Lessons learned by our customers during builds to step-by-step project instructions, this section will help inspire you.

Arduino Experimenter Kit

Embark on a fun-filled frenzy of electromechanical experimentation.
Experimenter Kit
8x8x8 Programmable LED Cube

Club Jameco's all-time best selling kit.
LED Cube
Portable Retro Hi-Fi Speaker

Convert your speaker into a mini Hi-Fi system.
Retro Speaker
Build A Thermometer Kit

Build your own modern thermometer.
Build your own Light Painter

A touch sensitive mutlicolor light wand.
Portable 3.3V and 5V Regulator

A DIY kit for Arduino xBee or other projects.
Variable Digital Load

This can also be used as a constant current source.
Variable Digital Load
Water Level Controller

Supply your own water pump for this water level controller.
Water Level Control
Tach Rotor Adapter

TRA Kit comes with a custom PCB board with required components and a case.
Tach Rotor Adapter
Magic Morse Code Trainer

Make learning morse code easy and fun.
Audio Easter Egg

Chirping treasure container makes for fun hunts any time of the year.
Easter Egg
Motion Sensing LED

Hack your box of chocolates with arduino IDE and ATtiny13.
Easter Egg
Build Your Own Popcorn Strobe

Mini 555 Monostable circuit creates big fun.
Popcorn Strobe
Cyclops Walkbot

A DIY mini desk top bot with a happy hop makes for some good fun.
Cyclops Walkbot
DIY Web Chat Hack

Control home devices via the Internet.
Web Chat Hack
Build Your Own Ball Bearing Beat Box

Ubercool light show for any DJ.
Beat Bearing Sequencer
Bluetooth Headset Hack

DIY streaming stereo project.
Bletooth Hack
Instructables: Save A Fried Arduino Mega

Troubleshoot and repair your Arduino Mega.
Arduino Mega
Build Your Own Marshmallow Cannon

Marshmallows, not just for rice crispy treats anymore.
Play-Doh Makes a Great Third-Hand

Play-Doh lends a hand during builds.
Play Doh
Build Your Own Micro FM Transmitter

A fun Make project.
Micro FM Transmitter
Yellow Light of Death: PS3 Repair

Revive your PS3 console from a system shutdown.
PS3 Repair
Solar Charging Night Light

A fun and easy Instructables project.
Solar Night Light
Pocket Size Fume Extractor

Good things come in small packages!
Fume Extractor
The Lights Are On, but No One's Home

Find out how you can control your environment.
Lights On
Build A No-Battery Remote

Never replace a battery in your remote control again!
No-Battery Remote
Alien Projector

Send those trick or treaters screaming!
Alien Projector
Now That's Sneaky

Turn on an appliance with the wave of your hand!
Making Magic
Electronic Coin Toss

Build your own coin toss circuit and lose the coin.
Coin Toss
Sensing Light

A light sensor project from
Sensing Light
Track Your Rocket

Tired of losing things? Build your own radio locator.
Track Rocket
Build An Optical Theremin

Make music hands free!
Optical theremin
Build an Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

Detect objects through ultrasonic sound waves.
Proximity Detector
Music From Outer Space Web Schematic

Make your own electronic design online.
Music From Outer Space

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