FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 25, 2012

Call for Accountability in New Jameco Electronics Catalog

The new Jameco electronic component catalog features a famous Dorothea Lange photograph. Best known for her Depression Era portraits. Lange captured the cover image in 1934 and it draws attention to the hopelessness being re-experienced across America today.

Lange wrote that with Against The Wall she wanted "to take a picture of a man as he stood in his world – in this case a man with his head down, his back against the wall, with his livelihood, like the wheel barrow, overturned."

The image reminded Jameco that our economic woes are man-made and yet no one has been held accountable.

"Jameco is accountable to its employees, its vendors and, most of all, its customers," said Greg Harris, Vice President of Marketing. "We expect the best from our team and if they can't deliver, they are off the team. The American people should expect no less from their leaders."

Jameco decided that it could use its voice to help motivate Americans to vote in the upcoming election.
Jameco Catalog 123

The new catalog features an expanded selection of Power Supplies, Fans and Blowers, and Robotics and is available for free by visiting or by calling 1-800-831-4242.

About Jameco Electronics

Jameco Electronics is an electronic component distributor with facilities in Belmont, California. The company was founded in 1974 and its first catalog was published in 1978. Jameco is a franchise distributor for more than 150 different electronic component brands, plus, it's well-known for its price alternative house-brand and factory-overrun inventory.

Jameco's product line includes digital and analog semiconductors, interconnects, passives, electromechanical, wall transformers, power supplies, fans, prototype/design, test equipment and tools.


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Director of Marketing
Jameco Electronics