A Jameco Salute to Bob Pease and Jim Williams

By Robert Cong
Jameco Technical Copywriter

In June 2011, the electrical engineering world lost two influential analog engineers: Bob Pease of National Semiconductor and Jim Williams of Linear Technology.

I'm clearly from a different generation and despite my training in electronics, I had never heard of Bob and Jim until a Jameco customer suggested a tribute was in order. I did a little searching and read a few articles and I can now say that I wish I had had the opportunity to meet each of them.

Growing up, I never had the newest toys or many electronics to tinker with. I took advantage of getting broken electronics and trying to fix them somehow. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was interested in seeing if I could make something work again. Those are the types of memories that came up when I read about Jim Williams. He seemed a lot like someone who I could easily relate to and just sit down and talk to for hours. It's said he never shied away from any questions and, coming from an engineering background where everyone seems to know exactly what was going on at times, I know how valuable and meaningful that is.

The same is said for Bob Pease. He spent hours helping out hobbyists, no matter if they bought anything from National. He just wanted to help people with their problems. I can really appreciate somebody like that because my graduating class at Cal Poly was a very close one. We all helped each other whenever we could, and we tried to work together for the same goal. That kind of willingness to help those in need is invaluable, and both of these men had it.

I may come from a completely different generation than these two gentlemen, but I can appreciate what they have accomplished and the many people they have affected during their lives. May they rest in peace.
Jim WilliamsJim Williams

Bob PeaseBob Pease

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