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Encapsulated Power Supplies & Wall Adapters   to   National Semiconductor Hi-Speed Op-Amps

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Encapsulated Power Supplies & Wall Adapters

Encapsulated Power Supplies & Wall Adapters 

Buy Encapsulated Power Supplies & Wall Adapters Items Including
  • PM-10-12: PM-10 10.2W Encapsulated Switching Power Supply (Enclosed)
  • PM-10-3.3: Power Supply Switching Medical 8.25W 3.3@2.5A Encapsulated Ul/Cul/Tuv/Ce
  • PM-20-12: PM-20 21.6W Encapsulated Switching Power Supply (Enclosed)
  • PM-20-24: PM-20 22.1W Encapsulated Switching Power Supply (Enclosed)
  • PM-05-3.3: Power Supply Switching Medical 4.125 Watt 3.3@1.25A Encapsulated Ul/Cul/Tuv/Ce
Category: Enclosed
Preassembled Robotics

Preassembled Robotics 

Buy Preassembled Robotics Items Including
  • SIMPLE-H: H-Bridge Circuit Detailed Product Information (Preassembled)
  • 28017: Memsic 2125 Dual-Axis Accelerometer (Preassembled Modules)
  • 28380: Colorpal -Color/Light Sensor (Preassembled Modules)
  • 1350: 6 Channel USB Servo Controller (Preassembled)
  • DRI0002: 2A Dual Motor Controller (Preassembled)
Category: Preassembled
BNC Interconnects

BNC Interconnects 

Buy BNC Interconnects Items Including
  • 40958-Y: Connector RF BNC LAN
  • B-611T: Terminator BNC 50 Ohm ( RF Connectors)
  • 227222-3: Vert Jack with Mounting Pins BNC PCB
  • 5226990-6: PCB-BNC RT Angle Jack with O Post (BNC)
  • 225395-2: BNC Plug Dual CP RG5962 ( RF Connectors)
Category: BNC
USB Rectangular Connectors

USB Rectangular Connectors 

Buy USB Rectangular Connectors Items Including
  • USB-A-S-VT: USB USB-a Connector with Straight Leads
  • 292304-1: USB a Right Angle Recepticle Cont Plst
  • 48037-1000: 4 Contact Male Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector Surface Mount
  • 56579-0519: 5 Contact Female Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector Solder (USB)
  • 67329-8001: Connector Audio and Video Conn USB # 673298001
Category: USB
Discrete LEDs Panel Mount Indicators

Discrete LEDs Panel Mount Indicators 

Buy Discrete LEDs Panel Mount Indicators Items Including
  • 249-7872-3335-504: LED Panel Mount Indicator Color: Red (IrLED)
  • 11-2426B: Green LED Panel Mount Indicator (IrLED)
  • 91-0410-09-201: Mini Panel Mount Indicator Lamp Holder (IrLED)
  • 77-0434-300: Panel Mount Indicator Color: Blue (IrLED)
  • 77-0432-303: Panel Mount Indicator Color: Green (IrLED)
Category: IrLED
Hand Tools & Screwdrivers Tools

Hand Tools & Screwdrivers Tools 

Buy Hand Tools & Screwdrivers Tools Items Including
  • VTTS12: Bit Set with Ratchet Screwdriver (101 Pcs) (Wrench Hand Tools)
  • XPND600: NPND600 6 Piece ESD Safe Precision Nutdriver Set (Tools)
  • XPTX600: 6 Piece ESD Safe Torx® Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • GTK-2113: 12 in-1 Mini Screwdriver Set with Leather Pouch
  • SCREWDRIVER: Philips Blade Technician Type (Tools)
Category: Screwdriver Hand Tools
Fairchild Semiconductor Gates

Fairchild Semiconductor Gates 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Gates Items Including
  • 74AC02PC: AC Series Quad 2 Input nor Gate
  • 74ACT32SC: Fact STD Quad 2 Input or Gate
  • 74LCX32M: Low VLT Quad or Gate (Logic)
  • 74AC20SC: AC Series Dual 4 Input Nand Gate
  • 74F00SC: F/Fast Series Quad 2 Input Nand Gate
Category: Gates
Trimmer SMD Passive Components

Trimmer SMD Passive Components 

Buy Trimmer SMD Passive Components Items Including
  • TZB4P400BB10R00: TZB4 Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
  • 3269W-1-202LF: Resistor Cermet Trimmer 2K Ohm 10% 0.25W (1/4W) 12 (Elec) Turn 1.78MM (6.35 X 6.36 X 8.46MM) Gull Wing SMD Tube
  • TZY2K450A001R00: Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor
  • TZB4Z100AB10R00: Capacitor Variable Ceramic 100V 3 pf -10 pf
  • 3224J-1-502E: Resistor Cermet Trimmer 5K Ohm 10% 1/4W 12 (Elec) Turn 1.5MM (4.8 X 5 X 3.71MM) J-Hook SMD Embossed T/R
Category: Trimmer (SMD) Ceramic
Fairchild Semiconductor Counter Shift Register

Fairchild Semiconductor Counter Shift Register 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Counter Shift Register Items Including
  • MM74HC595MTC: Hc/Uh Series 8 Bit Right Serial in Parallel out Shift Register
  • 74VHC595MTC: Shift Register Single 8 Bit Serial to Serial Parallel 16 Pin Tssop Rail
  • 74VHC595M: 8 Bit Shift REG W /Latches (Logic)
  • MM74HCT164M: HCT Series 8 Bit Right Serial in Parallel out Shift Register
  • 74VHC393M.: Counter Shift Register FG (Logic)
Category: Counter Shift Register
Amp/Tyco Electronics Power Connectors

Amp/Tyco Electronics Power Connectors 

Buy Amp/Tyco Electronics Power Connectors Items Including
  • 1-770970-1: 8 Position Right Angle Power Connector
  • 1651826-1: Connector Power Amp/Tyco
  • 87667-5: Power Connector Plug S-P Configuration R/A
  • 213427-1: 15 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 3-770565-1: Mini Amp-in Snpb/Phbz (Power Connector)
Category: Power Connector
Electromechanical Bcd

Electromechanical Bcd 

Buy Electromechanical Bcd Items Including
  • TF31E10-R: 2 Pack of End Plates for BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Thumbwheel Switch
  • PF31E10: 2 Pack of End Plates for BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Pushbutton Switch
  • GTF311221-R: BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Thumbwheel Switch
  • 94HBB10WT: Standard BCD Rotary Switch (DIP)
  • GPF311221-R: BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Pushbutton Switch
Category: BCD
Toshiba Opto & Illumination

Toshiba Opto & Illumination 

Buy Toshiba Opto & Illumination Items Including
  • TLP2200F: Optocoupler Logic Output Three State DC Input 1 Channel 8 Pin Pdip
  • TLP627-2FT: Darl. 2 CH VCEO=300V MIN (Optoisolators)
  • 6N137F: Logic Output Photocouplers Cplr 10MBPS CTR=1000%TYP (Optoisolators)
  • TLP627-4F: Darl. 4 CH VCEO=300V MIN (Optoisolators)
  • TLP2631(F): Dual Channel TLP2601F (Optoisolators)
Category: Optoisolators
Parallax LCD Products

Parallax LCD Products 

Buy Parallax LCD Products Items Including
  • 603-32000: Mini LCD A/V Color Display 7 in (170 Cm) TFT Display Panel
  • 27977: 16X2 Character LCD Display -Black on Yello with Green 5V (Serial)
  • 27976: 16X2 Character LCD Display -Black on Green 5V (Serial)
  • 27979: 4 X 20 Serial LCD with Backlight Clear 4X20 Character Display
Category: Serial
Laser Diodes Lasers

Laser Diodes Lasers 

Buy Laser Diodes Lasers Items Including
  • LTLD505T: Laser Diode 650NM 2.6VDC Algalnp Laser Diode
  • SPL-PL90: 25W Pulsed Laser Diode Optical Peak Power Up to 25W
  • 154145: 5MW Laser Diode 3 Volt Material: Plastic and Copper
  • 08UMM-A: Laser Diode Module Mount X-Y Tilt
  • RLD-78PIT: Laser Diode AlGaAs 785NM 5MW 1.9V@45MA 11DEG Angle P Type
Category: Laser Diodes
SRAM SMD ICs & Semiconductors

SRAM SMD ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy SRAM SMD ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • CY7C1354C-166AXC: Gull Wing 8MB (256KX36) 3.3V Pipeline-Nobl SRAM, (SRAM (SMD) )
  • CY7C1356CV25-166AXC: Gull Wing Current Limited Power Distribution Swtch (SRAM (SMD) )
  • CY7C1370D-167AXC: Gull Wing 512K X 36 ZBT SRAM 3.4 Ns PQFP100 (Memory)
  • CY7C1371D-133AXC: Gull Wing 512K X 36 ZBT SRAM 6.5 Ns PQFP100 (Memory)
  • CY7C1372D-167AXI: 18MBIT (1M X 18) Pipelined SRAM with Nobl Architecture 3.3V 167MHZ
Category: SRAM (SMD)
Newhaven Display Parallel

Newhaven Display Parallel 

Buy Newhaven Display Parallel Items Including
  • NHD-0216K1Z-NSW-BBW-L: 16X2 Character LCD Display -White on Blue 5V
  • NHD-0216K1Z-FL-YBW: 16X2 Character LCD Display -Black on Yello with Green 5V
  • NHD-0216BZ-FL-YBW: 16X2 Character LCD Display -Black on Yello with Green 5V
  • NHD-0216SZ-NSW-BBW: 16X2 Character LCD Display -White on Blue 5V
  • NHD-0216K3Z-NSW-BBW-V3: 16X2 Character LCD Display -White on Blue 5V
Category: Parallel
Avr Electronic Design

Avr Electronic Design 

Buy Avr Electronic Design Items Including
  • 46.: Usbtinyisp AVR Programmer & SPI Interface
  • 1300: AVR Programmer USB TTL Level Serial Slo-Scope 12 Inch 6 Pin ISP
  • PCB-AVR1284-3U: Atmel DIP40 AVR Dev Board Unpopulated 2 Sided PCB 3U Size
  • DFR0116: Usbtinyisp-Arduino Bootloader Programmer Drivers (Avr)
Category: AVR
Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks 

Buy Terminal Blocks Items Including
  • OSTTA020161: 5.0MM Series 1 Interlock Terminal Block
  • OSTTE030161: Ostte 3.5MM Series Terminal Block
  • OSTTA030161: 5.0MM Series 1 Interlock Terminal Block
  • PA10HDS-R: Terminal Block 12 POS 10MM Euro Strip UC 30A/600V
  • ES1000/12DS: 12 Position Terminal Block Current: 20A
Category: Terminal Blocks
Soldering Equipment Desolder Pumps & Guns

Soldering Equipment Desolder Pumps & Guns 

Buy Soldering Equipment Desolder Pumps & Guns Items Including
  • HB-017: High Vacuum Manual Desoldering Pump
  • VTDESOL3U: Vacuum Desoldering Pump with 30W Heater (Soldering Equipment)
  • VTD5: H.Q Desoldering Pump Aluminum Body in 1 Piece
  • 08-033: Manual Non-Electric Desolder Pump
  • VTD3: Desoldering Pump with Anti-Static Tip Antistatic Tip
Category: Desolder Pumps & Guns
Bus Transceiver ICs & Semiconductors

Bus Transceiver ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Bus Transceiver ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 74VHC245M: Octal Bus Transceiver (3 State)
  • 74VHCT245AM: Octal Bus Transceiver (3 State)
  • SN74LS245N: Octal Bus Transceivers with 3 St Outputs DIP20
  • SN74LVC245APW: Octal Bus Transceiver with 3 State Outputs
  • 74ALVCH32245BFG: Logic 32 Bit Bus Transceiver with 3 State Outputs
Category: Bus Transceiver
Velleman AC-to-DC Switching

Velleman AC-to-DC Switching 

Buy Velleman AC-to-DC Switching Items Including
  • PSSMV1USA: 10W Switching Wall Adapter Power Supply with Interchangeable Plugs
  • PSSE13U: Compact Switching Power Supply with 8 Selectable Outputs: 5 to 12VDC -30 Watt
  • PLUGC3: Twin Cigarette Plug with LED Comes in Blister (Table Top)
Category: Table Top
Interface LVDS Circuits SMD

Interface LVDS Circuits SMD 

Buy Interface LVDS Circuits SMD Items Including
  • SN65LVDS3487D: Dual Line Driver PDSO16 ( LVDS Circuits (SMD) )
  • DS90LV027ATM/NOPB: Dual Line Driver PDSO8 ( LVDS Circuits (SMD) )
  • SN65MLVD204AD: Line Transceiver PDSO8 ( LVDS Circuits (SMD) )
  • DS90CR287MTD/NOPB: 85MHZ 3.3V 28BIT Xmit ( LVDS Circuits (SMD) )
  • DS90LV048ATM: Gull Wing 3V LVDS Quad Flo-Thru Rcvr (Interface)
Category: LVDS Circuits (SMD)
AC Power Filtered Receptacles

AC Power Filtered Receptacles 

Buy AC Power Filtered Receptacles Items Including
  • IEC-GS-1-100: IEC Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Fused Inlet with Switch
  • PLF-6DZ2KR: PLF Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle with 5X20MM Fuseholder
  • 5110.0343.1: Power Entry Modules with Straight Power Filter Current: 3A
  • 06A2D: Male AC Power Entry Module
  • NEMA-5-2: Male AC Power Outlet Nema Receptacle Snap-in Panel Mount
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
On Semiconductor Multiplexer or Switch

On Semiconductor Multiplexer or Switch 

Buy On Semiconductor Multiplexer or Switch Items Including
  • MC14066BDG: Quad Analog Switch/Quad Multiplexer
  • MC14053BDG: LOG CMOS Multiplexer Trpl PB Free (Analog/Linear)
  • MC14066BCPG: Analog Switch Quad Single Pole (Analog/Linear)
  • MC14051BDG: Analog Multiplexer Single 8:1 18 Volt 16 Pin SOIC Rail
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Neon Lamps

Neon Lamps 

Buy Neon Lamps Items Including
  • NE-2: Wire Terminal Neon Lamp A1A
  • 11-2062B: Red Neon Lamp Panel Mount Indicator
  • B2A/NE-51H: Neon Lamp with Resistor T3 Miniature Bayonet Base
  • 1850-1-10-201-1: Round Neon Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • 970S00146: Red Panel Mount Incandescent Lamp
Category: Neon Lamps, Panel Mount, Indic
Nicd Batteries

Nicd Batteries 

Buy Nicd Batteries Items Including
  • KN-101: NiMH and Nicd Battery Charger Wall Adapter Type
  • VL9878U: NiMH / Nicd Battery Charger for AA or AAA Batteries -AC and CAR Adapter
  • LTC4010CFEPBF: High Efficiency Standalone Nickel Battery Charger Controller
  • LT1510CGNPBF: 2A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1513CRPBF: 5.4A Battery Charge Controller
Category: Battery Management
Molex .100 Inch (2.54MM) Series

Molex .100 Inch (2.54MM) Series 

Buy Molex .100 Inch (2.54MM) Series Items Including
  • 22-05-3101: KK Series .100 Inch (2.54MM) Male Headers Voltage: 250V
  • 22-29-2031: 2.54MM KK Header VT Friclk VRA .5AU 3CKT (.100 Inch (2.54MM) Series)
  • 10-89-4166: Conn Header 16POS .100 R/A Gold (.100 Inch (2.54MM) Series)
  • 10-89-4086: Conn Header 8POS .100 R/A Gold (.100 Inch (2.54MM) Series)
  • 22-12-2074: 100 KK Header RA 20SAU 7CKTIN (.100 Inch (2.54MM) Series)
Category: .100 Inch (2.54MM) Series
Interface Module LCD Products

Interface Module LCD Products 

Buy Interface Module LCD Products Items Including
  • NHD-2.4-240320SF-CTXI-1: 16 Bit Parallel Interface TFT LCD Module
  • NHD-3.5-320240MF-20: TFT Controller Evaluation Board (Interface Module)
  • NHD-4.3-480272MF-20: TFT Controller Evaluation Board (Interface Module)
Category: TFT Displays
Ez Digital Function Generators

Ez Digital Function Generators 

Buy Ez Digital Function Generators Items Including
  • FG-7005C: 5MHZ Digital Sweep Function Generator (Test & Measurement)
  • FG-7002C: 2MHZ Digital Sweep Function Generator (Test & Measurement)
  • OS-5020G: 20MHZ 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope with Built-in Function Generator
Category: Function Generators
National Semiconductor Hi-Speed Op-Amps

National Semiconductor Hi-Speed Op-Amps 

Buy National Semiconductor Hi-Speed Op-Amps Items Including
  • LM318N: Precision Hi-Speed OP AMP
  • LM6181IN: 100 Milli AMP 100 MHZ Current Feedback Amplifier
Category: Amplifiers

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