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Bayonet Connector   to   LPT42 Power Supply

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Bayonet Connector

Bayonet Connector 

Buy Bayonet Connector Items Including
  • 40958-Y: Connector RF BNC LAN
  • 31-2226: Cable Terminated Male BNC Twinaxial Connector Clamp Solder
  • 31-5329-51RFX: Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder Receptacle
  • B-611T: Terminator BNC 50 Ohm ( RF Connectors)
  • 225395-2: BNC Plug Dual CP RG5962 ( RF Connectors)
Category: BNC

Quad UART 

Buy Quad UART Items Including
  • TL16C554APN: Quad UART with Fifo & Auto Flow Control
  • TL16C554AFN: Quad UART with Fif (Communication)
  • TL16C754BPN: Quad-UART with 64 Byte Fifo (UARTs)
  • SC28L194A1A,512: SC28L194A1A 5123V & 5V 4 C (UARTs)
  • SC28L198A1A,512: SC28L198A1A 5123V & 5V 8 C (UARTs)
Category: UARTs
48V Linear Power Supply

48V Linear Power Supply 

Buy 48V Linear Power Supply Items Including
  • LTC1921CS8PBF: Dual -48V Supply and Fuse Monitor
  • LTC1921IMS8PBF: Dual -48V Supply and Fuse Monitor
  • LTC1921CMS8PBF: LTC1921 LTC1921CMS8#PBF Dual -48V S
  • LT4250LIS8: Negative 48V HOT Swap Controller
  • LTC4253IGN: -48V HOT Swap Controller with Sequencer
Category: Power Management Circuit
Current Sensor Circuit

Current Sensor Circuit 

Buy Current Sensor Circuit Items Including
  • CSLA2CD: Sensor Misc Specialty Analog Circuit
  • CSNA111: Specialty Analog Circuit (Current)
  • CSLA1CD: Specialty Analog Circuit (Current)
Category: Current
Buck Boost IC

Buck Boost IC 

Buy Buck Boost IC Items Including
  • LTC3453EUF: Synchronous Buck-Boost High Power White LED Display Driver
  • TPS63000DRCR: 96% Buck-Boost Converter with 1.7A Current S
  • LTC3440EDD: Micropower Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • LTC3780EGPBF: LTC3780EG#PBF High Power Buck-
  • LTC3780IGPBF: High Efficiency Synchronous
Category: Switching (SMD) Voltage-Regs
Power Line Transceiver

Power Line Transceiver 

Buy Power Line Transceiver Items Including
  • STR910-EVAL: Evaluation Board for ST7538 Power Line Transceiver (Interface)
  • LTC485CN8: LTC485 Interface RS485 Low Power Interface Transceiver DIP-8
  • MAX232CPE.: MAX232 Dual Line Transceiver Powered
  • SN75C189AN: Quadruple Low-Power Line Receiver
  • LT1032CNPBF: LT1032CN#PBF Quad Low Power Line Driver
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Ethernet Connector

Ethernet Connector 

Buy Ethernet Connector Items Including
  • MTJ-882BX1: Black Side Entry 8 Position 8 Contact (8P8C) RJ45 Modular Ethernet Jack
  • WIZ100SR: Plug & Play Type Serial to Ethernet Gateway Module Serial DB-9 Connector Ethernet RJ -45 Connector
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Square Rubber Feet

Square Rubber Feet 

Buy Square Rubber Feet Items Including
  • SJ5023BLK4: Hardware Rubber Feet Adhesive Black 4 Piece/Pks
  • SJ5008BLKC: Hardware Rubber Feet Adhesive Black 100 Pieces
  • SJ5018BLKC: Hardware Rubber Feet Adhesive Black 100 Pieces
  • SJ5023BLKC: 100 Piece Tapered Square Adhesive Rubber Feet
Category: Rubber Feet
Low Noise Amplifier IC

Low Noise Amplifier IC 

Buy Low Noise Amplifier IC Items Including
  • MGA-62563-TR1G: Current-Adjsutable Low Noise Amplifier
  • LM837M/NOPB: Quad Low Noise OP AMP (Hi-Speed (SMD) OP-Amps)
  • AD8674ARU: OP Amp Precision Very Low Noise (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • AD8674ARZ: OP Amp Precision Very Low Noise (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • MGA-62563-BLKG: 100 MHz -3000 MHz RF /Microwave Wide Band Low Power Amplifier
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Screw Accessories

Screw Accessories 

Buy Screw Accessories Items Including
  • 5205980-1: Connector Accessories Screw Retainer KIT
  • 5205980-4: Connector Accessories Screw Retainer Kit Individual
  • 3342-1: 3342 Dsub Jack Screw Kit-Short-Sensor-Peizoresistive 0-0
  • 1-5207908-0: 5207908 KIT S/R Screw RET 90/180 DEG
  • 211883-5: 211883 Screw Retainer KIT Amplimite
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Power Driver IC

Power Driver IC 

Buy Power Driver IC Items Including
  • UC3705N: High Speed Power Driver (Analog/Linear)
  • IR2113PBF: 2.5A Half Brdg Based Mosfet Driver
  • IR2010PBF: 3A Half Brdg Based Mosfet Driver
  • TC4424CPA: 3A Dual High-Speed Power Mosfet Driver
  • IR2117PBF: 0.5A Buf or INV Based Mosfet Driver
Category: Mosfet and Power Drivers
15A Diode

15A Diode 

Buy 15A Diode Items Including
  • 10MQ040NTRPBF: 1.5A 40V Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • S2B-13: S2B 1.5A Surface Mount Glass Passivated Rectifier
  • BZT52C3V9S-7-F: Rectifier Glass Passivated 800VRRM 1.5A SMB (Zener )
  • S2D-13-F: S2D 1.5A 200V Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • BAT54CT-7-F: 1.5A Power Factor Controller 110 KHZ Switching Freq-Max PDSO8
Category: General Purpose Diodes
Fairchild Mosfet Transistors

Fairchild Mosfet Transistors 

Buy Fairchild Mosfet Transistors Items Including
  • FDA50N50: NCH Mosfet (Transistors)
  • 2N7000.: Mosfet 200 mA 60V N-Channel Si
  • RFP50N06: Transistor Mosfet N Channel 60 Volt 50 Amp 3 Pin 3+ Tab TO-220 Ampb Rail
  • FDC2512: 150V N-Channel Powertrench Mosfet
  • FDC658P: Mosfet 4001 mA 30V P-Channel Si
Category: Mosfets
Resistor 330 Ohm

Resistor 330 Ohm 

Buy Resistor 330 Ohm Items Including
  • CF1/2W331JRC: Resistor 1/2 Watt 5% Carbon Film 330 Ohm
  • RK73B2ATTD331J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.125W 5 % 200 Ppm 330 Ohm
  • RK73B1ELTP331J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.063W 5 % 200 Ppm 330 Ohm
  • RK73B1JTTD331J: RK73B Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.1W 5 % 200 Ppm 330 Ohm
  • RK73B1JTTDD331J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.1W 5 % 200 Ppm 330 Ohm
Category: Surface Mount Fixed Single
Voltage Converter IC

Voltage Converter IC 

Buy Voltage Converter IC Items Including
  • AD1674ARZ: ADC Mono 12 Bit Analog to Digital Converter IC
  • AD5315BRMZ: DAC 10 Bit Quad I2C Digital to Analog Converter IC
  • AD5320BRMZ: DAC 12 Bit out Digital to Analog Converter IC
  • AD5340BRUZ: DAC 12 Bit Digital to Analog Converter IC
  • AD5344BRUZ: DAC 12 Bit Quad Digital to Analog Converter IC
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Optocoupler Module

Optocoupler Module 

Buy Optocoupler Module Items Including
  • MOC256M: Power Supply Module DC-DC Regulated 6 Watt 1 Ouput
  • HCNW4506: Intelligent Power Module and Gate Drive Interface Optocoupler
  • HCPL-4506: Intelligent Power Module and Gate Drive Interface Optocoupler
  • HCPL-0466: Intelligent Power Module and Gate Drive Interface Optocoupler
Category: Optocouplers
Wire Screw

Wire Screw 

Buy Wire Screw Items Including
  • 3-133: Muscle Wires Project Book 3RD Edition
  • HC-1: Cable TIE Mount Nylon #6 Screw (Management Products)
  • HC-0-R: Tie Mount Cable Nylon 3/4 Inch Length by 3/8 Inch Width Screw 4 Way
  • HC-103: Cable TIE Mount Nylon 2 WAY Screw 1.1 Inch Square
  • 0510HC-2-R: 0510HC TIE Mount Cable Nylon 1/2 Inch Saddle Type
Category: Cable Ties
RMS to DC Converter

RMS to DC Converter 

Buy RMS to DC Converter Items Including
  • AD736JNZ: Power Misc RMS to DC Converter 0.005 MHz PDIP8
  • AD536AJQ: Power Misc RMS to DC Converter 0.09 MHz CDIP14
  • AD736JRZ: Power Misc RMS to DC Converter 0.005 MHz PDSO8
  • AD737JRZ: Power Misc RMS to DC Converter 0.005 MHz PDSO8
  • AD536ASH: Power Misc RMS to DC Converter 0.09 MHz MBCY10
Category: Power Management Circuit
Inductor Coil

Inductor Coil 

Buy Inductor Coil Items Including
  • ELL-6RH101M: Inductor Surface Mount SMD Choke Coil ELL6RH Series
  • ELL-6RH3R3M: Inductor Surface Mount SMD Choke Coil ELL6RH Series
  • ELL-6SH4R7M: Inductor Surface Mount SMD Choke Coil ELL6SH Series
  • DLW31SN161SQ2L: Chip Common Mode Choke Coil Wire Wound Type
  • LQG15HN2N7S02D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Monolithic Type
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
High Voltage Operational Amplifiers

High Voltage Operational Amplifiers 

Buy High Voltage Operational Amplifiers Items Including
  • OPA657U: OP Amp FET Input Operational Amplifier
  • TLE2022ACD: Excalibur High-Speed Low-Power Precision Operational Amplifier
  • SMAJ17A-13-F: C Bend Quad High Performance Audio Operational Amplifier SOIC-14
  • LM7372MR: OP Amp High Speed High Output Current
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Switch Extender

Switch Extender 

Buy Switch Extender Items Including
  • 35-222-BU: DPDT Slide Switch
  • V80201MS02Q: DPDT Slide (Switches)
  • S201031MS02Q: Dpst Slide (Switches)
Category: Slide
800V Transistor

800V Transistor 

Buy 800V Transistor Items Including
  • STP8NK80ZFP: 6.2A 800V 1.5 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet TO-220AB
  • STP4NK80Z: 3A 800V 3.5 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet TO-220AB
  • IRFPE40: 5.4A 800V 2 Ohm N-Channel Si Power
  • BUL216: GP BJT 4A 800V NPN Si Power Transistor TO-220AB (Bipolar)
  • IRFPE30: 4.1A 800V 3 Ohm N-Channel Si Power
Category: Mosfets
USB Serial Controller

USB Serial Controller 

Buy USB Serial Controller Items Including
  • AS1200: USB to SATA IDE Combo Adapter (Serial-Ata)
  • SL811HST-AXC: Interface Misc SMD 5X7.5 HCMOS 5V 100PPM -10+708.0000MHZ Bulk
Category: Serial-Ata
Spi Instruments

Spi Instruments 

Buy Spi Instruments Items Including
  • LM70CIMM-3/NOPB: Spi/Microwire 10 Bit Plus Sign Digital Temperature Sensor
  • TMP124AID: Temperature Sensor Digital Serial Interface 8 Pin SOIC Rail
  • ADC128S102CIMT/NOPB: ADC128S102 12BIT 8 CH 0.5-1MSPS ADC
  • TLV5610IPW: DAC D/A Converter 12 Bit I-Temp 2.7-5.5V
  • TLV5610IDW: DAC D/A Converter 12 Bit I-Temp 2.7-5.5V
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
Sunon Fans

Sunon Fans 

Buy Sunon Fans Items Including
  • GM0502PFV2-8: DC Fan Vapo 5 Volt 0.08A 0.4W 10000RPM 3CFM 16DB Flange Mount
  • KDE1206PHS1: KDE DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Sleeve
  • KDE1202PFB1-8(V): DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Ball
  • EB60251S1-0000-999: EB 12 Volt 23.5 CFM Sleeve Bearing DC Fan 60 X 60 X 25
  • ME60151V1-0000-A99: Me DC Brushless Fan Voltage: 12VDC
Category: DC Brushless Fans
Dual Inverter IC

Dual Inverter IC 

Buy Dual Inverter IC Items Including
  • LT1945EMSPBF: Dual Micropower DC/DC Converter with Positive and NE
  • LT3463AEDDPBF: Dual UP Converter Boost/Inverter with Intnl Scho
  • LT3472EDDPBF: Boost and Inverting DC/DC Converter for CCD Bias
  • CD4007: Dula Comp Pair with Inverter DIP-14 (4000 Series)
  • NC7WZ14P6: Lvc/Lcx/Z Series Dual 1 Input Invert Gate
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Connector Dust Covers

Connector Dust Covers 

Buy Connector Dust Covers Items Including
  • 84700-0003: Connector Accessories Assembly Dust Cover RJ -45
  • 1367147-1: Connector Accessories SFP Dust Cover Thermoplastic Black Bag
  • 640551-6: Connector Accessories 6 Position Closed End Dust Cover Polyester White
  • 1-640551-0: Connector Accessories 10 Position Closed End Dust Cover Polyester White
  • 640551-2: Connector Accessories 2 Position Closed End Dust Cover Polyester White
Category: Rectangular Connectors
PCB Pin Receptacles

PCB Pin Receptacles 

Buy PCB Pin Receptacles Items Including
  • 87046-1: 87215 Ampmodu™ Pin & Receptacle Contacts
  • 350491-1: Connector Contact Pin 1 Position Press Fit Straight through Hole Loose Piece
  • 2-87195-1: Ampmodu™ Pin & Receptacle Contacts
  • JS-1105-T-R: 0.100 Inch (2.54MM) Pitch Crimp Pin Terminal
  • 640706-1: 640706 Crimp PIN Male 18-24AWG Brass
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Encoder ICs

Encoder ICs 

Buy Encoder ICs Items Including
  • ADV7173KSTZ: Analog 6 Digital to Analog Converter Ntsc/Pal Encoder IC
  • SN74HC148N: Encoder 8 to-3 Priority CMOS 16 Pin Plastic DIP Tube DER
  • CD74HC147E: High Speed CMOS Logic 10 to 4 Line Priority Encoder
  • SN74HC148D: 8 to-3 Line Priority Encoder (Logic)
  • PDN1144/P: EDE1144 Keypad Encoder DIP-8
Category: Encoder
LPT42 Power Supply

LPT42 Power Supply 

Buy LPT42 Power Supply Items Including
  • LPT42-M: 63.4W Triple Output Open-Frame Medical Power Supply
  • LPT42: Quad Op-Amp 13000 UV Offset-Max 4 MHZ Band Width PDSO14
Category: Open Frame

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