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Velleman Electronic Kits and Products

Jameco Electronics is proud to be an authorized distributor for Velleman Inc., a world-wide distributor of DIY and hobbyist electronic products. Whether you're just having fun or an electronics professional Jameco has the Velleman products you're looking for.

Jameco offers the following Velleman Products and accessories:

Velleman Education Robotic & Hobby Kits

Velleman is best known for electronics kits and hobbyist kits and Jameco carries a huge selection! Whether you want a kit for robotics, alternative energy, optoelectronic / lighting, audio / radio, or creative games, fire up the soldering iron to get going on these kits!

Velleman Soldering Equipment

Jameco carries soldering equipment, soldering supplies and soldering accessories from Velleman that all come with the same high standards they are known for, including soldering irons, desolder pumps, tips, and soldering stations.

Velleman Test & Measurement Equipment

Whether you need benchtop power supplies, environmental meters, oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, analog meters or data loggers, Velleman makes them and Jameco carries them!

Velleman Tools & Supplies

From power tools to PLCC IC extractor tools, Jameco carries a wide range of Velleman tools and supplies for all you projects needs and workshop supplies, including anti-static mats and straps, torx sets, drill bits, screwdriver sets, pliers, wire strippers, tachometer, even an ultrasonic tool and component cleaner.

Velleman VTRCSU 4.8V Rechargeable Mini Screwdriver Set
Velleman VTMG6 Head Visor with Light Magnifier

Velleman Opto & Illumination Products

Built by Velleman, carried at Jameco, Optoelectronics, LED strips, lamp power supplies, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, neon lamps, and constant current LED drivers to light up your world!

Velleman K8071 1W/3W Power LED Driver
Velleman K/LED1 LEDs Assorted Set

Velleman Electromechanical Products

Does your project call for an audio indicator, piezo buzzer, siren, touch panel, or temperature sensor? Check out Jameco's selection of Velleman Electromechanical products.

Velleman K6002 Temperature Controller
Velleman TV1 Audio Indicator and Alerts Transducer Piezo

Velleman Security Products

Keep your stuff secure! Jameco carries Velleman security accessories, surveillance cameras, infrared security and video accessories to give you peace of mind.

Velleman PEM7D Mini Infrared Security System
Velleman PEM7D Mini Infrared Security System

Velleman Power Supplies & Wall Adapters

Jameco carries Velleman AC to AC transformer set, which includes USB switching power adapter (5VDC), AC to DC transformer wall adapters, switching table top power supplies, transformers for car use (cigarette adapters), and DC to DC converters.

Velleman PSDC20 24VDC to 12VDC Converter for Car Use
Velleman PSDC20 24VDC to 12VDC Converter for Car Use

Velleman Electronic Design Products

Keep your super cool electronic designs safe from spills and tumbles in Velleman metal enclosures or plastic encloG378sures. Get started designing with Velleman prototyping systems, all at Jameco!

Velleman G378 Sealed ABS Enclosure
Velleman G378 Sealed ABS Enclosure

Velleman Battery Charger

NiMH / NiCd Battery Charger for AA or AAA batteries

  • powered by the supplied AC-adapter when using indoor or by the supplied 12VDC car adaptor when used in the car
  • recharges 2, 4, 6 or 8 AA or AAA NiMH/NiCd batteries at a time
  • safety timer to prevent overcharge
  • automatic charging current selection for size AA and AAA batteries
  • red LED display while charging
  • reverse-polarity protection
  • charging times: from 4 to 7 hours depending on size and type of batteries

  • Velleman VL9878U NiMH / NiCd Battery Charger
    Velleman VL9878U NiMH / NiCd Battery Charger

    Velleman Diodes & Transistors

    Velleman Audio/Video Interconnects

    Loudspeaker Connection

  • Terminal cup features spring clip terminals
  • Make it easy to connect speaker wire to your speaker or subwoofer box
  • The color-coded clips eliminate confusion between positive and negative connection points

  • Features:
  • Black and red push-button connectors
  • Accept wires up to 0.1" sq.

  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 2.2" x 2.2"

  • Panel Mount RCA Jacks

  • 2 pairs (4 total audio jacks) RCA
  • Nickel plated
  • Size: 3.0" x 1.0"
  • Jack color coding: Red & Black (x2)

  • Velleman LCD Products

    Jameco carries Velleman LCD products, whether you need serial or panel mount meters, varying character counts and sizes.

    Velleman PMLCDL  Digital Panel Meter LCD
    Velleman PMLCDL Digital Panel Meter LCD

    Velleman Passive Components

    Check out Jameco's selection of Velleman passive component sets including 100 piece fuse set with case, E-12 series resistor set, ceramic capacitor set, and electrolytic capacitor set.

    Velleman K/RES-E12 E12-Series Resistors (610 pcs)
    Velleman K/RES-E12 E12-Series Resistors (610 pcs)

    Velleman Wire & Cable Products

    10 Color Stranded Wire Kit

  • 10 different colors
  • Stranded wire
  • Wire gauge: 24 AWG
  • Tinned CU
  • 300 Piece Cable tie set

  • 150 4" cable ties, 25 green, 25 yellow, 25 black, 25 red, 50 clear
  • 150 8" cable ties, 50 red, 50 blue, 50 clear
  • Made of nylon 6.6
  • Temperature use: -40°F to 230°F

  • See all Velleman products here.