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Allegro Microsystems ICs & Semiconductors

Allegro Microsystems ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Allegro Microsystems ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • A2557KEB: Driver Quad 60V 300MA 28 Plcc (Interface)
  • A2557SB: Protected Quad Driver with Fault Detection
  • A2919SLB-T: Stepper Motor Controller 1A PDSO24 (Pwm)
  • UDN2982LWTR: 8 Channel Source Driver PDSO18 (Interface)
  • A6B259KLW: 6B PWR Driver 8BIT ADDRessable 24SOI
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Murata Electronics EMI/Rfi Filters

Murata Electronics EMI/Rfi Filters 

Buy Murata Electronics EMI/Rfi Filters Items Including
  • BLM18AG121SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead on-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filter
  • BLM18BB220SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Filter
  • BLM18RK102SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead on-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filter
  • BLM18RK471SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead on-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filter
  • BLM18AG601SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead on-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filter
Category: EMI/Rfi Filters
Murata Electronics Thermistors

Murata Electronics Thermistors 

Buy Murata Electronics Thermistors Items Including
  • NCP18WM224J03RB: NTC Thermistor for Temperature Compensation
  • NCP18XH103J03RB: NTC Thermistor for Temperature Compensation
  • NTPA7220LBMB0: Thermistors > Ntc for Inrush Current Suppression
  • NCP18XH103F03RB: NTC Thermistor for Temperature Compensation
  • NCP18XM472J03RB: NTC Thermistor for Temperature Compensation
Category: Thermistors
Solarbotics Motors

Solarbotics Motors 

Buy Solarbotics Motors Items Including
  • GM8: Offset/Inline Plastic Gear Motor Ratio: 143:1 (Gearhead)
  • GM10: Motor Geared Pager 3V/6V 81:1 Ratio 220MA 2.3IN/oz 233RPM
Category: Gearhead
Fci Terminals

Fci Terminals 

Buy Fci Terminals Items Including
  • KPA4CTP: KPA 25 MM2 Copper Alloy Tin Finish Wire Terminal
  • YAE22-G13: YA Copper Alloy Tin Finish Wire Terminal
  • BA16E10: BA Copper Alloy Tin Finish Ring Terminal
  • YAE22-Z3: YAE22Z3 Tin Finish Fork Terminal
  • YAEV8CRS: Copper Alloy Wire Terminal (Solderless)
Category: Terminals
Nmb Technologies Fan

Nmb Technologies Fan 

Buy Nmb Technologies Fan Items Including
  • 055018: 3100 Round Fan Guard for 80 Mm Fans
  • 2410ML-05W-B60-E00: Fan DC Axial 24 Volts 25 CFM 3.12 Watts Ball
  • 2410ML-05W-B30-E00: Fan DC Axial 12 Volts 21.5 CFM 2.4 Watts Ball
  • 2410ML-04W-B30: DC Brushless Fan Voltage: 12VDC
  • 2408NL-04W-B40-L00: DC Fan Ball Bearing 12 Volt 0.09A 1.08 Watt 4000RPM 15.89CFM 29DB Flange Mount
Category: DC Brushless Fans
Amp/Tyco Electronics Amp/Tyco

Amp/Tyco Electronics Amp/Tyco 

Buy Amp/Tyco Electronics Amp/Tyco Items Including
  • CAD11A10/220: General Purpose 10 Amp Relay
  • 1-6437159-7: Amp/Tyco, (Amp/Tyco)
  • MICROSMD050F-2: Quad Op-Amp 7000 UV Offset-Max
  • RUEF110-2: Quad Op-Amp 7000 UV Offset-Max
  • 66101-4: AMP Series 1 CPC Circular
Category: Fuses
Amphenol Connex Interconnects

Amphenol Connex Interconnects 

Buy Amphenol Connex Interconnects Items Including
  • 112431: BNC Connector B/H Jack Isolated
  • 112437: BNC Connector Adapter Jack to Jack Bulkhead 50 Ohm
  • 132170: Connector SMA Adapter Female to Female 50 Ohm Straight Panel Mount Gold
  • 112424: BNC Connector Jack Crimp Solder
  • 202103: BNC Connector Adapter Termination Plug 50 Ohm
Category: RF Connectors
Sun Equipment

Sun Equipment 

Buy Sun Equipment Items Including
  • RD-7339B: 150 Watt Miniature Solder Pot
  • PBB-4060B: Triple Output Powered Project Breadboard
  • DAC-457000: Digital/Analog Design Lab
Category: Solderless Breadboards
Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Resettable Fuses

Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Resettable Fuses 

Buy Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Resettable Fuses Items Including
  • ERFRA110-60Z: Fuse Resettable 1.10A-H
  • ERFRA020-60Z: Fuse Resettable 0.20A-H
  • ERFRA030-60Z: Fuse Resettable 0.30A-H
  • ERFRB500-30-Z: Fuse Resettable 5.00A-H
  • ERFRA050-60Z: Fuse Resettable 0.50A-H
Category: Resettable Fuses
Tech Tools

Tech Tools 

Buy Tech Tools Items Including
  • 1041: 40 Piece Tech Technician Tool Kit
  • 1PK-1990A: 116 Piece Professional Tech Service Tool KIT Brush
  • ICM-632-1-GT: Socket IC 32PIN Machine Tooled Low Profile (DIP Soldertail)
  • SMC-1-30-1-GT: 6100 Socket Sipp 30PIN Machine Tooled Pins Solder Tail
  • 1817-5F: No-Clean Desoldering Braid Advanced Braid Design
Category: Assortment Hand Tools
Texas Instruments Supervisory Circuits Mpu

Texas Instruments Supervisory Circuits Mpu 

Buy Texas Instruments Supervisory Circuits Mpu Items Including
  • TPS3306-18DGK: Dual Processor Supervisory Circuit with Power Fail
  • TPS3808G01DBVT: Programmable Delay Supervisory Circuit
  • TPS3707-33D: Processor Supervisory Circuit with Power-Fail
  • TPS3705-50D: Processor Supervisory Circuit with Power-Fail
  • TPS3838K33DBVR: Ultra Low CU Rrent Supervisory Circuit
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Capital Tech Solderless Breadboards

Capital Tech Solderless Breadboards 

Buy Capital Tech Solderless Breadboards Items Including
  • 9163: Proto-Board 14/16 SOIC 16PIN SIP (Solderless Breadboards)
  • 9161: Surfboard Surface Mount Adapter (Solderless Breadboards)
  • 9081: Mini Surfboard Breadboard for SMD (Prototyping Systems)
  • 33205: 5 Pin SMD Breadboard Adapter (Prototyping Systems)
  • 9082: Provision for on-Board Bypass Capacitor 8 Pins SOIC
Category: Solderless Breadboards
Hamlin Relays

Hamlin Relays 

Buy Hamlin Relays Items Including
  • HE3621A0510: HE3600 Electromechanical Relay Single Pole
  • HE3621A0500: HE3600 Miniature PC Mount Relay (Reed)
  • HE721A0510: HE700 5VDC 0.5A Reed Relay (DIP)
  • HE721C1200: HE700 DIP Reed Relay SPDT -Co
  • HE3321C1200: Reed Relay
Category: Reed
St Micro Transistors

St Micro Transistors 

Buy St Micro Transistors Items Including
  • TIP147: Complementary Silicon Power Darlington Transistors
  • STGF6NC60HD: 20W Igbt Transistor Configuration: Single
  • BU931T: Darlington BJT for More About Transistors Click Here
  • MJE350: Transistor PNP Silicon Power 300VFOR More About Transistors
  • STP16NF06L: 16A 60V 0.1 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
Category: Darlington
Spectrum Control Power Connectors

Spectrum Control Power Connectors 

Buy Spectrum Control Power Connectors Items Including
  • SCI-3112-000: Resin Sealed Bolt-in Filter (Power Connectors)
  • 9900-381-6004: Resin Sealed Bolt-in Filter (Power Connectors)
Category: AC Power Line Filters
Fairchild Semiconductor Optocouplers

Fairchild Semiconductor Optocouplers 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Optocouplers Items Including
  • MOC207-M: 1 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • MOC223M: Small Outline Optocoupler
  • 4N25SR2-M: 1 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • MOC206M: 1 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • H11L1SR2M: Optocoupler Logic-Output Open Collector DC-in 1 CHANNEL6 Pin Pdip SMD White T/R
Category: Optocouplers (SMD)
Major Brands Latch

Major Brands Latch 

Buy Major Brands Latch Items Including
  • 74LS375N: SN 4 Bit Bistable Latches DIP-16 (Logic)
  • CD4043: Quad nor R-S Latch with 3 State DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4044: Quad Nand R-S Latch with 3 State DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4099: 8 Bit ADDRessable Latch Wide Supply Voltage Range: 3.0V to 15V (4000 Series)
  • 74LS279: LS Quad Set/Reset Latch DIP-16 (74LS Series)
Category: 4000 Series
Tamiya America Gear Boxes

Tamiya America Gear Boxes 

Buy Tamiya America Gear Boxes Items Including
  • 70097: Twin Motor Gear Box Size: 75 X 50 X 23 Mm (Mechanical)
  • 70168: Tamiya Double Gearbox Kit (Gear Boxes)
Category: Gear Boxes
Electronic Regulator

Electronic Regulator 

Buy Electronic Regulator Items Including
  • ADS6818-1505-WD-0530: AC-to-DC Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • CNR2260: 6W Regulated AC/DC Wall Adapter Power Supply
  • 7906A: Negative Voltage Regulator Package: TO-220/3
  • DV-580R: 4 Watt AC-to-DC Regulated Linear Wall Adapter
  • VM7-150-5%B: Dual Low Drop Voltage Regulator
Category: Wall Transformers
P3 International Test & Measurement

P3 International Test & Measurement 

Buy P3 International Test & Measurement Items Including
  • P4400: Kill a Watt™ Energy Consumption Meter
  • P4482: Kill a Watt® Control -Power Monitor & Automatic Timer
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Texas Instruments Decoder & Demux

Texas Instruments Decoder & Demux 

Buy Texas Instruments Decoder & Demux Items Including
  • SN74LS47N: 74LS47 BCD to 7 Segment Decoder/ Driver (Logic)
  • SN74LS139AN: DIP-16 2 to 4 Line Decoder/Multipexer (Logic)
  • CD4511BE: BCD to 7 Latch/Decoder/Driver DIP-16
  • SN7445N: Bcd-to-Decimal Decoder/Driver (Logic)
  • SN74LS138N: 74LS138 1 of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer
Category: Decoder and Demux
Texas Instruments Transceivers

Texas Instruments Transceivers 

Buy Texas Instruments Transceivers Items Including
  • SN74LS245N: Octal Bus Transceivers with 3 St Outputs DIP20
  • SN74LVC245APW: Octal Bus Transceiver with 3 State Outputs
  • SN74AHCT245PW: Ahct/Vhct/VT Series 8 Bit Transceiver (Logic)
  • SN74LVC4245ADW: Octal Bus Transceiver and 3.3V to 5V Shifter with 3 State Outputs
  • SN74LVCC3245ADW: Octal Bus Transceiver with Adjustable Output Voltage and 3 State Outputs
Category: Bus Transceiver
Adam Tech Display Port

Adam Tech Display Port 

Buy Adam Tech Display Port Items Including
  • DPC-F-S-RA-SMT-P-15: Displayport Receptacle (Display Port)
  • MDPC-S-RA: Mini Displayport Receptacle (Display Port)
Category: Display Port
Lascar Electronics Test & Measurement

Lascar Electronics Test & Measurement 

Buy Lascar Electronics Test & Measurement Items Including
  • K-TYPE PROBE 1M5(YELLOW): Probe K-Type Thermocouple (Test & Measurement)
  • EL-USB-3: Voltage USB Data Logger (Test & Measurement)
  • V1: 3½ Digit LCD Voltmeter Module
  • EL-USB-2-LCD+: Temperature and Relative Humidity USB Data Logger with LCD
  • EL-USB-1: USB Temperature Data Logger
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
OSRAM Sylvania Optoisolators

OSRAM Sylvania Optoisolators 

Buy OSRAM Sylvania Optoisolators Items Including
  • BPW34: Silicon Photodiode with Daylight Filter
  • BPW34FA: Silicon PIN Photodiode with Daylight Filter
Category: Optoisolators
Telephone Electronics

Telephone Electronics 

Buy Telephone Electronics Items Including
  • 5-558530-3: Connector Telephone/Telecom PL 8 Position 1.02MM Crimp Straight Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Box Cat 5
  • RJ11-4P4C: 7 Ft RJ11 Gray Telephone Cable Color: Grey
  • VM144: Telephone Ring Detector with Relay Output Pre-Assembled Module
  • K8086: Telephone Ring Detector with Relay Output KIT Requires Assembly
  • K6502: Thermostat with Remote Control Via the Telephone (Sensors)
Category: Automation
Tech Spray Chemicals

Tech Spray Chemicals 

Buy Tech Spray Chemicals Items Including
  • 1672-10S: High Precision Diagnostic Freeze Spray Contains no Cfcs, Hfcs
  • 1978-DP: Heatsink Compound 4 Oz Tube (Chemicals)
  • 1671-15S: 15 Oz Non-Flammable Aerosol Duster Size: 15 Ounces (Chemicals)
  • 1622-10S: Contact Cleaner 10 OZ Aeros can CFC Free EPA Snap 12/CS
  • 1621-10S: Ecoline™ Flux Remover General Purpose Defluxer (Miscellaneous)
Category: Miscellaneous
Texas Instruments LVDS Circuits SMD

Texas Instruments LVDS Circuits SMD 

Buy Texas Instruments LVDS Circuits SMD Items Including
  • SN65LVDS3487D: Dual Line Driver PDSO16 ( LVDS Circuits (SMD) )
  • DS90LV027ATM/NOPB: Dual Line Driver PDSO8 ( LVDS Circuits (SMD) )
  • SN65MLVD204AD: Line Transceiver PDSO8 ( LVDS Circuits (SMD) )
  • DS90CR287MTD/NOPB: 85MHZ 3.3V 28BIT Xmit ( LVDS Circuits (SMD) )
  • DS90LV048ATM: Gull Wing 3V LVDS Quad Flo-Thru Rcvr (Interface)
Category: LVDS Circuits (SMD)
Murata Electronics Trimmer SMD Ceramic

Murata Electronics Trimmer SMD Ceramic 

Buy Murata Electronics Trimmer SMD Ceramic Items Including
  • TZB4P400BB10R00: TZB4 Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
  • TZB4Z100AB10R00: Capacitor Variable Ceramic 100V 3 pf -10 pf
  • TZB4Z060BB10B00: TZB4 Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
  • TZB4Z250AB10R00: TZB4 Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
  • TZV2Z030A110R00: TZV2 Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
Category: Trimmer (SMD) Ceramic

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