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Mean Well Computer Products   to   RS422/485 Interface

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Mean Well Computer Products

Mean Well Computer Products 

Buy Mean Well Computer Products Items Including
  • RCP-1UT: 19 Inch Rack for RCP-1000 Series Power Supplies
  • RCP-1UI: 19 Inch Rack for RCP-1000 Series Power Supplies
  • IPC-200: 200W Industrial ATX 12V/P4 PC Power Supply
  • RCP-MU: Power Control and Monitor System 1U Low Profile
  • DR-UPS40: 40A DC UPS Module (UPS)
Category: 19 Inch Rackmount Enclosures
Fci IC Sockets

Fci IC Sockets 

Buy Fci IC Sockets Items Including
  • DILB28P-223TLF: DIP28 IC Socket (DIP Soldertail)
  • DILB24P-223TLF: Socket (DIP Soldertail)
  • DILB8P-223TLF: Socket (DIP Soldertail)
  • 54020-52030LF: PLCC52 IC Socket (Plcc)
  • 69802-032LF: PLCC32 IC Socket (Plcc)
Category: DIP Soldertail
Panjit Semiconductor Diodes & Rectifiers

Panjit Semiconductor Diodes & Rectifiers 

Buy Panjit Semiconductor Diodes & Rectifiers Items Including
  • SBU8J: Rectifier Bridge Silicon Phase 8A
  • GBPC1208W: Rectifier Bridge 12AMP 800VRRM
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Littelfuse Diodes & Rectifiers

Littelfuse Diodes & Rectifiers 

Buy Littelfuse Diodes & Rectifiers Items Including
  • SMBJ36CA: C Bend 36V 600W Bidir TVS SMB (Diodes & Rectifiers)
  • 1.5KE6.8CA-B: Diode Transient Suppressor Bidirectional 5.8V DO-201 (TVS)
  • SMBJ7.0CA: 600W Bidirectional Silicon TVS Diode DO-214AA
  • SMCJ16CA: Diode 400W Surface Mount Bidirectional Transient Voltage Suppressor
  • SP0503BAHT: Diode Surface Mount TVS Avalanche Diode Array Unidirectional
Category: TVS
Passive Components Thermistors

Passive Components Thermistors 

Buy Passive Components Thermistors Items Including
  • NCP18WM224J03RB: NTC Thermistor for Temperature Compensation
  • NCP18XH103J03RB: NTC Thermistor for Temperature Compensation
  • NTPA7220LBMB0: Thermistors > Ntc for Inrush Current Suppression
  • NCP18XH103F03RB: NTC Thermistor for Temperature Compensation
  • NCP18XM472J03RB: NTC Thermistor for Temperature Compensation
Category: Thermistors
Parallax Motors

Parallax Motors 

Buy Parallax Motors Items Including
  • 27938: Little Step-U Motor Controller
  • 900-00005: 180 Degree Range Servo Motor
  • 28820: Dual Motor Driver MC33926 (Kits)
  • 27964: 4 Phase / 12 Volt Unipolar Stepper Motor
  • 27961: Motor Mind B Enhanced Controls DC Motor Direction and Speed
Category: Stepper Motor Controllers
Open Frame

Open Frame 

Buy Open Frame Items Including
  • SMO-0420S12STD: 12VDC Open Frame Push Solenoid (Actuators)
  • SMO-0837S12STD-R: 12VDC Open Frame Dual-Shaft Push Solenoid
  • PS-25-12: PS-25 25.2W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply
  • PS-65-24: PS-65 64.8W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply
  • PD-2512: 24W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Dual Output Power Supply
Category: Open Frame
On Semiconductor Thyristor

On Semiconductor Thyristor 

Buy On Semiconductor Thyristor Items Including
  • MCR08MT1G: Thyristor SCR 600V 8A 4 Pin (3+Tab) SOT-223 T/R
  • MCR708AT4G: Thyristor SCR 600V 35A 3 Pin (2+Tab) Dpak T/R
  • 2N6073BG: THY C77 (T0-126) 4A 4 (Thyristor)
  • C106DG: THY C77 (T0-126) 4A 400 (Thyristor)
  • MAC97A4G: Thyristor Triac 200V, 8A, 3 Pin TO-92
Category: Thyristor
Belkin Computer Cables

Belkin Computer Cables 

Buy Belkin Computer Cables Items Including
  • F2N1192TT03-APL: External Serial ATA (Esata) Cable Fast Data Transfers Up to 3 Gbps
  • F2N1192-06-W: External Serial ATA (Esata) Cable Interface Speed: Serial ATA 150/300
Category: IDE/SATA
NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 

Buy NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Items Including
  • AA2500APZ: NiMH-Rechargeable Battery Size: AA (Rechargeable)
  • 10405: Premium NiMH AAA 1000MAH Rechargeable Battery
  • 10005: 8.4V NiMH Rechargeable Battery
  • AA2500-4: 1.2V AA Rechargeable Battery 4 Pack 2500MAH
  • NHB60H3A2H: NiMH Rechargeable Battery Voltage: 3.6V (Nicad (Rechargeable) )
Category: NiMH (Rechargeable)
Intel Series Microprocessors

Intel Series Microprocessors 

Buy Intel Series Microprocessors Items Including
  • 8085A-2: Microprocessor 8 Bit 16 I/O 5MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 80C31: Microprocessor 8 Bit 32 I/O 24MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 80C39: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 11MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 8748H: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 11MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 8049: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 6MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
Category: Intel Series
Digital Crosspoint ICs & Semiconductors

Digital Crosspoint ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Digital Crosspoint ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • AD8151ASTZ: 7 Bit Dsp-Crossbar Switching PQFP184
  • DS90CP22MT/NOPB: DS90CP22 2 Channel Cross Point Switch PDSO16
  • AD8152JBP: 34 Channel Cross Point Switching PBGA256
  • SN65LVCP22PW: 2 Channel Cross Point Switch PDSO16
Category: Digital Crosspoint
Fairchild Semiconductor Analog Switch

Fairchild Semiconductor Analog Switch 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Analog Switch Items Including
  • FSA4157P6: 1 Channel Single Pole Double Throw Switch
  • FST3245MTCX: Bus Switch CBT/FST/QS/5C/B Series
  • FSAL200QSCX: FSA Series Quad 1 Line to 2 Line Multiplexer and Demux/Decoder
  • MM74HC4053MTC: Triple 2 Channel Differential Multiplexer
  • FPF2104: SOT23-5 Intellimax (Power Switch)
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Memory Card Interconnects

Memory Card Interconnects 

Buy Memory Card Interconnects Items Including
  • 67840-8001: 67840 Sd/Io Memory Card Conn (Rectangular Connectors)
  • N7E50-M516RA-50: Connector Memory Card CFI Hexfet Power Mosfet in a to CFI
  • 500998-0900: 500998 SD Card Conn.Assy (Normal Type) (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 94208-0011: 94208 68 Contact Male Straight Pcmcia Connector Solder (Memory Card)
  • 535653-1: 535653 68 MEM Card Header STD T/H Top
Category: Memory Card
Miscellaneous ICs & Semiconductors

Miscellaneous ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Miscellaneous ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • CYWM6934: Multimedia Misc Wirelessusb Lr+Pa (Miscellaneous)
  • MC100EL1648DG: Voltage Controlled Oscillator Amplifier 8 Pin SOIC N Rail
  • 674R-01ILF: 674-01 IC, (Miscellaneous)
  • TL7726ID: Logic and Timing Misc Clamping Circuit < AZ
  • LT6555CUFPBF: 650 MHZ Gain of 2 Triple 2:1 Video Multiplexer
Category: Miscellaneous
Cts Oscillators SMD

Cts Oscillators SMD 

Buy Cts Oscillators SMD Items Including
  • CB3-3C-10.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-80.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-14.31818-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-33.3330-T: Surface Mount CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator 3.3V 50PPM 20+7033.3330MHZ
  • CB3LV-3C-10.0000-T: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 35V 10 uf Surface Mount 2916
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Varactor ICs & Semiconductors

Varactor ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Varactor ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • MV2213: Varactor Diode TO-92 68pf 2.0V Case 182 25 Volt
  • 1SV305TH3FT: Varactor 2M X 18 QDR SRAM 0.45 NS PBGA165 (Diodes & Rectifiers)
Category: Switching Diodes
Network SMD Passive Components

Network SMD Passive Components 

Buy Network SMD Passive Components Items Including
  • 744C083102JP: 744 Resistor Network Film Isolated 0.5W Surface Mount 1KOHM
  • 4816P-T01-101LF: 4800P Resistor Network Film Isolated 1.28W Surface Mount 100OHM
  • 4816P-T02-103LF: 4800P Resistor Network Film Bussed 1.28W Surface Mount 10KOHM
  • 4816P-T02-472LF: 4800P Resistor Network Film Bussed 1.28W Surface Mount 4.7KOHM
  • NRSNA6I4J100TRF: Nrsn Resistor Network Film Isolated 10OHM
Category: Network (SMD)
On Semiconductor Decoder & Demux

On Semiconductor Decoder & Demux 

Buy On Semiconductor Decoder & Demux Items Including
  • MC74HC139ADG: Decoder/Demultiplexer Dual 2 to-4 16 Pin SOIC Rail R
  • MC74HCT138ANG: Decoder/Demultiplexer Single 3 to-8 16 Pin Plastic DIP Box
Category: Decoder and Demux
Nichicon Axial Electrolytic

Nichicon Axial Electrolytic 

Buy Nichicon Axial Electrolytic Items Including
  • A10/16A: Capacitor Axial 10uf 16V 20% Increments of 10
  • A10/16: Capacitor Axial 10uf 16V 20% Increments of 10
  • TVX1E101MAD: Capacitor Aluminum 100uf 25V 20% (6.3 X 16MM) Axial 170MA 2000H 85C
  • TVX1H471MCD: Capacitor Aluminum 470uf 50V 20% (13 X 31.5MM) Axial 840MA 2000H 85C
  • TVX1H101MAD: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic NON Solid Polarized 50V 100 uf
Category: Axial Electrolytic
Networking Education & Hobby Kits

Networking Education & Hobby Kits 

Buy Networking Education & Hobby Kits Items Including
  • NM7010B+: Plug-in Network Module for W3150A+
  • WIZ108SR-EVB: RS422/RS485 to-Ethernet (Networking)
  • W3150A+: Fully Hardwired Tcp/Ip Stack (Networking)
  • IMCU7100AEVB: Evaluation Board for W7100A (Networking)
  • WIZ100SR-EVB: Evaluation Board for WIZ100SR (Networking)
Category: Networking
Diodes, Zener SMD ICs & Semiconductors

Diodes, Zener SMD ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Diodes, Zener SMD ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 1N4744A: Diode Zener Single 15V 5% 1W 2 Pin DO-41 Bulk
  • 1N4750A: Diode Zener Single 27V 5% 1W 2 Pin DO-41 Bulk
  • 1N5235B: Diode Zener Single 6.8V 5% 500 Mili Watt 2 Pin DO-35 Bulk
  • 1N5240B: Diode Zener Single 10V 5% 500MW 2 Pin DO-35 Bulk
  • MMBZ5230B: Diode Zener Single 4.7V 5% 350 Mili Watt 3 Pin SOT-23 T/R
Category: Zener (SMD) Diodes
International Rectifier Igbts

International Rectifier Igbts 

Buy International Rectifier Igbts Items Including
  • IRG4PC50WPBF: 55A 600V N-Channel Igbt TO-247AC
  • IRG4PH50UPBF: 45A 1200V N-Channel Igbt TO-247AC
  • IRG4PF50WPBF: 51A 900V N-Channel Igbt TO-247AC
  • IRG4PSC71UPBF: IRG4PSC71U 85A 600V N-Channel Igbt
  • IRG4PC50UPBF: Transistor Igbt Chip Negative Channel 600 Volt 55A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-247AC
Category: Igbts
Parallax Boards

Parallax Boards 

Buy Parallax Boards Items Including
  • 40000: P8X32A Quickstart Board (Propeller Series)
  • 28850: Board of Education Development Board (USB) (Prototyping Systems)
  • 28150: 'S "Stamps in Class" Series -"Board of Education"
  • 28103: Board of Education (Serial) -Full Kit (Prototyping Systems)
  • 28993: Eddie Control Board with Power Connector (Propeller Series)
Category: Basic Stamp Proto Boards
Pomona Electronics Tools

Pomona Electronics Tools 

Buy Pomona Electronics Tools Items Including
  • 3760-2: 3760 Pomona Standard Binding Post -Red
  • 1825-02: 1825 Stackable Banana Jack
  • 1581-1: 1581 Interconnection Device
  • 2098: Female Connector Banana Adapter Plug
  • 3760-5: 3760 Banana Connector Binding Post
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Fairchild Semiconductor Flip Flop

Fairchild Semiconductor Flip Flop 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Flip Flop Items Including
  • MM74HC273WMX: Flip Flop Octal D Flip-Flop (Logic)
  • 74VCX16374MTDX: Low Voltage 16 Bit D-Type Flip-Flop with 3.6V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs
  • 74ACT109SC: ACT Series Dual Positive Edge Triggered J-Kbar Flip-Flop
  • 74ACT273SC: ACT Series Octal Positive Edge Triggered D Flip-Flop
  • 74AC175SC: AC Series Positive Edge Triggered D Flip-Flop
Category: Flip Flop
Tripp-Lite Surge Protectors

Tripp-Lite Surge Protectors 

Buy Tripp-Lite Surge Protectors Items Including
  • ISOBAR8ULTRA: Isobar Premium 8 Outlet Surge Protector (Power Protection)
  • SUPER 7: SUPER 7 Standard 7 Outlet Surge Protector 7 Outlets
  • TRAVELERC8: Surge Supressor in-Line 1130 J C8 (2 Prong) Tel-Dsl and AC
  • TRAVELERC6: Surge Supressor in-Line 1130 J C6 (3 Prong) Tel-Dsl and Modem
Category: Surge Protectors
Fci Headers & PCB Receptacles

Fci Headers & PCB Receptacles 

Buy Fci Headers & PCB Receptacles Items Including
  • 71600-006LF: 2500 6 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector IDC Receptacle
  • 69168-110HLF: 2500 Friction Latch Header Dr-Vert (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 69167-105HLF: 2500 Friction Latch Header Sr-Vert (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 78207-106HLF: 3000 Friction Latch Header Dr-R/a (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 71918-126LF: Connector Ejector Header HDR 26 Position 2.54MM Solder Straight Thru-Hole Tube
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Fixed Single-through Hole Passive Components

Fixed Single-through Hole Passive Components 

Buy Fixed Single-through Hole Passive Components Items Including
  • ERD-S1TJ121V: ERDS1 Passive Carbon Film Resistor Leaded 1 120OHM
  • MO1CT52R104J: Resistor Metal Oxide 10K Ohm 5% 1W ±200PPM °C Axial through Hole
  • MOS1CT52R203J: MOS Resistor Metal Oxide Film 1W 5 % 300 Ppm 20000 Ohm
  • CR5-1.0-RC: CR5 Resistor Wirewound 5 Watt 5% 1.0 Ohms (Fixed Single-through Hole)
  • CR5-10-RC: CR5 Resistor Wirewound 5 Watt 5% 10 Ohms (Fixed Single-through Hole)
Category: Fixed Single-through Hole
RS422/485 Interface

RS422/485 Interface 

Buy RS422/485 Interface Items Including
  • WIZ108SR: RS422/485 to Ethernet Module (Networking)
  • DS26LV31TM: Gull Wing Low Voltage RS422 Driver (RS422/485)
  • LT1785ACS8: 60V Fault Protected RS485/RS422 Line Transceiver
  • LT1785AIS8: 60V Fault Protected RS485/RS422 Line Transceiver
  • LT1785IN8: 60V Fault Protected RS485/RS422 Line Transceiver
Category: RS422/485

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