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Parallax ProductsThe creators of BASIC Stamp and Propeller always stand out as having products that are innovative, unique and economical. From microcontrollers and robots to sensors and industrial controllers, Parallax is the place to go!

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Parallax Batteries

Parallax Li-ion Battery Pack 28986 Parallax 28986 Li-ion Power Pack/Charger - 2 Cell

This 2 Cell power charger is an integrated storage cell and charging system on a single 3" x 4" printed circuit board. It's compatible with most 18650-size Li-ion cells. Perfect for applications like portable power for data-logging applications, mobile robotics, automatic power switching, charging circuits, Boe-Bot and the Stingray.

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Parallax Computer Products

Parallax 900-00018 Veho 360 Speaker Parallax 900-00018 Veho 360 Speaker

This is a small, lightweight but perfectly formed essential accessory for large audio needs in a compact package. The Veho 360 Speaker is great for music and audio experiments running synthesizing sounds from your microcontroller.

Audio Keyboards & Keypads
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Education & Hobby

Parallax Basic Stamp Activity Kit (90005) Parallax Basic Stamp Activity Kit (90005)

Know electronics and want to learn programming? Or know programming and want to learn electronics? Learn both side-by-side with BASIC Stamp Activity Kit! It includes everything you need to get started.

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Parallax PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (28015) Parallax PING))) 28015 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Parallax's PING))) ultrasonic sensor provides distance measurement. This sensor is perfect for applications that require measurements between moving or stationary objects. Naturally, robotics applications are very popular but you'll also find this product to be useful in security systems or as an infrared replacement.

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Electronic Design

Parallax Propeller Proto Board (32212) Parallax 32212 Propeller Proto Board

Parallax's Propeller Proto Board is the perfect solution for permanent projects using the Propeller chip. This board is ready for use with the Prop Clip, and is compatible with the USB2SER.

Programmers Prototyping Systems

IC & Semiconductors

Parallax Memory Stick Datalogger (27937) Parallax 27937 Memory Stick Datalogger

The is a USB host bridge which allows users to connect a USB mass storage device, such as a thumb drive, to a BASIC Stamp, SX or Propeller microcontroller. The onboard Vinculum Chip handles the file system so that users can share the files with using simple serial commands. This device is ideal for remote logging of large quantities of data, and hosting large database for RFID Access Control and other applications.

Interface Memory

Parallax Interconnects

Parallax PS/2 Breadboard 5VDC Adapter (28060) Parallax 28060 PS/2 Breadboard 5VDC Adapter

This Breadboard Adapter makes it easy to connect a PS/2 mouse or keyboard to a breadboard, protoboard or perfboards with 1/10-inch hole spacing. Designed with the Propeller Education Kit in mind, this adapter simplifies connecting PS/2 mice and keyboards to the PE Platformís Propeller Microcontroller.

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LCD Products

Parallax 2 x 16 Parallel LCD (603-00006) Parallax 603-00006 2 x 16 Parallel LCD

This 2x16 Parallel LCD can be controller via a 4-bit or 8-bit parallel interface. It allows you to display text, numeral data and up to 8 custom created characters. The display goes well with the Parallax Professional Development Board but may also be connected via the14-pin connector.

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Opto & Illumination

Parallax Photocell, 80mW, 100VPK, 38kohm (350-00009) Parallax 350-00009 Photocell, 80mW, 100VPK, 38kΩ

Parallax 8x8 RGB LED Matrix Display Module (32324) Parallax 32324 8x8 RGB LED Matrix Display Module

Add 64 brilliant, colorful LEDs to your next project! Each pixel in the display's 8x8 matrix can display millions of different colors. Based on the Propeller P8X32A, the display comes pre-programmed with feature rich firmware supported by a detailed command set. You can control the module from a single microcontroller I/O pin.

Parallax Robotic Kits & Accessories

Parallax USB Boe-Bot Robot Kit (28832) Parallax 28832 USB Boe-Bot Robot Kit

Build your own rolling robot with a BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller brain. No programming or electronics experience is needed! Just follow the clear, step-by-step instructions and illustrations included.

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Test, Tool & Supplies

Parallax 5-inch Two-in-One Cutter/Strippers (700-10001) Parallax 700-10001 5-inch Two-in-One Cutter/Strippers

Make cutting and stripping fast and easy. Flush cut with one end and it will auto strip with the other end faster than any other tool you've used.

USB Oscilloscopes Wire Cutters & Strippers

Parallax Wire & Cable

Parallax Pluggable Fem-Fem 12-inch Wires, 5 Pack (27926) Parallax 27926 Pluggable Female to Female 12.5" Wires

These wires are perfect to connect devices with pin headers. Sold in a pack of 5.

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