MM5450 34-Segment LED Display Driver DIP-40

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  • Part no.: 26171
  • Manufacturer: Major Brands
  • Manufacturer no.: M5450B7
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MM5450 34-Segment LED Display Driver

The MM5450 and MM5451 are monolithic MOS integrated circuits utilizing N-channel metal-gate low threshold, enhancement mode, and ion-implanted depletion mode devices. They are available in 40-pin molded or cavity dual-in-line packages. The MM5450/MM5451 is designed to drive common anode-separate cathode LED displays. A single pin controls the LED display brightness by setting a reference current through a variable resistor connected to VDD.


  • Continuous brightness control
  • Serial data input
  • No load signal required
  • Enable (on MM5450)
  • Wide power supply operation
  • TTL compatibility
  • 34 or 35 outputs, 15 mA sink capability
  • Alphanumeric capability
  • DIP-40


  • COPS™ or microprocessor displays
  • Industrial control indicator
  • Relay driver
  • Digital clock, thermometer, counter, voltmeter
  • Instrumentation readouts

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