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Electronic Design Programmers

Electronic Design Programmers 

Buy Electronic Design Programmers Items Including
  • 46.: Usbtinyisp AVR Programmer & SPI Interface
  • 1300: AVR Programmer USB TTL Level Serial Slo-Scope 12 Inch 6 Pin ISP
  • CHIPMAX2: Low Cost Fast Universal Programmer USB Interface
  • PA16O16D: 16 Pin Tsop Adapter for Universal Programmers
  • TOPMAXII: Topmax II -Expert Universal Device Programmer for PC USB (Single Socket)
Category: AVR
Low Power SMD Op-Amps

Low Power SMD Op-Amps 

Buy Low Power SMD Op-Amps Items Including
  • TLE2062ACD: TLE2062A Excalibur Low Power Jfet OP AMP
  • TLE2064ACD: TLE2064A Excalibur Low Power Jfet OP AMP
  • TLE2062ID: Excalibur Low Power Jfet OP AMP
  • LT2078CS8PBF: Low Power Dual OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply
  • LM324DT: OP Amp Quad GP ±15V/30V 14 Pin SOIC T/R (Low Power (SMD) OP-Amps)
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Lvt Series SMD ICs & Semiconductors

Lvt Series SMD ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Lvt Series SMD ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 74LVT16245BDL,118: LVT Series Dual 8 Bit Transceiver True Output PDSO48
  • 74LVT162245MTDX: LVT Series Dual 8 Bit Transceiver
  • 74LVT245MTCX: LVT Series 8 Bit Transceiver
  • 74LVTH245MTCX: LVT Series 8 Bit Transceiver
  • SN74LVTH16373DL: LVT Series Dual 8 Bit Driver True Output
Category: 74LVTH Series (SMD)
Liquidware Education & Hobby Kits

Liquidware Education & Hobby Kits 

Buy Liquidware Education & Hobby Kits Items Including
  • DOUBLEWIDE EXTENDERSHIELD: Doublewide Arduino Extendershield 4.2IN Tall X 2.7IN Wide
  • TOUCHSHIELD SLIDE: OLED Touchshield Slide Size: 320 X 240 OLED Screen (Shields)
  • HICAP LITHIUM BACKPACK: Hi-Cap Lithium Backpack (Shields)
Category: Shields
Cinch Connectors Rectangular Connectors

Cinch Connectors Rectangular Connectors 

Buy Cinch Connectors Rectangular Connectors Items Including
  • 141J: Connectors Jumpers Busbar Connector Type:Jumper
  • P-302H-CCT: 300 Connector Jones Plug Cct 2 Contacts
  • 50-12A-20.: .156INCH (3.96MM) Density Solder Eyelet Edge Connector
  • DA-51210-1.: Connector Cover Plastic D-Sub Cover Size a, DA512101
  • P-304H-CCT: 300 Connector Jones Plug Cct 4 Contacts
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Ebm-Papst Fans & Cooling

Ebm-Papst Fans & Cooling 

Buy Ebm-Papst Fans & Cooling Items Including
  • 8412NG: DC Fan Sintec 12 Volt 2W 40.6CFM 32DB Flange Mount
  • R1G133-AA17-02: DC Motorized Impeller 24 Volt 28W 3900RPM 212CFM 63DB Flange Mount
  • R1G220-AB35-52: DC Motorized Impeller Ball 24 Volt 106W 3150RPM 620.9CFM 76DB Flange Mount
  • 78128-2-4039: Thermal Management Accessories Metal Finger Guard 240MM
  • G2G085-AB04-10: G2G085 Blower 12VDC 47CFM 85MM Dia (DC)
Category: DC Brushless Fans
Flash SMD ICs & Semiconductors

Flash SMD ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Flash SMD ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • S29AL032D70TFI040: X 16 F Lash 3V Prom 70 NS Terminal (Flash (SMD) )
  • HD64F3048VTF8: 16 Bit Flash 8 MHz Microcontroller
  • HD64F3694GFPI: Memory H8 300HT Flash
  • AT45DB161D-TU-2.5: Micro Processor Unit Powerquicc 133MHZ 256PBGA
  • AD9057BRSZ-40: 1 Ch 8 Bit Flash Method ADC Parallel Access PDSO20
Category: Flash (SMD)
Surface Mount Inductors

Surface Mount Inductors 

Buy Surface Mount Inductors Items Including
  • DR73-100-R: DR Inductor Shield Power 10UH Tolerance 20% 2.08A Surface Mount
  • DR74-4R7-R: DR Inductor Shield Power 4.7UH Tolerance 20% 3.09A Surface Mount
  • UP1B-4R7-R: UP1B Inductor Power 4.7UH Tolerance 20% 2.2A Surface Mount R
  • DR127-220-R: DR Inductor Shield Power 22UH Tolerance 20% 4A Surface Mount R
  • VP2-0216-R: VP2 Inductor Transformer 10.6UH 1.26A Surface Mount R
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Molex Wire & Cable

Molex Wire & Cable 

Buy Molex Wire & Cable Items Including
  • 21020-0100: 21020 0.50MM (0.20INCH) Pitch Flat Flex Cable Jumper (Assortments)
  • 21039-0317: Cables Interconnection Device (Assortments)
  • 745460803: I-Pass X8 Cable Assembly GEN1 (Assortments)
  • 745470301: Cable Assembly Parallel Pair 1M 28AWG 26 Position SAS to 26 Position SAS Pl-Pl Bag
  • 21020-0323: 21020 FFC Jumper Cable 30 CONDUCTORS0.13M 30 Volt 0.5A Bag 210200323
Category: Cables
Passive Filter Components

Passive Filter Components 

Buy Passive Filter Components Items Including
  • FC100V5A: FC Series DC-DC Converter Input Filters Dcdc
  • NFE31PT222Z1E9L: Chip LC Combined Type for Large Current on-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filter
  • NFE61HT681D2A9L: LC Combined Type Chip EMI Suppression Filter for Large Current
  • NFM3DCC471R1H3L: Chip Capacitor Type on-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filter
  • NFM41CC102R2A3L: Chip Capacitor Type on-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filter
Category: EMI/Rfi Filters
Fairchild Semiconductor Voltage Regulators

Fairchild Semiconductor Voltage Regulators 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Voltage Regulators Items Including
  • LM7805CT.: 3 Terminal 1A Positive Voltage Regulator
  • MC79L05ACP: ANA 100MA 5V Negativ Voltage Regulator
  • LM78L05ACZ: +5.0V/100MA TO-92 Voltage Regulator
  • 1N4749AT/R: 5% Zener Unidirectional Voltage Regulator Diode
  • 1N5242B: Diode Zener 500 Milli Watt Hermetically Sealed Glass Voltage Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators
Analog/Linear Bus Switch

Analog/Linear Bus Switch 

Buy Analog/Linear Bus Switch Items Including
  • 74CBTLV3861QG: Logic Low-Voltage 10 Bit Bus Switch
  • QS3384PAG: Bus Switch 2 Element 5 in 24 Pin Tssop Tube
  • QS3384QG8: Bus Switch 2 Element 5 in 24 Pin Qsop Tape and Reel
  • QS34X245Q3G: Bus Switch 4 Element 8 in 80 Pin Qvsop Tube
  • QS3VH126S1G: Bus Switch 4 Element 1 in 14 Pin SOIC N Tube
Category: Bus Switch
On Semiconductor 74LCX Series SMD

On Semiconductor 74LCX Series SMD 

Buy On Semiconductor 74LCX Series SMD Items Including
  • MC74LCX541DTG: LOG CMOS Bufr 3ST Octl (74LCX Series (SMD) )
  • MC74LCX245DTR2G: LOG CMOS TR Nscievr Octal (74LCX Series (SMD) )
Category: 74LCX Series (SMD)
Miscellaneous Opto & Illumination

Miscellaneous Opto & Illumination 

Buy Miscellaneous Opto & Illumination Items Including
  • HFBR-2414Z: Low Cost 25MHZ Analog ST FO RX (Miscellaneous)
  • HFBR-4506Z: Versa/Link Duplex Connector (Miscellaneous)
  • AFCT-5805AZ: 155MB/S Single Mode Fiber Optic Transceiver for ATM
  • AFCT-5815BZ: 8 Bit Flash Microcontroller 40MHZ 2.7 -5.5V
  • AFBR-5805Z: ATM Transceivers for Sonet OC-3 / SDH STM-1 in Low Cost 1 X 9 Package Style
Category: Miscellaneous
Opto & Illumination Medium Output LEDs

Opto & Illumination Medium Output LEDs 

Buy Opto & Illumination Medium Output LEDs Items Including
  • BVL-501E1D: Medium Output Orange LED Emitting Color: Orange Red
  • MCD-10003UEC: 10MM Super Orange Water Clear LED
  • MCD-10003UYC: 10MM Super Yellow Water Clear LED
  • LTJ-811G: LED Uni-Color Green 585NM 6 Pin
  • MCDL-1210UWC: Surface Mount White LED
Category: Medium Output LEDs
Medium Output LEDs

Medium Output LEDs 

Buy Medium Output LEDs Items Including
  • BVL-501E1D: Medium Output Orange LED Emitting Color: Orange Red
  • LTL-709Y: LED Uni-Color Yellow 585NM 2 Pin
  • MCD-10003UBD: 10MM Jumbo Diffused LED Blue
  • MV8B12: T-1 3/4 Single Color LED Super Blue
  • OVSARGB3R8: Triple Color LED Red/Green/Blue RGB PLCC4
Category: Medium Output LEDs
Ethernet Controller

Ethernet Controller 

Buy Ethernet Controller Items Including
  • LTC4259ACGWPBF: Quad Ieee 802.3AF Power over Ethernet Controller with AC Disconnect
  • FW82546GB: Ethernet Controller Dual Port Gigabit
  • RC82545GM: Ball Gigabit Ethernet Controller T-PBGA364
  • NH82546GB 867764: Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • W5200: Iethernet -Fast SPI Ethernet Controller
Category: Intel Series
DC Direct Drive Motors

DC Direct Drive Motors 

Buy DC Direct Drive Motors Items Including
  • MS5N-07500B-R(M-6440C367): 24VDC Motor 2475 RPM (DC Direct Drive)
  • GB182: 1.5 to 24 Volt Toy Motor Grab Bag (DC Direct Drive)
  • PC-280-16210: 6VDC Motor 4260 RPM 3-12 Volts (DC Direct Drive)
  • MD5-2070-R: 12VDC Motor (DC Direct Drive)
  • FF-050S-11170-R: 7VDC Motor (DC Direct Drive)
Category: DC Direct Drive
DIN Connectors Interconnects

DIN Connectors Interconnects 

Buy DIN Connectors Interconnects Items Including
  • 5749263-1: 4 Contact Board Mount Mini DIN Connector
  • MDR5S: Socket Mini-DIN Female 5PIN R/A PC Mount Shielded
  • MRD8S: Socket Mini DIN Female 8 PIN Right Angle PCB MNT
  • RD4: 4 Pin STD DIN Female Socket Mounting: PC
  • SOCK-RA-5: 5 Pin Standard DIN Right Angle PC Mount Female Socket
Category: DIN Connectors
Thick Film SMD Passive Components

Thick Film SMD Passive Components 

Buy Thick Film SMD Passive Components Items Including
  • CRCW120610K0FKEA: 10K Ohms 1/4 Watts SMT Thick Film Resistor 10 Kohm
  • NRC06F20R0TRF: Resistor Thick Film 0603 20 Ohm 1% 1/10W ±200PPM/C Molded SMD Paper T/R
  • NRC06F2210TRF: Resistor Thick Film 0603 221 Ohm 1% 0.1W (1/10W) ±100PPM/C Molded SMD Paper T/R
  • NRC06F3011TRF: Resistor Thick Film 0603 3.01K Ohm 1% 0.1W (1/10W) ±100PPM/°C Molded SMD Paper T/R
  • NRC06F33R2TRF: Resistor Thick Film 0603 33.2 Ohm 1% 1/10W ±100PPM/C Molded SMD Paper T/R
Category: Thick Film (SMD)
Fuse Kits & Accessories

Fuse Kits & Accessories 

Buy Fuse Kits & Accessories Items Including
  • L60030M-1C: L60030 Midget Fuse Block with BOX LUG (Circuit Protection)
  • 03540001ZXGY: Fuse Blocks 2 Pin Bulk Current Rating: 20A, 300V (Ul/Csa)
  • 05200101Z: Fuse Accessories Omni-Blok 5X20MM PCB MT (Circuit Protection)
  • 03540801ZXGY: 354 Fuse Blocks 2 Pin Bulk 3AG MTG 1 Pole (Circuit Protection)
  • BM6032SQ: Fuse Accessories Buss Fuseblock was 2808 (Circuit Protection)
Category: Circuit Protection
Electromechanical Screws, Nuts & Washers

Electromechanical Screws, Nuts & Washers 

Buy Electromechanical Screws, Nuts & Washers Items Including
  • GB149: Screw Nut and Washer Grab Bag (Hardware)
  • GB149LB: Grab BAG Assorted Screw Hardware
  • 36012: Nut Hex 4-40 Zinc Plated Steel (Hardware)
  • 28655: Phillips Pan Head Screw Length 1/2 Inch (Hardware)
  • 33606: Washer Split Lock 4 .210 OD Zinc Plated Steel Rohs (100 Pieces)
Category: Nuts & Washers Screws
Fairchild Semiconductor 74HCT Series

Fairchild Semiconductor 74HCT Series 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor 74HCT Series Items Including
  • MM74HCT05MX: HCT Series HEX 1 Input Invert Gate
  • 74ACT14MTCX: ACT Series HEX 1 Input Invert Gate
  • 74ACT32SCX: ACT Series Quad 2 Input or Gate
  • MM74HCT245WM: Octal Tristate Tranciever
  • MM74HCT374WMX: HCT Octal D-Type Flip-Flop
Category: 74HCT Series (SMD)
Multiplexer ICs & Semiconductors

Multiplexer ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Multiplexer ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • ADG508AKNZ: ADG508A Analog CMOS Multiplexer IC (Analog/Linear)
  • ADG528AKNZ: ADG528A Analog CMOS Multiplexer IC (Analog/Linear)
  • ADG426BRSZ: Analog 16 Ch.Latchable Multiplexer -IC
  • ADG508FBNZ: ADG508F Analog Fault Protec'd Multiplexer IC
  • ADG509AKPZ: CMOS Multiplexer IC (Analog/Linear)
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Fairchild Semiconductor Bridge Rectifiers

Fairchild Semiconductor Bridge Rectifiers 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Bridge Rectifiers Items Including
  • DF08S: 1.5A 800V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • GBPC3504W: 35A 400V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • DF10S: Diode Bridge Rectifier 1A 1000V
  • DF02S: Diode Bridge Rectifier 1A 200V
  • GBU4B: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 100V 4A 4 Pin Case GBU T/R
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Rubber Feet

Rubber Feet 

Buy Rubber Feet Items Including
  • SJ-5023-BLACK: Series Bumpon Protective Black Rubber Feet 0.81 Inch X0.3 Inch
  • 31-352: Connector RF Bnconnector with Rubber Boot Gender: Plug
  • BS-18-BLACK100: 100 Piece Round Black Adhesive Bumper Rubber Feet
  • SJ-5008-BLACK: Rubber Feet Series Bumpon Protective Products (Hardware)
  • SJ-5018-BLACK: Protective Bumper (Rubber Feet)
Category: Rubber Feet
Voltage Detection

Voltage Detection 

Buy Voltage Detection Items Including
  • LTC1326CS8-2.5PBF: Linear ¦P Prec Triple Supply Monitor
  • LT4256-3IGN: Positive High Voltage HOT Swap Controller with Open-Circuit Detect
  • LTC2901-1IGNPBF: LTC2901 LTC2901-1IGN#PBF Quad Volta
  • LTC2900-1IMSPBF: LTC2900-1IMS#PBF Quad Volta GE Monitor
  • ADM1062ASU: 10 Channel Power Supply Support CKT PQFP48
Category: Voltage Detection
Panel Mount & Meter 3.5 Digits

Panel Mount & Meter 3.5 Digits 

Buy Panel Mount & Meter 3.5 Digits Items Including
  • PM-128BL: 3.5 Digit LCD Digital Panel Meter
  • PM428: 3.5 Digit LCD Digital Panel Meter
  • DPM 950S-EB-B: 3.5 Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Blue
  • DPM 950S-EB-G: 3.5 Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Green
  • DPM 950S-EB-M: 3.5 Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Magenta
Category: 3.5 Digits
TVS SMD ICs & Semiconductors

TVS SMD ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy TVS SMD ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 1SMB20AT3G: 600W Unidirectional Silicon (TVS (SMD) )
  • P6KE12AG: 600W Unidirectional Silicon TVS Diode
  • SMBJ28A: C Bend 28V 600W Unidi TVS S MB
  • SMBJ58A: C Bend 600W Unidirectl TVS in SMB
  • NZL5V6AXV3T1G: Unidirectional 2 Element Silicon TVS Diode
Category: TVS (SMD)
Parallax Propeller Series

Parallax Propeller Series 

Buy Parallax Propeller Series Items Including
  • 40000: P8X32A Quickstart Board (Propeller Series)
  • 32305: Propeller Education Kit -40 Pin DIP Version
  • 32111: Propeller Professional Development Board (Kits)
  • 32900: Propeller Board of Education Lifetime Warranty
  • 32910: Propeller Activity Board (Kits)
Category: Kits

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