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General Instruments TVS

General Instruments TVS 

Buy General Instruments TVS Items Including
  • SMBJ5.0A-E3/52: 600W 5.0V 5% Unidir SMB TVS 7IN TR
  • P6KE12A-E3/54: Diode Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Single Uni Directional 10.2V 600W 2 Pin DO-15 T/R
  • P6KE27A-E3/54: Diode Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Single Uni Directional 23.1V 600W 2 Pin DO-15 T/R
  • SMBJ36CA-E3/52: Diode Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Single Bi-Dir 36V 600W 2 Pin SMB T/R
  • SMBJ9.0CA-E3/52: Diode Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Single Bi-Dir 9V 600W 2 Pin SMB T/R
Category: TVS
Voltage Detection ICs & Semiconductors

Voltage Detection ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Voltage Detection ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • LTC1326CS8-2.5PBF: Linear ¦P Prec Triple Supply Monitor
  • ADM1063ASU: 10 Channel Power Supply Support CKT QFP48
  • LTC1326CMS8-2.5PBF: Micropower Precision Triple Supply Monitors
  • ADM1062ACPZ: 10 Channel Power Supply Support CKT QCC40
  • LTC1326CS8-2.5PBF: Linear ¦P Prec Triple Supply Monitor
Category: Voltage Detection
Electronic Design Metal

Electronic Design Metal 

Buy Electronic Design Metal Items Including
  • L750: Metal Housing Cassette Dimensions (a X B X C) : 3.1 X 7.9 X 5.2 "
  • 3601: Metal Aluminum Enclosure Color: Blue
  • CMC 11922-R: Case Metal 5.9 Inch X5.3 Inch X3 Inch 50/CS
  • CMC11949-R: Case Metal 7.3 Inch X6.3 Inch X2.75 Inch 50/CS
  • CMC 11914: Case Metal 4.0 Inch X3.3 Inch X2.2 Inch 50/CS
Category: Metal
St Connector Fiber Optics Connectors

St Connector Fiber Optics Connectors 

Buy St Connector Fiber Optics Connectors Items Including
  • 5492458-1: Connector Fiber Optics KIT MM CER 125UM
  • HFBR-1412TZ: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM
  • HFBR-1414TZ: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 55MBPS
  • OPF2412T: Fiber Optic Receiver 5MBPS through Hole Mount
  • 5504022-2: 5504022 Z-Pack a Male Header 110P 2MM HM
Category: Fiber Optic
SMD Jfets

SMD Jfets 

Buy SMD Jfets Items Including
  • TL032ACD: Gull Wing Enhanced Jfet Lowp (Analog/Linear)
  • TL062CD: Gull Wing Low Power Jfet Input OP Amps
  • LF347M: 14 SOIC Quad Jfet Op-Amp (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • TL074ACN: Low Noise Jfet Input OP Amps (Analog/Linear)
  • MMBFJ201: Discrete 003 Plastic Molded (Jfets)
Category: Hi-Speed (SMD) Op-Amps
Darlington ICs & Semiconductors

Darlington ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Darlington ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 2N5306: NPN Transistor TO92 Darlington
  • TIP120.: Transistor TIP120 NPN Power Darlington
  • ULN2003AN: ULN2003A Darlington Transistor Array
  • TIP147: Complementary Silicon Power Darlington Transistors
  • 2N6284: Transistor Darlington NPN 100 Volt 20 Amp 3 Pin 2+ Tab TO-3 Bag
Category: Darlington
Development Tools Microprocessors

Development Tools Microprocessors 

Buy Development Tools Microprocessors Items Including
  • AC1059: Socket for Model AD210 IC (Development Tools)
  • STR71X-SK/RAIS: Rectifier CF 1/4 10K 5% R (Development Tools)
  • UK003010: -Picstart Plus Flash (Development Tools)
  • AC2626L4: General Purpose Probe IC (Development Tools)
  • STR710-EVAL: Development KIT for Complete Development Platform for the STR71X Series 10
Category: Development Tools
DIP Relays

DIP Relays 

Buy DIP Relays Items Including
  • RSB-5-S: RSB Electromechanical Relay Double Pole (DIP)
  • DS2Y-S-DC12V: Electromechanical Relay Double Pole Contact Form: DPDT (DIP)
  • EDR2D1A0500Z: Reed Relays SPST -no 0.5A 5VDC 500OHM Thru-Hole
  • DS2YE-S-DC5V: 5 Volt 125 Ohm Double Pole Double Throw Miniature Relay
  • HE721A0510: HE700 Relay Reed Miniature (DIP)
Category: DIP
Electronic Design

Electronic Design 

Buy Electronic Design Items Including
  • 22-504: PCB Export Design Phenolic Prototype Board
  • DELUXE2: Deluxe Electronics Kit 2 Two-Coil Latching 5V Relay
  • DELUXE1: Deluxe Electronics Kit 1 Photoresistors
  • DAC-457000: Digital/Analog Design Lab
  • IDL-800A-R: Digital Design Lab with Solderless Breadboard
Category: Starter Packs
Taitron Diodes & Rectifiers

Taitron Diodes & Rectifiers 

Buy Taitron Diodes & Rectifiers Items Including
  • TB3510: Diode Bridge 1000V Single
  • BR805D/TP200: Diode BR805D Bridge Rectifier 2.0A 50V BR8D
  • T6A100L: Diode GP 6.0A 1000V, (Rectifiers Selection)
  • T6A05L: Diode GP 6.0A 50V (Rectifiers Selection)
  • T6A10L: Diode GP 6.0A 100V (Rectifiers Selection)
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Network & Sip Resistors

Network & Sip Resistors 

Buy Network & Sip Resistors Items Including
  • 4609X-101-472: 4600X 9 Pin 4600 Series Conformal SIP Resistor Ohms: 4.7 K 4.7KOHM
  • 4310R-101-102LF: 4300R Resistor Network Film Bussed 1.25W through Hole Mount 1KOHM
  • 4308R-102-102: 4300R Resistor Molded SIP 8PIN Isolated 1K 2% Low Bulk 1KOHM
  • 4310R-101-271LF: 4300R Resistor Network Film Bussed 1.25W through Hole Mount 270OHM
  • 4310R-101-104: 4300R Resistor Molded SIP 10PIN Bussed 100K 2% Low Bulk 100KOHM
Category: Sip Network
Circuit Protection Thermistors

Circuit Protection Thermistors 

Buy Circuit Protection Thermistors Items Including
  • PTGL18AR4R7M6B72B0: PTC Resistor Posistor for Circuit Protection
  • PRF18BA471QB1RB: Overheat Sensing Chip Type Posistor for Circuit Protection
  • PTGL05AR121M9N51B0: Thermistor Posistor for Circuit Protection
  • PTGL09AR220M6B52B0: Thermistor Posistor for Circuit Protection
  • 060R0017U: Fuses PTC 60V RAD Lead Thermistor .1 (Circuit Protection)
Category: Thermistors
Memory Backup Passive Components

Memory Backup Passive Components 

Buy Memory Backup Passive Components Items Including
  • MBC.047/8: This is a Memory Back-Up Capacitor Used on CMOS Microcomputers
  • EECF5R5U105(PANASONIC): Memory Back-Up Capacitor 1 F
  • EECF5R5U224(PANASONIC): Capacitor Memory Back-Up .22F 5.5V
  • F5R5U155: Memory Back-Up Capacitors Capacitance:1.5 F
  • EECS5R5V105: Memory Back-Up Capacitor Capacitance: 1.0F
Category: Memory Backup
Fiber Optics Interconnects

Fiber Optics Interconnects 

Buy Fiber Optics Interconnects Items Including
  • 1061521000: 106152 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 106161-0000: 106161 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 106170-0520: 106170 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 5492458-1: Connector Fiber Optics KIT MM CER 125UM
  • 106170-0000: Connector Fiber Optics BSC Back Panel Adapter ZR Sleeve (Audio/Video)
Category: Fiber Optics
Cypress Timing Solutions

Cypress Timing Solutions 

Buy Cypress Timing Solutions Items Including
  • CY22392FXC: 200 MHz Other Clock Generator PDSO16 (Timing Solutions)
  • CY23FS04ZXC: 3.3V 170MHZ Failsafe LvCMOS IN/4 out Buffer-Tssop (Timing Solutions)
  • CY22381FXC: 200 MHz Other Clock Generator PDSO8 (Timing Solutions)
  • CY23FS04ZXI: 8 Bit Otprom 2.1 MHZ Microcontroller PQFP44 (Real Time Clocks (SMD) )
  • CY25560SXI: N-Channel Power Mosfet 50VDSS 14A TO-252AA (Real Time Clocks (SMD) )
Category: Real Time Clocks (SMD)
Audio Components Speakers

Audio Components Speakers 

Buy Audio Components Speakers Items Including
  • AZ-40S: AZ Flat-Magnet Square Speaker (Audio Components)
  • KWT2340F12L-2E: Piezo Transducer Speaker Rated Voltage: 12VP-p
  • 35CS08B-M75NA: Micro Square Speaker (Audio Components)
  • AZ-50S: Flat Element Square Speaker (Audio Components)
  • MR-01W: 200MW 8ω Round Speaker (Audio Components)
Category: Speakers
Intel Series ICs & Semiconductors

Intel Series ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Intel Series ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • AW80576T9400: CPU Core 2 DUO Proc T9400, (Intel Series)
  • 80C31: Microprocessor 8 Bit 32 I/O 24MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 80C39: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 11MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 8748H: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 11MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 8049: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 6MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
Category: Intel Series
St Micro Timers

St Micro Timers 

Buy St Micro Timers Items Including
  • NE555N: General Purp SGL Bipolar Timer Dependent PTC Chassis MO
  • ST62T25CB6: Through-Hole 8 Bit MCU with A/D Converter Two Timers
  • NE555DT: Timer Pulse Rectangular 0.5 MHz PDSO8 (Timing Solutions)
  • M48T58-70PC1: M48T58 0 Timer Real Time Clock PDIP28
  • M4T32-BR12SH1: Power Misc 1 Timer Real Time Clock DSS4 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Timers
Electromechanical Knobs

Electromechanical Knobs 

Buy Electromechanical Knobs Items Including
  • PKB70B1/4: Plastic with Skirt (Knobs)
  • PKD70B101/4: Plastic with Ski (Knobs)
  • RN-12POS: 1/4 Inch Knurled Shaft Black Aluminum 12 Position Plastic Flange Knob
  • 1400: 1/4 Inch Shaft Instrumentation Knob with Set Screw
  • KB500A1/8: Instrumentation Knob
Category: Plastic
On Semiconductor Clock Management

On Semiconductor Clock Management 

Buy On Semiconductor Clock Management Items Including
  • NB7L111MMNG: Clock Management BBG DIF 1:10 CLK Dist CML
  • MC100LVEL14DWG: 100LVEL Series Low Skew Clock Driver
Category: Clock Management
Logic Monostable Multivibrator

Logic Monostable Multivibrator 

Buy Logic Monostable Multivibrator Items Including
  • SN74121N: Monostable Multivibrator with Schmitt-Trigger Inputs
  • M74HC4538RM13TR: M74HC4538 HC Series Dual Monostable Multivibrator PDSO16 (Logic)
  • SN74LS123N: 74LS123 Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator
  • MC14538BDWG: Dual Precision Retriggerable/Resettable Monostable Multivibrator
  • 74VHC221AMTC: Ahc/Vhc Series Dual Monostable Multivibrator
Category: Monostable Multivibrator
Circular Connectors

Circular Connectors 

Buy Circular Connectors Items Including
  • 206433-1: 206433 Circular Connector 8 Contact
  • 205840-3: 205840 Circular Connector 28 Contact
  • 205843-1: 205843 Circular Connector 63 Contact
  • 206438-1: 206438 Circular Connector 57 Contact
  • 205839-3: 205839 Circular Connector 28 Contact
Category: Circular
Rs-485 SMD ICs & Semiconductors

Rs-485 SMD ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Rs-485 SMD ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • SN65HVD3082ED: Low-Power RS-485 Transceiver (Interface)
  • ADM2483BRWZ: Half-Duplex I Coupler® Isolated RS-485 Transceiver
  • ADM3483EARZ: Gull Wing Line Transceiver PDSO8 (Rs-485 (SMD) )
  • SN75HVD08D: Wide Supply Rang E RS-485 Transceiver
  • ADM3483EARZ-REEL7: 15KV E SD RS-485 HD 250KBPS (Interface)
Category: RS-485 (SMD)
Parallax Development Tools

Parallax Development Tools 

Buy Parallax Development Tools Items Including
  • 28024: USB2SER Development Tool USB Power, no External Supply Required
  • 32203: Web Server Propeller MCU W5100 Ethernet Controller Micro SD Socket
Category: Adapters
USB SMD ICs & Semiconductors

USB SMD ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy USB SMD ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • SN65240PW: Dual USB Port TRA (Interface)
  • USBDF01W5: Gull Wing 2 Line Other Terminator PDSO5 (USB (SMD) )
  • FT232RL-REEL: USB to UART SM D SSOP-281.8 -5.25V (Interface)
  • LM324MX/NOPB: OP Amp Dual USB Port Transient Suppressor
  • SL811HST-AXC: Interface Misc SMD 5X7.5 HCMOS 5V 100PPM -10+708.0000MHZ Bulk
Category: USB (SMD)
Liquidware Preassembled Modules

Liquidware Preassembled Modules 

Buy Liquidware Preassembled Modules Items Including
  • COMPASS MODULE: Compass Module Homebrew Virtual Reality & Gaming Systems
  • AMBI LIGHT SENSOR: Ambient Light Sensor (Preassembled Modules)
Category: Preassembled Modules
Adda AC Tube Axial Fans

Adda AC Tube Axial Fans 

Buy Adda AC Tube Axial Fans Items Including
  • AA1251MB-AT-LF: 115VAC Ball Bearing Tubeaxial Fan
  • AA1282DB-AT: 220VAC Tubeaxial Fan
  • AA1281MB-AW: 120VAC Tubeaxial Fan
  • AA1281MB-AT: 120VAC Tubeaxial Fan
  • AK1752HB-LF(AT): AC Tubeaxial Fan 6.75 Inch (170MM) Size:172 X 150 X 51 Mm
Category: AC Tube Axial Fans
Speaker Wire & Cable

Speaker Wire & Cable 

Buy Speaker Wire & Cable Items Including
  • GOLDSUN - WIRE 100': 2 Conductor Power/Speaker Cable 100 Ft
  • CAR45B-1K-R: 2 Conductor Power/Speaker Cable 1000 Ft
  • 5176-100: 18 AWG 2 Conductor PVC Zip Automotive Speaker Cable -100 Feet
  • 5177-25: 16 AWG 2 Conductor PVC Zip Automotive Speaker Cable -25 Feet
  • 5176-25: 18 AWG 2 Conductor PVC Zip Automotive Speaker Cable -25 Feet
Category: Speaker Wire
Waterproof Interconnects

Waterproof Interconnects 

Buy Waterproof Interconnects Items Including
  • 172746-1: Seal E-J MK-2 070 Rubber Plug (Waterproof)
  • 173682-1: 040 HD TAB Contact (Waterproof)
  • 172748-1: E-J MK-2 070 Cavity Plug (Waterproof)
  • 172748-2: E-J MK-2 070 Cavity Plug (Waterproof)
  • 173681-1: 040 HD REC Contact (Waterproof)
Category: Waterproof
Ceramic Resonators SMD

Ceramic Resonators SMD 

Buy Ceramic Resonators SMD Items Including
  • CSTCC2M00G53-R0: Ceramic Resonator 2MHZ 3 Pin SMD T/R
  • CSTLS3M58G53-B0: Ceralock Frequency Controls:Resonators
  • CSTLS8M00G53-B0: Ceralock Frequency Controls:Resonators
  • CSTLS6M00G53-B0: Optocoupler Transistor Output SOIC-8
  • CSTLS4M00G53Z-B0: Resonators (Frequency Control)
Category: Ceramic Resonators (SMD)

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