New Idea. Same Philosophy.

By Greg Harris

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Customers tell us they want to spend more time on their hobby, but there are a million excuses why they can't. They say:

“It's hard to make electronics a priority”
“It's hard to find the projects I'm interested in”
“I don't have any extra money right now”
“I'm not sure what to do”
Club Jameco

Most of our research showed that our customers could not find a project that matched their interests. We concluded that in order to activate dormant hobbyists we needed to offer thousands upon thousands of different options well beyond what we could confidently deliver.

We also heard that electronics enthusiasts wanted to be able to influence the design of electronics projects that they wanted to buy and design. Designers needed help and support creating the projects.

By listening to customers Club Jameco started to gel as a new concept.
• Create a website where enthusiasts can discuss and collaborate on electronics projects.
• Capture the imagination and ingenuity of the community to create an endless supply of
  electronics projects.
• Give designers the tools to design a project.
• Take the risk of manufacturing away from the designer and use Jameco's expertise to source the
  components,build out the kits, promote the projects and sell them.
• Offer these kits at a price below what it would cost to buy the components individually.
Pay the designers a royalty on every sale.

Our plan: produce as many kits as fast as we can, as long as the project meets the following criteria.
Viable. Can we source the components and produce the kit efficiently?
Accurate. Will it work as designed?
Clear. Are the instructions written clearly so that anyone could follow the project?

That's it. If it passes these three simple tests we'll source it, build it, promote it and sell it.

I hope you visit Club Jameco. If you have an idea for a project, I strongly suggest you submit a project brief as quickly as possible. We are taking a first-come first-served approach.

And finally, as always, tell me what you think. Whether you love the idea or hate the idea we are already busy working on the plans for the future of Club Jameco and I would love your input.


Greg Harris
Vice President, Marketing
Jameco Electronics