Evil Mad Science Products

Jameco Electronics carries a wide selection of Evil Mad Science products. Whether your project interests are in Arduino, Automation, Games, cool LEDs or Timer and Clock kits, Jameco has what you are looking for in open sourced shields, Arduino accessories or gaming DIY platforms.


Jameco carries fun Arduino compatible projects from Evil Mad Science. Whether you're
looking for an ATmega328P type microcontroller or a simple "platform" shield with labeled break-out points from every position on the edge connectors. Check these open source designed devices out!

Googly Eye Shield
Googly Eye Shield Evil Mad Science Googly
Eye Shield for Arduino

Educational Kits

Kits are what Evil Mad Science is all about; they produce and distribute a fun selection of original kits in support of art, education, and accessibility. Jameco carries a great selection of Evil Mad Science kits, from handheld video games to open-source art robots, and brilliant LED kits designed for all skill levels.

Games Lighting Kits
Bulbdial Clock Kit Evil Mad Science Larson Scanner Kit


The Eggbot is an open-source art, super adjustable robot that can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects. The Eggbot chassis is made of tough fiberglass, with integrated heat sinks for the included motors. The pen and egg motors are high-torque precision stepping motors, and the pen lift mechanism is a quiet and reliable servo motor and it's easy to assemble!

Egg-Bot Evil Mad Science Egg-Bot Kit

Clock Kits

Telling time has never been so cool looking! Checkout the Bulbdial Clock that uses shadows and LEDs to tell time.

Alpha Clock Five
The Alpha Clock Five: An awesome alarm clock soldering kit-- featuring five crazy-bright, crazy huge 2.3" alphanumeric LED displays in red, a Chronodot RTC (for precise quartz timing, complete with battery backup) and a handsome laser-cut acrylic case.

Chronodot Module
The Chronodot by Macetech is an open source clock module that fits into the clock kits. The hybrid chip incorporates a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), and is specified to provide accuracy within 2 minutes per year, if kept between 0 and 70C. Battery life is estimated to exceed seven years when used properly, and the battery is replaceable.
Bulbdial Clock Kit Evil Mad Science 950+966
Bulbdial Clock Kit

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