Ac to 12vdc power adapter

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12 Volt 1.5 Amp 18 Watt Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter

  • Part no.: 2218118
  • Manufacturer: Netgear
  • Manufacturer no.: AD661F

$10.95 ea


25 Watt Regulated Table Top Power Supply 12VDC 2.08A 2.1x5.5mm

  • Part no.: 1940601
  • Manufacturer: Mean Well
  • Manufacturer no.: GS25A12-P1JU

$12.95 ea


50 Watt Switching Table Top Power Supply [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] DIN-5

  • Part no.: 221702
  • Manufacturer: Mean Well
  • Manufacturer no.: P50A13D-R1BU

$49.95 ea


Regulated 15 Watt 12VDC 1.25A Table Top Power Supply 2.1mmx5.5mm without AC Cord

  • Part no.: 1954244
  • Manufacturer: Mean Well
  • Manufacturer no.: GS15A-3P1J

$14.80 ea


Power Transformer Table Top 18 Watt 12VDC @1500 mA Pig Tail

  • Part no.: 140880
  • Manufacturer: Jameco Reliapro
  • Manufacturer no.: EDU120150A2220

$12.95 ea


12VDC 500mA 6W Regulated Switching AC-DC Wall Adapter Power Supply

  • Part no.: 2151101
  • Manufacturer: Arndt
  • Manufacturer no.: CNR2260

$5.95 ea


Power Supply Wall Adapter Transformer 9.6W 12VDC@.8A

  • Part no.: 129331
  • Manufacturer: Jameco Reliapro
  • Manufacturer no.: DDU120080F2412

$8.95 ea


Power Supply Wall Adapter/Transformer 12VDC/.83A 2.1 mm without AC Clips UL/CUL/CE

  • Part no.: 2138951
  • Manufacturer: Phihong
  • Manufacturer no.: PSA11R-120.

$8.95 ea

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