Wire Wrap Unwrap Strip Tool Regular

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  • Part no.: 236785
  • Manufacturer: JDV Products
  • Manufacturer no.: HSR30
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Strip-Wrap-Unwrap Tool (Regular)

Also available in Modified Strip-Wrap-Unwrap


  • Tip made of tempered steel
  • Spring steel cutter
  • Use with 30 AWG wire on 0.025" square posts
  • No soldering necessary
  • Wrap 1 to 2 turns of insulated portion of wire pr secure connections
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Regular-type

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    Modified Type -- There are 1-1/2 turns of insulation around the terminal post. It makes the connection stronger if there is any vibration. It acts like a shock-absorber per se. Used in an environment where there is motion or movement such as if the PCB is going to be used for an airplane. Most electronic assembly applications require a modified-type wrap.

    Regular Type -- There is no insulation around the terminal pin. Used if the board is going to be in an environment where there is no movement (fixed).

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