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Jameco offers a full range of high-performance fans, blowers and coolers.

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AC Tubeaxial Fans

AC Tubeaxial Fans Sunon SP101A-1123HBT 115VAC Tubeaxial Fan

For improved air-flow and lower power consumption over conventional axial AC fans. These fans are highly efficient and are great for moving air containing noxious fumes.

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115 VAC AC Tubeaxial Fans 220 VAC AC Tubeaxial Fans

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2.36" (60mm) AC Tubeaxial Fans 3.15" (80mm) AC Tubeaxial Fans
4.68" (120mm) AC Tubeaxial Fans 6.75" (170mm) AC Tubeaxial Fans

DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans

DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans Sunon GM1204PKVX-A 12VDC DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan

Available in a wide range of sizes, voltage ratings and air flow outputs.

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5VDC DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans 12VDC DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans
24VDC DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans 48VDC DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans

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1.00" (25mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans 1.18" (30mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans
1.60" (40mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans 1.80" (45mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans
2.00" (50mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans 2.36" (60mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans
2.75" (70mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans 3.15" (80mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans
3.63" (92mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans 3.83" (97mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans
4.68" (120mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans 5.00" (127mm) DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fans

AC & DC Blowers

Blower Fan Delta BFB1012H 12VDC Blower Fan

Blower fans provide low noise and high volume for cooling. Free ball bearings reduce rotational friction. Choose from a selection of AC and DC Blowers from a variety of manufacturers including Nidec, Delta and Adda.

AC Centrifugal Blowers DC Blowers

Fan Guards

Fan Guard GardTec Metal Black Anodized Guard (SC120-W5B)

Jameco carries a wide selection of plastic/mesh, and a variety different gauges of metal wire guards to keep your fan running free and clear.

Metal Chrome Guards Metal Black Anodized Guards
Plastic Guards Plastic Guards with Mesh
Aluminum Washable Filters Fan Guard Hardware

Fan Plugs

Fan Plug Jameco ValuePro Straight Fan Plug

Without power to your fans, youíll be left out in the heat. Select the proper cord/plugs for your cooling system. Choose from a variety of straight and angled cords in different sizes, pigtail and plug.

Straight Fan Plug Cord Angled Fan Plug Cord

Fan Plug GardTec 45 Degree Green Fan Cord

Green fan cords have a thermostat built into the cord and are designed to recognize a systems ambient operating temperature. The GardTec Green Fan Cord will automatically turn your AC cooling fan on when the system heat rises, then turn it off when the system heat drops, allowing the fan to run only during those times when the system calls for additional cooling. Green fan cords require no additional components, probes, or wiring. Simply plug in the fan cord and immediately reduce fan generated noise, increase fan life, lower maintenance costs, and begin to save on operation and energy costs.

Heat Sinks and Accessories

AAvid Thermalloy 501303B00000G TO-3 Heat Sink AAvid Thermalloy 501303B00000G TO-3 Heat Sink

Heat SInkCompund GC Electronics Thermal Management Access Thermal Grease White Paste, 1 lb. Jar

When systems heat up it can lead to big trouble. Keep things cool and dissipate heat with a variety of heat sink products.

CPU Heat Sinks DIP-14/16 Heat Sinks
TO-3 Heat Sinks TO-202 Heat Sinks
TO-218 Heat Sinks TO-220 Heat Sinks
Heat Sink Compounds Heat Sink Mounting Kits

Fan Grab Bags

Jameco ValuePro Assorted AC & DC Fans (GB193) Jameco ValuePro Assorted AC & DC Fans (GB193)

This grab bag includes 5 fans in various sizes and voltages.