Jameco Electronics Wire & Cable

Jameco offers a large selection of wires and cables to satisfy your management needs for the energy, industrial, communication and speciality markets.

Audio/Video Cables
Hook-Up Wire
Muscle WIre
Coax Cables
Jumper Wire
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Computer Cables
Modular/Network Cable
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Audio/Video Cables

Stereo 3.5mm Male Plug to 2 RCA Male Plugs 6' Cable
Jameco ValuePro Stereo 3.5mm Male Plug to 2 RCA Male Plugs 6' Cable

Perfect for your audio connections like connecting portable music players to stereo systems. Its easy to use, high quality and economical for protecting your devices. This RCA stereo cable is 6 long.

3.5mm Audio Cable HDMI Cables
Stereo & Video Patch Cables RCA Cables
Stereo Cables

Coax Cables

BNC Coaxial Cabble

Jameco ValuePro BNC Coaxial Cabble Assmebly

Get more from your home entertainment with coaxial cable. Crimped precision machined brass BNC connectors with double aluminum foil shield and tinned copper braid shield. Cable is 3' long.

BNC Cable Assemblies Bulk Coax Cables
RG6 Cable Assemblies RG58/U Cable Assemblies
RG59/U Cable Assemblies RG174/U Cable Assemblies
SMA Cable Assemblies SMB Cable Assemblies

Computer Cables

SATA Cable 180 DEGREE 7 PIN 0.5M 1.64'
Jameco ValuePro SATA Cable 180 DEGREE 7 PIN 0.5M 1.64'

SATA Signal Cable provides you with an easier and stable connection between SATA Hard Drives and controllers. It features ashielded cable design that provides EMI/RFI protection. 1.6 feet long.

Adapter Cables ATX Power Cable
DIN Cables Extension Cables
IEEE Cables Computer Monitor Cables
Printer & Netweorking Cables Serial Cables
SATA Cables USB Cables & Brackets

Hook-Up Wire

Solid Hook-up Wire 22AWG LIGHT BLUE 100'
Jameco ValuePro Solid Hook-up Wire 22AWG Light Blue 100'

Light blue 22AWG solid hook-up wire perfect for point-to-point wiring applications and internal wiring for meters and electronic equipment. Comes in various colors and lengths.

16 AWG Bulk Hook-Up Wire 18 AWG Bulk Hook-Up Wire
20 AWG Bulk Hook-Up Wire 22 AWG Bulk Hook-Up Wire
24 AWG Bulk Hook-Up Wire 26 AWG Bulk Hook-Up Wire
Hook-Up Wire Assortment Bus Bar Hook-Up Wire
Speaker Wire

Jumper Wires

5 Volt 15-Pin Multi-Watt Volt Tube
ValuePro Wire Jumper Kit 22AWG 140 Pieces (509-100)

This kit features 140 pieces of 14 different sizes of wire, 10 of each length. Wires are pre-stripped and formed and comes is a durable case.

Jumper Wire Kits & Accessories

Modular/Network Cables

Category 6 Cable
Jameco ValuePro Category RJ45 500 MHz Cable 14'

Category 6 cables are used for networking, data transfer, and phone lines and can support 10/100/1000Mbps. These cables are used in many network applications such as 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1000Base-T Ethernet technology. This cable is 14 in length and comes with a molded boot.

Bulk Stranded Modular Cables Category 5e Cables
Category 6 Cables RJ-11 Cables
RJ-45 Cables

Mondotronics Muscle Wire

Mondotronics MuscleWire Super Sampler Kit Muscle Wire Only (3-136)
Mondotronics MuscleWire 3-136 Super Sampler Kit Muscle Wire Only

The perfect kit to try a wide range of Flexinol sizes. This is the ideal starter package for engineers, students and experimenters of all ages. The Super Sample Kit includes 20 centimeters each of five diameters (037, 050, 100, 150, 250) in both low temp (LT) and high temp (HT) formulations. That's ten separate Muscle Wires, two meters total, and technical specifications for all the wires.

Flexinol Wire Nitinol Springs
Mondotronics Project Kits

Power Cords

3' Detachable Power Cord
Ziotek 3-conductor Detachable "Y" type Double Plug Power Cord

This cable is perfect for splitting into 2 outlets. It saves room on your power strips from those bulky plugs. 18AWG wire at a 300V rating. The cable is 22 long and comes in black.

AC Power Cords DC Power Cords

Ribbon Cables

Gray Ribbon Cable
Jameco ValuePro Flat 10 Conductor Flat Ribbon Cable, 28AWG, Maximum Rating of 300V

Flat cables are mainly used for internal connections in equipment. They are available in many different configurations. Flat cables provide consistent performance due to their layout and the spacing between the cables and are lighter, thinner and more flexible than other cables.

Gray Flat Ribbon Cables Rainbow Flat Ribbon Cables

Cable Management Accessories

General Purpose Transistor
Jameco ValuePro 17" Self-Grip/Wrap Velcro Straps

Perfect for wrapping around anything. It sticks to itself for fast, easy bundling. Bundle cords, cables, wires, pipes, tubing, and trees (landscaping). Velcro strips have grip on one side and loop on back. Comes with 12 pieces in a pack.

Strain Relief Bushings Cable Clips & Clamps
Braided Cable Sleeves Cable Ties
Heat Shrink Tubing Wire Markers

Wire & Cable Tools

Velleman Coaxial Cable Stripper 3/16
Velleman VT30010 Jokari Coaxial Cable Stripper

The JOKARI coaxial cable stripper is perfectly for fast and precise stripping of all common coax cables, antenna cables with a diameter from 4.8 up to 7.5mm, RG 58/59 also PVC round cables of 3 x 0.7 mm. Stripping is done in two steps by different blades on both ends of the tool. Its easy and safe.

Cable Testers Wire Crimpers
Wire Cutters Wire Strippers