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Astec Power Open Frame   to   AC Power Receptacles

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Astec Power Open Frame

Astec Power Open Frame 

Buy Astec Power Open Frame Items Including
  • LPT42-M: 63.4W Triple Output Open-Frame Medical Power Supply
  • LPT44: 58.5W Triple Output Open-Frame Power Supply (Open Frame)
  • LPS175: 175W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply (Open Frame)
  • LPS113: Power Supply 12V Output 110W 4 X 7 (Open Frame)
  • LPS52: Power Supply 5V Output 55W 2 Inch X 4 Inch (Open Frame)
Category: Open Frame
DC Gearhead

DC Gearhead 

Buy DC Gearhead Items Including
  • 32-004: 6VDC Reversible Gear Head Motor (DC Gearhead)
  • B32-6V9RPM: 6VDC Reversible Gear Head Motor (DC Gearhead)
  • 38-001: 12VDC Reversible Gear Head Motor (DC Gearhead)
  • 38-004: 12VDC Reversible Gear Head Motor (DC Gearhead)
  • 38-005: 12VDC Reversible Gear Head Motor (DC Gearhead)
Category: DC Gearhead
Atmel Series

Atmel Series 

Buy Atmel Series Items Including
  • ATTINY24A-PU: Atmel 8 Bit Microcontroller
  • AT91R40008-66AU: Gull Wing 66MHZTQFP IND Temp Leadfree
  • ATMEGA644PA-AU: 8 Bit Flash 20 MHz Risc Microcontroller
  • ATMEGA8535-16AU: 8 Bit Flash 16 MHz Risc Microcontroller
  • ATMEGA88V-10AU: 8 Bit Flash 10 MHz Risc Microcontroller
Category: Atmel Series
Audio, Video ICs & Semiconductors

Audio, Video ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Audio, Video ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • LM386N-3: Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM386N-1: Audio Amp Speaker 1 Channel Mono 0.325W Class-Ab 8 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LM1875T: 20W Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM3886TF: High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute
  • LM383T: Linear 7W Audio Power AMP TO-220
Category: Audio and Video
Electromechanical Actuators

Electromechanical Actuators 

Buy Electromechanical Actuators Items Including
  • AS201901: Sensor Proximity Magnet Actuator
  • 57140-000: Magnetic Actuator for 59140/59141 Series Reed Sensor
  • BPA08SB: 8 Position Side Actuated DIP Switch (Rotary)
  • 57135-000: Magnetic Actuator for 59135 Series Reed Sensor
  • V7-1V19E9-048: V Basic Snap Action Switches 21 Amps @ 277VAC Straight Lever Actuator
Category: Proximity
Logic & CMOS 74AC Series SMD

Logic & CMOS 74AC Series SMD 

Buy Logic & CMOS 74AC Series SMD Items Including
  • MC74AC245DWG: LOG CMOS Bus I Ntrfce Octl (74AC Series (SMD) )
  • 74AC08SCX-T/R: And Quad 2 in (74AC Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AC04D: SOI C-14 HEX Inverter (74AC Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AC14PWR: HEX Schmitt-Trigger Inverter (74AC Series (SMD) )
  • 74AC273MTCX: AC Series Octal Positive Edge Triggered D Flip-Flop
Category: 74AC Series (SMD)
Communication Phy

Communication Phy 

Buy Communication Phy Items Including
  • DP83846AVHG: PHY Datacom Ethernet Transceiver PQFP80
  • CYP15G0101DXB-BBXC: PHY SMD 5X7.5 HCMOS 3.3V 100PPM -10+7033.3330MHZ T/R (Communication)
  • CY7B933-400JC: J Bend Backplane PHY Receiver 28 Plcc 160-400MBPS 8B/10B
  • CY7B933-SXC: PHY 1RX-CHANNEL160MBPS/330MBPS 28 Pin SOIC (Network)
  • CYP15G0101DXB-BBXI: PHY Ethernet Fibre Channel 1.5GBPS Trancei (Communication)
Category: PHY
Education & Hobby Educational Kits

Education & Hobby Educational Kits 

Buy Education & Hobby Educational Kits Items Including
  • EDU09: Educational PC Oscilloscope Kit (Measurement)
  • EBLOG-300A: Educational Logic Probe Kit
  • 94904: A1 S-Rider Car Kit Simply Slide the Switch to Change Between Series and Parallel Connections. No Rewiring Required!
  • 3-141: Muscle Wire R & D Kit Muscle Wires Project Book
  • SL004: Do-it-Yourself Discover Electronics Kit Ages: 14 and Up
Category: Educational
Analog/Linear Temperature Sensors SMD

Analog/Linear Temperature Sensors SMD 

Buy Analog/Linear Temperature Sensors SMD Items Including
  • 5962-8757102XA: Analog Temperature Sensor-Current 298.2UA
  • AD22100KRZ: Analog Temperature Sensor-Voltage 1.37-3.62V
  • AD22100SR: Analog Temperature Sensor-Voltage 0.25-4.75V
  • AD590JRZ: Analog Temperature Sensor-Current 298.2UA
  • AD7414ARM-0: Digital Temperature Sensor-Serial 10BIT 3CEL
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
Vastech Discrete LEDs

Vastech Discrete LEDs 

Buy Vastech Discrete LEDs Items Including
  • FLEX-DOT5M240RGB-IP65: 5 Meter RGB LED Strip with 240 LEDs 48 LEDs Per Meter
  • FLEX-DOT5M180RGB-IP65: 5 Meter RGB LED Strip with 180 LEDs 36 LEDs Per Meter
Category: LED Light Strips
Velleman Piezo Buzzers

Velleman Piezo Buzzers 

Buy Velleman Piezo Buzzers Items Including
  • SVM12: Audio Indicator and Alerts Buzzer Solid State 15MA 12 Volt Wire Lead Panel Mount
  • SV4/5-SN: Audio Indicator and Alerts Buzzer Piezo 25MA 5 Volt Solder through Hole
  • SV/PS1: Mini Piezo Siren 6-12V DC / 140MA 107DB with Leads ABS
  • SVM06: Audio Indicator and Alerts Buzzer Solid State 20MA 6 Volt Wire Lead Panel Mount
  • SV2: Audio Indicator and Alerts Buzzer PCB-Mounting Type
Category: Piezo Buzzers
Pin ICs & Semiconductors

Pin ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Pin ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • MC34063AP1G: DC Controller Single Output Step Up/Step Down 3 Volt to 40 Volt 8 Pin Plastic DIP Rail
  • HSMP-3812-BLKG: Diode PIN SMT SOT-23
  • HSMP-3822-BLKG: SOT-23 Surface Mount PIN Switch and Limiter Diode
  • HSMP-482B-BLKG: Diode PIN SMT SOT-323
  • 5082-0012: 150V Silicon PIN Diode
Category: Other Diodes
National Semiconductor Analog Switch

National Semiconductor Analog Switch 

Buy National Semiconductor Analog Switch Items Including
  • LM2575HVT-12/NOPB: LM2575HVT-12 National, (Analog/Linear)
  • LM2575HVT-5.0/NOPB: LM2575HVT-5.0 National LM2575HVT-5.0/NOP B
  • LM2576HVT-5.0/NOPB: LM2576HV-5.0 National LM2576HVT-5.0/NOP B
  • LM2676T-5.0/NOPB: LM2676-5.0 National Semi LM2676T-5.0/N OPB
  • LM2679S-5.0/NOPB: LM2679-5.0 National Semi LM2679S-5.0/N OPB
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Gear Boxes

Gear Boxes 

Buy Gear Boxes Items Including
  • 70097: Twin Motor Gear Box Size: 75 X 50 X 23 Mm (Mechanical)
  • 72001: Planetary Gear Box Set (Mechanical)
  • 72004: Worm Gear Box High Efficiency (Mechanical)
  • 70168: Tamiya Double Gearbox Kit (Gear Boxes)
  • KNS7: 2 Ratio Gearbox Kit 3V DC Gearbox: 64X44X19MM (Gear Boxes)
Category: Gear Boxes
Amp/Tyco Electronics Interconnects

Amp/Tyco Electronics Interconnects 

Buy Amp/Tyco Electronics Interconnects Items Including
  • 4-1437284-3: Connector Accessories Amp/Tyco
  • 1651826-1: Connector Power Amp/Tyco
  • 1658744-1: Connector Accessories Amp/Tyco
  • 5-103957-3: 104549 Amp/Tyco, (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 66101-4: AMP Series 1 CPC Circular
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Braided Wire & Cable

Braided Wire & Cable 

Buy Braided Wire & Cable Items Including
  • CCP0.50BK25: Flexo® 1/2 Inch Clean-Cut Braided Sleeve (Cable Ties)
  • CCP0.25BK25: Flexo® 1/4 Inch Clean-Cut Braided Sleeve (Cable Ties)
  • 1319-100: 1/4 Inch Tubular Tinned Copper Wire Braid
  • 1392-100: 1/4 Inch Flat Tinned Copper Wire Braid -100 Ft
  • 1321-100: 3/8 Inch Tubular Tinned Copper Wire Braid
Category: Braided
Mice Computer Products

Mice Computer Products 

Buy Mice Computer Products Items Including
  • PCM6: Wireless & Rechargeable Mini Optical Computer Mouse (Mice)
  • MSM9UP-BLK: Optical 3 Button Mouse Black and Silver Design (Mice)
  • 32022378: 5 Button Wireless Optical Scrollpro Mouse
  • LIBRA-90: Trackball PS-2 USB Windows 98SE 2000 me and XP
Category: Mice
Inverter Schmitt Trigger ICs & Semiconductors

Inverter Schmitt Trigger ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Inverter Schmitt Trigger ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • SN74HC14N: DIP-14 HEX Inverter Schmitt Trigger
  • 74HCT14D-T: HEX Inverter Schmitt Trigger (Logic)
  • MM74HC14M.: HEX Inverting Schmit/Trigger (
  • SN74LS14N: 74LS14 HEX Schmitt-Trigger Inverter
  • 74VHC14M: Inverter Schmitt Trigger 6 Element CMOS 14 Pin SOIC N Rail
Category: Inverter Schmitt Trigger
Grab Bags Assortments

Grab Bags Assortments 

Buy Grab Bags Assortments Items Including
  • GB207: Headers and Connectors Grab Bag (Assortments)
  • GB191LB: Grab Bag -Hundreds of Miscellaneous Components
  • GB100: Assorted Ceramic Disc Capacitor Grab Bag
  • GB100LB: Assorted Ceramic Disc Capacitors Grab Bag
  • GB174: Assorted Single-Turn and Multi-Turn Trimmer Potentiometers Grab Bag
Category: Grab Bags
Mounting & Peripheral Hardware Computer Products

Mounting & Peripheral Hardware Computer Products 

Buy Mounting & Peripheral Hardware Computer Products Items Including
  • DM-BP-R: Computer Card Bracket (Enclosures & Hardware)
  • G/S435: 3.5 Inch Hard Drive Bracket Short
Category: Mounting & Peripheral Hardware
Lighting & Bench Lights Tools

Lighting & Bench Lights Tools 

Buy Lighting & Bench Lights Tools Items Including
  • SOL9: Solar Panel LED Shed Light Easy to Install (Tools)
  • LWB-90: Illuminated 1.5X Magnifier (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • LUX-400W: 3 Diopter Magnifying Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • EDL4: Dynamo LED Lantern with Radio 4 Functions: (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • MA-1503A: Wide View Magnifier Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
Category: Bench Lights Lighting
Communication Audio ICs & Semiconductors

Communication Audio ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Communication Audio ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • SA606DK/01,112: LV HI Perf Mixer FM IF System (Communication Audio)
  • SA614AD/01,112: Low Power FM IF SYS -40 to +85 (Communication Audio)
  • SA630D/01,112: SA630D/01112 Single Pole D (Communication Audio)
  • AD73322LARU: AD73322L J1EECH and Telephony Codec IC
  • SA605DK/01,112: 64 Bit 75.19 MHZ Other DSP PBGA548 (Communication Audio)
Category: Communication Audio
Pin & Socket Interconnects

Pin & Socket Interconnects 

Buy Pin & Socket Interconnects Items Including
  • 56-725-019: 700 25 Shell Size PIN / Socket Filtered Adapter
  • 850-44-PPST: 850 44 Pin Surface Mount Chip Carrier Socket
  • 770987-1: AMP Universal Mate-N-Lok (Pin & Socket)
  • 6100-20: 6100 Socket IC 20PIN Machine Tooled Low Profile
  • 6100-24: 6100 Socket IC 24PIN Machine Tooled Low Profile
Category: Sockets
Soldering Equipment Soldering & Tools

Soldering Equipment Soldering & Tools 

Buy Soldering Equipment Soldering & Tools Items Including
  • 169: 70W Analog Soldering Station
  • LF-1680: 80 Watt Solder and SMD Rework Combo Station
  • LF-8800: 100 Watt Soldering/Desoldering Station with Fume Extractor
  • VTSS4NU: 48W Adjustable Soldering Station
  • 1820-5F: Solder Wick 5 Foot 0.035 Inch Wide no Clean (Desolder Braid)
Category: Soldering/de-Soldering Station
Component Kits Passive Components

Component Kits Passive Components 

Buy Component Kits Passive Components Items Including
  • 00081832: ¼-Watt 5% Carbon Film Resistor Kit (Assortments)
  • 00108329: 540 Piece 1/8 Watt 5% Carbon Film Resistor Kit
  • 00081875: 140 Piece Axial ±20% +85°C Capacitor Kit
  • 00081841: 150 Piece ±10% -55°C to +85°C Dipped Tantalum Capacitor Kit
  • 63P POT KIT: 100 Piece 1/2 Watt Single Turn Cermet Potentiometer Kit
Category: Assortments
Nichicon Passive Components

Nichicon Passive Components 

Buy Nichicon Passive Components Items Including
  • A10/16A: Capacitor Axial 10uf 16V 20% Increments of 10
  • UWX1E100MCL1GB: Capacitor Aluminum 10uf 25V 20% (5 X 5.4MM) SMD 27MA 2000H 85C T/R
  • UWX1V220MCL1GB: Capacitor Aluminum 22uf 35V 20% (6.3 X 5.4MM) SMD 46MA 2000H 85C T/R
  • UVR1V471MPD: Capacitor Aluminum 470uf 35V 20% (10 X 16MM) Radial 5MM 650MA 2000H 85C Bulk
  • UUR1V221MNL1GS: Capacitor Aluminum 220uf 35V 20% (10 X 10MM) SMD 265MA 2000H 85C T/R
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Hand Tools & Strippers Tools

Hand Tools & Strippers Tools 

Buy Hand Tools & Strippers Tools Items Including
  • HT-5023-R: 6.6 Inch Wire Cutter/Stripper (Stripper Hand Tools)
  • 200-080: 2 in-1 Cutter and Stripper (Tools)
  • GRK-42N: Wire Crimper/Stripper/Cutter (Stripper Hand Tools)
  • HT-5023-R: 6.6 Inch Wire Cutter/Stripper (Stripper Hand Tools)
  • TTK-061: Utp/Stp Wire Stripper (Tools)
Category: Stripper Hand Tools
Astec Power Medical AC-to-DC

Astec Power Medical AC-to-DC 

Buy Astec Power Medical AC-to-DC Items Including
  • NFS110-7612J: AC to DC Power Supply Open Frame Single Output 12 Volt 7 Amp 110 Watt
  • NFS110-7601PJ: AC to DC Power Supply (Open Frame)
  • LPT62-M: AC to DC Power Supply PWR Sply Open MED 60W, 5V 12V
  • NLP65-9912J: AC to DC Power Supply Open Frame Single Output 12 Volt 5.4 Amp 65 Watt
  • LPS53-M: AC to DC Power Supply Open Frame Single Output 12 Volt 5 Amp 60 Watt
Category: Open Frame
Networking Development Tools

Networking Development Tools 

Buy Networking Development Tools Items Including
  • NM7010B+: Plug-in Network Module for W3150A+
  • W5200E01-M3: W5200E01 M3 is the Evaluation Board to Test and Prototyping Development for W5200
  • STEVAL-ILL004V1: Development Kits and Tools (Networking)
  • WIZ812MJ: W5100 Embedded Network Module Four PCB Throughhole
  • WIZ830MJ: W5300 Embedded Network Module 2.54 Mm Pitch 2X14 Header Pin
Category: Networking
AC Power Receptacles

AC Power Receptacles 

Buy AC Power Receptacles Items Including
  • 10958: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Screw Flanged
  • NEMA-5-2: Male AC Power Outlet Nema Receptacle Snap-in Panel Mount
  • G1W106-R: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Screw Flanged
  • 0711-PW: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Snap-In
  • NEMA-5-1-A: 15A Female AC Nema Receptacle (Power Connectors)
Category: AC Power Receptacles

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