LCD Products

Jameco offers a wide range of high-performance LCD display products for ease of programming and brilliant graphic displays.

LCD Controller Boards
OLED Displays
Panel Mount Meters
Parallel Displays
Serial Displays
TFT Displays

LCD Controller Boards

Jameco LCD controller boards support stand alone or network connectivity. Great for testing, evaluating, or in final production. RGB pixels, 8-bit parallel input, TFT, and SSD1963 controller/driver.

3.5" LCD Controller Board
4.3" LCD Controller Board
Evaluation Board Newhaven TFT Controller Evaluation Board 3.5" (NMD-3.5-320240MF-20)

OLED Displays

Organic light emitting diodes contain an organic compound which emits light in response to an electric current. These displays work without a backlight, allowing for lighter weight and thinner devices. Commonly used in TV screens, computer monitors, cell phones, handheld games and similar devices.

Parallel OLED LCDs
Serial OLED LCDs
OLED Display Scott Edwards 4x16 Multifont Serial OLED Display (GLO-416Y)

Panel Mount Meters

Programming digital panel meters has never been so easy. These products improve the sophistication and ease of use to measure things like input signals, voltage, frequency, and so much more.

3.5 Digit Panel Mount Meters
4.5 Digit Panel Mount Meters
Graphics Display Lascar Multifunction Graphics Display (SGD24-M)

Parallel Displays

Parallel LCD displays with a range of character lines and fonts, 4-bit or 8-bit data input, range of display screen sizes and back light colors.

Backlit LCD Displays
No Backlight LCD Displays
Liquid Crystal Display Module Newhaven Liquid Crystal Display Module (NMD-0216SZ-NSW-BBW)

Serial Displays

Jameco's serial LCD displays can be easily interfaced or used with an I/O pin microcontroller. Selection includes up to 16 module connections, codes for character generation, bar graphics, software contrast control and touch screen.

16x2 LCD Character Lines
20x2 LCD Character Lines
20x4 LCD Character Lines

Serial LCD Displays Matrix Orbital Serial LCD Display (GLK12232-25-FGW)

TFT LCD Displays

Jameco's TFT LCD displays have brilliant RGB resolution, up to 16.7 million colors and up to 24-bit RGB interface. Selection includes built in controllers, full touch screen, and superior graphics display.

16-bit TFT LCD Displays
24-bit TFT LCD Displays
Touch Screen TFT LCD Displays

TFT LCD Module 24-bit RGB Interface TFT LCD Displays (NHD-4.3-480272MF-ATXI#-1)

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