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Major Brands Rectifiers Selection

Major Brands Rectifiers Selection 

Buy Major Brands Rectifiers Selection Items Including
  • 1N5408-R: 1000V 3A Rectifier Diode High Current Capability: 3.0A
  • 1N1188: Diode 40A 400V Silicon Stud Rectifier Diode
  • 1N4004: Diode Silicon Controlled Rectifier ( SCR ) 1 Amps 400 Volts DO-41
  • 1N4007: Diode Silicon Controlled Rectifier ( SCR ) 1 Amps 1000 Volts DO-41
  • 1N4007-R: Diode Silicon Rectifier 1N40071A 1000V PRV
Category: Rectifiers Selection
Fairchild Semiconductor Optocouplers SMD

Fairchild Semiconductor Optocouplers SMD 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Optocouplers SMD Items Including
  • MOC207-M: 1 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • MOC223M: Small Outline Optocoupler
  • 4N25SR2-M: 1 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • MOC206M: 1 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • H11L1SR2M: Optocoupler Logic-Output Open Collector DC-in 1 CHANNEL6 Pin Pdip SMD White T/R
Category: Optocouplers (SMD)
Velleman Measurement

Velleman Measurement 

Buy Velleman Measurement Items Including
  • K3502: Parking Radar Kit 55 Pieces (Measurement)
  • K8067: Temperature Sensor Kit (Test & Measurement)
  • BATTEST: Pocket Battery Tester AAA (LR3) (Test & Measurement)
  • DVM501: Digital Multimeter with Sound/Light/Humidity/Temperature Measurement Capabilites with 20 Ranges 10A
  • DVM890L: Digital Multimeter with Temperature/Capacitance Measurement Capabilities and 29 Ranges 20A
Category: Environmental
Texas Instruments 74HC Series

Texas Instruments 74HC Series 

Buy Texas Instruments 74HC Series Items Including
  • SN74HC193D: 74HC Series SYN Positive Edge Triggered 4 Bit Bidirectional Binary Counter
  • SN74HC04PW: Standard Logic 74HC Series Package: TSSOP-14
  • CD74HC132E: HC Series Quad 2 Input Nand Gate PDIP14
  • SN74HC04N: 74HC Series HEX 1 Input Invert Gate PDIP14
  • SN74HC245N: DIP-20 Octal Bus Transceiver (74HC Series)
Category: 74HC Series (SMD)
Parallax Batteries

Parallax Batteries 

Buy Parallax Batteries Items Including
  • 700-00038: 4 AA Battery Holder with 2.1MM Barrel Plug
  • 752-00010: ELEV-8 11.1V 3.3 Li-Po Battery Long Battery Life (Rechargeable)
  • 30078: Boe-Boost Module 7.5 Volt 58X33X15MM AA Battery (More Products)
  • 32335: Robot Shield with Arduino Complete -just Add Batteries!
  • 28986: Li-Ion Power Pack / Charger -2 Cell (Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) )
Category: Holders & Clips
Panasonic Corp Snap Mount Electrolytic

Panasonic Corp Snap Mount Electrolytic 

Buy Panasonic Corp Snap Mount Electrolytic Items Including
  • ECE-T2HP331EL: 330µF Snap-Mount Electrolytic Capacitor
  • ECE-T2HP421FL: Capacitor Snap 420 uf 500 Volt 20% +85C Alum Electrolytic 40MM X 10MM LS 4 Pin
  • ECO-S1HP153DA: Electrolytic Capacitor Value:15000 uf
  • ECE-S2WA331DZ: AL Lyt Snap-in Tsha 105C Std Term (Capacitors)
  • ECE-T16R332SW: 3300µF 16V Radial Capacitor Value: 3300µ
Category: Snap Mount Electrolytic
Epcos Ag Inductors

Epcos Ag Inductors 

Buy Epcos Ag Inductors Items Including
  • B82111BC17: 1 Element 6 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor (Chokes)
  • B82432C1105K: 1 Element 1000 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor SMD
  • B82432T1473K: 1 Element 47 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor SMD
  • B82442A1272K: 1 Element 2.7 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor SMD
  • B82442A1822K: 1 Element 8.2 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor SMD
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Major Brands Amplifiers SMD

Major Brands Amplifiers SMD 

Buy Major Brands Amplifiers SMD Items Including
  • NE5532: OP Amp Dual General Purpose ±20 Volt 8 Pin DIP (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • TL084CD: OP Amp SOIC Linear Series (Amplifiers (SMD) )
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Newhaven Display PCB Connectors

Newhaven Display PCB Connectors 

Buy Newhaven Display PCB Connectors Items Including
  • NHD-COG14-36: Various Pitch SMT Adapter 2.54MM Thru-Holes
  • NHD-FFC37: Adapter 37PIN FFC to Thru Hole, (FFC/Fpc)
Category: PCB Adapter
Amp/Tyco Electronics BNC

Amp/Tyco Electronics BNC 

Buy Amp/Tyco Electronics BNC Items Including
  • 227222-3: Vert Jack with Mounting Pins BNC PCB
  • 226990-3: Connector RF Right Angle Jack BNC PCB
  • 227699-1: Connector BNC Receptacle 50 Ohm Straight through Hole Silver
  • 413558-1: 413558 Jack Right Angle PCB 75 Ohm BNC
  • 414094-2: Jack Decoupler Right Angle 75 Ohm BNC
Category: RF Connectors
Major Brands Transistors

Major Brands Transistors 

Buy Major Brands Transistors Items Including
  • CA3046N: Linear NPN Transistor Array DIP-14
  • CA3086N: Linear NPN Transistor Array DIP-14
  • 2N2222A: Transistor NPN General Purpose Small Signal 40V TO-18 (Bipolar)
  • 2N3906: Transistor PNP General Purpose Small Signal 40V TO-92
  • 2N7000: Transistor Mosfet N-Channel 60V 0.3A TO-92
Category: Transistor Arrays
Mean Well DC-DC Converters

Mean Well DC-DC Converters 

Buy Mean Well DC-DC Converters Items Including
  • DET01L-05: DET01L 1 Watt DC-DC Unregulated Dual Output Converter
  • DET01M-05: DET01M 1 Watt DC-DC Unregulated Dual Output Converter
  • DET01L-09: DET01L 1 Watt DC-DC Unregulated Dual Output Converter
  • DET01M-09: DET01M 1 Watt DC-DC Unregulated Dual Output Converter
  • DET01L-12: DET01L 1 Watt DC-DC Unregulated Dual Output Converter
Category: Encapsulated
Wiznet Technology Development Tools

Wiznet Technology Development Tools 

Buy Wiznet Technology Development Tools Items Including
  • W5200E01-M3: W5200E01 M3 is the Evaluation Board to Test and Prototyping Development for W5200
  • WIZ610WI-EVB: Wireless Specifications (Networking)
  • WIZ200WEB: Embedded Web Server Module with ATMEGA128 & W5300
  • WIZ812MJ: W5100 Embedded Network Module Four PCB Throughhole
  • WIZ6000: External WiFi Device Server Serial to WiFi
Category: Networking
Amp/Tyco Electronics Accessories

Amp/Tyco Electronics Accessories 

Buy Amp/Tyco Electronics Accessories Items Including
  • 5745173-1.: AMP D-Sub Accessories #3 Diecast Shield
  • 1658744-1: Connector Accessories Amp/Tyco
  • 275442-1: Cable Accessories Amp/Tyco, (Assortments)
  • 4-1437284-3: Connector Accessories Amp/Tyco
  • 499252-5: Amp-Latch Connector Strain Relief 10POS
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Delta Electronics Power Connectors

Delta Electronics Power Connectors 

Buy Delta Electronics Power Connectors Items Including
  • 01MK2: Filter 1A PCB Mounting Vert (Power Connectors)
  • 01GEEG3E (1ED1): Straight EMI Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 05DRDG3S(5ER7): DR EMI Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 06A2D: Male AC Power Entry Module
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Fairchild Semiconductor Infrared

Fairchild Semiconductor Infrared 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Infrared Items Including
  • QSE114: Plastic Silicon Infrared Phototransistor
  • QED223.: T1 3/4 Round 5MM Plastic Infrared Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • QSB34GR: Hotosensor.Pin Diode (Infrared)
  • QSE122: Detector.Bin for Abbott Transfer/M
Category: Phototransistor Infrared LEDs
General Instruments TVS SMD

General Instruments TVS SMD 

Buy General Instruments TVS SMD Items Including
  • SMCJ12CA-E3/57T: 1500W Bidirectional Silicon (TVS (SMD) )
  • SMBJ6.5A-E3/52: 600W Unidirectional Silicon (TVS (SMD) )
Category: TVS (SMD)
Raychem Electronics

Raychem Electronics 

Buy Raychem Electronics Items Including
  • RUEF135: Radial Leaded Device for Electronic Application
  • RXEF185K: Fuses Reset 72V 40A 1.85A Ihld
  • SMD050F-2-T/R: Capacitor Ceramic SMT 0805 820pf
  • SMD075F/60-2: Reset 30V MAX 40A Imax
  • SMD125F-2: Reset 15V 40A Imax 1.25A Ihld
Category: Fuses
Amphenol Adapter

Amphenol Adapter 

Buy Amphenol Adapter Items Including
  • 112437: BNC Connector Adapter Jack to Jack Bulkhead 50 Ohm
  • 132170: SMA Connector Adapter Bulkhead Jack-to-Jack
  • 901-125-11SF: SMA Cable Terminated Male-Female RF Right Angled Adapter
  • 31-220N-RFX: Panel Mount Cable Terminated Female RF Straight Adapter
  • 31-208-RFX: BNC Female-Male-Female RF TEE Adapter Jack-Plug-Jack
Category: RF Connectors
St Micro Multiplexer

St Micro Multiplexer 

Buy St Micro Multiplexer Items Including
  • M74HC151RM13TR: HC Series 8 Line to 1 Line Multiplexer Complementary Output
  • M74HC4053RM13TR: M74HC4053 Triple 2 Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
  • HCF4051BEY: HCF4051B 8 Channel Single Ended Multiplexer PDIP16 (Analog/Linear)
  • HCF4053BEY: HCF4053B Triple 2 Channel SGL Ended Multiplexer PDIP16
  • HCF4052BEY: Analog Multiplexer Dual 4:1 16 Pin Pdip Tube (Logic)
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Aries Electronics Interconnects

Aries Electronics Interconnects 

Buy Aries Electronics Interconnects Items Including
  • 16-600-10: Connector DIP Adapter Header 16 Position 2.54MM Solder Straight through Hole
  • 28-526-10: 526 Socket ZIF 28PIN Low-Pro
  • 08-350000-11-RC: Connector Socket Adapter RC SOIC to 8DIP
  • 24-6554-10-R: Socket ZIF 24PIN Tin Contact .3 Inch To.6 Inch
  • 40-6554-11: Socket ZIF40DIP.600 RH Down on Soldr Tail Gold
Category: Sockets
Augat Sockets

Augat Sockets 

Buy Augat Sockets Items Including
  • 540-AG11D: Socket IC 40PIN 540 AG11D Machnined
  • 828-AG11D-ES-LF: Socket IC 28PIN 828 AG11D-Eslf Mach
  • 528-AG11D: Socket Assembly 528 AG11D
  • 818-AG11D: Connector DIP Socket 18 Position 2.54MM Solder Straight through Hole Tube
  • 508-AG11D: Socket Assembly 508 AG11D
Category: Sockets
Velleman Accessories

Velleman Accessories 

Buy Velleman Accessories Items Including
  • VTHDS6: Drill & Grinder Accessories -188 Pcs Sanding Bands: 19 Pcs (Tools)
  • VTHD23BU: Rechargeable Power Drill with 34 Accessories (Tools)
  • GP8200: Glass Bed Panel for K8200 3D Printer
  • BIT/DESOL3: Vacuum Desoldering Pump Tip (Soldering Equipment)
  • BELT6T5/1500/SP: Rubber Toothed Belt for K8200 -3D Printer (Spare Part)
Category: Power Tools
Avago Technologies Bipolar SMD

Avago Technologies Bipolar SMD 

Buy Avago Technologies Bipolar SMD Items Including
  • AT-42000-GP4: At-42000 GP4 Transistor SI DIE (Bipolar (SMD) )
  • AT-32011-BLKG: UHF Band Si NPN RF Small Signal Transistor
  • AT-32033-TR1G: UHF Band Si NPN RF Small Signal Transistor
  • AT-41511-TR1G: UHF Band Si NPN RF Small Signal Transistor
Category: Bipolar (SMD)
Velleman Multimeters

Velleman Multimeters 

Buy Velleman Multimeters Items Including
  • DVM810: Mini 3-1/2 Digit Multimeter -19 Ranges (Test & Measurement)
  • DVM850BL: 3-1/2 Digit Multimeter with Backlight and Protective Holster
  • AVM360: Analog Multimeter DC and DC Max 1000 Volt 5.8X3.9X1.4 Inch
  • AVM460: Analog Multimeter (with Holster & Battery Test)
  • DVM3218: Pen Type Digital Multimeter Auto Range or Manual Range
Category: Multimeters
Tyco Switch

Tyco Switch 

Buy Tyco Switch Items Including
  • MTA306D: MT Miniature Toggle Switch
  • MSTA106D: SPDT Toggle Switch 125V 6A
  • MPA406N: 4PDT Pushbutton Switch
  • MTA406P: Toggle Switch Four Pole -Double Throw Configuration
  • 54792-2: 54792 Preprogrammed DIP Switch
Category: Toggle
Blue Max Technology Electronic Design

Blue Max Technology Electronic Design 

Buy Blue Max Technology Electronic Design Items Including
  • BTV-001A: Bug Tray Blue Vertical Ribs 5 Compartments no Lid
  • BTO-001: Bug Tray Blue Open Frame no Lid (Plastic)
Category: Plastic
Molex Connectors

Molex Connectors 

Buy Molex Connectors Items Including
  • 15-24-4742: 8981 4 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 731375003: Panel Mount Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 731000067: Panel Mount Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 731010120: Panel Mount Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 10845060: 42002 6 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
Category: RF Connectors
Major Brands Optoisolators

Major Brands Optoisolators 

Buy Major Brands Optoisolators Items Including
  • MOC3023M: Optoisolator DIP-6 Triac Driver (Opto Components)
  • MOC3020M: Optoisolator DIP-6 Triac Driver (Opto Components)
  • MOC3041M.: MOC3041M Optoisolator MOC3041 DIP-6 Triac Driver (Opto Components)
  • PS2501-1: Optoisolator DIP-4 Single Transistor Photocoupler (Opto Components)
  • PS2501-2: Single Transistor Photocoupler DIP-8 (Optoisolators)
Category: Optoisolators
Omron Switches

Omron Switches 

Buy Omron Switches Items Including
  • B3F-1000: Tactile Switch Bounce Time: 10 Msec
  • A8L-21-11N2: Switch Channelrocker on off Dpstraight Solder Curved Rocker 10A 250VAC 50000CYCLES Box
  • V-16G-1C25: SPDT Basic Miniature Switch (Snap)
  • B32-1010: Tactile Black KEY CAP BLK (Switches)
  • B32-1200: Tactile Light Grey KEY Top BLK (Switches)
Category: Switches

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