USB Adapters

Choose from a large selection of USB adapters perfect for all your connection needs: USB 2.0 adapters, USB network adapters, gender changer USB adapters, USB serial adapters and USB adapter converters.

USB 1.1 to Serial Adapter

USB (A) Male to RS232 (DB9) Serial Adapter Cable. Connect any device with an RS-232 or DB 9-pin male connector to a USB port.

USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Combo Adapter

No more fussing with three separate adapters. This USB Adapter can go from laptop drive to SATA drive to IDE drive flawlessly. Use the IDE or the SATA (serial ATA) hard drive or both over a USB 2.0 connection.

USB Gender Changer Adapters

These adapters solve gender and connector type mismatches among standard USB connectors. Jameco offers the following types of gender changers:

USB-A female gender changer

USB to Parallel Port Adapter

If you buy a new computer and need to connect it to an older printer with a parallel port, you'll need a USB to Parallel port converter. These USB adapters convert the USB on PCs, notebooks and handheld computing devices into a parallel port for printer connection.

USB Cables

The link between your keyboards, mice, digital cameras, disk drives and media players to your computer is most often a USB cable. We carry USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables with the most popular plug styles like male, female, USB-A, USB-B, mini and micro to keep you connected.

PS/2 to USB Converter Adapter Cable

This USB adapter cable allows you to use your PS/2 compatible mouse and keyboard as USB compatible devices.

USB Hubs

A USB hub allows you to add more USB devices to your computer while only using one port on the host computer. They can also be used to conveniently relocate USB ports onto your desk so you don't have to crawl underneath to make connections.

USB Power Adapters

These power supplies and wall adapters have USB ports and connectors to allow you to connect to USB devices, including the original Apple® charger with cable.

Parallax USB Serial Adapters

Parallax has designed a USB to Serial (RS-232) adapter that is compact and economical to provide a Virtual Com Port for all of our products that have a DB9 (9-pin) serial connector.