Dual full bridge motor driver

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Dual Full Bridge Driver 5 Volt 15-Pin (15+Tab)

$2.75 ea


Dual Full Bridge Motor Driver 48 Volt 38-Pin (36+2Tab) PowerSO Tube

$10.69 ea


Dual Motor Driver MC33926

  • Part no.: 2151401
  • Manufacturer: Parallax
  • Manufacturer no.: 28820

$39.95 ea


Arduino Motor Shield R3 - A000079

  • Part no.: 2152403
  • Manufacturer: Arduino
  • Manufacturer no.: A000079

$29.95 ea


Motor & Power Shield Kit for Arduino

  • Part no.: 2187690
  • Manufacturer: Velleman
  • Manufacturer no.: KA03

$21.95 ea


Motor & Power Shield for Arduino (assembled)

  • Part no.: 2187702
  • Manufacturer: Velleman
  • Manufacturer no.: VMA03

$30.95 ea