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Jameco offers a variety of computer products from dedicated power supplies and protection, wireless adapters, rack mount equipment to USB devices.

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Audio Products

Go-Rock Mobile Speakers (U11-000111)

Designed to be portable to take on the go. These speakers connect to your iPod or any music player through a standard 3.5mm audio plug. Charge through your computer with the included USB adapter. Up to 6 hours of playing time on a single charge.

Wireless Audio Adapters Hands Free Microphones
Mobile Speakers


Firewire Cable
Jameco ValuePro IEEE 1394 6' Fire Wire 6-pin Male to 4-pin Male Cable

Improve your connections with computer cables, cords and wires in every configuration.

Extension Cables Serial Cables
Monitor Cables Null Modem Cables
Adapter Cables KVM Cables
Parallel Cables Printer Cables
DIN Cables Firewire Cables
Disc Cables USB Cables


Easy to use and connect, Jameco's computer cameras help you catch all the action.

Miniature DVR
Elyssa Corporation EC-MiniDVR Miniature Sound Activated DVR

This compact digital video recorder can be easily clipped or mounted to any surface. It records up to 90 minute video files at a resolution of 720 x 480 onto an included 4GB Mirco SD memory card. Weighing only 15 grams it measures a mere 2.2"H x 0.85"W x 0.80"D.

Color Cameras Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
USB Web Cameras Wireless Cameras


Improve the performance, quality and functionality of your computer system with graphics and controller cards.

Computer Cards
ATI Technologies Graphics Accelerator Card

This video card improves the performance of your system and displays exceptional graphics. It comes with software utilities and enhanced drivers. It even has PC2TV video out capability, so you can connect your computer to your TV, monitor or both.

IDE/ATA Controller Cards Parallel Controller Cards
SCSI Controller Cards Serial Controller Cards
Graphics Accelerator Cards

Enclosures and Mounting Hardware

Enclosures are perfect for your computing storage and protection needs.

HDD Enclosure
Entone Inc. HDD 3.5" Sata Enclosure

With the SATA/eSATA connection, you can be sure nothing is impeding your external drive, ensuring the highest performance. Just add your 3.5" drive, plug to your external SATA port, and you're ready to go!

HDD Enclosures Mounting Hardware

Keyboards and Mice

Jameco carries a selection of specialized numeric pads, gaming pads and miniature keypads.

Powmax Keyboard, Mouse & Speaker Set

This 3-in-1 PS/2 Keyboard kit is the perfect addition to your desktop system! The keyboard features a 104-key layout with 18 multimedia and internet hot keys. The mouse features optical technology for smooth navigation and comes equipped with 3-buttons with a scroll wheel! The speaker set includes volume control and 3.5 mm stereo plug so you can listen in with your headphones.

Keyboards & Keypads Mice

Computer Networking Products

Looking for better system auto-negotiation or enhanced multi-functionality, Jameco has what you need to keep your network speedy.

Bi-directional Converter
ATEN International RS232 to RS485 Bidirectional Converter (IC485AI)

This 2-way converter converts RS-232 signals into RS-422/RS-485 signals in long-distance applications. Built-in RS-485 flow and direction monitoring function suppresses signal surge. It's a hardware solution to the problem of converting signals between two standards.

Networking Adapters Bi-directional Converters
Power Over Ethernet KitsNetworking Switches

PC Power Supplies

All computer systems should start with the right power source. Look to Jameco for a variety of ATX Power supplies and cables for your computing needs.

800 Watt ATX Power Supply
Evertek AK800 800 Watt ATX Power Supply

The AK800 power supply delivers 800-watts of power to keep your computer running for years. It features a 20+4-pin ATX power connector, four large Molex power connectors, one floppy connector, two 12V power connectors and four Serial ATA (SATA) connectors. The AK800 keeps cool under pressure with safety features that include a 120mm fan for cooler and quieter operation, full sleeved cables and dual +12V rails to prevent overheating.

ATX Power Supplies ATX Cables and Accessories

Power Protection (Surge Suppressors)

Protecting all of your systems should be a priority on your list. Check out Jameco's full selection of power protection products.

Power Strip
TrippLite Super7 Surge Suppressor

This standard 7-outlet surge protector has 2350 joule rating, effective spike and noise suppression and protects up to 42,000 amp spikes. Includes a $75,000 ultimate lifetime insurance. Perfect for personal computers, CAD/CAM/CAE workstations, file servers, audio/visual devices and more!

In-Line Surge Suppressors Power Strips
Travel Surge Suppressors Wall Outlet Suppressors

Rack Mount Equipment

Jameco offers a wide variety of rack mount equipment and accessories.

Rack Mount Case
Jameco ValuePro 19" Rack Mount Case

This 19" Rack mount enclosure includes ventilation holes on all sides. Front and back panels that are made of steel with aluminum pre-punched face plates. The back flat panel is 0.12" thick and the top and bottom sides are durable 0.8" steel. Includes handles for easy carrying. Includes mouting screws and weights 106 lbs.

Rack Mount Enclosures Rack Mount Patch Panels
Rack Mount Plates/Brackets

Computer Switchboxes

Switchboxes are an economical way to add functionality and flexibility to your computer system.

Miniature DVR
Jameco ValuePro 4-Port K/V/M Switch Box

The KS-104 4 way switcher switches VGA and PS/2 between four computers located near each other. It's as easy a plugging your peripherals directly into the back of the switch, connecting the cables to the computers you want to control, and pushing a button to select the computer you want to work on, and you're switching.

Monitor/Mouse/Keyboard to PC Switchboxes Parallel Printer to PC Switchboxes

USB Devices

Jameco carries a solid selection of USB devices for all your needs, including adapters, readers and hubs.

USB Card Reader
Jameco ValuePro Palm Size Hi-Speed Multi Card Reader/Writer

This compact multi-card reader is designed for the mobile user to easily access all types of memory without using adapters. Transfer files between computers and digital devices. Supports memory card formats including: Compact flash, Microdrive Extreme III, SmartMedia card, T-Flash, MicroSD, Secure Digital Cards, SD High Capacity, MiniSD card, Multimedia Card (MMC), Multimedia Card II, RS_MMC, Memory Stick PRO DUO, Memory Stick PRO DUO Extreme II, Memory Stick ROM, Memory Stick Select.

To view more detail on our USB adapters click here.

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