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DFRobot Products Specializing in mobile robot platforms, open source hardware and robot sensors, since 2007, DFRobot has built a solid line of hobbyist products and accessories for all kinds of added functionality and fun! DFRobot has developed comprehensive Arduino shields and sensors that can match most education, prototyping, DIY projects and research purposes.


DFRobot Arduino Accessories

DFRobot RoMEo All-in-One Microcontroller (DFR0004) DFRobot DFR0004 RoMEo All-in-One Microcontroller

RoMeo is an all-in-one microcontroller designed for robotics applications. Use it directly with the Arduino open source platform for thousands of open source codes and be able to easily expand capabilities with most Arduino shields. The integrated 2-way DC motor driver and wireless socket give a much easier way to start your robotics project.

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DFRobots Kits

DF Robot KIT0003 Arduino Auto Flower Watering Kit DF Robot KIT0003 Arduino Auto Flower Watering Kit

The EcoDuino system can make your plant growing work much easier. The sensors in this kit collect data tell you the condition of your plants including temperature, humidity, light intensity, etc. EcoDuino can message you totell you how your plants are doing and will also water your plants automatically when they are thirsty, or at a pre-determined interval.

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DFRobot Robotic Products

DFRobot ROB0003 4WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform DFRobot ROB0003 4WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform

So you want to get mobile with your Arduino or other microcontroller, and you aren't sure where to start? This 4WD robotic platform is a great start! The kit includes four geared motors, four rims with tires, and a high-strength aluminum alloy body with mounting holes. It can traverse grass, gravel, sand, or sloped surface with ease. Just add an Arduino, or other microcontroller, motorshield, and power supply and you ready to get going! We recommend the Romeo microcontroller, for it has built in motor control and additional buttons.

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DFRobot Arduino Shields

DFRobot Input Shield for Arduino (DFR0008) DFRobot DFR0008 Input Shield for Arduino

This shield easily connects to your Arduino with male to male pin headers. The Joystick / Input Shield include a two axis mini joystick (with momentary switch) as well as two colored push buttons.

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DFRobot Accessories

DFRobot Wireless Gamepad (DFR0182) DFRobot DFR0182 Wireless Gamepad

The Wireless Gamepad v1.1 for Arduino supports Xbee, Bluetooth, RF and Wifi via the Xbee socket. Customize your own wireless communication for controlling your robots, mobile platforms, UAVs or anything else you want to control.

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DFRobot Parallel Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)

DFRobot DFR0091 3-WIre Serial Arduino Compatible LCD Module DFRobot DFR0091 3-WIre Serial Arduino Compatible LCD Module

DFRobots makes LCD screens with the robot in mind. Whether you want a backlight, shield, white on blue, black on yellow, up to 128x64 resolution and Chinese fonts - Jameco carries it!

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20x4 Resolution Parallel LCDs

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