Lessons learned by our customers during builds to step-by-step project instructions, this section will help inspire you. If you have an electronics story or project you'd like to share, please email MyStory@Jameco.com.

Lessons Learned: My First Engineering Job

The challenge would be not getting fired right away!
My First Engineering Job
Fighting fIRe with fIRe

How can building an IR floodlight affect security cameras?
Fighting fIRe with fIRe
The Power of a Magnet

Discover what can happen when the power of a magnet is underestimated.
Colossal Capacitor Explosion

What happened when this colossal capacitor exploded!
Colossal Capacitor Explosion
Lick and Listen

No ears required use your tongue to hear
Lick and Learn
Being the Efficient Engineer

Building the Most Efficient Motorcycle at Bonneville
Being the Efficient Engineer
From Electronics Engineer to Private Investigator
A retired electronic engineer's toolkit now includes a modified surveillance car and covert cameras.
The Inevitability of Failure

How one failure led to another and another!
The Inevitability of Failure

A free, electronic components organizer for every hobbyist.
The Junction of Trains and 3D Printing

Enhancing the model railroad hobby with 3D printing.
The Junction of Trains and 3D Printing
Using All of Your Senses to Troubleshoot

The secret to successful troubleshooting.
All Senses
The Octet Project and Endoskeleton

Creating a custom compound metronome with remote displays.
Octet Project and Endoskeleton
Building a Better Filament Extruder

Why Mark built a better filament extruder.
Extrusion Bot
A Tried and True Thermometer

Jameco's JE300 thermometer kit
Jameco Kit JE300
Building the Big Dog

Before you design and build your own computer system...
Building the Big Dog
Dip-a-Drip Dunk Tank

When was the last time you saw someone get dunked?
Dip A Drip
A Humbling Experience

Greg learns to solder.
A Humbling Experience
The Mark-8 and Me

From inspiration to execution, here's how the Mark-8 happened.
The Arduino Guitar Tuner I Didn't Build

Build your own Arduino guitar tuner, or at least try to.
Club Jameco
A Love H8 Relationship

Glenn revives the Heathkit H8.
Heathkit H8
Teaching Electronics

EEME makes hands-on projects to teach kids how to build the technology around them.
DIY Arduino Temperature Scanner

Inexpensive DIY might save you an expensive repair bill.
Temperature Scanner
How I Saved the Millennium

A LaserNet's engineer demonstrates that nothing in electronics is easy.
Kenyan Students Capture Wind to Study at Night

Find out how Village Innovators designed a wind turbine.
Students Capture Wind to Study at Night
My Mark-8 Minicomputer

A "bare-bones" Mark-8 kit.
My Mark-8 Minicomputer
The Boy Who Found his Veins

Alex's new project, the Vein Finder.
Vein Finder
A Woman Working with Computers?

A story of a technology trailblazer.
Elena Sherman
The Tale of the Monkey Light

The garage prototype faces real world modification challenges.
Monkey Light
A Year of Quadcopter Experimentation

Safety testing lesson learned.
Electronics Meets the Zombie Puppets

A fun craft project made with socks.
Zombie Puppet
More Customer "Success" Stories

Smart punching boy and other stories.
Customer "Success" Stories

A boombox re-invented and other customer stories.
Hurricane Story

One man's foolish tale of improvisational fuel.

Computer Mapping
Marc Weber of the Computer History Museum takes an in-depth look at computer mapping technology and its origins.
Computer Mapping
Electric Bike

This completed DIY project is turning a lot of heads.
Electric Bike
iPhone Breathalyzer

Omar created the just-for-fun Arduino run alcohol sensor app.
iPhone Breathalyzer
The Greening of PCBs

Chemical free CNC milled boards.
Cognitive Radio
Mindstorms NXT Hack

What do you get when you cross a Mindstorms NXT with a Metal Detector?
NTX Hack
Cognitive Radio

FCC's new rule adoption shows its progressive side.
Cognitive Radio
DIY Capacitor Tester

Make your own handy and accurate testing tool.
The Capacitor Tester Story
The Toaster Project

One man's heroic attempt to build a simple electronic appliance from scratch.
The Toaster Story
DIY Memory Card LCD Display

Useful tool saves inventor's memory and satisfies wife.
Memory Card LCD Display
Clock Keeps on Ticking

Bulb kit built in 1970 still going strong.
Optical Technology Boosts Fish Farmers
In-Situ Inc's oxygen monitoring innovation green's the deep blue industry.
Fish Farm
Create a Simple Solenoid Musical Instrument

Programmable fun from re-purposed objects.
Musical Instrument
Build Your Own Marshmallow Cannon

Marshmallows, not just for rice crispy treats anymore.
Marshmallow Cannon
An Anemometer Telemetry System for Airport Use

The biggest challenge here was to keep the project simple, low budget and reliable during winter conditions.
Anemometer Telemetry System
Rodney The Red

Meet Rodney. He's a shy little robot.

Rodney The Red Monster
Emergency Light

Create an emergency light that doubles as a decorative living room accessory.
Emergency Light
Digi-Comp Revival

Revival of a Classic: Digi-Comp II Evil Mad Scientist Labs rebuilt the original binary computer.
The Electric DeLorean Project

Let's go back to the future of the DeLorean.
Electric Dolorean Project
Gyro-bike Is the Ultimate Cool Gadget

The perfect solution to the age-old problem of riding a two-wheeler.
Solar Charge Your iPod

Charge your iPod while going for a hike.
Solar Backpack
Jameco Gets Deployed

A salute to a brave soldier who puts his hobby to good use, for his fellow soldiers at fire bases.
Audio Amp
Constructing a Precision Thermostat

Make your own accurate temperature indicator.
Frog Feeder

Meet the Arduino pet frog feeder.
Frog Feeder

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