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5 x 7 LED Dot Matrix Display Green

$2.95 ea

SGD 24-M

320x240 2.4" TFT Multifunction Graphics Display USB Prog

$89.95 ea


$1.29 ea


Displays Dot Matrix Panel 35LED Red Orange Row CA Column CC 14-Pin DIP

$1.49 ea


Displays Segmented Panel 3 DIGIT 24 LED Hi-Eff. Red 18-Pin DIP

$3.95 ea


Displays Segmented Panel 2DIGIT 34LED B. Red CC 20-Pin DIP

$1.95 ea


Display LCD Voltmeter 3.5Digit 200mV Full Scale Auto-Zero/Pol

$34.95 ea


Displays Panel 4 Digit 35 LED Sup. Red CC 16-Pin PDIP

$3.75 ea


Displays Panel 2 Digit 16 LED Orange CA 18-Pin DIP

$1.35 ea

SGD 35-M

320x240 3.5" TFT Multifunction Graphics Display with Touch USB

$121.95 ea

SP 5-1200-40

3 Digit LCD Voltmeter 4-40 Volts 0.7" Digit Height Signal Power

$48.95 ea

SP 5-1200-BL

3.5 Digit Digital LCD Voltmeter 4-25 Volts 0.7" Digit Height Signal Power

$48.95 ea


Displays Segmented Panel 2DIGIT 30LED Red Orange CC 18-Pin DIP

$3.45 ea

DPM 959B

Digital Volt Meter Panel Mount LED 3.5 200mV Fsr Volt/Amp 0.75" Digit Height

$59.95 ea

DPM 340

Digital Volt Meter Panel Mount LED 3.5 200MVDC 0.43" Digit Height Snap-In

$46.95 ea