Eprom atmel semiconductor memory

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EPROM OTP 256K-Bit 32K x 8 45ns 28-Pin PDIP

$2.49 ea


EPROM OTP 1M-Bit 128K x 8 70ns 32-Pin PDIP

$2.75 ea


EPROM One Time Programmable (OTP) 1M-Bit 64K x 16 70ns 44-Pin PLCC

$4.15 ea


EPROM One Time Programmable (OTP) 256K-Bit 32K x 8 70ns 32-Pin PLCC

$2.55 ea


EPROM One Time Programmable (OTP) 1M-bit 128K x 8 70ns 32-Pin PLCC

$3.59 ea