Jameco Tools

Jameco offers a wide variety of tools for all your electronics needs.

Anti-Static Tools
Cases and Bags
Crimping Tools
Cutting and Stripping Tools
Magnifying Lamps and Lighting
Measurement Tools and Accessories
Power Tools and Accessories
Vices and Third Hand Devices
Miscellaneous Tools

Anti-Static Tools

Anti-static hand tools and tool kits from Jameco are used to prevent damage from electro-static discharge (ESD). Selection includes wrist straps, foam mats, plastic storage, anti-static bags, and heel straps. Discharge static electricity easily and safely.

Anti-Static Straps and Mats Anti-Static Bags and Foams
Anti-Static Temperature Tape IC storage Tubes
Grounding Block Static Eliminator Ionized Blower

Cases & Bags

Jameco carries a variety of tools cases and bags in different sizes and made of different materials to support all of your tool organization needs. All of these cases are build with the best quality with durable construction and are light weight.

Aluminum Tool Cases
Plastic Tool Boxes
Leather Cases for HPS Scopes
Professional Tool Cases with Kits

Crimping Tools

Crimping tools from Jameco help you simplify all your installations whether you
need to crimp, cut, bend or strip. Selection includes ratcheting, carbon steel,
nickel-plated, insulated handles, and D-Sub.

IDC Crimping Tools
Modular Crimpers and Ratchets
D-Sub Crimping Tools
RF Crimping Tools

Cutting and Stripping Tools

Jameco's selection of cutters and strippers puts the precision back in your hands.
With a large variety of diagonal, shear, tapered or long nose types to choose from.
All of Jameco cutters come with cushioned grips to keep you in comfort.

Cutting Tools
Diagonal Cutters
Stripping Tools

Magnifying Lamps and Lighting

Jameco carries magnifying lamps, fluorescent, clip-on, battery or solar powered bench lights to illuminate and make it easy to see your electronics workshop jobs.

Magnifying Lamps
Solar Lighting
Visor Magnifier

Measurement Tools and Accessories

Jameco carries what you need to handle your measurement needs with accuracy. Looking for calipers, rulers, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and tachometers,
Jameco makes sure they measure up!

Metal Precision Calipers
Digital Multimeters


To pull, pick, hold, or ply, pliers come in all shapes and sizes. Jameco has them all, needle nose, long nose, subminiature, flat nose, short nose, serrated jaw, insulated handles, pliers with cutters, round or bent nose.

Bent Nose Pliers Needle Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers Pliers Sets


Jameco has the screwdriver for all your jobs; slotted, Phillips, Torx, ratcheting, in multi-piece sets, hex wrench, long or short handled, mini-sized or technician style.

Balldrivers Wrench Sets Screwdriver sets
Precision Screwdrivers Ratcheting Screwdrivers

Power Tools and Accessories

Jameco puts the power in your hands with their full selection of power tools. The selection includes heat guns, power screwdrivers, rotary tools and the accessories
to go with them.

Drill Bits Rotary Tool Kit
Drill Press Rechargeable Screwdrivers
Heat Guns Vacuum Pens

Vices and Third Hand Devices

Have you ever needed and extra hand? These devices will provide you with the support and brace that you’ve been needing. Secure your projects with Jameco’s selection of vices and third-hands products.

Third Hand Devices

Miscellaneous Tools

Jameco carries specialty tools for insertion and extraction, connectors, professional grade tool sets, service tools, VOIP tools, and a logic probe sets.

Insertion/Extraction Tools Shapelock
Probes Wrenches