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Plastic Knobs

Plastic Knobs 

Buy Plastic Knobs Items Including
  • JK-902C: Knob 1/4 Inch Shft Round Control with SET Screw
  • JK-902B: Knob 1/4 Inch Shaft 24MM Black with Set Screw
  • JK-904B: Knob 1/4 Inch Shaft 19.8MM Black/Yellow (Plastic)
  • JK-904D: Knob 1/4 Inch Shaft 19.8MM Black/Green (Plastic)
  • JK-904C: Knob 1/4 Inch Shaft 19.8MM Black/Blue (Plastic)
Category: Plastic
On Semiconductor Logic

On Semiconductor Logic 

Buy On Semiconductor Logic Items Including
  • M74VHC1GT04DFT1G: Inverting Buffer / CMOS Logic Level Shifter
  • M74VHC1GT125DF1G: Noninverting Buffer/ CMOS Logic Level Shifter with Lsttl-Compatible Inputs
  • MC14049BDG: Buffer/Converter 6 Channel Inverting CMOS 16 Pin SOIC Rail
  • NTD25P03LG: -25 AMP -30 Volt Logic Level P-Channel Dpak Power Mosfet
  • 2N6073AG: 400V 4A 4 Quadrant Logic Level Triac TO-225
Category: 74VHC Series
Fairchild Semiconductor 74AC Series SMD

Fairchild Semiconductor 74AC Series SMD 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor 74AC Series SMD Items Including
  • 74AC08SCX-T/R: And Quad 2 in (74AC Series (SMD) )
  • 74AC273MTCX: AC Series Octal Positive Edge Triggered D Flip-Flop
  • 74AC14SC: AC Fact STD HEX Schmitt Trigger
  • 74AC244SC: Fact STD Octal B Uffer/Line DR
  • 74AC04SC: AC Fact STD HEX Inverter (Cmo Logic)
Category: 74AC Series (SMD)
Hand Tools & Insert/Extract Tools

Hand Tools & Insert/Extract Tools 

Buy Hand Tools & Insert/Extract Tools Items Including
  • 91067-2: 91067 Tool Insert/Extraction
  • 91067-1: Tool Connector Insertion/Extraction
  • 11-03-0043-VP: Tool Extraction HT-319F Vp Multi-Series
  • 305183: Extract Tool Type 2 20-16
  • W-HT-2285: Connector Extraction Tool
Category: Insert/Extract Hand Tools
Panasonic Corp Panasonic Electric

Panasonic Corp Panasonic Electric 

Buy Panasonic Corp Panasonic Electric Items Including
  • EEC-HW0D506: HW Electric Double Layer Gold CAP (Capacitors)
  • EEC-F5R5U224: Capacitor 0.22F 5.5V -20% to 80% 1000 Hr (13.5 X 7.5MM) Radial Stacked Coin 5MM 70C Bulk
Category: Electric Double Layer
DIP Wire-Wrap

DIP Wire-Wrap 

Buy DIP Wire-Wrap Items Including
  • 6100-28DW-R: Socket IC 28PIN Machine Tooled Wire Wrap
  • T/W 6100-24W-R: Sckt IC 24PIN Machine Tooled Wire Wrap
  • 24S-T2WW: Socket IC 24PIN Wire Wrap Tin
  • 16S-T2WW-R: Socket IC 16 Pin Wire Wrap Tin .3 Inch Widthe .438 Inch Lead
  • ID-14-100: Socket Wrap ID 14PIN (DIP Wire-Wrap)
Category: DIP Wire-Wrap
Logic & Ttl 74LS Series

Logic & Ttl 74LS Series 

Buy Logic & Ttl 74LS Series Items Including
  • 74LS181: LS Arithmetic Logic Unit/Function Generator DIP-24 (74LS Series)
  • 74LS86: LS Quad Exclusive or Gate DIP-14 (74LS Series)
  • 74LS138: LS 3 to 8 Line Deoder/Demultiplexer DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • 74LS02: LS Quad 2 Input nor Gate DIP-14 (74LS Series)
  • 74LS74: LS Dual D-Yupe Flip Flop DIP-14 (74LS Series)
Category: 74LS Series
Computer Products Hubs

Computer Products Hubs 

Buy Computer Products Hubs Items Including
  • NET-LTHB-23: USB 4 Port HUB with Clock and Mood Light
  • HE2230: USB 2.0 3 Port Hub with Ethernet Adapter
  • HU2Z40: USB 2.0 4 Port Hub Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 (Data Rate 1.5/12/480 Mbps)
  • PCUSB16: USB 2.0 Hub (3 Ports) + Multicard Reader/Writer 32 Card Types
  • USB-2560: 4 Port Industrial USB 2.0 Hub (Miscellaneous)
Category: Hubs
Signal Generators/Analyzers

Signal Generators/Analyzers 

Buy Signal Generators/Analyzers Items Including
  • PCSGU250: All in One: USB PC Oscilloscope and Function Generator
  • 32115: Jtagulator 24 I/O Channels with Input Protection Circuitry
Category: Signal Generators/Analyzers
Flash SMD

Flash SMD 

Buy Flash SMD Items Including
  • S29AL032D70TFI040: X 16 F Lash 3V Prom 70 NS Terminal (Flash (SMD) )
  • HD64F3048VTF8: 16 Bit Flash 8 MHz Microcontroller
  • HD64F3694GFPI: Memory H8 300HT Flash
  • AD9057BRSZ-40: 1 Ch 8 Bit Flash Method ADC Parallel Access PDSO20
  • TLC0820AIDW: Analog to Digital Converter Single Flash 392KSPS 8 Bit Parallel 20 Pin SOIC Tube
Category: Flash (SMD)
Panasonic Corp Solid State

Panasonic Corp Solid State 

Buy Panasonic Corp Solid State Items Including
  • AQV212: Relay Solid State Opto Single Pole Single Throw
  • AQY225R1SX: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay Contact Form: SPST -No
  • AQY210S: Transistor Output Solid State Relay
  • AQW210S: Dual Transistor Output Solid State Relay
  • AQV212S: Relay Solid State Opto Single Pole Single Throw
Category: Solid State
Logic & BiCMOS 74ABT Series

Logic & BiCMOS 74ABT Series 

Buy Logic & BiCMOS 74ABT Series Items Including
  • SN74ABT16245ADL: 16 Bit Bus Transceiver (74ABT Series (SMD) )
  • 74ABT541N,602: ABT Octal Buffer/Line Driver (3 State) (74ABT Series)
  • SN74ABT244ADWR: Octal Bus DR Iver (74ABT Series (SMD) )
  • 74ABT541D,623: 74ABT541D 623 Octal Buffer/ (74ABT Series (SMD) )
  • 74ABT245D,602: Bus Transceiver 74ABT245D 602 Octal Xcvr 3 S (Bicmo Logic)
Category: 74ABT Series (SMD)
Electronic Design Components

Electronic Design Components 

Buy Electronic Design Components Items Including
  • G/S(GA9520)-R: Enclosure 20 Drawer Component Cabinet (Plastic)
  • GPB910-WHT: 14 Drawer Component Storage Cabinet (Plastic)
  • GPB-860: Clear Plastic Bucket Component Holder (Enclosures)
  • FR-29PC-100: 30MM PCB Mountable Speaker Round Frame Design
  • PG-3000: Field Oscillator Programming Instrument
Category: Plastic
Parallax Measurement

Parallax Measurement 

Buy Parallax Measurement Items Including
  • 29133: Compass Module 3 Axis HMC5883L Measures Earth's Magnetic Fields
  • 29140: Introduction to Sensors Kit Distance Detection (Measurement)
  • 32225: Understanding Signals with the Propscope Kit (Parts & Text)
  • 130-32000: PE Kit Project Parts Dual Operational Amplifier
  • 32220: Propscope 2 Channel Oscilloscope 25MSA/s 2 Input Channels
Category: Test & Measurement
Memory Module Interconnects

Memory Module Interconnects 

Buy Memory Module Interconnects Items Including
  • 390113-1: Socket Sdram 3.3MM HT 3.3V (Memory Module)
  • 390114-1: Socket Sdram 2.1MM HT 3.3V (Memory Module)
  • 5050871-1: D2P 100 POS 3.3V Sync Dram (Memory Module)
  • N7E50-7516PK-20: N7E50-7516 PK-20 50/MEMORY GPP SMA 1.0A 400V Rohs 5K
  • 89415-6841: 68 Contact Female Right Angle Pcmcia Connector Surface Mount
Category: Memory Module
Lighting Education & Hobby Kits

Lighting Education & Hobby Kits 

Buy Lighting Education & Hobby Kits Items Including
  • MK125: Light Sensitive Switch Kit Wide-Range Adjustable Sensitivity
  • RS-LBI: Reinventing Edison: Build your Own Light Bulb
  • CJKIT-20314: Fun Light Switch Box Soldering Iron and Solder (Games)
  • MK124: Scrolling Message Kit Uses PIC16C58 IC (Lighting)
  • MK183: USB Surface Mount Christmas Tree Kit Miniature Size Gadget
Category: Lighting
Computer Products Cameras

Computer Products Cameras 

Buy Computer Products Cameras Items Including
  • X193UA-BK: 8 Megapixel Webcam with Built-in Microphone (USB)
  • X193UA-RD: 8 Megapixel Webcam with Built-in Microphone Red
  • X193UA-GN: 8 Megapixel Webcam with Built-in Microphone Green
  • X193UA-BL: 8 Megapixel Webcam with Built-in Microphone Blue
  • SZ-T01UA-WT: White 8MP 30FPS Web Cam with Built-in Microphone and Light
Category: USB
Cts Crystals SMD

Cts Crystals SMD 

Buy Cts Crystals SMD Items Including
  • ATS037SM-T: Ats-Sm Crystals SMD 20pf, (Frequency Control)
  • ATS042SM-T: Ats-Sm Crystals SMD 20pf, (Frequency Control)
  • ATS040SM-T: Ats-Sm Crystals SMD 20pf, (Frequency Control)
  • ATS08ASM-T: Ats-Sm Crystals SMD 20pf, (Frequency Control)
  • CB3-3C-10.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
Category: Crystals
Bridge Rectifiers

Bridge Rectifiers 

Buy Bridge Rectifiers Items Including
  • GBPC1206: Diode Bridge Rectifier 12A 600V Gbpc Package
  • KBU4M-E4/51: 4A 1000V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • GBJ2506-F: 25A 600V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • DF10M-E3/45: 1A 1000V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • KBP202G: 2A 200V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Hewlett-Packard(H/P) Opto & Illumination

Hewlett-Packard(H/P) Opto & Illumination 

Buy Hewlett-Packard(H/P) Opto & Illumination Items Including
  • 5082-7611: Single Digit 7 Segment LED Display (7 Segment)
  • HLMP-4700: T-1 3/4 Single Color LED RED 5 Mm
  • HDSP-4840: Single Color LED Array Yellow 5.08 Mm (Light Bar)
  • HDSP-7801: 7 Segment Numeric High Performance Green Single Digit LED Display
  • HLMP-2400: Single Color LED Yellow 8.89 Mm (IrLED)
Category: 7 Segment
Axial Electrolytic

Axial Electrolytic 

Buy Axial Electrolytic Items Including
  • KA220025H1628: Aluminum Axial Electrolytic Capacitor
  • A47/50: A 47uf Axial Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 140-TEA472M1EBK1837P: A Miniature Aluminum Axial Electrolytic Capacitor
  • A10/50: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Axial 20% 10uf 50V
  • A100/50: A Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Axial 20% 100uf
Category: Axial Electrolytic
Analog/Linear Voltage-Regs & Switching SMD

Analog/Linear Voltage-Regs & Switching SMD 

Buy Analog/Linear Voltage-Regs & Switching SMD Items Including
  • LT1371CSWPBF: 3A Switching Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LT1534CS-1: 2A Switching Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LT1070CT: 5A Switching Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LT1376ISPBF: 3A Switching Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LT1956EGN: High Voltage 1.5A (Analog/Linear)
Category: Switching (SMD) Voltage-Regs
Dot-Matrix LED Displays

Dot-Matrix LED Displays 

Buy Dot-Matrix LED Displays Items Including
  • 32324: 8X8 RGB LED Matrix Display Module (Dot-Matrix)
  • LTP-2057AKR: Numeric Displays Module 35LED Sup (Dot-Matrix)
Category: Dot-Matrix
Soldering Equipment

Soldering Equipment 

Buy Soldering Equipment Items Including
  • KESTER 83-4000-0000: 0.031 Inch Solder Pocket Pack
  • KESTER 83-7145-0415: Silver Electronic Solder
  • 24-6337-6403: Kester 63/37 Organic Core Solder Roll
  • 24-6040-0027: Kester "44 Inch ® 60/40 Solder Type: Wire
  • RD-7339B: 150 Watt Miniature Solder Pot
Category: Solder
Decoder & Demux

Decoder & Demux 

Buy Decoder & Demux Items Including
  • SN74LS47N: 74LS47 BCD to 7 Segment Decoder/ Driver (Logic)
  • SN74LS139AN: DIP-16 2 to 4 Line Decoder/Multipexer (Logic)
  • CD4511BE: BCD to 7 Latch/Decoder/Driver DIP-16
  • M74HC4543B1R: Hc/Uh Series Seven Segment Decoder/Driver Configurable Output
  • 74AC139SC: Fact STD Dual 1 of 4 Decoder (Logic)
Category: Decoder and Demux
On Semiconductor Voltage Regulators

On Semiconductor Voltage Regulators 

Buy On Semiconductor Voltage Regulators Items Including
  • MC7805CTG: 2.2A 5V Positive Voltage Regulator
  • MC78L05ABDG: MC78L05A Analog Voltage Regulator 100MA 5V
  • MC78L05ABPG: MC78L05A ANA 100MA 5V Voltage Regulator
  • MC78L08ACPG: MC78L08A ANA 100MA 8V Voltage Regulator
  • MC79L05ACDG: MC79L05A ANA 100MA 5V NEG Voltage Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators
Frequency Control Crystals

Frequency Control Crystals 

Buy Frequency Control Crystals Items Including
  • MP040: QUARTz Crystal Resonator 4 MHz (Frequency Control)
  • MP060: QUARTz Crystal Resonator 6 MHz (Frequency Control)
  • MP080A: QUARTz Crystal Resonator 8 MHz (Frequency Control)
  • ATS060SM: QUARTz Crystal Resonator 6 MHz (Frequency Control)
  • ATS037SM-T: Ats-Sm Crystals SMD 20pf, (Frequency Control)
Category: Crystals
Atmel Semiconductor CPLDs

Atmel Semiconductor CPLDs 

Buy Atmel Semiconductor CPLDs Items Including
  • ATF1504AS-15AC100: CPLD TMS320VC5401 -144PIN QFP -50MHZ ( CPLDs )
  • ATF1504ASL-20AC100: High-Performance Complex Programmable Logic Device
  • ATF1504AS-10AU44: High-Performance Complex Programmable Logic Device
  • ATF16V8B-15JU: Flash PLD 15 NS PQCC20 ( CPLDs )
Category: CPLDs
Education & Hobby Kits Microcontrollers

Education & Hobby Kits Microcontrollers 

Buy Education & Hobby Kits Microcontrollers Items Including
  • BB-ARDUINO: Barebones Arduino Circuit Kit (Microcontrollers)
  • A000069: Mega ADK R3 (Android Development Kit) (Microcontrollers)
  • ASK2002-R: Tinylily Starter Kit (Microcontrollers)
  • MK128: Kitchen Timer Kit Microcontroller Technology
  • KIT-GSA: Getting Started with Arduino Kit V2.0 (Microcontrollers)
Category: Microcontrollers
Kobitone Piezo Buzzers

Kobitone Piezo Buzzers 

Buy Kobitone Piezo Buzzers Items Including
  • PB102-ROX: Buzzer Piezo 10 Volt P-P 70DB 3.2 kHz 5MA Wire Leads
  • PB305-ROX: Buzzer Piezo 10 Volt P-P 86DB 2.5 kHz 9MA Wire Leads
  • PB140-ROX: Buzzer Piezo 5VP-p 80DB 4 kHZ 5MA PIN Contacts (Audio Components)
  • 256-PB315: Piezo Transducer Speaker Rated Voltage: 10VP-p (Audio Components)
Category: Piezo Buzzers

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