Test your ingenuity with Jameco Challenges and Forrest Mims Puzzlers.

Emergency DIY Resistor

How did engineer Tony Watts improvise a SMT 1MΩ resistor?
Puzzler 19
Jameco Electronics Puzzler

Can you think of a new way to measure ozone?
Puzzler 20
Artificial Vegetation Detector

Is it fake or real leaf?
Puzzler 17
Measure the Most Important Greenhouse Gas?

What electronics instrument did Bob Celsius select?
Puzzler 18
A Transparent Microphone

What a transparent plastic microphone can do to someone's voice.
Puzzler 15
Secure Communication between Two Vehicles

How can you safely communicate without a radio?
Puzzler 16
Joe Novice Thinks Scientists Are Wrong

How did Joe Novice prove the volcanic aerosol cloud was still there?
Volcanic Aerosol Cloud
LED Headlight Detector

Do you think you can design an LED headlight detector? See how smart you are with this new Puzzler!
Puzzler 14
Build A Non-Potentiometer Potentiometer (NPP)

How did consultant Leo Smith design a substitute for use as a radio volume control?
No POT, no problem
Design an Electronic Intercom for the Minimalist Electronics Society

How did engineer Brown solve this problem without using conductors, power lines or cell signals?
No POT, no problem
Light up a LED without
a power source

The catch: the game should not use a battery or external source of power.
LED Power
A Non-Electronic
Voice Transmitter

A cell phone with a solar charger served as D.J.'s only link to the radio station.
Voice Transmitter
How to create a homemade super capacitor from local pet store items

What did the professor add to his lemon concoction?
Super Capacitor
The Simplest Light-to-Light Converter

How did he combine the smallest number of components to do what the phosphor card did?
Help sense the flooding

Design a circuit that would trigger an LED when water is present.

Flooding Quickly
Help Joe Rhythm's one man video be a success

Build a pressure-sensitive tone generator that can be controlled with a free finger or even an elbow.
Joe Ryhthm's one man video
Big Bucks Bank needs your help to solve their power supply dilemma

Lithium batteries might work, but maybe not for a full 15 years.
Power Supply Dilemma
Help Bob Wheels find a durable rotation sensor

That can withstand lots of punishment and the busy hands of a teenaged game player.
Rotation Sensor
Give a quick pulse of power to a laser diode

Cerain kinds of miniature switching vacuum tubes might work in this circuit.
Power to a Laser Diode
Discover the heart of the monochromatic light detector

The missing component is clearly some kind of photodiode or photoresistor. But what kind?
Monochromatic Light Detector

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