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USB 16 Channel Logic Analyzer

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Jameco Part no. 2143451
Manufacturer SALEAE LLC
Manufacturer no. LOGIC16
Catalog 142 , page 125
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USB 16-Channel Logic Analyzer

Instant productivity for embedded developers

  • Flexible sample rate Sample 2 channels at 100MHz, 4 channels at 50MHz, 8 channels at 25MHz, or all 16 channels at 12.5MHz.
  • 16 channels As you might have guessed from the name, Logic16 lets you connect up to 16 of your most troublesome signals
  • Enhanced hardware-side buffer Logic16 has a much larger hardware-side buffer than Logic, considerably enhancing its reliability for extremely long captures at high speeds.
  • Billions of samples Logic16 can save as many as 10B samples, letting you capture even the most elusive events. No more dealing with frustratingly small sample buffers.
  • 1.8V logic welcome Logic16 works with 1.8V logic levels, as well as 2.0V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V (and the others in between). More specifications
  • Enclosure Just as with Logic, Logic16 features a custom CNC machined aluminum case with an attention to detail you'd expect from your iPod.
  • Protection Logic16's inputs are protected against overvoltage conditions via a high DC impedance front end and ultra-low-capacitance diode clamps. A resettable fuse protects the USB ground return line to augment the USB host's existing protection.
  • Comes complete Logic16 includes everything you need: x2 ultra-flexible 1x9 22AWG 64/40 wire harnesses, 18 high-quality micro-hook probes, a USB cable (2 meter mini-B to A), and a nice carrying case.

    Download the software from Saleae here

  • Worry free Logic16 comes with a 2-year warranty. If your Logic16 stops working for any reason, we'll ship you a replacement at no cost, anywhere in the world.

  • Fast, intuitive navigation Navigate your data easily and intuitively with Logic's fluid and fully animated mouse-driven interface. Drag the display with the mouse, zoom with the scroll wheel, even toss the display to find nearby events. You can also use the arrow keys - up, down, right and left.
  • Jump to next edge When data is far apart, you can use the jump to next buttons to advance to the next time the signal changes.
  • Rich Sessions Sessions let you save an entire setup - triggers, timing markers, data and view state - so you can pull it up later or send it to a friend. Data is compressed for manageable file sizes even with long captures. You can also save just the setup - so you can use it again later.
  • Painless trigger Setup and modify trigger conditions quickly and easily. The trigger lets you specify conditions to wait for before starting data collection.
  • Animation The Logic interface is fully animated and high frame-rate. And it's not just eye candy - it's important because it helps you maintain context when moving around large data sets.
  • Snapping timing markers Timing markers snap to waveform edges - which is typically where you want them. Just drag the marker close to an edge to snap to it.
  • Helpful metadata Quickly get timing information and other metadata just by moving your mouse over the graph. A number of parameters are available, including width, period, frequency and duty cycle. You can also display the error % of the measurements if you like.
  • 10 billion samples Logic can record 10B samples and display them without any annoying delays or chunkiness. Zoom out to minutes of collected data and back in to microsecond resolution while maintaining a seamless, buttery-smooth frame rate the entire time.
  • Flexible export Logic has extensive export capabilities for binary, VCD and CSV formatted data, allowing you to fine tune your export for your particular needs. Export only the channels you need, for the time period you need - even report just when the data changes; it's up to you.
  • Protocol analyzers One of the nicest things about Logic is that you can decode your data automatically, and see the decoded result along with the waveform. This not only lets you spot problems with the contents of the messages going back and forth, but discover potential issues with the low-level implantation of the messages as well. You can also export decoded protocols to CSV files. Currently supported are I2C, Asynchronous Serial, SPI, 1-Wire, UNI/O®, and CAN, with more on the way.
  • Multi-platform You can use Logic on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. No compromises here: this is a hardcore, ground-up, native implementation that's super fast and will feel right at home on your desktop.

    Available Accessories:
  • 9-Pack extra test clips
  • 9-Wire color-coded bundle
  • Logic-to-1x9 header
  • Logic-to-wire harness

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