADR435ARZ: Ultralow Noise Xfet Voltage Reference with Current Sink and Source Capability
Category: References (SMD)
Octal Switch

Octal Switch 

Buy Octal Switch Items Including
  • ADG715BRUZ: Octal 1 Channel SGL Pole SGL Throw Switchingitch
  • VN808TR-E: Octal Channel HIG H Side Driver (Power Switch)
  • 94HAB08WT: Rotary Coded SWITCH-8POSITIONS Octal Latched (Switches)
  • 74LVC541APW,112: Quad SPST CMOS Analog Switch SO-16 85 Ohm (Cmo Logic)
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Binary Switch

Binary Switch 

Buy Binary Switch Items Including
  • 94HAB10T: 94H Rotary Coded SWITCH-10POSITIONS Binary Coded Decimal Latched
  • 94HCB10T: 94H Rotary Coded SWITCH-10POSITIONS Binary Coded Decimal Latched
  • TF31E10-R: 2 Pack of End Plates for BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Thumbwheel Switch
  • GPF311221-R: BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Pushbutton Switch
  • PF31E10: 2 Pack of End Plates for BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Pushbutton Switch
Category: DIP
Axial Fuse

Axial Fuse 

Buy Axial Fuse Items Including
  • BK/ABC-V-3: 3 Amp 250 Volt Fast Blow Ceramic Axial Fuse 1/4 X 1 1/4 Inch 2 Pin
  • SPT0001.2510PT: 4 Amp Slow Blow Ceramic Axial Fuse 5X20MM 2 Pin
  • 0314010.HXP: Fuse Glass Fast Acting 3AB 314 Series 10 AMP
  • 022902.5HXP: 229 Fuse 250V SB 2AG Pb-Free 2.5A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0313.750HXP: Fuse Glass Slow Blow 3AB 313 Series 3/4 AMP
Category: Fuses
High Temp Tape

High Temp Tape 

Buy High Temp Tape Items Including
  • C0402C473K4RAC TU: 8 Channel 16 Bit High Precision Sigma-Delta A/D Sub-System I-Temp
  • C1825C474K5RAC TU: High-Speed Quad Differential Line Drivers 15KV Bus-Pin ESD I-Temp
  • C0603C189C5GAC TU: C0603 High-Performance Eeprogrammable Logic Device 15NS C-Temp PLCC-28
  • C0603C223K4RAC TU: C0603 High-Performance Eeprogrammable Logic Device 15NS C-Temp PLCC-28
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Current Sensor SMD

Current Sensor SMD 

Buy Current Sensor SMD Items Including
  • ACS750ECA-100: Current Sensor 100A CA5 (Analog/Linear)
  • 5962-8757102XA: Analog Temperature Sensor-Current 298.2UA
  • AD590JF: Analog Temp Sensor-Current 298.2UA Rectangular
  • AD590JRZ: Analog Temperature Sensor-Current 298.2UA
  • TMP17FS: Low Cost Current Output Temperature Transducer
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
1A Diode Bridge

1A Diode Bridge 

Buy 1A Diode Bridge Items Including
  • UC3610DW: Dual Schottky Diode Bridge
  • DF02M: Diode Bridge Rectifier 1A 200V DIP-4
  • DF06M: Diode Bridge Rectifier 1A 600V DIP-4
  • DF10M: Diode Bridge Rectifier 1A 1000V DIP-4
  • DF04M: Diode Bridge Rectifier 1A 400V DIP-4
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Panasonic Resistors

Panasonic Resistors 

Buy Panasonic Resistors Items Including
  • EXB-2HV560JV: Resistor Network Film Isolated 0.25W Surface Mount 56OHM
  • ERJ-2GEJ1R0X: ERJ2G Thick Film Chip Resistor 0402, 1OHM
  • ERJ-2GEJ203X: ERJ2G Thick Film Chip Resistor 0402, 20KOHM
  • ERJ-2GEJ270X: ERJ2G Thick Film Chip Resistor 0402, 27OHM
  • ERJ-2GEJ331X: ERJ2G Thick Film Chip Resistor 0402, 330OHM
Category: Surface Mount Fixed Single
5V 1A DC Power Supply

5V 1A DC Power Supply 

Buy 5V 1A DC Power Supply Items Including
  • PM-05-5: PM-05 Power Supply AC/DC 5W 5V/1A on Board Ul/Ce/Cb/Tuv
  • SA050100R1340: USB 5V 1A (1000MA) Wall Power Adapter
  • 435-1118-01: PWR Sply Open 175W +5V/20A
Category: Enclosed
Linear Isolation Amplifiers

Linear Isolation Amplifiers 

Buy Linear Isolation Amplifiers Items Including
  • AD210BN: Isolation Amplifier 15 kHz Band Width PDIP12
  • AD202JN: Isolation Amplifier 750V Isolation-Min
  • ISO120BG: Precision Low Cost Isolation Amplifier
  • ADUM3402ARWZ: Specialty Analog Circuit PDSO16 (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • AD202KY: Isolation Amplifier 1500V Isolation-Min
Category: Amplifiers
Grounding Strap

Grounding Strap 

Buy Grounding Strap Items Including
  • UC-WS1BLK-R: Grounding Cord Anti-Static Wrist Strap (Tools)
  • S1512-2448KJ: Anti-Static Workstation Kit (Tools)
  • 8PK-AS07-1: ESD Field Service Kit (Anti-Static)
Category: Anti-Static
Breadboard Prototyping

Breadboard Prototyping 

Buy Breadboard Prototyping Items Including
  • WBU-TN-R: 630 Point Solderless Breadboard (Prototyping Systems)
  • WBU-504: 1855 Point Solderless Breadboard (Prototyping Systems)
  • 700-00012: 170 Point Solderless Breadboard (Prototyping Systems)
  • WBU-204-1-R: Solderless Breadboard (Prototyping Systems)
  • WBU-202-R: 830 Point Solderless Breadboard
Category: Solderless Breadboards
Keylock Switch

Keylock Switch 

Buy Keylock Switch Items Including
  • S116-1: SPDT Round Keylock Switch
  • RM201-0: 2 Position Keylock Switch
  • IG-406D-2341: SPST Round Keylock Switch
  • 31-295-025D: DPDT Rectangle Keylock Switch 5A @ 250VAC
  • KC77362: Single Pole 4 Throw 4 Position Keylock Switch
Category: Keylock
SMD Resistor 2W

SMD Resistor 2W 

Buy SMD Resistor 2W Items Including
  • 744C083102JP: 744 Resistor Network Film Isolated 0.5W Surface Mount 1KOHM
  • ERJ-14YJ101U: Resistor Thick Film 1210 100 Ohm 5% 0.5W (1/2W) ±200PPM/C Molded SMD Embossed Carrier T/R
  • 3361S-1-504GLF: Resistor Cermet Trimmer 500K Ohm 10% 1/2W 1 (Elec) /1 (Mech) Turn 2.77MM Gull Wing SMD Embossed T/R
  • 3361P-1-502GLF: Resistor Cermet Trimmer 5K Ohm 10% 1/2W 1 (Elec) /1 (Mech) Turn 2.77MM Gull Wing SMD Embossed T/R
  • 3361S-1-103GLF: Resistor Cermet Trimmer 10K Ohm 10% 1/2W 1 (Elec) /1 (Mech) Turn 2.77MM Gull Wing SMD Embossed T/R
Category: Trimmers
Relay Photomos

Relay Photomos 

Buy Relay Photomos Items Including
  • AQV251A: Relay Photomos (Solid State)
  • AQZ207: Relay Photomos (Solid State)
  • AQV252: Relay Photomos (Solid State)
  • AQZ202: Relay Photomos (Solid State)
  • AQV212A: Relay Photomos (SMT) (Solid State)
Category: Solid State
Buck Converter IC

Buck Converter IC 

Buy Buck Converter IC Items Including
  • MMBT3906-7: GP BJT Low Input Voltage 6A Synch Buck Converter with Adj Output
  • SMBJ18A-13-F: C Bend Low Input Voltage 3A Synch Buck Converter with 3.3V Outpu
  • LTC3440EDD: Micropower Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • LM2696MXA/NOPB: LM2696 3A COT Buck Switching REG (Analog/Linear)
  • LM2852XMXA-1.2/NOPB: LM2852XMXA-1.2 2A 500K HZ Simple Sync Buck REG
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Cable Sizes

Cable Sizes 

Buy Cable Sizes Items Including
  • 206062-1: 206062 Connector CPC Clamp Size 11
  • 206138-8: Clamp CBL Shell Size 23
  • 745173-2: 5745173 Conn Dsub Cable Clamp KIT SZ 3
  • 745173-5: 5745173 Cable Clamp KIT SZ 3
  • 745174-4: 5745174 Cable Clamp KIT SZ 4 .425
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Green Red LED

Green Red LED 

Buy Green Red LED Items Including
  • LTL-30EFJ: Standard-Output LED -Green/Red
  • LTL-30EHJ-002: LTL-30EHJ Standard-Output LED -Green/Red
  • BRPG1204W-TR: Standard Output Bi-Color 1210 SMD LED Green/Red
  • BRPG1201W-TR: LED Bi-Color Green Red 4 Pin 560NM/660NM Surface Mount 2.5V@30MA
  • 5513508F: 551-3508 LED Bi-Color Green/Red 560NM/630NM 3 Pin Bulk
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Panel Mount Connectors

Panel Mount Connectors 

Buy Panel Mount Connectors Items Including
  • 1057343-1: 1057343 Panel Mount Connector Female
  • 31-221: Connector BNC Receptacle 0HZ to 4GHZ 50 Ohm Solder Cup Straight Panel Mount Silver
  • 1052552-1: Panel Mount Cable Terminated Female
  • 31-8358-1: RF SMB Connector Straight Panel Mount with Solder Tabs
  • 731375003: Panel Mount Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder Receptacle
Category: RF Connectors
AC Power Connectors

AC Power Connectors 

Buy AC Power Connectors Items Including
  • G1W106-R: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Screw Flanged
  • 1EGG1-2: Filtered Power Entry Module
  • 01GEEG3E (1ED1): Straight EMI Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 05DRDG3S(5ER7): DR EMI Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Logic Level Mosfets

Logic Level Mosfets 

Buy Logic Level Mosfets Items Including
  • FDC5614P: 60V P-Channel Logic Level Powertrench Mosfet
  • FDC655BN.: Single N-Channel Logic Level
  • NTD25P03LG: -25 AMP -30 Volt Logic Level P-Channel Dpak Power Mosfet
  • RFD14N05L: 14A 50V 0.100 Ohm Logic Level
  • NDS355N: N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor
Category: Mosfets
Universal Active Filter

Universal Active Filter 

Buy Universal Active Filter Items Including
  • LTC1562AIGPBF: Very Low Noise Low Distortion Active RC Quad Universal Time Filter
  • MF10CCN: Active Filter Dual Switched Capacitor Filter Universal Volt 4TH Order 30KHZ 20 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LTC1562IG: Very Low Noise Low Distortion Active RC Quad Universal Time Filter
  • LTC1060CNPBF: Dual Switched Capacitor Filter
  • LTC1067CSPBF: Rail-to-Rail Very Low Noise Universal Dual Switched Capacitor Filter Building Block
Category: Filters
Embedded Web Server

Embedded Web Server 

Buy Embedded Web Server Items Including
  • WIZ200WEB: Embedded Web Server Module with ATMEGA128 & W5300
  • WIZ200WEB-EVB: Embedded Web Server Evaluation Board
Category: Networking
Cpc Cable

Cpc Cable 

Buy Cpc Cable Items Including
  • 213904-1: CPC Cable Clamp KIT STD SZ 17
  • 206138-2: 206138 Cable Clamp Assembly Bulk Packed
  • 1-206062-4: 206062 Cable Clamp KIT #11 (Circular)
  • 206038-2: CPC Recepticle Assembly Size 17-28
  • 213889-2: 213889 CPC Recepticle Sealed Size 17-3
Category: Circular
Potter Brumfield Relays

Potter Brumfield Relays 

Buy Potter Brumfield Relays Items Including
  • K10P-11A15-120: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • T9AS1D12-5: Relay Power P&B Single Pull Single Throw
  • KRPA-11DG-12: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • K10P-11D15-12: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • PRD-7AG0-120: PRD General Purpose Power Relay
Category: General Purpose
Logic Selector

Logic Selector 

Buy Logic Selector Items Including
  • 74LS153: LS Dual 4 to 1 Selector/Multiplexer DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • 74153: 741513 Dual 4 to 1 Data Selector/Multiplexer DIP-16 (74 Series)
  • SN74LS257BN: Quadruple 2 Line to 1 Line Data Selectors/Multiplexer
  • 74LS157: LS Quad 2 to 1 Data Selector DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • 74157: Quad 2 to 1 Data Selector DIP-16 (74 Series)
Category: 74LS Series
Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits 

Buy Integrated Circuits Items Including
  • SS466A: Temperature Compensated Hall-Effect Sensor a Position Sensor that has a Thermally Balanced Integrated Circuit over Full Temperature Range
  • GB171: 50 Piece Integrated Circuits Grab Bag (UARTs)
  • TPS2384PAP: Quad Integrated Power Sourcing Equipment Power Manager
Category: Hall Effect
AC Axial Fan

AC Axial Fan 

Buy AC Axial Fan Items Including
  • 5915PC-12T-B20-A00.: AC Axial Fan with Ball Bearings
  • UF80A11BWH-R: 120V AC Tubeaxial Fan Ball Bearing
  • UF15PC11BTH: 120V AC Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Ball
  • RAH1225B1-T: 68 CFM 230V AC Tube Axial Fan
  • AK1752HB-LF(AT): AC Tubeaxial Fan 6.75 Inch (170MM) Size:172 X 150 X 51 Mm
Category: AC Tube Axial Fans

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