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Electronics Computer Products and Accessories

Jameco offers a variety of computer products including power supplies, wireless adapters, rack mount equipment, protection, keyboards and much more. If there is something you don't see let us know at [email protected].

Audio Products

Velleman Headset

Telephone and Multimedia Headset with Microphone

This Velleman HSMT 1 headset features a mono headphone with 0.11" drive unit and a RJ-type connection adapter for telephone connection.


Computer Cables

Firewire Cable
USB 2.0 Cable, USB-A Male to USB-A Male Cable

Improve your connections with computer cables, cords and wires in every configuration.

Extension Cables Serial Cables
Monitor Cables Null Modem Cables
Adapter Cables Printer Cables
Parallel Cables Firewire Cables
DIN Cables USB Cables
Disc Cables


Easy to use and connect, Jameco's cameras help you catch all the action.

Miniature DVR
8 Megapixel Webcam With Built In Microphone

This webcam is easy-to-use and works with just a single USB connection connected right to your computer! It includes a built-in microphone and the 8MP camera provides clear video chats.

Color Cameras
USB Web Cameras
Wireless Cameras

Computer Networking Products

Looking for better system auto-negotiation or enhanced multi-functionality, Jameco has what you need to keep your network speedy.

Bi-directional Converter
RS-232 TO RS-485 Converter

The I-7520/I-7520A lets you easily build an industrial grade, long-distance communication system using standard PC hardware.

Networking Adapters
Bi-directional Converters
Networking Switches

PC Power Supplies

All computer systems should start with the right power source. Look to Jameco for a variety of ATX Power supplies and cables for your computing needs.

800 Watt ATX Power Supply
400 Watt ATX Switching Power Supply

Enjoy stable power delivery with low ripple with Sparkle SPI460PFB2-MC2 power supply. Over voltage, short circuit and over current protections powers your PC efficiently. Active PFC and 80 PLUS certification ensure that little power is wasted.

ATX Power Supplies
ATX Cables and Accessories

Power Protection (Surge Suppressors)

Protecting all of your systems should be a priority on your list. Check out JamecoĆ­s full selection of power protection products.

Power Strip
Surge Protector Wall 6 Outlet Right Angle

This standard 7-outlet surge protector has 2350 joule rating, effective spike and noise suppression and protects up to 42,000 amp spikes. Includes a $75,000 ultimate lifetime insurance. Perfect for personal computers, CAD/CAM/CAE workstations, fileservers, audio/visual devices and more!

In-Line Surge Suppressors
Power Strips
Wall Outlet Suppressors

Rack Mount Equipment

Jameco offers a wide variety of rack mount equipment and accessories.

Rack Mount Case
Jameco ValuePro 19" Rack Mount Case

This 19" Rack mount enclosure includes ventilation holes on all sides and front and back panels that are made of steel with aluminum pre-punched face plates. The back flat panel is 0.12" thick and the top and bottom sides are durable 0.0.8" steel. Includes handles for easy carrying. Includes mouting screws and weights 106 lbs.

Rack Mount Enclosures
Rack Mount Plates/Brackets

USB Devices

Jameco carries a solid selection of USB devices for all your needs, including adapters, readers and hubs.

USB Card Reader
USB 2.0 Hub (3 Ports) and Multicard Reader/Writer

This card reader is lightweight and compact in design 32-in-1 card reader with built-in USB 2.0 HUB and 3 ports. 5 LED indicators and USB 2.0 transfer rate up to 480Mbps.

To view more detail on our USB adapters click here.

USB Adapters
USB Cables
USB Hubs

Have an electronics story or project you'd like to share, email [email protected]