Integrated Photodiode and Amplifier

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Integrated Photodiode and Amplifier

The OPT301 is an opto-electronic integrated circuit containing a photodiode and trans-impedance amplifier on a single dielectrically isolated chip. The trans-impedance amplifier consists of a precision FET-input op amp and an on-chip metal film resistor. The 0.09 x 0.09 inch photodiode is operated at zero bias for excellent linearity and low dark current.

The integrated combination of photodiode and Trans-impedance amplifier on a single chip eliminates the problems commonly encountered in discrete designs such as leakage current errors, noise pick-up and gain peaking due to stray capacitance.

The OPT301 operates over a wide supply range (±2.25 to ±18V) and supply current is only 400µA. It is packaged in a hermetic TO-99 metal package with a glass window, and is specified for the -40°C to 85°C temperature range.


  • Photodiode size: 0.090 x 0.090 inch (2.29 x 2.29mm)
  • 1MΩ Feedback resistor
  • High responsivity: 0.47A/W (650nm)
  • Improved UV response
  • Low dark errors: 2mV
  • Bandwidth: 4kHz
  • Wide supply range: ±2.25 to ±18V
  • Low quiescent current: 400µA
  • Hermetic TO-99 package


  • Medical instrumentation
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Position and proximity sensors
  • Photographic analyzers
  • Smoke detectors

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