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December 2013
• My Story: The Arduino Guitar Tuner I Didn't Build
• DIY: Arduino Experimenter Kit
• The Perfect Instrument
• Radio Shack's Losses More Than Double
• Teaching Electronics
• The Definition of the Word "Computer"
• Club Jameco Hot New Kits

November 2013
• My Story: How I Saved the Millennium
• DIY: Retro Hi-Fi Stereo System
• Jameco Video Review
• The Simplest of Challenges
• Product Update: Top 10 Holiday Kits
• Club Jameco Hot New Kits

October 2013
• Jameco Puzzler
• DIY: Build an Electronic Thermometer
• Kenyan Students Capture Wind at Night to Study
• CoasterBot Contest Video
• Fuel Cell Pioneers
• Five Things NOT to do with Your New 3D Printer
• Jameco Video Review: 8x8x8 LED Cube
• Club Jameco Hot New Kits

September 2013
• Control Any Device with Electric Imp
• Survey: How Are We Doing?
• DIY: The Boy Who Found his Veins
• Component Buying: Asian Style
• My Story: If You Can Find It, You Can Build It
• Jameco Salutes Amar Bose (1929-2013)
• Club Jameco Hot New Kits

August 2013
• My Story: "A Love H8 Relationship"
• Take the Jameco Video Tour
• DIY: Down the Rabbit Hole
• Selling the Next Great Idea
• Why LED Lighting in the Home Makes Sense
• Coaster Bot Contest
• Club Jameco: Solar-Powered Creations

July 2013
• My Story: "A Woman Working with Computers"?
• Product Update: Wire & Cable - A Basic Primer
• The Tale of the Monkey Light
• Recognizing and Encouraging Good Ideas
• DIY: Club Jameco's All-Time Best Selling Kit
• Coaster Bot Contest
• Club Jameco: Fun DIY Game Projects

June 2013
• Jameco Challenge: Design Your Own Bot
• Living Dangerously: Designing a Quadcopter
• DIY Project: Outdoor Motion Light
• Product Update: A Solder Tip or Two
• The Jameco Newsletter Needs You
• Club Jameco Projects and Briefs
• Tech Tips: "Not a Bent Pin!"
• Catalog Cover Features World's Largest LED Sculpture
• Oh Yes We Did!

May 2013
• My Story: Electronics Meets the Zombie Puppets
• DIY Project Hack: Bicycle Turn Signal Headlight Kit
• What the Heck Is It?
• Greg's Corner: We're Off to See the Wizard
• Product Review: Jameco ValuePro Surface Mount Adapter Boards
•Tech News: Robots Reach Innerspace
• Club Jameco Projects and Briefs
• Project: MIC Stereo with Little Amp
• Tech News Roundup: Electronics Imitates Anatomy
• Security Brief: Room Breach Alert Device

April 2013
• DIY: The Light Painter
• Jameco Challenge: The Next Baseball Technology
• Club Jameco Electronics Project Whiteboard
• Product Update: Fluke Test Equipment
• Gregs Corner: Every Quarter is Springtime
• Club Jameco Projects and Briefs
• My Story: Customer "Success" Stories
• Tech News Roundup: Electronics Imitates Anatomy

March 2013
• My Story: Customer Success Stories
• Jameco Puzzler: What The Heck Is This?
• Product Update: Egg-Bot Kit
• Gregs Corner: Sometimes Saving Money Really Blows
• Tech News Roundup: Living History
• Club Jameco Projects and Briefs
• Club Jameco: Simple LED Tester
• Club Jameco: Arduino Reaction Timer
• Club Jameco: Tic Tac Toe Robot Kit for Kids
• DIY Project: Portable 3.3V and 5V Regulator

February 2013
• My Story: Old Technology to the Rescue
• Jameco Puzzler: Transparent Microphone
• Product Update: Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangerfinders
• Gregs Corner: A Lesson So Powerful It Can't Be Forgotten
• Club Jameco Project: Magic Morse Code Trainer
• Tech News Roundup: A Bug May Save Your Life
• Club Jameco Designer Earns $700 for Electronics Kit Design
• New Catalog: Fusion of Nature & Technology
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