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Owi Robots Solar Kits

Owi Robots Solar Kits 

Buy Owi Robots Solar Kits Items Including
  • OWI-MSK670: Frightened Grasshopper Solar Kit (Alternative Energy (Solar) )
  • OWI-MSK610: 6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit Solar Panel Output: 75MA
  • OWI-MSK679: 71 Piece Solar System Kit Solar Panel Output: 75MA
  • OWI-MSK614: T3 Transforming Mini Solar Robot Kit -Tank/Robot/Scorpion
  • OWI-MSK671: Super Solar Racing Car Age: 10+ (Alternative Energy (Solar) )
Category: Solar Kits
Electromechanical Infrared

Electromechanical Infrared 

Buy Electromechanical Infrared Items Including
  • SEP8736-002: AlGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode (Sensors)
  • SE1470-004: AlGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode (Sensors)
  • SE2470-002: 1 Element Infrared LED 880 Nm (Sensors)
  • SE3455-004: GaAs Infrared Emitting Diode (Sensors)
  • SE5455-002: GaAs Infrared Emitting Diode (Sensors)
Category: Infrared
Silver Mica & Dipped Passive Components

Silver Mica & Dipped Passive Components 

Buy Silver Mica & Dipped Passive Components Items Including
  • DM102: 1000pf Silver Mica Capacitor
  • CD5FC101JO3: CDE Mica Capacitors 100PF300VJ
  • CD5FC101JO3: CDE Mica Capacitors 100PF300VJ
  • DM471: Capacitor Dipped Silver Mica 5% 470pf 500V
  • CD15FD221JO3: CDE Mica Capacitors 220PF500VJ
Category: Dipped Silver Mica
National Semiconductor Video

National Semiconductor Video 

Buy National Semiconductor Video Items Including
  • LM1203N: RGB Wideband Video Amplifier
  • LM1881N: Multimedia Misc Video Sync Separator
  • LM386N-3: Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM386N-1: -Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM1875T: -20W Audio Power Amplifier
Category: Audio and Video
Astec Power Isolated DC-to-DC

Astec Power Isolated DC-to-DC 

Buy Astec Power Isolated DC-to-DC Items Including
  • PTH12010WAD: Module DC-DC 1 Output 1.2V to 5.5V 12A 66W
  • CXA10-48S05J: Module DC-DC 1 Output 5V 2A 10W 6 Pin (Open Frame)
  • AIF04ZPFC-01L: Module DC-DC 1 Output 380V 1600W 24 Pin Brick (Open Frame)
  • LDO03C-005W05-HJ: LDO03C Module DC-DC 1 Output 0.59V to 5.1V 3A 15W
  • LDO03C-005W05-VJ: LDO03C Module DC-DC 1 Output 0.59V to 5.1V 3A 15W
Category: Open Frame
Automation Educational Kits

Automation Educational Kits 

Buy Automation Educational Kits Items Including
  • K8055: USB Experiment Interface Board Kit Diagnostic / Test Software:
  • 28107: Boe-Bot Digital Encoder Kit Wheel Position Controlled Navigation
  • K2633: 4 Channel Relay Card Kit (Automation)
  • K8090: 8 Channel USB Relay Card Kit Expert Level Kit with 124 Pieces
  • K8015: Multifunction Relay Switch Kit Total Solder Points: 85
Category: Automation
Digital ICs & Semiconductors

Digital ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Digital ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • ADM1027ARQZ: Temperature Sensor Digital Serial 2 Wire/3 Wire 24 Pin Qsop Tube
  • ADM1024ARUZ: Analog Thermal & Voltage Monitor IC
  • ADM1030ARQZ: Digital Temperature Sensor-Serial 8BIT 1CEL
  • DSPB56367AG150: 24 Bit Digital Signal Processor
  • AD5161BRMZ10: Gull Wing 100K Digital Potentiometer
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
Nxp/Philips Series ICs & Semiconductors

Nxp/Philips Series ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Nxp/Philips Series ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • P82B715TD,112: P82B715TD 112 I2C Bus Exten DER (Nxp/Philips Series)
  • P87C552SBAA,512: 8 Bit Otprom 16 MHz Microcontroller PQCC68
  • PCA9554ADB,112: Remote 8 Bit I2C and Smbus I/O Expander with Interrupt Output and Configuration Registers
  • P87LPC762BD,512: 8 Bit Otprom 20 MHz Microcontroller PDSO20
  • P87C51FB-4N,112: 8 Bit Otprom 16 MHz Microcontroller PDIP40
Category: Nxp/Philips Series
Audio Computer Products

Audio Computer Products 

Buy Audio Computer Products Items Including
  • PCUSBSND: USB Audio Controller (Miscellaneous)
  • VMS4N: Audio/Video Selector-4 Inputs and 1 Output (Switches)
  • 900-00018: Veho 360 Speaker -2.4W 36MM 4 Ohm 100-20000HZ 3.5MM Plug USB Cable
  • HF-01: Clip-on Lapel Microphone (Headphones)
  • HSMT1: Telephone and Multimedia Headset with Microphone (Headphones)
Category: Miscellaneous
Phihong Power Supplies & Wall Adapters

Phihong Power Supplies & Wall Adapters 

Buy Phihong Power Supplies & Wall Adapters Items Including
  • PSM11R-050-USB: AC to DC Power Supply Wall Adapter/Transformer Output: 5VDC
  • PSAA20R-120: AC-to-DC Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • PSA11R-120.: 10W Interchangeable Plug-Type Wall Adapter Input: 90-264VAC
  • PSA08R-050: 5 Watt Wall Adapter Interchangeable Plug Series us Plug Included
  • PSC12R-120-R: PSC12R AC-to-DC Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
Category: Wall Transformers
Opto & Illumination Lamps

Opto & Illumination Lamps 

Buy Opto & Illumination Lamps Items Including
  • NE-2: Wire Terminal Neon Lamp A1A
  • NE-2E/A9A: Lamp #A9A (Ne-2E) Neon 65-120VAC .700MA
  • R9-71N-05-120V-YELLOW-R: Opto Lamp Panel Yellow Neon 120V Solder Terminals
  • R9-71N-05-120V-GREEN-R: Opto Lamp Panel Green Neon 120V Solder Terminals
  • NE-2H/C2A: Lamp #C2A (Ne-2H) Neon 65-120VAC 1.90MA
Category: Neon Lamps
Diodes, Ultrafast Diodes & Rectifiers

Diodes, Ultrafast Diodes & Rectifiers 

Buy Diodes, Ultrafast Diodes & Rectifiers Items Including
  • HFA08TB60PBF: 9A Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • US1M-13-F: Rectifier Diode Signal 1A 1000V Silicon
  • HFA30PA60CPBF: 15A Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • HFA08TB120PBF: 8A 1200V Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • MUR1520PBF: 15A 200V Silicon Rectifier Diode
Category: Ultrafast Diodes
Opto, Illumination Infrared LEDs & Phototransistors

Opto, Illumination Infrared LEDs & Phototransistors 

Buy Opto, Illumination Infrared LEDs & Phototransistors Items Including
  • BPW77NA: TO-18 NPN Silicon Phototransistor
  • OP506C: NPN Silicon Phototransistor (Discrete LEDs )
  • QSE122: Detector.Bin for Abbott Transfer/M
  • OPS692: 3.18 Mm Slot Width 1 Channel Slotted Optical Switch Transistor Output
  • RPT-38PB3F: RPT-38 Photo Transistor T1 Radial .125 Inch Dia 5V@30MA 800NM 150MW
Category: Phototransistor Infrared LEDs
Incandescent, Panel Mount & Ind

Incandescent, Panel Mount & Ind 

Buy Incandescent, Panel Mount & Ind Items Including
  • F151-12G: 12 Volt Green Incandescent Panel Mount Lamp
  • 3335-4-50-183-A: Rectangular Incandescent Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • 3335-4-50-183-A-1001: Rectangular Incandescent Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • NN792-12V-12CM-RED: Panel Mount Lamp Red
  • NN792-12V-12CM-GRN: Panel Mount Lamp Green
Category: Incandescent, Panel Mount, Ind
Illumination High Power LEDs

Illumination High Power LEDs 

Buy Illumination High Power LEDs Items Including
  • MCDL-L20-350HPWWS: 1W Warm White High-Power LED (Illumination)
  • 313H1: 3W Pure White High-Power LED
  • MCDL-L20-350HPCWS: LED Hi-Power 1W White Flux 90LM 140° Viewing Angle
  • MCDL-L20-750HPCW: 4W High Power Cold White LED 3.7VF @ 1A
  • MCDL-L20-750HP3RE: 2W High Power Red LED 2.4VF @ 1A (Illumination)
Category: High Power LEDs
Radio/IR Controls

Radio/IR Controls 

Buy Radio/IR Controls Items Including
  • CJKIT-20564: Picaxe-Based IR Control Module Pair (Radio/Transmitter)
  • 350-00017: IR Transmitter Assembly Kit (Radio/IR Controls)
  • MK161: 2 Channel IR Remote Receiver Kit (Radio/IR Controls)
  • VM121: 15 Channel IR Transmitter (Radio/IR Controls)
  • VM122: 15 Channel IR Receiver (Radio/IR Controls)
Category: Transmitters
Solar Power Controllers

Solar Power Controllers 

Buy Solar Power Controllers Items Including
  • PSC-A05: 5A Solar Charge Controller
  • SOL5N: Portable Solar Panel Charger 12V 125MA
  • SOL8: Portable Briefcase Style Solar Panel Array
  • SOL4UCN2: Solar Panel Charge Controller for Use With: SOL8, SOL5N, SOL15
Category: Solar Power Controllers
RG6 Wire & Cable

RG6 Wire & Cable 

Buy RG6 Wire & Cable Items Including
  • RG6-3: Cable Assembly RG6 3 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm
  • RG6-6: Cable Assembly RG66 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm (RG6)
Category: RG6
Capacitive Load Cell Sensors

Capacitive Load Cell Sensors 

Buy Capacitive Load Cell Sensors Items Including
  • PUF-01K-LV1000-S: Iload Pro Digital USB™ Integrated Load Cell Kit
  • MFM-050-LV1000-S: Iload Mini™ Stainless Steel Miniature Load Cell Kit
  • TUF-010-LV1000-A: Iload TR Digital USB™ Integrated Load Cell Kit
  • PUF-100-LV1000-S: Iload Pro Digital USB™ Integrated Load Cell Kit
  • PUF-500-LV1000-S: Iload Pro Digital USB™ Integrated Load Cell Kit
Category: Capacitive Load Cell
Panasonic Corp Ceramic SMD

Panasonic Corp Ceramic SMD 

Buy Panasonic Corp Ceramic SMD Items Including
  • EEE-HA1H221P: Capacitor Aluminum 220uf 50V 20% (10 X 10.2MM) SMD 150MA 2000H 105C T/R
  • EEE-FK0J152P: Capacitor Aluminum 1500uf 6.3V 20% (10 X 10.2MM) SMD 850MA 2000H 105C T/R
  • EEF-CD0J220R: Capacitor Aluminum 22uf 6.3V 20% (7.3 X 4.3 X 1.8MM) SMD 0.04 Ohm 1600MA 1000H 105C Embossed T/R
  • EEF-CD1B220R: Capacitor Aluminum 22uf 12.5V 20% (7.3 X 4.3 X 1.8MM) SMD 0.03 Ohm 1600MA 1000H 105C Embossed T/R
  • EEV-FK1C152Q: Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 1500uf 16V 20% (12.5 X 13.5MM) SMD 0.06 Ohm 1100MA 2000H 105°C T/R
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Tires/Hubs/Tank Tracks

Tires/Hubs/Tank Tracks 

Buy Tires/Hubs/Tank Tracks Items Including
  • 28106: Boe-Bot Tank Tread Kit (Tires/Hubs/Tank Tracks)
  • 70100: Tank Track and Wheel Set (Mechanical)
  • 700-00009: 1 Inch Polyethylene Ball (Tires/Hubs/Tank Tracks)
  • 28109: Boe-Bot/Sumobot Wheel & Tire 1 Wheel and 2 Rubber Band Tires
  • 70108: Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit Motor: FA-130 (Mechanical)
Category: Tires/Hubs/Tank Tracks
Metal Film Passive Components

Metal Film Passive Components 

Buy Metal Film Passive Components Items Including
  • ERX-2SJXR39V: Resistor Metal Film 2W 5 % 350 Ppm 1.1 Ohm
  • B32529C1473K289: Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 100V 0.047 uf
  • B32529C224J: Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 63V 0.22 uf
  • B32529C473K: Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 63V 0.047 uf
  • B32654A224K: Capacitor Metallized Film Polypropylene 1000V 0.22 uf
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Display Drivers

Display Drivers 

Buy Display Drivers Items Including
  • LM3915N: 10 Segment Dot/Bar LED Display Driver
  • LM3915N-1: LM3915 10 Segment Dot/Bar LED Display Driver
  • LM3916N-1/NOPB: LM3916 -Dot/Bar Display Driver (Interface)
  • MAX7219CNG: Serially Interfaced 8 Digit LED Display Driver IC
  • LM3915N-1/NOPB: LM3915N-1 10 Segment Dot/Bar LED Display Driver (Lead Free)
Category: Display Drivers
Multiplexer or Switch

Multiplexer or Switch 

Buy Multiplexer or Switch Items Including
  • DG403DJ-E3: DG403 DG403DJ Linear Low-Power High-Speed CMOS Analog Switch DIP-16
  • DG419DY-E3: SPDT CMOS Analog Switch SO-8 35 Ohm
  • DG303BDJ: Dual 1 Channel Single Pole Double Throw Switch
  • DG212BDY: Quad 1 Channel Single Pole Single Throw Switch
  • DG641DY: 4 Channel Audio/Video Switch PDSO16
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Thick Film SMD Resistors

Thick Film SMD Resistors 

Buy Thick Film SMD Resistors Items Including
  • CRCW120610K0FKEA: 10K Ohms 1/4 Watts SMT Thick Film Resistor 10 Kohm
  • RK73B2ALTD182J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.125W 5 % 200 Ppm 1800 Ohm
  • RK73B2ALTD222J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.125W 5 % 200 Ppm 2200 Ohm
  • RK73B2ALTD270J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.125W 5 % 200 Ppm 27 Ohm
  • RK73B2ALTD274J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.125W 5 % 200 Ppm 270000 Ohm
Category: Thick Film (SMD)
Interconnects D Ribbon/Centronics

Interconnects D Ribbon/Centronics 

Buy Interconnects D Ribbon/Centronics Items Including
  • 10226-1A10PE: D-Sub Connectors 26 Positions SMT (D Ribbon/Centronics)
  • 10250-6212PC: .050 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 50 Position Vertical
  • 8510-4500PL: Polarized Boardmount Socket .100 × .100 (D Ribbon/Centronics)
  • N10250-52E2PC: Low Drop out TO-220 Bipolar 1.0A 1.3V 12V 3.3V Rohs 50PCS
  • 10326-3210-000: Shell 26/MDR/SHELL/SLIM Part Board Connector IDC
Category: D Ribbon/Centronics
Fairchild Semiconductor 74VHCT Series SMD

Fairchild Semiconductor 74VHCT Series SMD 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor 74VHCT Series SMD Items Including
  • 74VHCT04AM: Ahct/Vhct Series HEX 1 Input Invert Gate
  • 74VHC273MX: Ahc/Vhc Series Positive Edge Triggered D Flip-Flop
  • 74VHCT541AMTC: Octal Buf LIN E DRI W T.S OP
  • 74VHCT08AMTCX: Ahct/Vhct Quad 2 Input and Gate
Category: 74VHCT Series (SMD)
Audio/Video Fiber Optics

Audio/Video Fiber Optics 

Buy Audio/Video Fiber Optics Items Including
  • 1061521000: 106152 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 106161-0000: 106161 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 106170-0520: 106170 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 5492458-1: Connector Fiber Optics KIT MM CER 125UM
  • 106170-0000: Connector Fiber Optics BSC Back Panel Adapter ZR Sleeve (Audio/Video)
Category: Fiber Optics
Velleman Neon Lamps

Velleman Neon Lamps 

Buy Velleman Neon Lamps Items Including
  • FLROD1: Red Liquid Neon Light Tube 15&Quot
  • Red Lightning Neon Light Tube
  • FLROD2: Blue Liquid Neon Light Tube (Lamps)
  • LSL8B: LED Strip -Blue -3 ' 3 Inch -12VDC (Neon Lamps)
  • CHNWS1: Eight-Color EL Flash Stick SET (2 Pcs) for CAR Use (Lamps)
Category: Neon Lamps
Opto Components

Opto Components 

Buy Opto Components Items Including
  • ISTS150: Photointerrupter Opto-Electronic Interrupter
  • OPB829D: Slotted Optical Switch (Opto Components)
  • OPB847: Slotted Optical Switch (Opto Components)
  • OPB810L51: Wide GAP Slotted Optical Switch (Opto Components)
  • OPB857: Slotted Optical Switch (Opto Components)
Category: Optical Switches

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