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Magnetic Reed   to   Rg 6 Coax

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Magnetic Reed

Magnetic Reed 

Buy Magnetic Reed Items Including
  • MKC-27103: SPST -no Magnetic Reed Switch
  • MKA-14103-1015-R: SPST -no Magnetic Reed Switch
  • 35-756-BU: Magnetic Proximity Reed Switch
  • MPS45WGW: Magnetic Proximity Reed Switch
  • 57135-000: Magnetic Actuator for 59135 Series Reed Sensor
Category: Magnetic Reed
Analog/Linear Amplifiers SMD

Analog/Linear Amplifiers SMD 

Buy Analog/Linear Amplifiers SMD Items Including
  • AD633JN: Analog Multiplier DIP-8 (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • MGA-53543-BLKG: 50 MHz -6000 MHz RF /Microwave Wide Band Low Power Amplifier
  • AD8138ARZ: SP Amplifier Line Driver PDSO8 (Analog/Linear)
  • AD820ARZ: OP Amp Analog PB Free AD820AR (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • AD600AR: Variable Gain Amplifier PDSO16 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
DIN Connectors

DIN Connectors 

Buy DIN Connectors Items Including
  • 5749263-1: 4 Contact Board Mount Mini DIN Connector
  • 60PC4F: Right-Angle Receptacle for Printed Circuit Board Mounting DIN Connector
  • 62PC7F: Right-Angle Receptacle for Printed Circuit Board Mounting DIN Connector
  • 05CL5M: Straight Cord DIN Plug with 30 Degree Lock Ring
  • A9002-6P-R: Plug Mini DIN Male 6PIN with Strain Relief
Category: DIN Connectors
Bussmann Holders & Clips Fuses

Bussmann Holders & Clips Fuses 

Buy Bussmann Holders & Clips Fuses Items Including
  • 1A1907-03: 1A1907 Tron Fuse Clip (Circuit Protection)
  • 1A1907-06-R: 1A1907 Fuse Clip .25 Inch Tinned Plating Straight Leads Bk/ R
  • 1A3399-04-R: 1A3399 Fuse Clip 5MM Tin/Copper Plating Straight Leads Bk/ R
  • 1A3400-09: 1A3400 Tron Fuse Clip (Circuit Protection)
  • 1A1907-05: 1A1907 Tron Fuse Clip (Circuit Protection)
Category: Holders & Clips Fuses
Crydom Digital I/O Modules

Crydom Digital I/O Modules 

Buy Crydom Digital I/O Modules Items Including
  • SMOAC5: Transistor Output Solid State Relay 4000V Isolation-Max I/O Module
  • MS-4: Mounting Board for I/O (Relays)
  • MIAC5: AC Input Module (Relays)
  • DAT72410: D Series-Form a Relay (Digital I/O Modules)
  • M5010013F: Unspecified SCR (Digital I/O Modules)
Category: Digital I/O Modules
Capacitive Load Cell

Capacitive Load Cell 

Buy Capacitive Load Cell Items Including
  • PUF-01K-LV1000-S: Iload Pro Digital USB™ Integrated Load Cell Kit
  • MFM-050-LV1000-S: Iload Mini™ Stainless Steel Miniature Load Cell Kit
  • TUF-010-LV1000-A: Iload TR Digital USB™ Integrated Load Cell Kit
  • PUF-100-LV1000-S: Iload Pro Digital USB™ Integrated Load Cell Kit
  • PUF-500-LV1000-S: Iload Pro Digital USB™ Integrated Load Cell Kit
Category: Capacitive Load Cell
Display Port Rectangular Connectors

Display Port Rectangular Connectors 

Buy Display Port Rectangular Connectors Items Including
  • DPC-F-S-RA-SMT-P-15: Displayport Receptacle (Display Port)
  • MDPC-S-RA: Mini Displayport Receptacle (Display Port)
Category: Display Port
Itt C & K Switches Toggle

Itt C & K Switches Toggle 

Buy Itt C & K Switches Toggle Items Including
  • 7201P3YZQE: Switch Toggle DPDT Sldr LUG 5A Category: Switches
  • 7101MDZQE: Switch Toggle SPDT Solder 5PCS
  • 7101SYZQE: Switch Toggle SPDT Solder 5A 5PC
  • 7105MD9AV2BE: Switch Toggle SPDT Vert R/A PCB
  • 7105SYCQE: Switch Toggle SPDT PC MNT 5A
Category: Toggle
Plcc Interconnects

Plcc Interconnects 

Buy Plcc Interconnects Items Including
  • PCS-084A-1-LF: Socket Plcc 84 Position Lf
  • PLCC-44-AT.: 4000 Socket Plcc 44PIN Solderight Angleail
  • 4000-52D: 4000 Socket Plcc 52PIN Soldertail
  • 4000-32D: 4000 Socket Plcc 32PIN Solderight Angleail
  • 1571541-1: 1571541 PCS-044A-1=44 Position Plcc So
Category: Sockets
Preassembled Modules Robotics

Preassembled Modules Robotics 

Buy Preassembled Modules Robotics Items Including
  • 28140: Serial EM4100 RFID Card Reader Module (without Tags) (Sensors)
  • 28017: Memsic 2125 Dual-Axis Accelerometer (Preassembled Modules)
  • 28380: Colorpal -Color/Light Sensor (Preassembled Modules)
  • 28526: MMA7455 3 Axis Accelerometer Module (Sensors)
  • 28302: TCS3200 Db Color Sensor Taos TCS230 Color Sensor
Category: Preassembled Modules
Molex PCB Connectors

Molex PCB Connectors 

Buy Molex PCB Connectors Items Including
  • 02-06-2132: 1854 0.062 Inch (1.57MM) Male Power Connector Crimp Terminal
  • 02-09-2133: 1376 .093 Inch Contact Male Solder Tail (Headers and PCB Receptacles)
  • 09-52-3102: 2145 10 Contacts Female Straight Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • 09-52-3081: 2145 8 Contact Female Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • 22053031: 42376 3 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Solder
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
DIP Soldertail

DIP Soldertail 

Buy DIP Soldertail Items Including
  • 6100-28: Machine Tooled Low Profile Socket (DIP Soldertail)
  • ICM-632-1-GT: Socket IC 32PIN Machine Tooled Low Profile (DIP Soldertail)
  • 14LP: Socket IC Soldertail Low Profile Pin
  • 6000-28W: Socket IC Soldertail Low Profile Dual Wipe 28 Pin
  • 6000-24N: Socket IC Soldertail Low Profile 24 Pin
Category: DIP Soldertail
Clock Management ICs & Semiconductors

Clock Management ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Clock Management ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • NB7L111MMNG: Clock Management BBG DIF 1:10 CLK Dist CML
  • 557G-06LF: 1 to 4 Hcsl Clock Buffer IC
  • MC100LVEL14DWG: 100LVEL Series Low Skew Clock Driver
  • 85314AGI-11LF: Clock Management IC
  • 8543BGI: Clock Management IC
Category: Clock Management
AC Tube Axial Fans

AC Tube Axial Fans 

Buy AC Tube Axial Fans Items Including
  • RAH1225B1-T: 68 CFM 230V AC Tube Axial Fan
  • UF12B23-BTL: 220 Volt AC 120MM Tubeaxial Fan Voltage: 220VAC
  • SAH1238B3A-L: 120VAC Tubeaxial Fan
  • D2E097-CB11-32: Blower 115VAC 120CFM 97MM Dia (AC Tube Axial Fans)
  • 4710PS-12T-B30A00: AC Tube Axial Fans
Category: AC Tube Axial Fans
Hardware Power Supplies & Wall Adapters

Hardware Power Supplies & Wall Adapters 

Buy Hardware Power Supplies & Wall Adapters Items Including
  • DRL-01: Power Supply "L" Mounting Bracket (Hardware)
  • DRP-03: Power Supply Mounting Bracket Accessory (Hardware)
  • MHS013: Power Supply Mounting Bracket Accessory (Hardware)
  • MHS026: Mounting Bracket for Power Supplies RSP-1500 Series (Hardware)
  • MHS014: Mounting Bracket for Power Supplies RSP-1000 Series (Hardware)
Category: Mounting Brackets
DC Brushless Fans 1.00 Inch (25MM)

DC Brushless Fans 1.00 Inch (25MM) 

Buy DC Brushless Fans 1.00 Inch (25MM) Items Including
  • KDE0502PHB3-8(MS): DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Ball
  • AD0205MX-K53-LF: DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan 5VDC
  • AD0212MX-K53-LF: DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan 12VDC
  • AD0212MB-K50(S): Fan 12VDC 2.40CFM 25X25X6 90MA Ball/Sleeve 5.50 Inch Leads Ul/Cul/Tuv
  • KF0210S1H: 12 Volt DC Fan with 12 Inch Leads 27 dBA 2.57 CFM Sleeve Bearing
Category: DC Brushless Fans
Bidirectional Converters Computer Products

Bidirectional Converters Computer Products 

Buy Bidirectional Converters Computer Products Items Including
  • IC-485S: RS-232 to RS-485/422 Bidirectional Converter
  • IC-485SN: Port-Powered RS-232 to RS-485/422 Bidirectional Converter
  • I-7520A: RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Converter Hardware
  • I-7520: RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Converter Hardware
  • I-7510: RS-485 Isolated High Speed Repeater (Rs-232 & RS-485/422)
Category: RS-232 & RS-485/422
Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic Sensors 

Buy Magnetic Sensors Items Including
  • 59140-010: Hamlin --Magnetic Sensor (More Products)
  • MP201701: Cylindrical Magnetically Proximity Sensor
  • MP201901: Proximity Sensor Magnetic 100 Volt 100 Volt 2 Pin
  • 57140-000: Magnetic Actuator for 59140/59141 Series Reed Sensor
  • 59065-010: Sensor Magnetic Single Pole Single Throw-No
Category: More Products
In Line Surge Protector

In Line Surge Protector 

Buy In Line Surge Protector Items Including
  • TRAVELERC8: Surge Supressor in-Line 1130 J C8 (2 Prong) Tel-Dsl and AC
  • 51W1-13206: 6 Outlet Surge Protector 6 Outlets
  • PGB0010603MR: Surface Mount Pulseguard Polymeric ESD Suppressor (Capacitors)
Category: Surge Protectors
Microcontroller Peripherals

Microcontroller Peripherals 

Buy Microcontroller Peripherals Items Including
  • 27937: Memory Stick Datalogger (Microcontroller Peripherals)
  • CY7C63743C-PXC: Through-Hole IC, (Microcontroller Peripherals)
  • CY8C27443-24PVXI: System on Chip (Soc) Microcontroller 5.25 Volt 28 Pin Ssop
  • CY7C63723C-SXC: Encore USB Combination Low-Speed USB and PS/2 Peripheral Controller
  • CY8C29666-24PVXI: System on Chip Multifunction Peripheral PDSO48 (Microcontrollers)
Category: Microcontroller Peripherals
Vector Electronics Prototyping Systems

Vector Electronics Prototyping Systems 

Buy Vector Electronics Prototyping Systems Items Including
  • 169P44XXXP: Vectorbord® General Purpose Prototyping Board
  • 64P44XXXP: Vectorbord® General-Purpose Pre-Punched Prototyping Board
  • 169P84WE: Vectorbord® General Purpose Prototyping Board
  • 84P44WE: Vectorbord® General Purpose Prototyping Board
Category: Proto Boards
Velleman Power Supplies

Velleman Power Supplies 

Buy Velleman Power Supplies Items Including
  • PSSE13U: Compact Switching Power Supply with 8 Selectable Outputs: 5 to 12VDC -30 Watt
  • PS1503SBU: DC LAB Power Supply 0-15V / 3A Digital Display with Backlight
  • PS3003U: LAB Power Supply 0-30V / 0-3A Dual LCD Display
  • PS613U: 107W Triple-Output Laboratory Power Supply with LCD Display
  • PS603U: Laboratory Power Supply (0-30VDC + 5VDC + 12VDC) with Analog Display
Category: Benchtop Power Supplies
Analog Crosspoint

Analog Crosspoint 

Buy Analog Crosspoint Items Including
  • AD8108ASTZ: Analog Crosspoint Tqfp 250MHZ 8X8 G=+1 Buf VID X
  • AD8109ASTZ: Analog Crosspoint Tqfp 250MHZ 8X8 G=+2 Buf VID X
  • AD8113JSTZ: Analog Crosspoint Lqfp 40MHZ 16X16 G=+2 Crosspoi
  • AD8116JST: 16 Bit Dsp-Crossbar Switching PQFP128
  • AD8151ASTZ: 7 Bit Dsp-Crossbar Switching PQFP184
Category: Buffers
PCB Connectors Interconnects

PCB Connectors Interconnects 

Buy PCB Connectors Interconnects Items Including
  • 70ADJ-5-ML1G: 70AD PCB Connector
  • 3434-0000: 3000 .100 Inch PCB Connector
  • 70ADJ-5-FL1G: 70AD PCB Connector
  • 70AAJ-5-F0: 70AA PCB Connector
  • 70ADJ-4-ML0: 70AD PCB Connector
Category: Power Connector
Balanced Modulator

Balanced Modulator 

Buy Balanced Modulator Items Including
  • MC1496P.: Mod and Demod LM1496N Linear Balanced Modulator-Demodulator DIP-14 (Analog/Linear)
  • AD630JNZ: Mod and Demod Modulator/Demodulator IC
  • AD630BD: Specialty Consumer Circuit 700MHZ Mod/Demodular
  • AD630KNZ: Mod and Demod Specialty Consumer Circuit PDIP20
Category: Mod and Demod
Interconnects Hoods

Interconnects Hoods 

Buy Interconnects Hoods Items Including
  • GC041-R: GC Hood D-Sub Plastic 15PIN 1000/CS
  • GC072-R: Connector Accessories Hood D-Sub Metalized 15PIN
  • GC043-R: Connector Accessories Hood D-Sub Plastic 37PIN
  • 500-411: 500 Hood 9 Pin D-Sub Metalized
  • R101-25G-Y: GC Hood D-Sub Plastic 25PIN 1000/CS
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Stepper Driver IC

Stepper Driver IC 

Buy Stepper Driver IC Items Including
  • PDN1200: Unipolar Stepper Motor IC
  • L6228PD: Stepper Motor Controller 2.8A PDSO36 (Interface)
  • UC3770AN: High Performance Stepper Motor Driver Circuit
  • L6208D: Stepper Motor Controller 5.6A PDSO24 (Interface)
  • A3958SB: Dmos Full Bridge PWM Motor Driver Motor Types: Stepper Bipolar, Brushed DC
Category: Motor / Motion Control
AC Power Cord Adapter

AC Power Cord Adapter 

Buy AC Power Cord Adapter Items Including
  • GS40A15-P1JU: 40 Watt AC/DC Single Output Desktop Power Supply (Table Top)
  • GS60A09-P1J: 3 Wire AC Input Regulated AC-to-DC Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • SSA-1201-50: Wall Mount Switching Adapter Wall Mount Switching Adapter 120W
  • GQ65-120100-E1: 12W Single-Output Regulated Switching Power Supply
  • SSA-1201-12: Wall Mount Switching Adapter Wall Mount Switching Adapter 102W
Category: Table Top
Project Muscle

Project Muscle 

Buy Project Muscle Items Including
  • 3-141: Muscle Wire R & D Kit Muscle Wires Project Book
  • 3-102: Muscle Wires® Project Book -Research & Development
  • 3-133: Muscle Wires Project Book 3RD Edition
  • 3-136: Muscle Wire® Super Sample Kit -5 Sizes (Educational)
Category: Educational
Rg 6 Coax

Rg 6 Coax 

Buy Rg 6 Coax Items Including
  • 4846-K-6-R: Cable ASM SMA RG 1740.5FT SMA Male 50 Ohm
  • RG6-6: Cable Assembly RG66 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm (RG6)
  • RG6-3: Cable Assembly RG6 3 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm
  • 4846-K-72-R: Cable ASM SMA RG1746FT SMA Male 50 Ohm (Assortments)
  • 4858-K-72-R: Cable ASM SMA RG586FT SMA Male 50 Ohm (Assortments)
Category: Cable Assembly

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